Converting Carter


Camden let his book bag fall to the kitchen floor and grabbed an apple off the counter. His day had been too damn long and all he wanted to do was eat and crash, hopefully in that order. He took the stairs two at a time and headed for his room.

Walking down the hall he heard music coming from his sister’s room. Camden hadn’t realized anyone else was home so he figured he’d pop his head in to say hi. But as he pushed the door open his breath caught in his lungs and his body turned to ice.

“What the hell are you doing!” Camden screamed as he watched in horror while his twin brother, Carter, manhandled his sister’s naked chest.

“Camden!” Anna squeaked and pulled the sheet to cover herself. “What are you doing home… I thought… um… this isn’t what it looks like.”

“How could this be anything else?” Camden screamed, waiving frantically between Anna and Carter. They were sitting cross-legged on Anna’s bed with their bodies facing each other. Carter was still fully dressed but Anna was very much undressed. Camden turned his glare to the very silent Carter.

“Cam, just listen please. I know this looks bad but it’s not. We’re not doing anything. I swear.” Anna pleaded while wrapping the sheet around her and moving off the bed.

“You sick fuck! She’s our little sister!” Camden said in a strangled whisper then lunged for Carter. The hit sent them both flying over the bed and onto the floor. Carter still hadn’t said anything and he didn’t seem to be fighting back. Anna however grabbed Camden around the neck and pulled him off Carter. She was screaming something in Camden’s ear but he was tuning her out concentrating only on how badly he wanted to beat the hell out of his twin brother.

“Camden, he’s gay! He’s gay! Cam! Cam! Carter is GAY!” Finally Anna’s words hit him and he stopped resisting her attempts to wrench him free of his position. He fell to his side and gaped at Carter who was lying on his back a few feet away, his head resting on the cool wood floor and his eyes determinedly not looking anywhere near Camden.

Anna had fallen to the floor as well and readjusted the sheet while softly stroking one of Carter’s legs. “It’s okay Carter. He would have found out eventually. This way maybe he can help us. It’ll be okay.” She said in a soft soothing voice directed completely at Carter as if Camden weren’t in the room at all.

“What do you mean ‘He’s gay’?” Camden’s voice was slow and quiet, barely above a whisper. “Carter isn’t gay. You’re not gay.” He said first to Anna and then to Carter.

Anna took a deep breath and looked at Camden. “He hasn’t told anyone else yet. He wanted to make sure. He’s confused and didn’t want everyone influencing his life.” She said calmly as if they were discussing a movie choice instead of a sexual preference.

“Carter?” Camden looked at his brother’s profile but carter wouldn’t turn towards him. “Carter? What’s going on?” His only response was to slowly shake his head and close his eyes like he was pushing away a bad dream. “Carter, dammit. Talk to me. We’ve shared everything for the last twenty-one years. Tell me what she’s talking about. Please.” Camden knew his voice had a desperate tinge to it but didn’t care. Everything was happening too fast. He just wanted to go to sleep and forget this all happened.

Finally Carter opened his eyes and stared at the bedroom’s ceiling. He took a deep breath and spoke in a shaky voice. “I think I’m gay. I was going to tell you. I really was. But you’re you. So I told Anna first. I thought she could help me.”

Camden felt like he’d been punched in the gut. “Gay.” He repeated numbly. Then the rest of Carter’s words sunk in. “Wait. What do you mean ‘I’m me’? Why does that mean anything. I’m your brother, your twin. Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

Carter closed his eyes again so Anna spoke instead. “Cam, come on. You’re such a macho man. You don’t even know any gay people. And no offense but aren’t you a bit homophobic?” She sighed and continued rubbing Carter’s leg. “You just wouldn’t have understood.”

“That’s insane! I’m not homophobic! It’s not my fault that I’m good at sports or that we live in this stupid small town.” Camden yelled at Anna. His voice softened when he looked towards Carter again. “You could have told me.” Silence covered the room like a thick blanket.

“I still don’t understand what I walked in on though.” Camden said after noticing again that Anna’s sheet wasn’t exactly staying in place. “Why are you naked? And why was he touching you if he’s gay?” Camden pointed his finger accusingly between his two siblings.

“I thought maybe I could help him figure out if he really is gay or not. I know it sounds stupid but he dated that one girl in high school and he says he was attracted to her so I thought maybe he wasn’t gay. But he says that it was probably just that he liked hanging out with her rather than actually screwing her. But I thought if he could touch a real live girl he might find it… appealing.” Anna was Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort talking very quickly and her cheeks turned a brilliant red by the time she was finished.

“But… You’re… I mean, why would you let him touch you?” Camden stammered. “Isn’t there someone else? A friend or another girl?”

“I didn’t want anyone else to know.” Carter whispered. “But I swear I didn’t ask her to do it. I would never do that.” He said louder, finally meeting Camden’s gaze.

“Of course he didn’t ask me. I wanted to help. Wouldn’t you want to help him if this could be changed?” Anna pleaded with Camden to understand.

Camden didn’t answer her. He kept looking at Carter. “So? Did it… do anything?” he asked him hesitantly.

Carter shook his head and looked back to the ceiling. But Anna didn’t seem to be giving up. “Maybe it just wasn’t enough. Maybe it’s like violence on TV and you’re just desensitized to nudity and so you need more.” She told Carter in a hopeful voice. “Maybe you need to actually, you know, do it.”

“No. I told you I don’t want anyone else to know. I couldn’t bear to use some poor girl as a try-out and then make her think it was her fault if I couldn’t go through with it.” Carter said shaking his head vigorously.

“He’s right Anna. There’s no easy way to do that. Not without telling more people.” Camden mumbled to himself more than to Anna. He was still reeling from the whole revelation and could barely form sentences.

“I know. I know you don’t want to tell anyone else. But I’m a girl. I know it didn’t work just touching but actually doing it might be exactly what you need. It wouldn’t have to be a big thing. It’s just like taking medicine or something.” Anna said matter-of-factly.

Camden and Carter both spun their faces towards her at the same time. Their mouths formed identical O’s as their jaws dropped and their eyes bugged out. “Are you fucking crazy!” Camden yelled just as Carter started sputtering his own refusal.

“Calm down! It’s not like I’m a virgin or anything. I’m 19! And I love Carter and would do anything to help him.” She said defensively. “You just said you’d help him too Cam, so help him now by shutting up.”

“Anna. Cam. Stop fighting. This isn’t happening so there isn’t any reason to get into it. I love you too Anna and it’s nice that you’re trying to help me but I’ll just have to figure it out on my own.” Carter was rising into a seated position between Anna and Camden as he spoke. “It’ll be okay.”

“But Carter if I can help why not let me. Can you honestly say you want to tell mom and dad about this if maybe you wouldn’t have too?” she said, gripping his shoulder. “Maybe it’s just a phase or a passing thought because you haven’t actually tried sex yet. Think about it Carter.” she begged.

“Maybe she’s right. Not about the sex part I don’t know what to say about that, but if you’re not sure then… I don’t know.” Camden said quietly looking at the floor.

Anna seemed to see an opening and took it. She slowly unfolded the sheet from around her chest and let it pool around her hips on the ground. “Carter? Please? It can’t hurt to try.” She spoke quietly.

Camden was disgusted at the idea of his brother and sister sleeping together, but he couldn’t convince himself not to stare at Anna’s perfect round breasts. The protests he might have voiced stuck in his throat as all the blood rushed further down his body. Her tight rose colored nipples seemed to call out to him, begging for his hands, his mouth. He’d never seen his sister naked before today. Even when they were kids his parents were obsessed with propriety and never allowed their children to change or bath together.

“Anna stop it.” Carter reached down for the sheet intending to pull it back over his sister but Anna grabbed his hand and caught him off balance. She pulled him quickly to her core and shoved his finger into her wet center. “Anna. I can’t. It won’t work.” Carter said weekly trying to pull away from her hold.

“It might. It might work if we try it. Please Carter?” She said slowly rising up to her knees and sliding one leg over his lap.

Camden watched in horrified fascination as his twin’s finger disappeared in and out of his sister’s bald pussy. He had the indescribable urge to lick her mound. His cock was aching, clearly wishing to join in the party. He knew the tent in his shorts was obvious but he couldn’t make himself do anything about it.

“Anna. Just stop. I’m not even hard. Please, this is crazy.” Carter whispered.

“It’s okay. It’ll get hard. It just takes a minute.” Anna said confidently as she unzipped his jeans and reached inside. “Look Cam, is hard. It just takes you longer that’s all.”

Her comment caught Camden’s attention and ripped him out of his lust induced coma. “Of course I’m hard. You’re a naked girl. My body doesn’t know any better.” He argued. “But this is crazy. If he says it doesn’t work than it doesn’t work. You can’t force it.”

Carter nodded with his brother’s words but his eyes slid down Camden’s body to his very prominent erection. As Anna’s hands squeezed and stroked Carter, he did indeed become hard. Very hard. He looked down at himself in complete shock.

“You see. It just takes a minute.” Anna gloated. Then she abruptly raised up over Carter’s thick seven inches and impaled herself before either of the boys could get out a single objection.

The pair groaned simultaneously with the action. Anna hadn’t lied, she wasn’t a virgin but she was still exceptionally tight. Especially since Carter was unusually thick. She pulled her body up and slid almost entirely off of him, then dropped back down eliciting another moan.

Camden was still gapping at them but his dick was throbbing painfully. He reached into his shorts and wrapped his fingers around his shaft. “So wrong, so wrong, so wrong.” Camden muttered as he stroked himself.

“This feels so good.” Anna sighed. She tilted her head back and brought her hands to her breasts. She massaged them for a moment then pulled at the nipples. Continuing her slow but steady assault on Carter’s glistening cock.

“Oh hell. Faster Anna. Please.” Carter pleaded softly. All the while he watched Camden’s hand move in firm strokes underneath the thin fabric of his shorts.

Camden would have noticed if he hadn’t been so focused on Anna’s beautiful body writhing and arching with each downward stroke. Her large tits bounced as she obliged Carter’s request and quickened her pace, slamming into him with a jarring ferocity. Camden felt his balls tighten with impending orgasm just as Anna started gasping through her climax. Carter followed Anna to his own peak. Camden’s release was triggered by his brother’s strangled cry.

“Oh shit.” Were Carter’s first words after all three of them collapsed back to the floor. “I just came inside of you.” Carter was clearly horrified but Anna waved away his alarm.

“It’s okay. Shhh. It’s okay. I’m on birth control. It doesn’t matter. It’s okay.” She was smiling at him while his softening member was still very much inside of her. “The important part is that you got off. With a girl. I’m a girl.” She was overly excited and stated the obvious.

“No. It didn’t work.” Carter said sadly. He picked up the sheet from the floor next to them and gently wrapped it around her shoulders.

“What are you talking about? It did work. I can feel it. I can feel your cum inside of me!” She cried hysterically as he lifted her body from his and set her on the ground. “It worked! It worked! You’re not gay. It was just a random thing. See? You’re not gay!”

“No it didn’t work.” Carter said more forcefully.

“But…” Anna started.

“I was watching Cam!” Carter yelled, cutting her off mid-protest. “I came because I was watching Cam.” He said softer. He looked at the floor instead of at either of his siblings.

Camden stared at his brother then down at his shorts where the large wet spot was spread across the front. He felt an overwhelming desire to blend in with the wood floor and forget any of the last few minutes had happened.

“Camden? You came because you were looking at Camden? But… you were inside me? That has to count for something right?” Anna said trying not to lose hope.

“Anna. Yes of course I enjoyed being inside of you but I could enjoy being inside of lots of things… ugh, this isn’t coming out right.” Carter zipped up his pants and scrubbed his face with his palms. “I’m sorry Anna. I know you wanted to help. I think I should go now.” Carter got to his feet and softly brushed his hand over his sister’s hair, then left the room.

Camden hadn’t said a word or hardly moved at all. “I should go too.” He said quietly and started to stand up.

“Wait! Cam what are we going to do? We have to help him.” Anna cried as she grabbed Camden’s hand.

“Anna.” Camden sighed. “You can’t change the way someone is. You just can’t.” Camden untangled his sister’s fingers from his own and left the room without looking back at her.


All of the siblings had spent the rest of the evening in their rooms except for a quick and silent dinner with their parents. Now that it was morning the whole episode seemed like a bad dream to Camden. Unfortunately as he sat down at the kitchen table with Carter he was trying desperately not to act as awkward as he felt.

Both brothers noiselessly ate their cereal and looked at anything but each other. Their parents had already left for work but it was Friday so no one had classes and none of the three worked.

“I know why it didn’t work!” Anna said breathlessly as she flew into the kitchen and crashed into a chair across from her brothers. “It’s because I’m your sister.” She said as if that answered everything. At her brother’s confused stares she continued. “You were just thinking so much about me being your sister that you couldn’t get into it.”

“Anna. Stop. It had nothing to do with that. It didn’t seem to matter that Cam was my brother.” Carter said crossly.

“No really. Just think about it. You weren’t really turned on by Cam it’s just that you weren’t looking at me at the time so you could fully give into the effect. I bet if it were another girl and no one was there you would have been able to go like that.” She snapped her fingers to emphasize her point.

“Anna.” Carter said wearily.

“Maybe she’s right. Maybe it was just too weird with her because she’s Anna.” Camden replied looking for an excuse to take the focus off any other theory. “Unfortunately I don’t know how to prove that short of lining up a bunch of naked chicks until one catches your attention.”

“No. It’s true. It would be hard to prove without a doubt that you like women. But… we could prove that you don’t like men.” Anna said mysteriously with a triumphant smile.

“Where are you going with this Anna? You want him to watch some gay porn and see what happens?” Camden said sarcastically.

“No.” She spat. “I want him to have sex with a man.” Anna seemed to have formulated a plan that she wasn’t sharing.

“You said yourself there aren’t any gay men in this town and I’m not going to just pick some guy off a street and ask if I can screw him to check if I’m gay.” Carter growled.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I would never suggest that. Besides, the guy doesn’t have to be gay because he’s not the one who will be getting screwed. You said yourself that sticking it in anything would feel good so why wouldn’t some other guy feel just as good sticking it in… well you know… your bum.” Anna smiled sweetly at Carter.

“You’re crazy Anna. You’re really freakin’ crazy. Even if I thought I was ready to try something like that I still don’t want to tell anyone else about this.” Carter replied while shaking his head and pushing away his cereal.

“Maybe she has a point Carter. I mean if anal is so abhorrent to you then you probably aren’t gay. I mean that’s what they do right?” Camden said logically. “Problem solved.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I just said I wasn’t ready for it. I’d like to be having sex with someone I care about not some random guy just to prove something.” Carter said guardedly.

“I totally agree. You should do it with someone you care about. Someone you love and who loves you. Someone like Camden.” Anna said quickly.

Camden spit out the cereal milk he had just started to drink. After choking for several seconds he glared at Anna. “What the hell! I’m certainly not gay!”

“Duh. As if anyone would ever think differently. But like I said, you don’t have to be gay. You just have to stick your dick in a hole and think happy thoughts.” Anna was still smiling but when Camden kept glaring, her smile faded. “Cam, you said you’d do anything to help Carter.”

“No way. No fucking way. Tell her Carter. Tell her how insane this is.” Camden looked anxiously between Carter and Anna. But when Carter remained silent Camden focused on him. His head was angled away and his hands were in his lap. When Camden looked at his hands again he realized they weren’t just sitting in his lap, they were pressed tightly over the outline of a semi-hard cock. “Fuck. Fuck. You want this?” He demanded.

“No. Of course not. I would never want you to do something you didn’t want to do. I’m just not thinking straight because this whole thing is stressing me out. I just want it to be done.” Carter said quickly without looking at Camden. “Lets just forget about this.” He pushed away from the table and went upstairs.

“Camden. We can’t let him figure this out alone. Besides once he tries anal he’ll never want to be gay. I’ve tried it, it sucks. Plus if you’re as big as he is it’ll hurt ten times as much.” Anna said solemnly.

“I don’t want to hurt him Anna. I don’t want to do anything at all. Maybe he should figure it out on his own. Maybe that’s best.” Camden held his head in his hands.

“And what about when he tells our parents? You know they’ll disown him. They’re so obsessed with their perfect church. It will be awful. How can we let that happen if it doesn’t have to?” She argued. “Cam, a little pain is for his own good and then this will all be over.”

“This is so messed up.” Camden muttered to himself. Then he looked at Anna and spoke up. “Fine. When?”

“Oh Camden! You’re such a good brother!” She squealed and jumped across the table to hug him. “And I think we should do it now.” She said as she let him go and stood up to leave.

“Now? But…” Camden sputtered as Anna pulled him from his chair and up the stairs to Carter’s room.

Anna knocked twice then opened the door without waiting for a reply. “Carter? We’re going to help you.”

Carter was sitting on his bed watching a news channel that people only watch to look busy. “What are you talking about? I thought we decided to drop this.”

“I know but Camden wants to help.” At Carter’s skeptical look Anna continued. “He does. He wants to do whatever he can to help.”

Carter turned his skepticism to Camden who quietly said “You’re my brother and I’m here for you.”

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