Cuckold Cam #5


Two faces on the screen; the husband connected via a remote link, and his wife Pippa, propped up on my wife’s and my conjugal bed. “I need to be pumped full,” the woman whispered. “I really need to be pumped full of spunk.” She looked away from the camera, straight at me, where I stood with a raging erection. “Please fill me up with spunk. Please pump me full.”My wife let the camera roam, over Pippa’s gropeable breasts to where the lipstick lettering above her navel read, “BUILT TO BE SPUNKED.” The camera moved on, revealing the words below her navel, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS,” and the mound my wife had so clinically shaved, then the insides of Pippa’s wide-open thighs bahis siteleri where it said, “TO BE PUMPED FULL” on both, with arrows pointing upwards.“Who could possibly resist?” my wife said. “If I had a cock, I’d be fucking her tight little hole already.”“We need to buy you a strap-on,” I said.To my delight, it was Pippa who responded with enthusiasm. “I’d love that!” Her hands came down between her thighs. My wife zoomed out, showing Pippa’s husband how happily his wife was putting herself on display, inviting penetration.I climbed onto the bed as my wife fixed the camera to a tripod, making sure it was trained on Pippa’s face alone as I balanced precariously canlı bahis siteleri over her, shoving my cock up against her cheek. “So you want to have your cunt filled with spunk, do you?”“Please! Please pump me full!”“I don’t know,” I said, rubbing my bulb against the corner of her mouth. “You look so pretty when your face is splattered with cum. Perhaps I’d prefer that.”“And I do love feeling your hot, sticky cum on my face,” Pippa said. “But today I really do need you to pump me… Aaaaah!”I glanced over my shoulder to see my wife’s gloved hands between Pippa’s thighs. “It’s a tough one,” I said, rubbing my cock over the woman’s face. “Pumping canlı bahis your cunt full of spunk versus plastering your face with it. Especially considering how filthy you look when you drool all over my cock.” I watched the screen as I spoke, delighted to see two totally different kinds of desperation in the eyes of the woman and her husband.“Please,” the woman gasped. “Please! I need to be… Oooowwooowwww!”“What’s happening?” the man asked. “Please tell me what’s happening.”I glanced back over my shoulder as Pippa continued to sound riven between delirium and torture. “It looks like my wife is trying to fit her entire hand into your wife. Now isn’t that something?”“But surely that’s not…”“We do what we want with the little slut,” my wife said, bringing a suitable amount of sadism to bear on her tone. “That’s the deal.”“Owwooowwwoowww!” Pippa cried. “Pump me full! Please pump me full!”

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