Complex Family Ch. 05


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Over the next few months things went extremely smooth, almost too smooth in fact, but the four friends simply regarded it as a good luck. Wedding plans, in the capable hands of Katy and Gina, who got along almost as well with Katy and Mel as she did Ashley, progressed well. Between Gina’s knowledge of the area and Katy’s well honed shopping skills and style they were able to locate everything that Ashley, and to some extent Brandon, wanted for their dream wedding without the price going through the roof. Which became an issue as Ashley was not speaking to her family.

Brandon’s family stepped in to help out the couple and between Katy and Mel and Brandon and Ashley’s contributions it looked like it they could afford most of what Ashley wanted without incurring any debt. It did help that Ashley and Brandon had simple tastes. Often Ashley and Gina had to scale Katy’s ideas back to fit Ashley’s visions of the wedding. With three months to go everything seemed to be well in hand.

Of course the smoothness of the planning was made possible by Mel’s successful acquisition of a job in Chicago. The pair moved into an apartment in the city so Mel could be close to her job and Katy close to the party scene. Of course they regarded Brandon and Ashley’s condo as their other residence and vice-versa.

Katy spent many nights, especially those when Mel traveled, at the condo and on weekends or after late nights in the city Ashley and Brandon would stay at the apartment with Katy and Mel.

Mel’s job involved frequent travel, something she said would pay off in the long run, but had felt uncomfortable doing in Boston as the thought of leaving Katy alone was not appealing. The nice thing is that she was on the verge of a promotion to less travel intensive position, which given her plans in the near future was a good thing.

Ashley’s first year as a teacher was going quite well and despite the stress of the wedding, her first year, and night classes she was able to stay collected. Brandon marveled at how she did it all.

Not that his life had been boring, but compared to the others it was, at least on the surface. Of course like Mel he too had been pressing hard for a promotion, but he also had a side project he hoped he could complete by the wedding. He was running short on time for both and it was starting to get to him. As his birthday approached though, his life got suddenly more complicated.

He arrived home in a huff after the news had fouled his mood. To his surprise he was greeted not only by Ashley, but both Katy and Mel as well. He had forgotten Mel had just returned from her latest business venture. The trio was engrossed in wedding details, but seemed to immediately notice Brandon’s foul mood. Ashley got up first and followed by the other two crossed the room to see what was the matter. Brandon was not in the mood to discuss things so he headed straight to the room that served as a guest room and office.

Not to be ignored all three women followed him and as he sat down they blocked the exit before Ashley asked, “Darling what’s wrong?”

Before he could say anything Mel added, “And don’t say nothing, we all know you better than that, so please don’t insult us by lying.”

The set looks on all three faces made him realize there was only one way out of this room.

So, he began to tell them, “Remember a few weeks when I mentioned they hired an old colleague of mine from my last company to manage another department?” Katy and Ashley nodded, but Mel looked slightly confused so Brandon explained to her, “I forgot you were gone that week. My company recently hired Jeff Yates, who was one of the Genotech castoffs, to manage another department. Ordinarily not an issue except I probably got him fired, not intentionally mind you but still.”

“Let me guess,” Mel said, “Now this guy wormed his way into your company through high laced connections.”

“You got it. He has to be well connected because after the number of jobs he’s lost the past few months he’s not exactly a reliable guy. My problem is that my company just hired someone that was out to get me. Needless to say revenge was expected and he has just struck his first blow. Due to a double booking for the original night he just moved the party for a retiring prominent board member to the same evening as Ashley’s big presentation for her class.”

Ashley and Katy gasped as Mel said, “So? Don’t go.”

Ashley then answered for him, “He can’t, his manager made it clear that those looking for a promotion are strongly recommended to attend.”

Mel understanding nodded, “So, in other words, come or kiss the opportunity goodbye. So why not go alone?”

“Well, besides the fact that this is the kind of fancy party I could use the backup for the etiquette and all that, they want someone stable.”

“Stable? But you’re engaged! You’ll be married in three months! How much more stable do they want?!” Mel asked incredulously.

“I know, but they want to see us all bring a date, again xslot highly recommended. At first it was no trouble, but now…” He trailed off before adding, “I mean I can’t go alone, but nor can I ask Ashley to skip her class.” He then looked at Ashley and said, “Nor will I allow you to.”

To his surprise Katy was smiling and he asked her, “And what are you grinning about?”

“I just thought of a solution, I will go with you instead.” She said her grin not fading a bit.

“What?!” Brandon asked confused then said, “No Katy, no offense but that won’t work. I appreciate the offer though.”

Katy glared back and said, “And why not? Look, Ashley can’t go we’ve established that, and you need etiquette help as you said. Well I’m just as well versed as she is, and what’s more, I love these kind of parties.”

Brandon was still skeptical and Mel added, “She’s right Brandon. If you take Katy you’ll be with a date, granted not your fiancée, but a date nonetheless. You won’t be wasting the company’s money. You’ll go as friends and anyone who saw the news after our rescue knows you two are just that, friends. Plus, as Katy said she is versed in etiquette and her dad threw tons of parties like this. In fact given her name and her father’s reputation she may prove an asset with the bigwigs.”

Then Ashley added, “Not to mention there is a certain amount of revenge in being able to have a girl that is just as good looking if not better as a fill-in.”

Brandon chuckled and said, “Yeah especially since I happened to know that Katy is so the type of girl this guy chases, well physically anyway. She has far too much class and intelligence to be his type.”

Then Katy seductively crossed the room and sitting in his lap she kissed him deeply and said, “And what about you, baby? Am I too classy or smart for you?”

Brandon caught his breath and kissed her back before saying, “Not at all, those are two of your more attractive qualities in my opinion.”

“Good answer.” Katy said smiling.

She kissed him before she got up and knelt in front of the chair. Before he could protest she had his dick lose and in her mouth. Any thoughts of protest faded as she used her amazing mouth on his hard cock. Soon she was teasing him towards a massive orgasm. A few minutes later he felt the tension he felt leave him as he shot waves of cum into Katy’s eager mouth.

She cleaned him up and after putting his dick away in his pants, she rose and went to leave.

As she did Brandon said, “Thanks Katy I really needed that.”

Katy turned, smiled, and walking back over to him kissed him on the cheek and said, “I know baby, glad I could be of help, both tonight and for the party. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a wedding to plan and a wife to welcome home.”

She left the room and shortly after Katy and Mel went home. Ashley had an early start the next morning so she went bed shortly after dinner. Brandon stayed up to finish some work before heading to bed.

Over the next few days Brandon heard and saw little of Katy and Mel. His confirmation of his attendance with a guest for the party the next week seemed to surprise Jeff. After the smugness Jeff had shown after purposely moving the party, Brandon enjoyed seeing him a bit surprised that he had dodged the tactic. Brandon was looking forward to sticking it to him at the party to, as the girls had put their devious minds into making the coming party make Brandon look as good as possible while making Jeff look quite bad.

The party took place a little over a week before his birthday and in an early birthday present it went of extremely well. Katy was magnificent, she had crafted her image perfectly to be alluring, yet classy. With her help, Brandon navigated the evening without any major screw-ups.

In another strike of fortune, Katy’s former life did turn out to be a help to him, as one of the retiring board member friends recognized her. He complimented Brandon on his fine choice of company in front of several of the company’s brass. He then, as a favor to Katy or specifically her late father, talked Brandon up to the board and several high ranking officials in Brandon’s company.

Not only did this help Brandon’s career, but it also put an end to Jeff’s rumor that Katy was a hooker of some kind. To add to Brandon’s joy, Jeff’s date turned out to be a girl he had crushed on in high school, who while attractive, was in no way in Katy’s league or Ashley’s for that matter.

When Brandon mentioned his crush to Katy during the night Katy got a devious look in her eye and Brandon was sure she spent the rest of the night making sure the girl felt sorry she had passed on Brandon. When it was all and they were on the way home Brandon thanked Katy again.

“You were great, I can’t thank you enough. You really helped Ashley and I out of a jam.”

“It was my pleasure,” Katy responded with a smile, “You two are my best friends and it was no trouble. I just was doing my best to stand in for a great lady.”

“Still Mel xslot Giriş was right, your presence helped me with the board, big time. Not to mention it was awesome to see Jeff try to back track on that escort rumor once your dad’s old friend recognized you. The highlight of the night in my opinion.”

Katy giggled and said, “Yeah that was good, but I got more pleasure from making Jeff’s date jealous. I never knew you had a thing for blondes Brandon.”

Brandon chuckled amused and said, “I find that ironic coming form you Katy, as you know full well I find you very attractive.”

Katy smiled and kissed him on the cheek saying, “I know but a girl likes to be reminded of such things every so often. After all you haven’t fucked me yet today.”

“Horny as ever Katy,” Brandon said just shaking his head.

“Of course.” She said playfully.

“As for Mia, she was a brunette when I knew her, not the brightest, but she was a cheerleader and I was horny high schooler. Nothing compared to you, or Ashley, though.”

“Cheerleader eh? You know I was a cheerleader myself once.” Katy said with a devious look.

Brandon was confused by it but quickly said, “Really?! I mean you definitely have the body and personality, I just figured your dad wouldn’t have let you.”

“Well I was, daddy didn’t like it, but mom and I got our way in the end.” Then after a pause she added, “I’m not the only one though, so was your fiancée.”

Brandon was left to ponder that for a few seconds before Katy changed the subject to the wedding, getting his take on a few ideas. When they reached the condo though it was clear that Katy’s sexual side, that she had done a good job keeping hidden all night, was beginning to emerge. As soon as the door was closed Katy rushed Brandon and engaged him in a deep lustful kiss.

When she finally broke it she said, “Oh baby it was so hard being all classy tonight while dancing and watching you tonight. You made me so hot tonight, I so wanted to be naughty Katy, but I knew what was at stake, but now I need you bad. After all, I almost let my lust get the best of me I should be punished.” Brandon smiled at the look of lust on the blondes face.

“Absolutely, bend over the couch drop your panties and pull up that dress you’re wearing.” Katy giddily complied as Brandon watched her strip for a few seconds before taking a position behind her now exposed backside. He ran his fingers over her wet pussy saying, “My, my, we are wet aren’t we?”

Katy only moaned in response. Brandon then fished out his cock and rubbed it against the wet outside of Katy’s pussy. Katy began whimpering at the teasing, but when Brandon had coated his cock in her juices enough he lined it up not at her pussy, but her ass.

In one hard shove he pushed into the tight hole. Katy screamed out in surprise and Brandon paused a bit to let her adjust to him. He then began fucking her ass. As he did Ashley, drawn by Katy’s scream, emerged from the office to investigate what was going on. Brandon noticed she wore a robe and was not sure what was underneath it. When she saw what Brandon and Katy were doing she smiled a bit.

Brandon seeing her smile said, “Ah, Ashley, my dear, I was just punishing Katy here. It seems her desires nearly caused her to botch her assignment. Care to join in? I could use something to shut her up as she’s making far too much noise.”

Truthfully, Katy’s moans of pleasure were getting a bit loud and playing along Ashley nodded and approached the couch saying, “I have just the thing for our little slut here.”

She moved in front of Katy and removed the robe to reveal her naked body. She then thrust her pussy into Katy’s face and holding the blonde’s head to it said simply, “Lick, like a good little slut.”

Ashley’s moans of pleasure let Brandon know that her orders were being complied. Seeing Ashley’s naked body though Brandon could not help himself and he reached out to grasp her tits and then leaned down to kiss and lick them as he pounded Katy’s ass.

It was then he heard the key in the lock. All three froze as the door opened to reveal Mel. They breathed a sigh of relief as she shut the door and removing her coat took in the scene.

Ashley spoke, or tried to speak anyway, first, “Mel…Just in time…oh that’s good…we were just…pun pun punishinggg.” she stammered then screamed out the last word because of Katy’s fine tongue work.

Brandon finished for her, “What Ashley was trying to say before the cat got her tongue, or was it the Katy got her clit? Anyway, Katy’s sexual side almost ruined things tonight so we are punishing her. Care to join us? I’m sure she won’t mind another.”

“Of course, I’d love to!” Mel said with a smile. “Just let me get a few things first.” She then left the room and Brandon resumed his fucking wondering what Mel had planned.

Mel returned naked, wearing a strap-on, and holding a large vibrator. Mel turned on the vibrator before pushing it slowly into Katy’s dripping pussy. She then used Katy’s xslot Güncel Giriş juices to lubricate the strap-on before she walked to the other side of the couch and got behind Ashley.

She then began kissing and caressing the brunette so that she released Katy’s head and allowed Mel to lower her so she to was bent over. Once Ashley was bent over Mel pushed the strap-on into her exposed ass. Brandon watched in awe as the redhead fucked his fiancée. Soon it turned into a contest after Katy and Ashley each came once. The race to get them off a second time was on.

Mel took the early lead thanks to Katy’s help, but the vibrator and Brandon’s fucking were taking a toll and soon Brandon could tell the pleasure was causing her skills to fade a bit. Taking advantage of this he began fucking her ass even harder. Not to be outdone Mel matched him stroke for stroke. It was not long before the sexy scene and the hard fucking took their toll and Brandon was barely holding his orgasm back.

Just then Katy came and that was it for Brandon, he shot his hot load into his ass. Not long after, he saw Ashley and Mel succumb to their own climaxes before all four collapsed to the couch.

When they got up they had Katy take off her dress and Brandon took off his suit before cleaning off his dick.

He then was met in the bedroom by Ashley, who said, “I take it the dinner went well?” Brandon nodded, and she added, “Good so did my presentation we got top marks.” She then led him to the bed and pushing him onto it and mounting him said, “I believe a celebration is in order darling.”

He pulled her close, kissed her, and then rolled over to be on top before saying, “Yep, but I’ll drive this time my dear.”

As he began fucking her he noted Katy and Mel fucking each other using a double headed toy. He watched the pair fuck as he and Ashley fucked closer and closer to their own orgasms.

A while later when both had cum Ashley had a devious look in her eye and after Brandon dismounted her she immediately sucked his cock cleaning it off and making it hard once again.

When he was hard she whispered in his ear, “Now my big stud, go give Mel a good ass fucking. She’ll love it, trust me.”

Brandon smiled and followed her instructions. As he got behind Mel Katy winked at him and pulled Mel toward her and kissed her. Brandon took advantage of the exposed ass of Mel and after lining up with Mel’s ass pushed his hard shaft into the muscular ass. Her scream was muffled by Katy’s kiss.

After letting Mel adjust a few seconds he began slowly fucking her ass.

Soon Mel’s broke the kiss and screamed out, “Oh this feels so good, don’t stop either of you! oh goddd!! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

It was then that Brandon noted that Katy too was pushing the toy more toward Mel than Mel was toward her. He realized only now that he and Katy were double penetrating Mel, something Mel had never experienced to his knowledge. It was also apparent she enjoyed the sensation. Not to be left out Ashley moved so her pussy was in Katy’s face and the blonde gladly ate the cum out of her pussy.

The stimulation of her first double penetration was clearly to much for Mel and she came. Brandon and Katy, on the other hand, were still going strong so they kept fucking the pleasure stricken redhead.

A few minutes later Brandon felt he was near cumming again, and from the moans emitting from the three ladies, he knew they too were close. Ashley came first, then he and Katy, and finally Mel. All four collapsed to the bed and not long after were fast asleep.

By the end of the next week, on the eve of his birthday, the good impression at the party resulted in a special promotion for Brandon. Although it was not the job he was up for it was still good. They made him team lead on the companies new pet project.

While not the managerial position he was after it was still a great opportunity and more importantly was enough of a boost that he and Ashley could secure a moderately comfortable future on his salary alone. This was important because Ashley was not sure whether she wanted to stay home once their children were born or not, but Brandon wanted her to have the option open.

Ashley too got good news as it seemed she was right, her group did get top marks on the project which made passing the very tough class a virtual lock. Meanwhile she continued to grow in the classroom as well, amazing her veteran colleagues with her willingness to learn and her natural command of the classroom.

As Brandon entered the condo with his good news he was greeted by an incredible sight. As before him stood Ashley, Katy, and Mel all dressed like slutty cheerleaders. Brandon was directed to the couch and as he sat he looked at them closely, he was getting more turned on by the second.

They wore identical red and white uniforms with skirts that barely covered their panties, if they were wearing any. The tops were form fitting and covered to just below each girl’s bust line. Each sported a different hairstyle to fit the role as well, Mel’s was curled and hung loose to her shoulders, a lot like the style she wore for her wedding. Ashley went with a simple pony tail and Katy chose to go with pigtails. After Brandon had finished ogling them, they began to cheer.

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