Subject: Coach Brown, Chapter 9 The idea for these additional chapters to my Coach Brown story came from Jack B, who made a great suggestion on which I have elaborated. The actual composition is my own. The author retains all rights to this work. I welcome your comments. I am WW at ail. This story is brought to you by Nifty, a not-for-profit entity, providing interested parties with entertainment and pleasure. If you enjoy reading Nifty, please support it. fty Coach Brown, Chapter 9 On Monday when I arrived at school, Coach Brown was outside my homeroom. Discreetly he told me that he wanted us to meet that afternoon. I agreed and he said he would pick me up behind the stadium after school. As we drove to his apartment, he told me how much he enjoyed our past times together. He said he wanted us to have time alone, time to explore what we can’t do in his office. He said there are many pleasures in this world, some of them I may not know. He wanted us to discover my pleasures. The Coach said, “When I know what pleases you, I won’t be having sex with you, I will be making love to you.” I was excited, ready and anxious for our exploration. I was hard in my pants. But I had only heard the Coach use the word love twice. First it was when he talked about Roger at our three-way and just now about making love to me. I suspected he was still searching for a love to replace Roger, and I was the next possibility. He had no idea that Kevin and I were trying to find the real Roger for him. We stripped off our clothes, and the Coach said we should take a shower together. We were both excited with rock hard cocks. I was quick to get on my knees and take him in my mouth. Sensuality was heightened with the hot water raining down on my head. The Coach did the same for me. We sucked but not to completion. We were saving that for later. The Coach took the soap and began to wash me. When he got to my bottom, he ran his soapy hand up and down my crack before probing my hole. He slid his finger in me and I shivered with pleasure. I felt his finger withdraw and then return but it was bigger. It must have been two fingers. His fingers were slowly working my hole in and out and in a circular motion. He knew already that I had a sensitive hole, one that loved his fingers and even more loved to be fucked by his big dick. My eyes closed as he found that special spot. I was ready for him right there, glad to lean over and be fucked in the shower, but he had other plans. He left my hole and finished soaping my back. The Coach handed me the soap and I repeated all that he had done, cleaning his body from head to foot and back again. It was not labor but a joy, a joy to feel his flesh, feel his muscular arms and legs, his beautiful chest. I already knew that he had sensitive nipples that stood erect when he was excited. With water raining down on me, I put my lips on each one, tonguing them and softly sucking on them. Taking the Coach’s lead, I fingered his hole. We were now facing each other, bursa escort and the Coach put his hard dick just below my ball sack and pulled me to his chest. His cock, slick with soap, slid between my legs. I squeezed my legs together to hold his tool tightly. He slowly moved as if fucking, and I reached around to my back side and felt his dick head as emerged, disappeared, and emerged again. We changed positions. Now my cock was rubbing against his closed legs. It was so good, fucking his legs, feeling his hard cock pressed against my stomach and my arms around his powerful chest. We left the shower and dried and went to the bed. He laid on his back with his legs spread. I crawled between his legs, held his big dick, and said, “This is one of my pleasures, taking you in my mouth.” I sucked him. Licked his balls. Sucked him some more. It was truly a pleasure for me, and I had developed as a cocksucker since I first took the Coach’s big thing in my mouth. My mouth and jaw were now accustomed to his thickness. I loved to put my lips just over his tip and swirl my tongue around his big head. I could go down far on his shaft. Not as far as Kevin, but far for such a thick piece of meat. Coach pulled me up. He wanted me to move up his chest and so I could fuck his mouth. I had my knees on each side of him and I moved upward, purposely dragging my balls up his body to his open mouth. I stopped and sat on his chest with my dick just out of reach. He stuck out his tongue and tried to touch the tip of my dick but I wouldn’t move closer. I was playing with him. The Coach opened his mouth and I moved forward with just my tip in beyond his lips. He seems happy to get what I offered and he sucked on the small bit of me that I gave him. But the Coach wasn’t going to be teased any longer. He surprised me when his hands went under my ass, lifted me forward, and my dick slipped into his mouth. I quit the games and did what was intended. I fucked the Coach’s mouth as I sat on his chest. The Coach’s mouth was another one of my pleasures, and I enjoyed it. It was an afternoon of oral fun. We kissed, tongued, licked, sucked all parts of our bodies. When the Coach rimmed my ass and I moaned, he lingered there for a long time. I was on my knees with my bottom in the air. As he kissed and tongued my hole, his hand was between my legs pulling on my cock. Then he said for me to turn around. He laid on his back, grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled his ass up off the mattress. “Now you do me,” he said. I think the Coach suspected that I had never rimmed before. He had seen Kevin do me, but I did not reciprocate on Saturday. I looked over his balls and cock and saw him watching me. I lowered my face. I could smell the soap from our shower. I was hesitant. I kissed one cheek and then the other. I tried to imagine what Kevin and the Coach had done to nearly drive me crazy. I wanted to copy. I stuck out my tongue and touched his hole and backed off. Then I dove in, bursa escort bayan running my wet tongue up and down his crack. Next, I pushed my face in, moving my tongue rapidly up and down on his hole. Finally, I tried to fuck him with my tongue, pushing hard on his opening. The Coach had revealed a lot to me. This was another revelation. I loved do it, tonguing his hole. We ended the afternoon head to foot with both of us sucking cocks. The Coach said he wanted us to come together, and told me to alert him if I were close. We sucked cocks and licked balls. I was on my side with his dick in my mouth. I had a free arm to feel his muscular thigh and reach around and hold his bottom. We had been playing all afternoon and I was charged. I felt my climax building in me and I told the Coach. He backed off and let my cock hang there, not touching it as I continued to suck on his tool. Two minutes later, Coach took me into his mouth again, and I knew that he is ready too. When the first shot of cum from my dick went down the Coach’s throat, I moaned. In the midst of my moan, my mouth filled with his cum. I swallowed and more came. We had both climaxed at the same moment into each other’s mouths. The sensation was wonderful, particularly for someone like me who loves to suck cock. As I was rewarded with a mouth full of cum for servicing the Coach, my own dick was emptying my cum into his warm wet mouth. When we both had finished, the Coach crawled up beside me, head to head. He was over me looking down as I lay on my back. He said to open my mouth. He lowered his face as to kiss me, opened his lips, and cum fell from his mouth into mine. He had not swallowed all of me. He saved some to give back. Our cum coated tongues danced together. He tongued my lips. I put some on the tip of his nose. We kissed long and passionately and I swallowed what remained in my mouth. Two days later I was again in bed at the Coach’s apartment. We started with kisses and taking turns sucking on our swollen cocks. Then the Coach turned and offered me his hole, saying “Come inside me.” My dick was wet from his mouth. I wetted his hole with my tongue, positioned my cock, and opened him with pressure from my hips. I just had my head in and his body held it tight. With amazement I watched as my shaft disappeared into my Coach’s bottom. It felt wonderful. I began moving back and forth slowly. Coach Brown asked “Do you like it? Do you like me this way?” “It’s wonderful” I answered. “You can have me this way anytime you want.” His words thrilled me, and I began to fuck him in earnest, holding his hips and taking long strokes. I was still a beginner, having fucked only a few times, and I marveled at how good it felt, at how much it pleasured my cock. The Coach waited a while, knowing how much I was enjoying it before he said we should quit before I came. We had an afternoon together and he wanted us to pace ourselves. He pulled me off the bed and positioned me standing on my feet with escort bursa my chest on the mattress. He rimmed my hole and then took me. He felt so large at the beginning. It was always a surprise that he was so thick and that it fit in me. After the surprise of entry, I adjusted and it felt fantastic. It only got better when he began moving his huge tool up and down my tunnel. He fucked me for several minutes, and then he put me on the bed on my side as he stood on the floor. He entered again and I felt the friction of his cock seeking the depth of my body. Again, after fucking me for several minutes, he withdrew and crawled up on the bed with me. Still with me on my side, he lay behind me, entered me, and then pressed our bodies together. We were spooning, our legs together, his chest on my back, and his manhood in my hole. It was a joy to have him take me this way, because he had his arms around me, holding me so tight. His thrusts in me felt so good. The Coach was showing me all the ways we could fuck, all the ways we could enjoy each other’s body. Once again, after the joy of him warming my insides, he withdrew. He laid me on my back with my legs spread, and he lowered his body on to mine. It was pure joy to feel the weight of his body against mine, pushing me into the mattress. Not conscious of what I was doing, I raised my knees to his side. It was an unconscious submissive response, an invitation for penetration. The Coach’s powerful legs, muscular arms, and beautifully developed chest weighted me down. This gave my body sensual pleasure but also thrilled my mind. The weight I felt represented his masculinity. I wanted him to enter me again, possess me like that, and in turn I would possess him and the masculine ideal that he represented. Soon he was in me. My legs were pulled back to my chest, which raised my bottom and permitted his entry. I gasped as he took me and I sought his lips. He began a slow movement back and forth, almost leaving me but always stopping with his cock head just within the lips of my hole. His dick was barely inside me and he asked “Do you like this?” I told him breathily, “Yes,” He asked again as his cock was half way down my pussy. I answered the same as I hugged his chest tighter. He asked a third time when he was deepest in me. I gave him a emphatic “Yes!” I think I surprised him when I said, “I want to talk.” He said, “Okay, talk.” Our words did not stop him from his ever so slow movement up and down my tunnel. “Are you going to do that the entire time I talk.” “Yes” he answered. His cock was wonderful inside me. It was a struggle to just form the words. “I may have little experience, but I am knowledgeable. I seen lots of porn on the internet. You were unselfish when you talked about us exploring my pleasures. You didn’t tell me what you wanted. You wanted to know about me” I continued, “I am self-aware. I know what I like, and its simple. Its your dick in my mouth and your mouth on my cock. Its you taking me like you are right now. Yes, I enjoyed it when I had my dick in you, but nothing matches when you fill me with your big beautiful cock. I don’t need anything else to thrill me. I just need you. I want to be a pussy boy for my Coach.”

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