Cynthia’s Submission Ch. 23

Big Dick

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Addison and I were like giddy little school girls as we were riding to my house in the car I called for us. We were in just the right state of inebriation that our guards were down, but would never have been able to safely drive. From the moment we got into the car, I could tell that Miss Bell was up for some fun, and so it was no surprise to me when she leaned over to me in the back seat and whispered a naughty question into my ear.

“Are you really going commando under your dress?”

I replied nonchalantly, “yes.”

“Show me,” was her response.

Not one to be a poor sport, and always willing to obey a beautiful woman, I turned in my seat to face her and then casually pulled up the hem of my dress to display my smooth pussy. I only gave her a quick glance though before I turned the tables on her. I leaned in to whisper a question of my own.

“Not that I have shown you mine, won’t you show me yours?”

She said nothing, but instead turned to face me and did as I had; pulled up her dress. To my delight she too was without panties, and was also tantalizingly shaved smooth. I gave her a big smile after she pushed her dress back down, and she returned it with a devilish grin.

“It looks like we have another thing in common,” I stated, “Who would of thought?”

We both giggled at that, and I could see the driver looking back at us trying his hardest to pay attention to both the road and the two sexy women in his back seat. Unfortunately for him however we soon arrived at my house, and we promptly exited the vehicle; thanking him as we both skipped off to my door. I guided Addison in to my kitchen, and immediately offered her another glass of wine. I didn’t want her to lose her buzz as I was really hoping for a crazy fun night. She of course happily accepted, and sat at my bar top island while she watched me get the wine and glasses. While I was getting things together, she stopped me to ask about something she had seen on my fridge.

“Is that you in the picture? The one with the grades.”

I looked to my fridge to see what she was referencing, and was startled a bit when I saw the picture in question. It had been there for so long that I had almost forgotten is was there. It was a picture from the start of my servitude with Sage, in which she had graded me on my behavior and performance. The grades were written in black marker on both of my butt cheeks, and in the picture I was on my hands and knees atop my desk posing for the picture. Blushing I replied that it was indeed me.

“So did your mistress take that picture, and was it taken at school?”

“Yes, and yes. It was a few months ago when our relationship was just starting. She graded me on my behavior and performance. The picture is my report card I guess you could say.”

Even though we had shared a few stories at the bar, and even showed off a little on the car ride over, her seeing that picture was certainly embarrassing as it was very much exposing of my sexual behavior. Addison however seemed to take it in stride, and even joked with me about it.

“Well it looks like it is something to be proud of; a straight A student.”

“Yeah, well I have always been a good student and eager learner,” I replied as I handed her a glass of wine.

“Is that so? I wonder what exactly did you have to do to earn such marks.”

Figuring there was no reason to lie, I simply responded with the truth.

“Well, to earn my behavior grade, my mistress had me strip down to just my heels during my lunch period while my classroom door was open and then she took my clothes with her when she left. She did return though five minutes before lunch was done to give me my grade and my clothes back.”

Addison not seemingly too shocked by my story replied and pushed for more info, “Well that certainly sounds daring. I can only wonder what earned you the A plus for performance.”

“For my performance grade, my mistress met me in my room after school let out, had me strip naked, and then eat her out to orgasm in under two minutes. As you can see be the A plus, I did quite well.”

With her eyebrows lifting to show a sign of be impressed, Addison continued to direct her questions to learn more about me.

“Oh, I see you are a bit proud of your performance. I wonder if it is indeed worthy of such high marks.”

Her statement got me curious so I responded with a leading statement of my own.

“I am certainly proud of my performance, and if you are at all questioning my ability, I would be willing to prove it to you.”

Miss Bell took a moment to drink from her glass as she thought over my proposal. I could tell the gears in her head were turning bahçeşehir escort in wonder and curiosity. Eventually, she did respond, and did so in a very authoritative manner; in her teacher voice.

“Okay little miss cocky, if you are willing to be graded on your merits, then I would more than happily test you. Of course, I will expect your utmost attention to my directions, and strict adherence to tasks assigned. Is this understood Miss Watts?”

Taken back a bit by her strict demeanor, I took a moment to collect myself, and also take a swig of wine. As I knew my goal, per Sage’s urging, was to get sexual with Miss Bell, I did not expect her to take such a leading role. Maybe she just picked up on my submissive tendencies, and decided she wanted to take control. Whatever the case, I had no problems seeing where it would lead to. So I responded in a very submissive and sultry school girl kind of way.

“Of course Miss Bell; you are the instructor, and I am your willing pupil. Please, tell me how I can earn high marks Miss Bell? I will do anything to prove that I am indeed a good student.”

Miss Bell grinned as she listened to me, and then spoke very sternly, “You can start by presenting yourself to your teacher. Take off your dress and let me get a good look at what you have to offer.”

“Yes Miss Bell,” I replied setting my glass of wine down, and then I pulled the dress I was wearing off. Addison wasn’t surprised by my nakedness as I had already told her before that I wasn’t wearing panties, but she did seem to appreciate and take note of me being shaved smooth. She had me spin and twist so she could look me all over, but it was when she had me bend over that she got a nice surprise.

“Oh, what do we have here Miss Watts? It looks as though you are plugged; is that what I am seeing?”

A slight blush radiated over my body as I replied, “Yes Miss Bell, I am wearing a butt plug.”

“Why do you have a butt plug in Miss Watts?”

“I am wearing a butt plug because my mistress ordered me to wear one tonight while I was out with you. She wanted me to be constantly aroused as I hung out with you.”

“I see, so you enjoy the feeling of having your ass filled?”

Even though we had shared so much this evening, I still felt slightly embarrassed answering the question honestly.


“That is good to know Miss Watts. I might just have to see how true that is when it comes time to grade you on your performance, but for now I need to focus on your behavior grade. You have complied very well so far, but to earn a high mark I want to push you a bit further. Does your mistress often have you wear a collar and leash?”

Again, my body blushed with embarrassment, but I replied truthfully, “Yes she does.”

“That’s what I figured. Do you have a collar and leash here?”


“Very good. If you may, would you be so kind as to retrieve them for me?”

“Right away Miss Bell.”

I scurried off to my bedroom to retrieve the requested items. While I was doing so, I began to wonder what she intended to do with them, and what she meant by pushing me a bit further. It sounded devilishly erotic to me, but I would only find out if I continued to follow her directions. Almost giddily, I returned with the items to find her in the living room waiting for me. She had her glass of wine in her hands, as well as mine. Upon my entering the room she spoke.

“I’ll take those while you finish your wine.”

Her hand reached out to hand me my glass, and then took ahold of the collar and leash. She watched me intently as I gulped down the remaining wine in my glass, and once I had finished she spoke again.

“Very good Miss Watts, now let’s get your collar and leash on, as I want to take you on a walk.”

She proceeded to apply the collar around my neck, and attach the leash to the ring on the collar. Without being asked, I instinctively dropped to my hands and knees as I figured that was how she expected to take me for a walk. She smiled at my positioning, and then began to lead me around the living room with the leash while holding her wine. We stopped after one complete lap around the living room, and were in front of my front door when she began to speak once again.

“So far you have behaved very well Miss Watts, and have taken to my tasks without trouble. However, as I stated earlier, I want to push you further to see just how willing you are to behave and earn a good grade. So with that in mind, let us continue our walk outside, and take a casual stroll through your neighborhood. Do you think you can handle that Miss Watts?”

For whatever reason, I didn’t balk at her idea. My submissive side was out in full force and I was willing to allow my co-worker to control me how she felt necessary. The one thing I was thankful for was that it was quite late at night, so my embarrassing nude walk while being led on a leash would most likely go unseen by my neighbors. My response to her question indicated as much.

“Yes Miss Bell, I believe I can. I would love for you to take me on bakırköy escort a walk around the neighborhood. I want to earn the best possible behavior grade I can. I guess I am just a teacher’s pet in that sense.”

My double entendre was not lost on Addison as she smirked at me before reaching out to open the door. She stepped confidently out into the cool night air, and I followed behind her just as confidently. The air felt amazing on my bare skin, and it may have been the alcohol, but I felt a strong euphoric feeling raging through me as she led us down to the sidewalk and began to head away from my house. With each step we took further away, the more aroused I became, and the more I wondered just how long our walk would be. I wasn’t concerned, but I was hoping to work on my performance grade sooner rather than later and could only imagine what Addison had planned for that.

“Isn’t it a nice night for a walk? I don’t think I do this enough; take late night strolls to enjoy the cool night air. I can only imagine what it is like for you. Maybe I will let my black owner know about it, and that way I might get to experience it.”

Addison just sort of rambled on as she led me further and further away from my home. Occasionally she would stop and take a drink from her glass that she carried with her, but mostly she just led us on our around the neighborhood. Eventually though she did stop all together under a street light. She pulled out her phone from the top of her dress, and explained why we had stopped.

“I think this would be a great place to take a few souvenir photos of our night walk. Go ahead pose over there under the light.”

I crawled over to the spot she indicated, and then while remaining on my hands and knees, posed for her as she took a picture with her phone and held the leash.

“Good, now stand up and put your hands on your hips.”

Again, I took her direction and assumed the pose as she captured it with her phone. She took a couple more pictures before she grabbed ahold of the leash and began to lead us back towards my house. On our journey back she allowed me to walk normally, but asked me a series of questions to uncover more about my relationship with my mistress.

“So, have you ever done anything like this for your Mistress,” she asked.

“Yes. She has often had me perform outside in the nude,” I replied.

“Give me an example of something that was really daring.”

“Well, one time she had me walk home from a nearby park wearing only a pair of heels and with my hands cuffed behind me. Oh, and it was early evening when I did that as well.”

“Wow that sounds extremely daring. Does she often take pictures of you being submissive like I did earlier?”

“Yes she does. It is actually a regular occurrence when I am with her. She always either taking pictures of me, or recording me submitting to her and doing her bidding.”

“Really? Doesn’t it scare that she has all of that evidence of you behaving so naughtily? Aren’t you afraid she will show it to others?”

“Not really. I trust her to act in my best interest, and I know she enjoys capturing my behavior on camera so that we can both have a digital record my naughtiness to reference from time to time. But, the risk of her showing others, or others finding the images or videos, sometimes is added into the tasks and experiences.”

“I see, so do you trust me? I mean I now have very damning pictures of you. How do you know I won’t show them off to everyone at school?”

“I don’t know that, but I do trust you. I mean you have divulged quite a bit about your sexual proclivities, so I’m sure there may be things out there that would be interesting to others as well.”

“That is true, and you are right to trust me. I would never do anything to risk exposing your secret life outside of school; which just so happens to also take place often in school.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but let’s step back a bit. I want to know more about how the risk of others seeing the pictures is added into the tasks your mistress has had you complete. Give me an example.”

“Okay, well there was one time in which she dropped me off at a strip mall, and had me perform different tasks at the different stores in the strip. Each task not only included me behaving in some naughty way, but also leaving behind a picture of myself in a compromising situation for someone to find. None of the pictures showed my identity completely, but each had some aspect of my identity visible; my mouth, me posing in front of a landmark, or me posing inside my classroom. Another example would be just recently my mistress had me mail an image of myself naked and kneeling to a local barber shop. The only thing concealing my identity was a blindfold.”

“I must say, that is very daring and extremely erotic. Aren’t you nervous that others may be able to put it together who you are, or just simply that people you don’t know have seen you naked?”

“Maybe I was in the beginning, but now it is no big deal because I know that my mistress gets enjoyment out başakşehir escort of it and that is all that matters to me. Plus, I have a blog in which I post similar images and videos along with descriptions of the events all the time. I’m sure many people have now seen me in very compromising positions, but that only adds to the thrill of it all.”

“You will certainly have to give me the link to your blog, but that will have to wait since we are back at your house and I need to grade you on your behavior and administer your performance assessment.”

We had walked for quite a while, but the whole time we were out, no one noticed us and I had an excellent time. As we reentered my house, Miss Bell removed the leash before handing me her glass to take into the kitchen. Upon my return to the living room she instructed I get atop my coffee table and present myself as I had in my picture on the fridge so she could give me a grade. I took my position, and saw that she had found a large permanent black marker and was ready to give me my mark. Just as Sage had many months earlier, Miss Bell began to write onto my butt cheek. When she finished, she indicated that she had rewarded me with an “A+” in behavior, as I was such a perfect little teacher’s pet. Once I was graded on my behavior, she had me get down and began to explain what I would be doing for my performance grade.

“Okay, since you behaved so well I figured I would grade your performance in the same vain as your mistress had. I am going to let you go down on me, and it will be your job to get me off in less than two minutes. I must warn you though; you will be the first woman who has ever gone down on me so it may be a bit weird for me. “

Miss Bell then took a seat on my couch, and bunch up her dress to display her very pretty pussy. Once she was positioned, I dropped back down to my hands and knees, and crawled over to her; speaking once I reached her.

“May I begin Miss Bell?”

Her reply was simple, “You may.”

My face dove in, and I began the wonderful yet completely unreal experience of eating out a colleague of mine, that until this night I hadn’t ever hung out with outside of school events. None of that matter however, as I wanted to my best work to ensure I received another high mark from her. I was determined to get her off as fast as possible. No trick of the tongue was left out; I was pulling no punches to guarantee she orgasmed in less than two minutes. It didn’t matter to me that I was the first woman to taste her sweet lower lips, I knew from experience that none of that matter as long as an experienced tongue was at work.

To my surprise and delight, not more than thirty seconds after touching my lips to hers, Miss Bell exploded with a powerful climax. Her body shook and quivered with the blissful feelings of her orgasm, and I continued to gingerly lick her until she finally could take no more and had to push my face away. Because of the suddenness of it, I sensed that she had been building it up all night, if not longer. I sat back on my heels and watched as she came down from her euphoric high. She slowly sunk into my couch like a puddle of joy, as I sat smiling from ear to ear with delight for my accomplishment and for knowing that I was able to make her feel so good.

Her recovery from the orgasm seemed to take longer than the process of achieving it, but once she was finally settled she opened her eyes and smiled back at me. I said nothing, but instead reached out to hand her the marker, and then turned around to present my ass to her for my final grade of the evening. She emphatically wrote out “A+” on my empty cheek before reaching down and sliding a finger into my dripping snatch.

For the rest of the night we spent our time enjoying one another, and experiencing the passion of our new found form of stress relief for teachers. It was a wild night, and one I don’t think I would have ever thought possible. If it wasn’t for Sage, there would be no way any of the events of the night would have occurred, and for that I am thankful. Sage has opened up my world to endless possibilities and experiences; all of which I am so proud to be able to meet.

Miss Bell stayed until the early hours of the morning, once we were both exhausted. I called her an UBER car to get her home, and even gave her a change of clothes to wear so she didn’t feel like she would have to do the walk of shame. When we said our goodbyes, we both expressed that we didn’t want the events of the night to change anything between us, and that we didn’t want things to get weird. I was hopeful that we would be able to hold true to our wants, as I didn’t mind possibly having an encounter very similar in the future.

Once she left, I dutifully called up Sage to recount the evening to her. She was very happy to hear my story, and was pleased that I was able to uncover more info about Miss Bell and her black lover. She also reminded me to blog about the night, and if I could, add some of the pictures; at least of my grades. I told her I would most certainly do so, but that I would need to sleep first. Sage agreed, and also told me that I would have the remainder of the weekend to myself. She would however expect me at school on Monday at our normal meeting time. Having a free weekend would be nice, but I still felt the urge to serve my Mistress even when she wasn’t around so I knew I would be pushing myself to behave accordingly.

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