Cross dressing…. first time out….


Cross dressing…. first time out….Now I had been seeing mike for a few months now and the relationship was going well. He had introduced me to paul he work friend for a three some which was amazing and the dressing up was getting more and more kinky!!! He hadn’t never pushed the boundaries with me kept it simple and sweet, until now!! I always did as as he asked to a point, never anything abusive or nasty he knew what I was into. So when he asked me to dress up and go to a night club i was shaken and a bit scared!! I had never left the house dressed up it was always just for him and paul is the only other person to see me that way!! He had it all played out where to go and promised I would be safe and he would stay with me. I was quite nervous about it but plucked up the courage and said yes!! It wasn’t till next Saturday so I had plenty of time to prepare. Saturday came are and I was up early shaving everything smooth and ready for the night time adventures!! Mike had been out most of the day buying me an outfit so I was excited to see wait it was!! When he returned he handed me the bag and I rushed up stairs to see!! Wow!! The most beautiful black short dress wit black high heels and black stockings and matching panties and bra ( I wore false breasts for affect ) so so I did my make up with deep red lipstick and a blond wig. Boy I looked stunning!! Ready to go!! Mike wore a suit look smart as always. He drove us to the club with his hand güvenilir bahis on my leg caressing it getting me all hot and horny which I was fighting hard lol. It was about a hour drive so was a battle which I lost !! While on the motorway he undid his trousers and I wanked him slowly getting him so hard, I undid my seatbelt and leaned over and took him in my mouth. He held my head down as I sucked and licked his throbbing cock squeezing his ball tight. He started to thrust into my mouth and I knew what coming!! He moaned loudly as he came and I managed to swallow it all !! God he tasted good! I cleaned myself up and checked my make up and sat there satisfied.we arrived at the club and I was excited and nervous as everybody could now see me!! I held mikes hand tight as we walked in. It was very dark and the music was really loud and the light show was amazing!! People were dancing on a massive dance floor and it was quite crowded but I settled in as no seemed to pay much attention to me as I wasn’t the only crossdresser in there!! Unknown to me mike had brought me to a gay club!! Mike got us some drinks which calmed me and opened me up a bit as I was quite relaxed. I wanted to dance so dragged mike onto the floor. He held me tight as we danced gripping my tight ass and squeezing it, kissing me with his tongue searching mine out. I was getting quite hot and horny with the lights and music pounding around us. I felt another hand on my waist as güvenilir bahis siteleri a young guy pulled up behind me. I looked at mike and he smiled and said ” it’s ok enjoy yourself!” He backed up slightly and another young guy stepped in front!! They both started to touch my body as we danced feeling my ass and groping between my legs. My whole body was sweating with excitement and they groped me all over!! The one behind me was kissing my neck while the front one kissed me passionately,hands all over my body as i was lost in the music and the moment. they led me away to the toilets and I knew what was coming! We entered a cubicle and they shut the door. I sat down as they unzipped their jeans pulling out two gorgeous cocks! I started to wanked them and suck at the same time as they watched me. God I was so horny and hard right now sucking on these two cocks. They stood me up after a few minutes and one sat in front of me as the other lifted my dress and pulled my panties down. I continued to suck the guy in front as the other entered my ass and started to fuck me! I reach between my legs and started to play with my hard cock. I could feel every stroke in my ass as he fucked me. They swapped places so the other guy could fuck me but the other guy knelt down and took me in his mouth!! My god it was an amazing feeling being fucked and sucked at the same time! I couldn’t hold out very long and came in his mouth which he swallowed iddaa siteleri down. The other guy pulled out and I knelt in front of them both sucking at them with all my might waiting for them to explode hot cum down my throat. I didn’t have to wait long as they both came splashing hot cum over my face as I tried to lapped it up licking my lips drinking it down. They zipped up and left as I tried to clean myself up and get my composure. As I opened the door mike was standing there! ” enjoy yourself??” I smiled and said yes and winked at him. He laughed out loud and grabbed my hand and led me out!! We danced for ages on the floor and kissed and groped each other while the music played around us. He took my hand and we left. The night went so quick and I certainly enjoyed being out side dressed up. As we got in the car mike handed me his phone. “Hold this for me” as he started the car and drove off. “There might be something on there you might want to watch” I looked at him curiously and opened the video saved. Omg mike had filmed me from the next cubicle as I fucked these two guys!! I watched as they fucked me and I was getting turned on knowing mike had been watching. I lifted my dress and got my hard cock out and started playing with myself as I watched the video! Mike reached over and started to wank me slowly as I watched! I was breathing heavier and heavier as I came close to cuming. I arched my back and moaned out as I came all over my panties and stockings. My cum was on mikes hand and he placed his fingers in my mouth to lick and clean up. I cleaned myself up the best I could and sat back and drifted off to sleep dreaming of an amazing first night out…… won’t be my last!!! xxx

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