Cathy’s Summer After Graduation


Hello, everyone. I finally have a little time to write, so I’m going to float this little story out there. No doubt you’ve noticed that I had all my other stories removed from the site. This was because there were a few people who sent threatening and extremely negative correspondence to me. If it happens again, I’ll take the stories down again. I’ve thought about reworking some of the old stories, too. We’ll see.

Cathy Nelson was awakened by the sunshine streaming through her window. ‘It must be Saturday,’ she thought, but then it dawned on her that, no, it was not Saturday, but Monday! She had graduated from high school the previous week and now, for the first time in seemingly forever, she could sleep-in as long as she wanted. She knew that her brother, Gary, and her mother, Suzanne, were at work. Her dad, Frank, was probably still asleep; he worked the night shift at a local factory, usually getting home around 1 AM, and usually slept until mid-morning.

Not wanting to waste a single day before she started to college that fall, she jumped out of bed and went to use the bathroom, then shed her nightie and brushed her teeth. She liked to watch her B-cup breasts bounce slightly as she brushed. She had recently had to buy new bras because her breasts had suddenly grown. She loved the way they looked and was quite proud of them. She thought about all the boys that she knew that would love to see her like this. She then ran some water to wash her face. She examined her face in the mirror. She was pretty — some people even said she was beautiful. Her hair was blonde with a tiny bit of curl and hung to her shoulders. Her eyes were crystal blue.

She took a step back and took a long look at her panty-clad body. She was 5-9, and slender. Her breasts were what she had read somewhere as “pert”; there was no sag. They were almost perfectly spherical. The nipples seemed to perpetually erect and were slightly upturned. Cathy tried to be modest, but she knew that she had a killer body to go with her pretty face and hair. Her tummy was flat and well-toned; when she stretched, her stomach muscles were visible. She thought that looked very sexy. Her legs were long and slender, but toned from playing basketball in high school.

She shucked her panties down and smiled when she saw her distended clitoris peeking out from her neatly trimmed pussy. Sparse, light blonde hair fringed her furrow, with a tiny tuft at the top. Then she walked back to her bedroom and lay on the bed, opening her legs wide, and flicking her clit with her fingers.

She thought about her ex-boyfriend, Josh. She remembered the first time they had sex, when she had eagerly spread her long legs, assuming, as turned on as she was, that there could not possibly be much pain. She had been wrong. It had been quite painful. Josh, as inexperienced as she was, had not taken his time and had seemingly no regard for her discomfort until about 30 seconds later, when it was over.

She had continued to date Josh, and they had continued to have sex, for several months. During that period of time, Josh had become a better lover, and Cathy had discovered that her hunger for sex was almost insatiable. Even though she usually had at least one orgasm when they fucked, she wanted more, and invariably had to masturbate when she got home.

After a few months, however, she found out that Josh had cheated on her. She ended the relationship immediately and had relied on her fingers to satisfy her ever since. Although lots of boys asked her out, it was nearing the end of her senior year and she didn’t want to start a relationship that might be short-lived. She admitted to herself that, if she went out with a boy to whom she was attracted, she would more than likely give into her body’s demands. If she was going to do have sex, she at least wanted to be in a long-term relationship with the guy. So she had decided to wait.

She got up and took a shoe box from the back of the top shelf of her closet. She opened it and took her vibrator out.

She giggled as she remembered being over at Heidi Sharp’s house one day, not long after she broke up with Josh, and Heidi showing her a vibrator. “Where in the world did you get that?” Cathy had laughed, thinking that she would certainly love to have one!

“I ordered it from Amazon. I’m the first one home every day, so I just always get the packages from the porch. I have my own account. It’s not like my mother would give a shit anyway,” Heidi had said. “Tell you what — you find what you want on Amazon and I’ll order it for you.”

Cathy had taken her up on the offer. Its design allowed it to penetrate her a couple of inches and massage her clit simultaneously. It was wonderful! She used it practically every day, and usually had at least 2 orgasms each time she used it. It had certainly helped take the edge off after her breakup with Josh, but it certainly was no substitute for having his dick in there!

She lay, once again, on the bed, with the vibrator within güvenilir bahis reach. She played with her clit and rubbed her fingers in the wetness of her opening. She wormed a finger inside herself, moaning softly, then managed to insert 2 fingers as deeply as she could. Withdrawing them, she sucked her fingers, thinking how delicious she tasted and wondering why Josh had never tried to go down on her. She certainly was eager to try oral sex, but he had never mentioned it. Even though she wondered what it would be like to suck his dick, he had never asked or even hinted at it.

Reaching for the vibrator, she flipped the switch and, to her intense dismay, found that the batteries were dead. She quickly fumbled in her dresser drawer, but no luck. She would have to go downstairs and search. As she grabbed her robe and wrapped it around her, she made a mental note to purchase a large package of batteries to keep in her room, just for such emergencies as this one.

As she got to the foot of the stairs, she heard the shower running. Her dad, no doubt, had just gotten up and was getting ready for his day. Then she noticed that the bathroom door was wide open. Why would he leave the door open? Then it dawned on her that he had forgotten that she was at home! She was never at home at this time of morning because she was always at school. Gary and Mom were always gone, too.

The hunt for batteries was temporarily dismissed as she contemplated peeping into the bathroom, perhaps catching a glimpse of her very handsome father. Cathy had, on many occasions, peeped on her brother, Gary. She had managed to see him naked a few times and had even seen him jacking off on his bed once. She often masturbated thinking about that and sincerely wished that she could watch it again. She had not, however, seen her father naked. She had seen him step behind the tool shed and pee, but had not really been able to see very clearly.

She quietly approached the crack between the open door and the hinge jamb. She heard the shower water being turned off and then the shower door being opened. She peeped through and saw her father clearly, but he was turned away from her, so all she saw was his naked, very muscular, butt and back. Even this was enough to excite her, but she wanted to see more. Frank, her father, turned slightly, but she still couldn’t see his penis, which, after all, was what she really wanted to see!

Her eyes detected movement and shifted to the mirror, which could be easily viewed from her vantage point. There it was, her own father’s penis, dangling heavily between his legs. The thought that this was the source of the sperm that, some 19 years ago, impregnated her beautiful mother, caused intense daggers of lust to hit her in the pit of her stomach. The fact that it was large, much larger than her boyfriend’s and even larger than Gary’s, just made it that much more lust-inciting. For the first time in her life she felt that she might have a spontaneous orgasm.

Then Frank, still drying himself, turned around and his prodigious genitalia were on complete display to his horny teenage daughter. She almost gasped when she saw how big his hairy nuts were and then realized that the head of his completely flaccid penis was actually hanging lower than his plum-sized balls.

Cathy thought she might pass out. Her heart was beating so hard that she was positive that he could hear it. Her breath was ragged. She felt she needed to gasp for air but was afraid he would hear her. She could feel her juices flowing down her legs under her robe, under which she was completely naked. What would it be like to open her legs for a real man like this? Of course it was unthinkable to do anything sexual with a family member, even though incest fantasies were one of her favorite masturbation themes. How hot would it be, however, to have sex with a man who was as handsome and well-endowed as her father? She desperately needed to get back upstairs and give herself a cum!

Frank turned to the mirror, continuing to dry himself. She could, of course, still see his full frontal nakedness in the mirror. She admired his broad, hairy chest and flat stomach, but that big cock made her pussy cramp! She certainly didn’t want to get caught, though. Just as she was about to turn away and hurry back upstairs she thought that she detected her father’s thick penis move. Her eyes widened as she realized that it was, indeed, thickening and beginning to rise slightly. Suddenly her father grasped his thick, swelling cock, and stroked it, causing it to continue to stiffen.

She suddenly realized that, at any moment, he could look toward the door and, perhaps, see her peeping on him. Shit! She quickly glanced upward to her father’s face, but, even as he continued to stroke his ever-lengthening cock, he was examining his face in the mirror and drying his hair with his towel.

Cathy urgently wanted to continue to watch him stroking himself. She wondered what it would look like fully hard. She güvenilir bahis siteleri wondered if he was thinking about jacking off — how fucking hot would that be to watch?

Not wanting to press her luck, however, she reluctantly turned away and quietly went back upstairs. She had decided that rambling around, looking for batteries, might alert him to the fact that she was home. Besides, after what she had just seen, she didn’t need a vibrator to get off.


As Frank got out of the shower and began to dry off, he thought he heard someone walking through the house. He paused and listened carefully, but could hear nothing, so continued to dry off. Again thinking he heard something, he turned away from the shower, intending to walk out into the hall to see the source of the noise. Realizing that he was naked, however, he continued to dry off, then as he turned toward the mirror to see if he needed a shave, he could see the reflection of someone at the hinge of the bathroom door.

In a blink of an eye, Frank realized several things. One, it was undoubtedly his daughter, Cathy. Two, he had forgotten that her school was out and three, she was peeping on him. His first instinct was to angrily call out to her, but the sudden realization that his ultra-sexy teenage daughter was peeping on him — her own father — caused his cock to involuntarily twitch, then start growing. If she wanted to see it, let her see it. He reached down and stroked it. He wondered what she thought of that? Should he continue to stroke it and get it hard? It wasn’t his fault that she was peeping on him!

He glanced again at the crack, where his daughter had crouched just a moment before, but to his consternation and extreme disappointment, she was gone. He cut the exhaust fan off and heard her bedroom door close upstairs. What he wouldn’t give to see what she was doing behind that door!

Frank had, of course, noticed on many occasions just how sexy his daughter had become. She was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, had nice tits, and was slender. Just exactly what he liked.

He thought back on Cathy’s mother, Suzanne, who, though a bit shorter and with larger breasts, had looked so much like her when she was a young woman. Suzanne had been a cheerleader in high school and was the fantasy of most of the football team. Frank, however, had been the only one who had managed to get in her panties — and that was not until after they had graduated. Just months after they started dating, Suzanne found out that she was pregnant. Frank had “manned up” and been with her when she broke the news to her parents. To his great surprise, they had not become angry. Instead, Suzanne’s dad had gently told them that the best thing to do would be to go ahead and get married — but only if they loved each other. They did love each other, they did marry, and Gary was born 5 months later.

Frank was handsome, smart, well-spoken, and was irresistible to women. Not a year after they married, he found himself in an affair with a coworker. After a few weeks, guilt persuaded him to break it off and to tell Suzanne. She had cried, but then admitted to him that she had also had her own indiscretion. A few years later, he again fell to temptation and, again, told Suzanne. This time Suzanne told him that it was only fair that she be allowed to do the same thing. Frank had been shocked to find that it turned him on, quite a bit, to think of his beautiful wife “shopping” for a man to fuck.

It had taken her several months, during which time their sex life was better than ever, as they discussed who and what she might do — with her husband’s permission. She eventually told Frank she had met someone and assured him that she had no romantic feeling for the man, but that she fully intended to fuck and suck him and then, of course, give Frank every detail.

Down through the years, these marital “indiscretions” had spiced up their sex life. Frank couldn’t imagine loving a woman the way he loved his Suzanne, and she felt the same about him. He told her on many occasions, that he didn’t blame any man for wanting to fuck her. She echoed those sentiments.

Frank and Suzanne were usually quite honest with each other about who they found attractive and why. Discussions such as these often led to extremely good sex — sometimes even roleplay. Frank, however, had thought it best never to mention just how attractive and sexy that Cathy had become. He was dying to discuss it with Suzanne, but he was afraid that was just pushing it too far.

Cathy, although always very pretty, had not really developed much until she was almost 18 — a few months ago. Then, almost overnight, Frank started noticing her curves, especially her breasts, which seemed to have doubled in size. Her long legs were shapely, her waist was small, her breasts were just perfect, and her hair and face were just gorgeous. Frank could get the beginnings of a hard-on when she just walked through the room, especially if she was wearing a iddaa siteleri short tee shirt or nightie right before bed. He really couldn’t make out her nipples, but he could tell that she was braless. Many nights, Suzanne had benefited from his lustful thoughts of his own daughter, even though she had no idea what was going through Frank’s mind. She probably would not have minded, as she was fantasizing about getting a good fucking from their 19 year-old son, Gary!


After Cathy had sated herself sufficiently, thinking about his father’s big cock and how she would love to play with it, even to kiss it, maybe even suck it (although she had never done that), and to open her long legs wide and allow him to fuck her! She wondered how she could accommodate him, as Josh’s had not been nearly that big and she had thought that he was quite large enough for her. She figured, however, that if a woman could have a baby, she certainly could handle any penis — and besides, her mother was rather petite and she had been fucking him (lucky woman) since she was 18 years old!

Now what to do with her day? She could go over to a friend’s house. She could go into town and grab lunch. There were always books to read and television shows to watch. She smiled at the seemingly endless opportunities to do exactly what she wanted to do. All summer. Her parents had told her that, since she had earned a college scholarship with her academics, they didn’t expect her to work at all this summer. Just enjoy and live life to the fullest!

She grabbed her phone to check the weather. 85 degrees! She could work on her tan! She rummaged through her swimsuits, most of which were just way too small for her to ever wear again. She tried on a green bikini that she had looked great in last summer. The bottoms fit fine, but she could barely get the top on. Not comfortable at all! She tried the only bikini she had purchased the year before. Blue, with a thong bottom and tiny strings to hold it on. Her mother had nearly had a cow when she saw it. She had only worn it once, to the lake with some of her girlfriends. She had gotten a lot of lustful stares from the only man present, who happened to be the dad of one of her friends.

She managed to get it on, although her breasts were really too snug inside the top. She looked in the mirror. ‘Oh girl, you look sexy!’ she giggled. After grabbing some sunblock, her sunglasses, a couple of towels, her phone, and some water, she lugged everything outside to a sunny spot in the backyard. Unless the nosey neighbor, Mr. Clark, peeped through the back fence, nobody would see her. Except her dad, who was in the house.

She stretched her blankets out on the grass, sat down, and began to rub sunscreen on her arms and legs. She had been going to the tanning bed as often as she could, and already had a pretty good tan going, but she always loved just laying out in the yard. She happened to think that she had not even spoken to her father. He might not even know she was home — obviously he hadn’t earlier.

She returned to the house and yelled, “Daddy?”

“In here, Cat,” came the reply from the living room.

She walked in, not even thinking about how scantily clad she was. “Did you know I’m home? I just happened to think we haven’t even said hi all day.”

Frank glanced toward her, then looked again, unable to keep himself from scrutinizing his gorgeous, wet-dream of a daughter, from head to toe.

He swallowed and whispered, inaudibly, “fuck me!”

“I saw your car outside, but I had forgotten you were not in school until then. What in the world are you wearing? You’re nearly naked, Cat! Don’t go anywhere in that. You hear me?”

Cathy looked down as if she had just realized that she was wearing the tiniest bikini she had ever owned. She smiled. “Oh I won’t. It’s too little but it’s the only one I can get on. I’ve kinda… I’ve kinda gotten boobies since last year.”

Frank snickered. “Is that right? Well, girls do that. It’s normal,” he said, trying to sound conversational. “I’d say get rid of it after today and get something that covers your boobies, and other parts, better. You’re not a little girl anymore.”

Cathy padded over and sat on the arm of his chair. “I’ll always be your little girl, Daddy,” she said as she leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Being so close to his near-naked, gloriously sexy young daughter, was almost more than Frank could bear. Her delectable young breasts were within inches of his mouth, barely covered by a wisp of cloth. It would be so easy to just pull the string on the side and the top would fall completely off. How he wished he could do that!

Cathy saw how he was gazing at her breasts and down her nearly-nude body. Could it be that her own father was lusting for her? It suddenly occurred to her that, sure, why wouldn’t he? He was a red-blooded, very fit, very healthy man. He was not yet 40 years old. Of course he would lust after any reasonably attractive female whose body was as nearly unclothed as her own! These thoughts made her nipples harden and that familiar needy feeling in her pussy. She could feel herself beginning to get wet. If he wanted HER as bad as she wanted HIM… she shouldn’t be thinking that way…

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