I’d set up a photoshoot with one of the local college cheerleader teams. It was all fair and above board. We had a contract with one of the local magazines for the spread. They’d do the writing and Mike and I would do the photography. I spoke to the teacher who was on charge of the cheerleaders, explaining that the photography would take place partly on the field and partly in the gymnasium.

The teacher concerned asked if it was alright if she attended the shoot as a chaperon and I assured her that not only was it alright, it was a requirement of ours that a teacher be on site and that we’d really prefer two.

“You know how girls can get a bit carried away when mugging in front of a camera,” I explained, “and the magazine is a family magazine. We don’t want to find ourselves accidentally presenting them with something that might come back to bite us, so your presence would be very welcome. And, as I said, if you could arrange for a second teacher to attend it would be appreciated.”

I also explained to the teacher that we would need a list of names and ages. This was partly for the woman writing the article and partly because we needed permission slips for the girls to appear in the article. Eighteen or older and they could sign themselves. Under eighteen and a parental signature was required.

So the day of the shoot arrived and it was a fine day. Nice sunny weather with no clouds to spoil the light. The girls went through their paces with Mike and I getting it all down. I love digital cameras and Photoshop. You can run off hundreds of photos, only selecting the best of the best, and even those could be enhanced. Not that you could go very wrong shooting pretty girls in scanty uniforms.

Those uniforms are amazing really. I’d wager that most of the girls wouldn’t be caught dead wearing clothing like that in a social setting, but call it a uniform and give it to a bevy of beauties and no worries, that costume suits them just fine.

While we were shooting Mike and I were also checking out the girls and the way they addressed the camera. Some girls had the knack of making sure their cleavage was showing or that their skirt flared up at just the right moment to show a maximum of leg. I was willing to lay odds that if we hadn’t had our two chaperons then a couple of the girls would have let a breast slip out. As it was, a couple came close.

After the shoot I gave the teacher in charge a small stack of our business cards and suggested that she might like to pass them around for us. After all, business won’t come unless you advertise. Mike and I also wandered around quizzing the girls on what they thought of the shoot and if they had any suggestions. I always find it odd how a raw amateur can sometimes spot something that a professional overlooks, but I don’t mind taking advantage of people’s suggestions.

There was a pair of girls that I wanted to have a word with. I’d checked their names against our list and they were both eighteen. They were also both blondes, looking enough like each other that I’d have said sisters, possibly twins, but for the different surnames.

“Um, I can’t help noticing how much you look like each other?” I said, turning the remark into a question.

“First cousins,” said Miranda. “Our mothers are sisters.”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself out there, mugging for the camera.”

Both girls giggled. If they hadn’t had the chaperons watching them I wouldn’t have been surprised at any antics they might have got up to.

“If the pair of you would like to have a few more personal photos taken,” I suggested, “then Mike and I will be at the SunnySide Motel for the rest of the day.”

“What, and have them finish up on the internet?” asked Michelle.

“Only if you wanted them there,” I said. “No, I was watching the pair of you in action and I just thought that you’d probably enjoy a few slightly naughty shots for your private collection.

“Oh, we couldn’t. We just couldn’t,” said Miranda, with Michelle nodding agreement.

“That’s OK. Up to you. I think you’ll find that you can have a bit of fun doing it. Something different, anyway. Like I said, Mike and I will be available for the rest of the day. Talk it over between yourselves. Ah, if you do decide to drop past, stay in uniform. Those uniforms do something for you.”

I handed Miranda one of my cards with the motel and room number on it. I gave them a wink and continued circulating for a bit longer. Then I headed back to the motel with Mike to download our take onto our computers for analysis, selection, and refinement.

I wasn’t too surprised when there was a knock on our motel room door shortly after we got back. Miranda and Michelle were there, giggling and just a tinge embarrassed.

“Hi, girls,” I said, giving them my most charming smile. “Um, listen, I don’t Travesti think we should be inviting you in until we’ve discussed what we want to do. That way you can make up your minds without feeling pressured. Why don’t we grab something to drink in the motel’s diner while we talk about it?”

Nothing like rushing someone to make them want to back out. Instead of rushing I was showing them adult consideration, letting them know all the facts before they started.

Mike and I joined them in the diner and we ordered coffee all round.

“I assume you know that we mean the photos to be partially nude or fully nude, depending on how you handle things. If you find that you don’t want to get naked,” I put a lecherous emphasis to the word naked and wiggle my eyebrows at them, “then there is no compulsion. OK? Now I’m sure that you have some questions that you want to ask.”

“What happens to the photos you take if you do take any nature shots?” was Michelle’s first question.

“That will be up to you. We can give them to you on a USB stick and wipe them off the camera if that’s what you want. We don’t actually need to keep a copy. This is more a fun exercise for us rather than a serious photo-shoot. We could arrange to sell them for you online but I’d have to recommend against that.”


“Because once they’re on the internet you have no control over them. You’ll find they’ll turn up just where you don’t want them to. Better at your age if you keep control of the photos for your personal enjoyment. Possibly to show off to your boyfriend. You’ll notice I say show, not give. You won’t want to find yourself in the position of having an ex flashing your photo around.”

“Um, how do we know that you and him won’t try to, ah, try to, um. . .”

I helped Miranda out with what I suspected she was asking.

“How do you know we won’t go the grope once you’re undressed?” I asked, and she nodded, looking relieved.

“Sexual tension shows up in photos quite easily. To give you peace of mind and get you really relaxed Mike and I will just pull down your panties and give you both a good fuck before we take any photos. That way you’ll be completely relaxed and know you won’t have to worry about any advances.”

The two girls just stared at me, eyes wide.

“You’re kidding,” said Michelle, speaking in a very soft disbelieving voice.

“Ah, no, not really,” I said. “That’s part of the reason why we’re having the discussion out here instead of in the room. If we’d sprung that on you in the room you’d have been terrified. Now you can think about it logically and see how you really feel about the idea.”

“You really mean that if we agree to the photos you’re going to try to fuck us first?”

“No. I mean that as soon as you walk into the room with us we’ll get you to lean over the bed facing each other while Mike and I remove two pairs of panties and do our best to give you the best climax you ever had. Looking so much like each other it will have an additional fillip for the pair of you as it will be like watching yourself get fucked even as you are.”

“But – but people don’t do that sort of thing.”

“Actually, models do it regularly if they’re going to do nude modelling. They don’t want the sexual tension showing in their photos. Of course, some models won’t, wanting the tension to rise during the shoot. They can be very affectionate after the shoot in those cases.”

The girls seemed slightly stunned at this information.

“Why don’t Mike and I go back to the room while you two make up your minds? Once you decide you can come and see us, or run for home if that is your preference.”

I didn’t make a challenge out of the statement, just gave them the choice. I suspected that their own minds would make a challenge out of it. Photos or run away? They’d think of it that way. Photos or run, not get fucked or run. Thinking photos would help them sell it to themselves.

I have to admit I wasn’t too surprised when Miranda and Michelle knocked on the door a couple of minutes later. OK, I was a little. I’d have thought they’d take longer to make up their minds, expecting them to dither and then agree.

They were nudging each other and giggling as they entered the room and them Miranda gave Michelle a slightly harder nudge, apparently giving her a cue.

“Um, do you want us to. . .?” she asked, gesturing vaguely towards her clothes.

“Take of your clothes? Certainly not,” I told her. “We’ll wait until the shoot is properly under way for that. Right now. . .”

Taking her arm I gently steered her to the far side of the bed while Mike was urging Miranda toward the other side.

“Just lean forward with your arms on the bed propping you up,” I murmured to Michelle and with more than a couple of glance over her shoulder at me she did izmir Travesti so. Miranda was following suit on the other side, casting nervous glances over her shoulder as well. When we didn’t immediately pounce they started looking at each other, faces slightly flushed, giggles starting to spill out.

I could tell from the look on Miranda’s face when Mike’s hand started caressing her bottom. She gave a little squeak, answered by a similar squeal from Michelle as my hand also started caressing a pert little bottom.

From that point on I ignored what Mike and Miranda were doing. My hands were on Michelle and I intended to keep them there. I rubbed her bottom, hand dipping down and between her legs to start massaging her pussy, an action that was greeted by another squeak. I palpitated that pussy, feeling the heat building.

After a while I took hold of her panties and started sliding them down. Panties, mind you. Her modesty shorts seemed to have got lost somewhere along the way. She made another strangled little sound as her panties started their downwards path but didn’t protest, letting me take them down to her knees. Now when I was rubbing her bottom and pussy it was flesh on naked flesh, and somewhat more stimulating.

My fingers started trespassing past her lips, dipping into her, teasing her. She was making a few more of those odd noises, a sure sign that she was fully aware of what I was intending. Similar noises were coming from Miranda, a couple of time the pair of them squeaking in unison and then giggling. They did, I noticed, appear to be watching each other’s reactions.

Finally I dropped my trousers, letting my erection lean against her buttock, pressing along the cleft. I pressed and relaxed a couple of times, letting her get used to the idea of what was about to happen.

Dragging my cock down, making sure she felt the head of it rubbing against her as I moved, I positioned it between her legs and pressed it deeper. Not into her, not at this stage, just between her legs and rubbing along the smaller cleft there, a cleft that was now hot and wet.

A little more rubbing and Michelle was pressing back against me, her pussy reacting more strongly to the touching that was taking place. A minor position adjustment and the head of my cock was now pushing at her pussy, not against it, teasing her lips apart and demanding entry. I was hard enough that her lips didn’t even put up a fight, just yielding to let me in and closing around me.

Michelle wasn’t a virgin. I’d been pretty damn sure of that before I even invited her back to the motel, and a little exploring had confirmed this fact. Now I was driving steadily into her, sinking my full length into her tight passage.

This little effort was met with a low cry of, “Oh, my, goooooooood,” with the last word dragging out and pitching higher the deeper I went. Mike had apparently chosen to strike at the same time as Miranda was giving out with, “Oh, oh, oh,” repeatedly, with an escalating tone, both of them biting off what they were saying at about the same time, as my groin slapped hard up against Michelle (and presumably ditto for Mike and Miranda).

Everything just sort of rested at that point for a moment. Then Miranda said in a very shocked sounding voice, “Oh my god. They’re actually doing it.”

“Ah, Miranda, love, surely you knew that was going to happen from the moment you lost your panties?” Michelle said sweetly.

“Well, yes, I guess, but it didn’t really feel real until now,” Miranda defended herself.

“Mm? Well from the look on your face while his cock was travelling in you certainly felt that it was real then.”

“How would you know? You were too busy impaling yourself on him to notice anything.”

“Ah, girls,” I broke in. “Can we get back to something more interesting, like this.”

I demonstrated by pulling back and thrusting home again, pleased to find Michelle willing to move with me. I went back to ignoring Mike and Miranda, concentrating on getting my maximum pleasure from Michelle.

I’ll be honest and admit that I fucked Michelle just as hard as I could, giving her my all, repeatedly. For her part she was just as honest, putting her heart into her work. Or putting her body into it, anyway. I’d thrust in and her bottom would be rearing and pushing back to take me, letting me go deep with every stroke. She was also giving out with eager little cries as I slammed home, patently enjoying my performance. Honest enjoyment is always a fillip, urging you to do even better, and I tried my best.

When the time came to finish off I was almost disappointed. I felt I should have been able to go for much longer, but Mother Nature wasn’t waiting on my leisure. She gave me a kick in the balls and I started humping as if it was going out of style and I was getting my Konya Travesti last piece.

It didn’t take me long to climax, letting loose of my load and feeling Michelle reacting and climaxing as I did so. Quite noisily, too.

Straightening up I hazarded a guess from the boneless way Miranda was sprawled on the bed that Mike had successful seen to her needs. Mike and I had our trousers on fast enough and I started getting the girls into action.

“Hurry up and tidy yourselves up. Refresh your makeup if you want to. Um, leave your panties around your knees.”

At Miranda’s startled look I explained.

“The first photos will be of you in your cheerleader uniforms, smiling demurely. A very innocent scene, somewhat spoiled by the panties around your knees. That turns it from innocent to erotic.”

There was much giggling as the girls got ready and posed for that first photo. After that I had them lose the panties but to hold the front of their dresses up just far enough to have their bare pussies on display. With that out of the way they started losing bits of clothing, first one and then the other.

We spent the next couple of hours taking photos. Sometimes with one dressed and the other naked and then reversing the roles. A number of those photos looked extremely erotic, with others bordering on soft porn. Well, hell, I guess you can say the whole session bordered on soft porn. Eventually we had a decent range of photos and I sat down to sort through them.

Once I got rid of the slightly off photos the girls had about fifty photos left. I dumped these down to a couple of USB sticks, and they put them in their purses. I asked if they wanted me to try to sell the photos but they were swift to decline the offer, asking me to delete my copies which I did. A gentleman always keeps his word.

“Before you both get dressed,” I said when Miranda reached for her panties, “There is one little thing.”

“What’s that?” Miranda asked.

“This,” I said, backing her up to the bed and pushing her onto her back. She fell backwards and I moved to stand between her legs, dropping my trousers as I did so.

“Wait a minute,” she protested, and then squealed as Michelle landed on the bed next to her, Mike looming over her.

“What?” I asked.

“We didn’t agree to this part,” Miranda protested.

Maybe not but her nipples were erect, her pussy was flushed and swollen, and she was breathing harder. A glance showed Michelle in a similar state.

“True,” I agreed. “Are you going to tell me not to?”

Even while I was asking the question I was leaning forward, my erection already pressing against her. Not entering her, but not far off doing so.

“I, ah, um, I, that is,” she dithered, eyes fastened on my cock while she wondered if I was going to push it home or not.

“Michelle?” Miranda appealed, unable to answer the question.

“Fuck it. We might as well,” said Michelle. “Go for it, Miranda.”

With that I leaned harder against her, my cock rapidly sinking into her. Once I was fully home Michelle laughed.

“I’ve never actually seen someone do that before,” she said, and Miranda looked at her on consternation.

“You’re not doing it,” she accused, and truthfully Michelle was just lying there, threatened by Mikes cock, but only threatened.

“Wanted to watch you take it first,” she said. With that she nodded to Mike and screamed as he took her with one fast stroke.

Now it was my time to concentrate on Miranda. I was feeling a trifle lazy, sex-wise, so I moved slowly, just easing in and out. She looked a little puzzled but matched what I was doing, and we sort of just drifted along.

When you’re just drifting along like that you can keep going for a while. There’s no sense of urgency, just an abiding pleasure, and I was enjoying the feel of Miranda moving under me. She was lying there with her eyes now closed, a dreamy look on her face, just moving to the rhythm that I set.

We kept on and on, just rocking together, two people moving as one. I was vaguely conscious of the fact that Mike and Michelle finished what they were doing, and finished very noisily, too. Me, I was having fun just the way I was and saw no need to change anything.

Michelle was giving breathy little sighs of pleasure, completely relaxed. I’d slide in and she’d rise gently to take me, relaxing as I pulled back. When she finally climaxed she looked quite shocked, her eyes popping open as she screamed in surprise. Her climax was enough to send me off and I had my turn and quite enjoyable it was, too.

I disengaged and stood up, finding Mike and Michelle both fully dressed. Michelle was tapping her foot impatiently.

“Finally,” she snapped. “What were you doing? Trying for the long distance record?”

With that she choused a dreamy looking Miranda off the bed and into the bathroom to clean up.

Shortly after the girls emerged, Miranda now dressed. They took their leave, thanking us nicely for the photos.

“You’re welcome,” we assured them. “It was an interesting afternoon.”

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