Catcher Culture Ch. 05


There was no respite for Fenton’s rigidity as the sneering maid commanded him in, rather than ask him. Even she now had some control over him, by just being female and having the merest element of assertiveness. She strutted ahead as she led the way; the beautiful feminine scent of the house enveloped Fenton’s senses, ensuring his excitement was perpetuated; his balls tingled with anticipation at seeing Hortense once more.

The maid stopped, picked a cane from a selection in a huge vase, and whipped out at a kneeling male, who was crouched in a corner by a linen basket, at first unseen by Fenton. The male yelped with a sound which was part pain part pleasure, and then the maid picked a pair of panties from the floor which had no doubt been carelessly dropped by the male from the basket.

“What have I told you about keeping my floors tidy? Now you get that basket down to the laundry room. Remember what I told you; sniff each pair and make two piles; those that require an extra hot wash and those that don’t. I shall come and inspect in 15 minutes… Oh, and if I think you’ve been masturbating again, Ms Montgomery shall know of it!” The lowly male, naked but for a leather hood and rubber pants, scuttled away, bent over as he held the basket. The maid watched his departure with a stern expression; her breasts heaved with the satisfaction of showing Fenton that she too, even in her lowly position, had power over all males. She smiled at Fenton before leading him forward again.

“That man is a senior judge in daily life; here he is only fit to sniff our panties. I like to soil mine on purpose, he knows which ones are mine as I often have him lick them clean whilst I’m present.” Fenton watched her ample bottom wobble in the tight light-blue maid’s dress and his balls tingled as he thought of the judge’s task in accommodating a superior house maid.

He was led into the same room as before. Hortense smiled at him with a strange warmth and look of knowing superiority. She wore a very short leather skirt and jet black tights; her legs were crossed in dominant fashion, offering Fenton a display of the glorious thighs he coveted. She held out her hand and simply looked down at it; Fenton automatically took her hand and kissed it. He remembered the package and passed it to her.

“Clara Adams said she will attend on Wednesday.” He spoke in a somewhat sheepish tone; unsure if he may have broken some unknown etiquette in speaking first. He was so in need of being allowed her scent and to relieve his aching balls in her presence. The buxom domme smiled again as she took the package from him and placed it by her side without looking at it; she seemed as eager as he to commence today’s ‘education’ session. She pointed at the floor by her feet.

“Clothes off and kneel here. Then we’ll begin.” Fenton undressed and knelt before her; his cock stiff and erect in anticipation as he viewed the superb legs and thighs which he wanted to kiss; her womanly sent was now in his nostrils, he so wanted to come. Hortense now looked in the bag and chuckled.

“Did Clara say anything to you about what’s in the bag?” Fenton’s balls were already on the point of exploding as he swallowed hard before responding. “Ms Adams said she would enjoy watching me worship them.” His cock bobbed as she pulled one of the boots from the bag. She Ataşehir Anal Escort stretched the boot to its full length, smiling with satisfaction at his look of bewilderment.

“Would you like to see me wear one? Take off my left shoe.” Fenton eagerly removed her stiletto and the dominant woman slowly uncrossed her legs, making sure he had plenty of time to peep between her glorious thighs; her black tights were crotch-less, and a g-string nestled between the inviting lips of her mature pussy, Fenton’s cock stood proud and yearning as he was treated to a waft of her beautifully scented womanhood. Hortense passed the boot to him, and extended her magnificent leg forward; her breasts jutting nicely in her tight silk blouse as she postured elegantly. Fenton’s ball tingled as he felt the silkiness of her tights and his left hand came close to her glorious pussy as he extended the leather up her thigh. He was then invited to zip the upper part at thigh length; the zip curiously on the outside of the boot. Hortense twirled the spiky boot before the transfixed male victoriously, then took his hand and had him feel the inside of the boot’s calf.

“Feel how smooth and supple the leather is; you shall have the opportunity again on Wednesday when Clara and two more of my friends will attend to view your progress; they will see how respectful you have become when attending ladies. You may remove the boot now.” Fenton’s balls tingled to match the same feeling down his spine, as he pondered being watched by an audience; one of whom was the assertive Clara he’d just met, who had given him such an erection. He could not understand why the prospect excited him so much. Hortense smiled knowingly and with satisfaction as she viewed his reaction; her pussy tingled with pleasure, Fenton was beginning to know his place and could not escape from his own inert and untapped desires.

When Fenton had laid the boot with the other, his cock bobbing rigidly as the smell and texture of the leather and the thought of what lay in store for him on Wednesday, he turned to see Hortense had pulled her legs back, her knees up, exposing her succulent womanhood. She untied the g-string by the bow behind her back, but left it nestling in the warm moisture of her crotch. She placed a black silk handkerchief on the floor below the chair and pointed down to it commandingly.

“Kneel here and we shall discuss your progress.” Fenton dropped to his knees and sniffed at the air, perfumed by the elevated and aroused pussy, which bulged invitingly through the crotch-less tights, the g-string tight in the glorious slit and cleft of her ample buttocks. Hortense laughed contemptuously as he inhaled in desperation, and eyed her pussy and the silk; he so hoped this meant he would be allowed to masturbate for her.

“Cindy has told me in great detail what you did for her last night; did you enjoy having her sat on your face?” Fenton’s cock dribbled pre-cum as he recalled imagining having the superb woman before him on his face.

“Yes Mistress, I enjoyed it very much.” Hortense grinned and delicately moved the g-string out of her cleft with an immaculately manicured finger; Fenton’s cock pulsed as he imagined those sharp red nails teasing his bell-end.

“You may take my g-string and sample my scent if you wish.” Fenton did not Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort hesitate in easing the moist g-string out from her sticky pussy and warm cleft. His balls were aching, ready to erupt as he sniffed at the deliciously scented fabric; the sweet smell of her womanhood bending into the spicy tang of her anus had his cock rigid, he was ready to beg to be allowed relief. Hortense smiled with satisfaction at her control over him, and now toyed with her clitoris as she watched him sniff at the garment.

“Did you refrain from masturbating as you were ordered?” The domineering woman knew the answer but was going to get as much enjoyment as possible from the kneeling male, before allowing his suffering to end.

“Yes Mistress. My sex with Cindy was the last time I came.” Her finger glistened as she gently rubbed the folds of her vagina.

“And did you think of me when you came?” Fenton swallowed hard as he sniffed at the spicy thong.

“Yes Mistress, I wanted it to be you on my face.” Hortense smiled wickedly with a deep sense of satisfaction.

“Would you like to masturbate now?” Fenton’s voice broke as he stammered out his reply, his eyes on the movement of her finger, his nose overwhelmed by the scent of her g-string.

“Yes Mistress… please… I would like to masturbate.” Hortense continued rubbing the nub of her clitoris as she basked in her authority over him; kneeling and wanting to disgrace himself as he sniffed her thong. With her free hand she pointed down to the silk handkerchief on the floor.

“I believe we are ready for you to show how much you are enjoying your education. I want to see you come in my honour; you will shoot your cream upon the silk.” Fenton grabbed his stiff cock with his free hand whilst sniffing the thong and gazing at the superior woman as he stroked in utter pleasure. Hortense knew he would come very quickly. She spread her legs just a little further and pulled back slightly, displaying the delicious pucker of her asshole, as she stroked her pussy and watched the now obedient male.

“You shall be allowed to come in a very pleasing way on Wednesday; Clara and the ladies are so looking forward to seeing you worship my boots.” Fenton could hold back no longer; his back arched as his entire body was immersed in ecstasy, the subliminal pleasure was absolute as he convulsed in orgasm. Hortense licked her lips and sneered as the kneeling male grunted with relief as hot semen jetted from his pleasured bell-end. She laughed victoriously as his mess streaked across the silk, and spattered on the chair and her thighs. Fenton moaned in heavenly ecstasy as he spurted again and again; he now wanted to be owned by her. Smiling, she pointed at her thighs.

“You have progressed well. You may lick your mess from my thighs and lick my pussy.” Fenton lapped at her soft milky thighs, tasting his own sperm for the first time in his life. It would not be the last. Hortense pulled his head into her crotch and stroked his hair as he eagerly lapped at her sweetly scented folds. She rested her legs on his shoulders as his tongue pleasured her excited clitoris.

“Oh yes, yes… Wednesday.” She gripped his head with her thighs as her latest acquired male brought her off exquisitely.

Larry Emmerson snivelled like a beaten dog as he knelt Ataşehir Zenci Escort prostrate and in humble obedience; his naked buttocks a mess of red wheals and cuts. The clock had reached eight and the sneering women passed the jar to one another with practiced looks of distain, which veiled their true, menacing personas. The young girl he had been caught with, snapped the gelding shears open and shut as she stood over the trembling cur, her pussy dripping, permanently aroused by her new found dominance and her control over the male’s destiny. Larry had failed to reach the required mark on the jar, his cock was red raw, his balls sore with relentless wanking before the women, he quailed with fear as he knew he would now lose his balls. One of the older women strutted over to him with the jar, her tight leather skirt split up one side to allow access by chosen slaves to pleasure her, her breasts heaved displaying her erect nipples as she looked down at the defeated male.

“I think you should beg the girl to allow you assistance so that you may keep your balls.” She lifted his scrotum with her riding crop.

“After all, they’re not really worth being displayed in a jar anyhow.” The other women roared with laughter as he cowered in fear; the noise of the shears being snapped shut by the haughty teenager could be heard by him amongst the laughter. Her delicate feet in the sleek stilettos appeared under Larry’s nose. A sharp crack of the crop on his tender ass, heralded an announcement.

“Beg her to spare your balls. Ask her for assistance!” Larry whimpered as he kissed the nylon clad feet in the stilettos.

“Please mistress… I beg you, spare my balls and allow me assistance.” Larry had no idea what ‘assistance’ was to be offered but he was willing to do anything to save his balls. A snigger went up amongst the women as Larry heard a rustling behind him . He looked up at the teenager who sneered down at the wretch. She dropped the shears and clicked her fingers. As Larry turned he saw the first of five hooded males being brought over to where his mistress stood. All had healthy erections and were eager to serve the girl. The smiling older woman handed the jar to the teenager, who held the jar for the first hooded male, who eagerly sniffed her anus as he wanked into the jar. Larry was made to watch as each of the five males ‘topped up’ the jar; each male jetting wads of semen as they worshipped the scent of the teenager’s anus. The women clapped as they were led away, cocks now limp and dribbling semen. The teenager held the jar up; it was still slightly short of the mark. She smiled at Larry as she parted her long nubile legs slightly. His cock made a vain effort to rise again as he watched her pussy bulge as she pissed a little into the jar. She smiled triumphantly and all the women giggled as she swirled the contents of the jar.

“There! We have now reached the mark.” She grinned viciously as she handed the jar to the bewildered Larry.

“Oh yes, you’ll drink every last drop if you want to keep your balls.” Larry gagged a little as he lifted the smelly jar to his lips; the creamy off-white contents mixed with a dash of teenage urine seemed to have a life of its own as he closed his eyes and tipped it back. The women cheered and clapped as Larry consumed the salty. Sticky mess which glooped from the jar; his own semen and that of five others mixed with his mistress’s urine, stuck in his throat as the dominant teenager made sure he licked the jar clean. The women jeered and clapped as his teenage mistress led Larry away on all fours by his leash, to sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed.

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