Subject: CrossFit Competitors – Chapter 8 – The Finale Athletics, Authoritarian, Beginnings Chapter 8 — The Finale Guys, I’m getting a lot of feedback from you about how much you’re enjoying this story. If you are, thank Nifty too by donating so they can keep these great stories coming. Donate by going to: fty/. This is the final chapter in the story of two intensely competitive athletes. I hope you enjoy it. Between the urgency emanating from my cock and balls, the exquisite agony from my tits, the taste of his salty/sweet pre-cum on my tongue, and the look of ecstasy on his face, my senses were in overdrive. I wasn’t sure I could take any more. I looked at the clock, and we had only 15 minutes remaining. 15 minutes left of what I expected to be the most extraordinary sexual experience of my life, and from what I could tell, Pook’s as well. The night of sex had been as physically demanding as the most intense CrossFit workout. And being the competitors we were, neither of us was willing to lose. Now I had 15 minutes left to fuck his lungs out. If either of us came, Pook would sound my unwilling cock, not a pleasant thought. But if we could hold out, we’d get to experience what promised to be the most monumental orgasms of our lives. I fully appreciated the gravity of the next few minutes and wanted to live them to their fullest. I was going all in. I believe the most under-rated fucking style is the basic missionary position. The top gets to take control of the bottom, and control is exactly what tops crave. The bottom gazes straight into the eyes of the man who owns him. Their stares are electric. Aggressively topping a begging bottom is one of the most powerful feelings on earth. Being forcefully topped while staring into your conqueror’s eyes is breathtakingly sensual. The victor and the vanquished. I know, I’ve been both. Tonight I was the conqueror. I decided this is how Pook and I would spend our last 15 minutes together. I looked at the clock and there were exactly 15 minutes left. Pook was continuing to grind his hips into my spear so I grabbed them and said, “15 minutes left stud. One more move. I want us to carefully flip to my right, your left. You get under me. Do NOT let me pull out.” A huge grin appeared on his face, he couldn’t hide his delight. “Yes, Daddy”, he smiled. He approved of how we would spend our remaining time together. We carefully executed the flip and there we laid. Body to body, face to face, my cock still penetrating his innermost cavity. It felt so natural, it was beginning to feel like my dick should live in his hole permanently. I only had 14 minutes left now and I wanted to use every one of them. I got on my elbows and toes and thrust my cock up into him slowly and deeply. He tilted his pelvis to take it as deep as it could go and groaned audibly. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced more sexual pleasure than I did at that moment. He was so intentional about angling his ass to take my cock deeper that he might as well have screamed, “FUCK ME” at the top of his lungs. But moving the way he did to make my penetration more intense was infinitely sexier. The moment was so sublime that I couldn’t help what came next. Still on my elbows, I lowered my lips to his and kissed him with an urgency and tenderness that was a surprise to both of us. His response was identical to my advance. Pornographic passion mixed with genuine affection. One of the hallmarks of the sex we shared that evening was that we were always on the same page. Every advance I made, he welcomed. And every move he made bursa escort had been exactly what I had hoped for. There was never a question of either of us moving too fast or aggressively. We were completely simpatico. Now was no exception. I continued my slow, deliberate thrusts all the while tenderly kissing his eager lips and grazing my lips over his brittle-hard nipples. Our hips were moving together with such natural synchronization it went through my mind that this may be the most perfect moment in my life. I literally felt as though Pook and I had become one. But I could also feel my balls starting to creep up, ready to explode. I still had 8 minutes left before I could allow that to happen. I was determined to not disappoint him. I forced my mind to take me to another place so I could keep up this glorious tempo. I started reflecting on Pook’s and my short history together. The first time I saw his glorious hard body in CrossFit and the charisma he generated. The time he saw me in a tank top and shouted, “Look at the pipes on Pete,” and gave me an extra-long hug. His surprise and interest upon learning I wore a jock to CrossFit. The sweaty, shirtless workouts with congratulatory pats on the ass. And the courage it took me this morning to ask him over to “talk about the Open”. It was like a movie that was playing in my head. I came back to reality and found I was now nose-to-nose with Pook, both of us groaning in passion, the rhythm of our grinding continuing. There was sweat dripping off the tip of my nose landing right on his lips, to which he responded, “Thank you, Daddy.” Our eyes were locked in rapture. I was beginning to see stars. I looked at the clock and could barely read we still had five minutes. I couldn’t hold out at this pace. I forced myself to drift away again, this time to the beginning of this evening. The sexy sound of him knocking on the door. The instant I spotted the jock strap under his shorts and snapped it. The moment he decided his shorts were too tight and stripped down to his jock…and telling me to strip down as well. The standoff, both of us wearing nothing but our nasty, sweat-soaked jocks. Me pushing him to his knees and him burying his face in my bulge. And finally, me ordering him into the bedroom. The sensation in my groin now overwhelmed me. We were both covered in sweat and my cock was penetrating him with a depth that I didn’t think could be physiologically possible. It honestly felt like my dick was reaching up to his heart. My thrusts were now quickening, and he was croaking “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me” with each one. Each plunge was deeper, and each cry was louder. I looked at the clock and it was now down to one minute. We were almost there. The culmination of months of erotic workouts came down to what I believe was the most extraordinary moment in the history of time. The stabbing continued; his piercing cries got even louder. He contorted himself to take my cock up him in a way I didn’t think was humanly possible. There had never been such a moment of raw, uninhibited man-on-man sex. The lust was so crude, so unchecked, I couldn’t believe anyone else had ever experienced it. Thirty seconds on the clock. Almost breathless, I croaked, “Thirty seconds Pook. This is it…” My cock punched him harder and harder up into his gut. I was getting even deeper now and roared, “I OWN YOU POOK. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.” And with each pounding, he’d reply, “FUCK ME DADDY. GIVE ME YOUR SEED.” Our bodies were dripping wet, pressing into each other. Hot, wet steel against hot wet steel. His bursa escort bayan hands were gripping my ass and holding on as if his life depended on it. My eyes were locked on his, his on mine. “This is it Pook,” I gasped. “Five, four, three, two, one…” Everything went black. The orgasm was blinding. I was conscience, but couldn’t see, feel, smell, taste or hear. It felt like time stopped, but I then felt an explosion of ecstasy that started in my loins and spread rapidly to every muscle in my body. My cock had become a volcano that exploded after a 1,000 year dormancy. But it wasn’t lava, it was hot liquid silk that gushed uncontrollably out of me and into Pook. My body shook like I was having a seizure. I was unable to contain my spasms. The next sense that became activated was my sight. I now realized our faces were inches apart and sweat was pouring off my face onto his. There was in look in his eyes that conveyed animalistic lust. If we hadn’t just experienced the most monumental fuck of all time, I would’ve interpreted the stare as threatening, even dangerous. But I knew he could no more control his facial expressions as I could control my cock. The final awareness that emerged remains unrivaled. As I was exploding inside him, he shot an enormous load of hot jizz over our heads, covering our faces, chests, stomachs, and everything else in sight. While I was shooting my man seed into his warm, cave-like hole, his hot spooge was gushing into our faces like a firehose. Even my most depraved fantasies hadn’t anticipated this. The mind works in mysterious ways. The three elements of this epically raw mansex had happened simultaneously, but my brain absorbed them sequentially. First the volcanic eruption from my cock into Pook’s gut spasming my entire body body; second, the look of erotic anguish on Pooks’ face just inches from mine; and third, the firehose blast of Pook’s hot jizz into our faces, hair, and beyond. Those three memories will be burned into my brain forever. And there we found ourselves. Panting, dripping sweat and semen onto each other, my rock hard cock still pulsing inside him, although now less forcefully. His cock was slowing to a dribble as well. Both of our bodies sensually convulsing, albeit erratically. Staring down at his cum covered face, I knew what I needed to make this night complete. I needed to taste the juice that was deep inside his balls just moments ago. I leaned down to his cheek where lay a stream of his seed, comingled with his sweat. I lapped it up with my tongue, swirled the deliciously salty goo around my mouth and swallowed. It was the taste of raw sex. Seeing another delicious looking glob on his forehead, I scooped it up in my mouth again, but this time I put my lips to his, opened my mouth and kissed him with an intensity that belied our exhaustion. He hungrily searched the inside of my mouth with his tongue so he could taste every drop. Our tongues fought each other for his juice. When that mouthful was gone, my tongue searched for another, and another, until his entire face was cleaned. Then he pulled my face to his and found the few remaining steams of his cum, licked them off and shared them with me like I had him. This meal was the singularly most intimate one I had ever shared with anyone. I didn’t want this moment to end. Was there a way to stop time? The afterglow of the unconstrained, animal sex with Pook was luminous. Often, at this post-coital moment when you’re regaining your equilibrium, there can be awkwardness. That night couldn’t have been more different. I escort bursa looked Pook in the eye. We had no words, but the look on both our faces said the same thing: “That was the most fantastic sex I’ve ever had. And it wasn’t just the sex. It was you.” That’s what I was thinking, and I know it’s what he was thinking. But it wasn’t over. Pook opened his mouth and quietly said, “Daddy, I want you to do something for me. I want to taste you like we tasted me. Will you do that for me, Daddy?” I knew exactly what Pook was asking for because I was thinking the exact same thing. I didn’t respond. I simply slid down his body to position my face squarely in his ass-crack. I pulled his legs apart, and gently, but deliberately, pushed my face into his hole. The smell was intoxicating. Sweat, cum, lube, and a little funk. I could tell he was still clenching his hole, so I said, “When I get my mouth on it, let it go.” He knew exactly what I meant. I pressed my still hungry mouth to his hole, opened it and he let loose what seemed like a quart of my cum. It poured down my cheeks. I tried to get as much in my mouth as I could to share with him without overwhelming him. When I got enough I crept back up to him, lowered my face to his and slowly opened my mouth. He lapped up my cum even more vigorously than he did his own. It was amazing that after 3+ hours of edging, torture, fucking, and our monumental orgasms, we still wanted more. But neither of us would let one drop of the other’s cum go to waste. We had worked too hard for it. Beyond our mutual orgasms, it was our reward. I savored every drop, and Pook did as well. The sex we had experienced was beyond description. And now the after-sex was setting a new standard as well. Our bodies were completely entangled in each other’s. I don’t think I could’ve held him tighter, or he me. I knew sleep would soon prevail, so I shifted onto my back to allow Pook to snuggle into me. I wrapped my arms around him, knowing that it was my muscular arms that caught his attention in the first place. He happily nestled his head into the crook of my neck and spread his nude, sweaty, sticky body across mine, wrapping his arms around me as well. There wasn’t one millimeter of either of our skin that didn’t touch the other’s. When he got settled, I squeezed him hard with my arms and asked, “You good, Pook?” His response. “Daddy, with those fucking arms holding me like you’re holding me, I’m good forever.” I looked into his eyes, smiled, but didn’t say a word. He knew what I was thinking. Pook quickly fell into a light, then deep sleep. He was spent. I had outlasted the man-of-steel CrossFit athlete. I looked down at him….head buried in my hairy chest, my meaty arms embracing him, sleeping soundly. I wanted this moment to last forever. I desperately fought off sleep because I knew when we awoke, whenever that would be, this magical night would be in the past. No matter what the future would bring for Pook and me–casual CrossFit competitors, lovers, or something in-between–tonight could never be repeated. I tried to stay awake and treasure the sleeping stud wrapped in my arms. As I gazed down at the glistening Adonis dozing blissfully in my arms, my final thought was this: Yes, Pook and I were fierce competitors. Each of us wanted to win tonight’s competition. But tonight each of us would claim an epic victory. A victory for the ages. The End. Guys, this is my first attempt at erotic writing, so I’d love your feedback. I’ve already received quite a bit and I find it encouraging and helpful. FYI, CrossFit Competitors is based on a true story. Pook is a real person (although name changed) and I’m Pete. Hearing from you what turned you on, and what didn’t, will help me with my next story. I’m ail. I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks.

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