Subject: Coach Knows Best Coach Knows Best By Natty Soltesz Coach thought I was crazy when I first asked him to shave his asshole. But I told him — I always think of his asshole as a pussy. And I *love* shaved pussy. “I guess I can see that,” Coach said, stroking my dripping but rapidly re-charging cock. We’d just fucked, but I stayed hard pretty much twenty-four seven ever since Coach started letting me fuck him in the ass. “I do like that you shave your cock,” he said. “Feels like it makes it even better when it goes in — like there’s nothing getting in the way.” *Certainly not any latex*, I thought, but didn’t say. Coach gets a little weird when I talk about how much I like fucking him without a condom. I guess he thinks he’s not doing his job as my mentor because the sex isn’t totally safe. But we used to fuck safe, and our fucks got a million times hotter once I convinced him to go raw. Still, he gets testy when I mention it, so I keep it to myself: the better to enjoy Coach’s raw pussy on a regular basis. Of course he still won’t let me cum inside of him — I have to pull out and shoot on his back, or on his face if he’s particularly horny. I love doing that, and most times I’ll lick it up and share it with him. But just once I want to hold my cock deep into him and fill him up, just seed his pussy with my potent teen cum. I feel like he wants it too but he lets his better judgment stop him. “I’ve never shaved it before but it seems like it could feel good,” Coach said, reaching down to feel the hair around his hole. He had his jockstrap on — he always keeps it on when we fuck — but I could see his cock getting hard as he thought about it. “But it could also feel irritating…how do I even do it?” “I can do it for you,” I said. But Coach said he felt strange about that. “It’s too intimate,” he said. “No, no, I’ll do it myself.” A couple days later he stopped me in the hall when I was heading to geometry class. “Got a surprise for you this evening,” he said. “Did you shave it?” I said. He shushed me, but pulled me into the classroom where he taught health class. It was empty and he shut the door. I reached under the waistband of his shorts, fingers trailing past the thick elastic band of the white Bike jockstrap that he always wore and to the massive, meaty mounds of Coach’s perfect ass. It felt totally smooth, even as my fingers dipped into his crack and brushed against his close-shaved pussy hole. “That’s enough,” Coach said, pulling my hand out of his shorts. “I just wanted to tell you. Save your load for kocaeli escort later,” he said. “You know I will,” I said. I couldn’t remember the last time I jerked off, to be honest. Every load I had was going into Coach’s cunt. I hadn’t gotten laid this much even when I was dating Jamilla, and she was a total freak. I got a close-up look at his shaved hole that night at Coach’s house. I always lie and tell my parents that I’m going to play video games at Terrance’s place, then I walk the few blocks to Coach’s house and sneak in the back door. Coach was in his jock, waiting for me in the bedroom, ass up. “Oh fuck yes,” I said when I saw it. His pussy — always his best feature, pink and tight and tucked between those mounds of muscle — looked like the most inviting cunt I’d ever seen. “Does it look good? I haven’t been able to get a good view of it,” Coach said as I ran my hands over his smooth melons. “It’s amazing,” I said, pressing my thumb to his tender pink center. Coach gasped and his pussy tightened at the touch. “It’s so wild to me that it turns you on like that,” Coach said as I began to lick at his cheeks. “You really do treat it just like a pussy.” “It’s better than pussy,” I said, lapping at the small of his back and trailing my tongue down to the tip of his newly-smooth crack. “Because I can fuck it bareback.” Coach stiffened. “You can’t get used to that, Robinson,” he said. “I only let you because you’re so eager, but we really should use a condom…” “I know, Coach. I won’t get used to it, don’t worry.” “It’s okay for now. You can fuck me bare but just don’t cum in me,” Coach said as I lapped at his hole, teasing it with my tongue but not sticking it in just yet. “I know,” I said, and shoved my tongue into his utterly clean and ready hole. Coach groaned. Working my tongue into his pussy always shut him up quick. I went deep then teased it some more. “Man, Coach, your pussy even tastes better somehow. Love how my tongue just glides over it now.” “Enjoy it, son,” Coach said. “I did it for you. Damndest thing I ever did, but I figure if you like eating my pussy so much…” I groaned and licked him deeper. It always does it for me when Coach calls it his pussy, and not his ass. I don’t know why, but it does. I made a feast of that shaved pussy and when I pressed my index finger to it his hole seemed to draw it in, like it had its own gravitational force. I felt his tight insides grip my finger and I pressed against that firm spot that always makes Coach moan like a bitch. It didn’t fail. “Oh fuck, Robinson, kocaeli escort bayan please put your cock into me. I need it,” Coach said. I got up and put my cockhead against that perfect gash. “Damn, Coach, I feel like I could slide it in just with spit, it’s so smooth.” “Yeah?” Coach said. “Here, let me get your dick wet,” he said, and spun around to face my cock. Here’s the thing: Coach hardly ever gives me head. When he started letting me bang him he said that was something he didn’t ever do. Maybe he was horny from having his pussy shaved, but whatever it was, Coach seemed *hungry* for my cock. He licked at it like it was gourmet ice cream, on all fours with that big smooth muscle butt spread out. I mean he was savoring my cock, sucking it with gentle bobs of his head, working it with his throat and hand and getting it all slicked up with spit. “I love your cock, Robinson. I need it inside me,” Coach said, looking up at me. I thought back to my freshman gym class, meeting Coach for the first time and watching him strut around the gym, all muscle and butch athleticism. Never did I imagine him like this, worshiping my cock and begging for me to drill him. Coach spun around and presented his ass to me. “Yeah you want this hot teen cock,” I said, slapping my fat rod against his pussy. “Raw, no lube.” Coach groaned as the head flattened against his hole, then popped inside. I held tight to his ass as I did a slow thrust in, all the way till my balls were pressed against him. Coach called out. He always says I should ignore him when I first go in and he screws his face up in pain. He says it’s supposed to hurt, and that’s part of what makes it good: me stretching his pussy to the limit, making it mine to use. “Fuckin shaved cock penetrating my shaved pussy,” Coach said, whimpering into his folded-up arms. I can’t stand it when Coach talks like that, and combined with the tight grip of his raw cunt around the last thick inches of my cock, I was already close to cumming. So I had to hold it there for a minute while I got myself together, and Coach noticed. “You pull that cock out before you shoot, you hear, Robinson?” he said. “Yes Coach,” I said, panting and breathless. Once I got control over myself I slid out, Coach’s pink pussy grabbing at my departing cock like it was trying to keep me in him. I kept the tip inside, looking down at my huge bare penis in Coach’s perfect pussy. Then I slammed into him and started pumping. “Fuck that pussy, Robinson, give me that hot cock,” Coach was yahya kaptan escort saying, and I was really getting a rhythm going when Coach reached back to grab my hands and bring them to his tits. Coach has the hottest set of knockers, two slabs of muscle dusted with hair and topped with succulent nipples. I loved when he let me nurse on them. But now he was wanting me to really grab and squeeze them while I fucked. Coach was as horny as I’d ever seen him. Somehow, mid-fuck, he managed to flip me onto my back with my cock still implanted in him. He straddled and started riding me, looking me in the eyes while I grabbed at his full tits. “Tell me when you’re close, Robinson,” he said, looking down at me in a way he never had before, a look of total control. He was impaling his tight cunt down on my rod again and again, and tightening it to the point where it felt like he was gonna draw my cum out of my balls like milk from an udder. “I’m close, Coach,” I said. “Keep milking my tits,” Coach said. “Let that cum rise in your balls. Fuck you always shoot the hugest loads,” Coach said, never taking his eyes off me and not slowing one bit. “I”m gonna cum if you keep doing that, Coach,” I said, but Coach just kept drilling me with that pussy. “Fuck it…Robinson, I need it this time. Goddamn it, pump it into me. Knock me up, cream my pussy,” he said. To say it pushed me over the edge is an understatement. My cum leapt out of my balls, my cock shooting like an out-of-control lawn sprinkler. “Shoot it deep, Robinson,” Coach said, sitting down on my fully and squeezing his hole around my cock as I blasted inside him. “Deep, Robinson! Goddamn this is how it’s gonna be from now on, isn’t it?” Coach said, and I watched his cock swell in his jock. It took me a minute to realize he was cumming without touching himself, the red pouch of his jock flooding with cum, some of which oozed through the fabric, white and thick. “Fuck it, I’m a total cum slut for you now. I’ll be taking your goddamn huge teen loads in my pussy every chance I get, fucking hell…” he went on, sounding resigned to his fate. I squeezed his tits as the last my cum emptied into him. Then, when we’d both taken a big breath, he collapsed beside me. “Damn, Coach. You really mean that?” I said. Coach sighed. “I guess you really turned me out, Robinson. I certainly haven’t ever shaved my pussy for a student before. I guess I’m falling for you and your cock, a little. You’ve got my pussy on lock, son.” “I wish I really could knock you up, Coach,” I said, nuzzling my face in his neck. “I wish you could, too, son,” Coach said, wrapping his burly arm around my shoulders and pulling me in close. “And, hey, it never hurts to try.” More Coach/boy stories on my Patreon! eon/nattysoltesz Support the invaluable Nifty Archive! fty/

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