College Chapter One


Authors’s note: I would recommend reading my story “Getting caught, Twice!” as they will come into play a bit in this series of stories. I hope you enjoy and please rate the story! Thank you!It was the start of my first year in college. As my parents said goodbye to me outside my dorm, I walked inside wondering what to expect when I reached my assigned room. I was to be in a room with three other girls, none of whom I had ever met before.I walked down the hallway and opened the door to my dorm room. It was a very open planned room with a small kitchen just inside the door, a table just behind and a sofa in the back corner and a large TV which I was sure hadn’t come with the room. There were two doors on either side of the room one leading to the bedroom and another to the toilet.I walked inside dragging my suit case and closing the door behind me. She noticed that there was güvenilir bahis a desk behind the door with a person leaning down in front of it setting a computer up. “Hi I’m Jessica,” I said extending, my hand as the girl looked at me but she did not shake it. “Oh another girl who thinks shes a model and better then everyone else? What a great year this is turning out to be not one person in this room so far that’s interested in the same stuff as me,” she ranted continuing to set up the computer. The girl was slightly fat with huge boobs. She wore a plaid skirt and a polo shirt. She also wore glasses and was the biggest geek I have ever seen. “No need to get your panties in a twist, which rooms mine?” I was laughing now looking at the girl after her ranting at me for no reason. I found it hilarious. “Right,” she answered not looking up. I moved towards the door and opened güvenilir bahis siteleri it wide looking inside. Their were already posters up on the walls of models. Boxes lay around the room unopened yet. “I heard Louise go on a rant at you outside, she done the same thing to me,” a voice said from the corner. A girl stood up and walked over to shake my hand but instead she hugged me. “I’m Emma, happy to meet you! Looks like we’re going to be room mates. I’m glad it’s you and not Louise; she’s doing my head in already.” She laughed. “I’m Jessica,” I said walking over to the bunks. “What’s up with Louise? She seemed very mad earlier, and which bunk is mine?” “She’s upset that no geeks have been assigned to this room and it’s only her, but we still have to wait on one more person so she could get her wish still, and I haven’t chosen yet so you can choose.” iddaa siteleri “I’m taking the bottom one then,” I said placing my bags and suitcases on the bed. “I think I’d rather she got her wish to have a geek added as the fourth person for this room, saves us trouble and ranting,” I giggled at this. “Ok, top’s mine the,n” she said. “Yeah it would save a lot of hassle, you know that she brought that TV outside with her and the computer and nearly all the other nice stuff outside? I think she’s rich”. “Well what’s in this room is everyone’s she can’t stop us using the stuff!” “Too true” we both giggled at this. I was starting to unpack now, and had started taking my clothes out from the suitcase and putting them in the drawers. “What’s that?” she said pointing to the floor. I hadn’t even noticed that one of my dildos had fallen out of the suitcase. “It’s my dildo, I call it my long john silver. My mother gave me it a while back, it’s brilliant.” “Your mother gave you a metal dildo? I’d love my mum to give me one of those! All I got is little plastic ones!” she sighed. “I’ve got two plastic ones and a vibrator as well.

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