Cum Sluts Anonymous 4: Mike


I sat there next to my wife and listened to people introduce themselves, admit their addictions, tell their stories and I wondered why I was there. The stories being told were all similar to mine. The major difference was that I didn’t consider that I had a problem; maybe Brenda did, but I didn’t. True, I did love the taste of cum delivered directly from my wife’s pussy to my mouth and yes, I did encourage her to go out with other guys and let herself be filled to the brim so she could bring it home to me, but so what? I liked it! And Brenda sure didn’t seem to mind helping me get what I wanted. In fact, it was because she was already out there getting it that I found out that I liked it.

Like most men in a secure and happy marriage I stumbled along without a care in the world. Brenda was a wonderful wife and mother, a great cook and a fantastic lover. Our sex life was superb, at least in my mind. Brenda was a very sexy lady and she got hit on all the time, but for years I had watched her ward off advances with a smile and I was secure in the knowledge that she was mine. And then one day I found out that she wasn’t. Mine maybe, but definitely not all mine.

I know it sounds like a clich‚, but I found out the way most husbands do; an unexpected trip home during the day, a strange car in the drive, sounds batman escort of passion from the upstairs bedroom, a stranger scrambling to get his pants on and a confrontation with the naked, sweating wife. A naked sweaty wife who looked so damned sexy lying there, legs spread, cunt lips puffy and wet and nipples erect that I stepped out of my pants and fell on her. The sex was intense and Brenda came twice before I erupted into her.

The story was simple; I was a great lover, but I wasn’t enough to fill her needs. No matter how much I fucked her she still needed more. She loved me, hadn’t wanted to hurt me, but she needed cock and lots of it. I was a better fuck than most all of her lovers, but she needed quantity as much as quality. Regardless of the fact that she was praising me (even as she said I wasn’t enough for her) my ego still took a battering. I finally asked her if there wasn’t something that I could consider ‘my own’ and she said, “You are the only one who eats my pussy and you know how much I love that.”

I went down on her and discovered that even though her lover’s cum was diluted with mine I still loved the taste. That was the beginning. Brenda and I reached an accommodation; she could fuck whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted, as long as she called me and let me know so bayburt escort I could rush home and eat her pussy.

For the next couple of years I must have sucked gallons of cum out of Brenda. At parties she would end up on a back seat in some ones car and let one or more guys fuck her. At a wedding reception she took on the groom, the best man and all the ushers and then hurried to find me before it could all leak out of her. No occasion was passed up as an opportunity to get laid and provide me with what I wanted. At our daughter’s birthday party while I was down stairs supervising the kids as they played pin the tail on the donkey, Brenda was upstairs being pinned by two of the men who had brought their kids to the party. When my team won first place in our bowling league Brenda rewarded the team with a gangbang. I instituted a weekly poker game and none of the players ever left the house without fucking Brenda. Brenda even fucked two guys in the back of the hearse at my uncle’s funeral.

I was driven, not only to get as much cum for myself as I could, but to get Brenda as much cock as she craved. I arranged situations for her and put her into circumstances where she could seduce whoever she wanted and she wanted them all; Latinos, Asians, blacks, you name it and she wanted their cocks. One bebek escort after another, in ones, twos, threes and large groups Brenda would take cock after cock and then hurry home to me so she could sit on my face and let it all drain into my mouth. The more she fucked, the more she wanted and the more she wanted the more she went after and the more she went after the more she got. And as a result the more I got.

Numbers became important. I joined a softball team, not because of a love for the game, but because of the number of players. Not content to wait and see if we would win our division so she could reward the team she took to rewarding them for every game they won. Soon she was rewarding the opposing team if they beat us and always I was there to clean her out. On one memorable night she did both the winning and losing team and on that night I almost drowned when she sat on my face. And then the AIDS scare came along and I woke up to the self destructive nature of what we had been doing and I knew that somehow a way had to be found to stop the madness.

In the front of the room the current speaker had finished and as I looked around the room I saw facial expressions and nodding heads that said all to clearly, “Yeah, been there, done that” and I felt a surge of hope that we might just have come to the right place. Up front a man stepped to the center of the room and asked if there was anyone else who wanted to address the group and Brenda and I looked at each other.

“Hi. I’m Brenda” “and I’m Mike” we said in unison, “and we are cum sluts.”

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