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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 23 Dad Loves Me Part 23 James hoo) The week passed rather uneventfully. I learned a lot about the different machines daddy used during his workouts. I of course started out on a much lower setting than what daddy used. After I did the set that daddy told me to, he’d reset the machine to the weight he was used to. I knew daddy was strong, but I never realized just how strong. On Tuesday and Thursday we had dinner with gramma and grampa. She was a wonderful cook and daddy learned a lot about cooking from her and I am learning just as he did. Grampa was a carpenter by trade but he is semi-retired and only works occasionally. The people he worked with sometimes contact him with specialty projects. Saturday we went to the gym, daddy brought along his speedo suit this time and decided to swim and play in the water with me. Members were required to wet themselves in the shower before entering either the pool or hot tub. When we walked into the pool, we didn’t see Gary or his father, Tom, anywhere. We stepped into the open showers which members were also to use after to wash the chlorine water away before leaving. We started swimming laps and I was able to keep up with daddy’s pace, although I knew that if he really wanted, he could outswim me easily. After about half an hour Gary and Tom walked into the pool area. They both stepped into the shower and Gary immediately went to jump in the deep end. I swam to join him. We started playing pool games and daddy exited the pool and joined Tom at one of the pool tables. “Nice to see you Tom.” They shook hands and started talking. After a short time, they walked toward the deep end and when he was by the 5 foot marker daddy dove in towards us and not to far from us Tom decided to do a cannonball jump into the pool. Right after Tom hit the water splashing us, daddy pulled our legs dunking us. All four of us started horsing around in the water. We found a ball and played another game. This time I teamed up with Tom which left daddy and Gary teamed. We played for about an hour and then got out of the pool and went to the hot tub. I sat between Gary and Tom and daddy sat on the other side of Gary. I felt Tom’s hand on my left leg and Gary’s hand on my right leg. I moved my hands to their legs and I figured daddy and Gary were touching each other’s legs too. Daddy started the conversation. “Tom and Gary have invited us to their house tomorrow for a barbecue and to get to know each other better.” Tom gave my leg a little squeeze. “I knew we didn’t have any plans that couldn’t wait.” He looked right at me, “They don’t smoke so I won’t either.” He then looked at Tom and asked “Can we bring anything?”—“Just your appetites and your favorite drinks. I was thinking hot dogs and polish sausages. I was also thinking of getting cole slaw or potato salad.”—“Benji is allergic to cabbages and lettuce.”—“Looks like potato salad then. I know a wonderful istanbul travesti German deli to get the items.” Just then I felt Gary’s hand moving up my leg to the leg band of my speedo and then over to touch my covered but hardening cock. I returned the touching but as Gary was wearing boarder shorts, I was able to go under the leg opening and grab his cock in the inner lining and his cock was hardening too. Gary and I decided we wanted to go back in the water again. My lump was a lot more noticeable so I moved a little more quickly with my hands subtly covering the lump I had. Daddy and Tom stayed in the hot tub talking and we noticed they were sitting a lot closer. We saw them talking but I think we both thought they were feeling each other up. Finally they got out of the hot tub and daddy told me it was time for us to go. I noticed daddy was holding a towel in front of his crotch. Tom was wearing the same kind of shorts as his son, but the front looked a little more full. Tom told Gary they should be going too. Gary got out of the pool and we all headed to the showers to rinse. We all went into the locker room. We went to our locker to get the shampoo noticing them going to a locker not far from ours. Gary was hairless except for his auburn hair on his head. He had a nice lithe swimmer’s body and a nice cock that was about 4 inches (soft). Tom had dark hair on his head, and was hairless on his chest, arm, and legs. But when looking at his crotch and butt, there was quite a bit of dark hair and his pubic hair was as bushy as daddy’s, but his butt wasn’t as hairy as daddy’s. He also had about 6 inches (soft) but extremely thick. They were looking us over too. They already knew daddy was hairy from seeing his chest, arms, and legs, and they could see hair under the waist band and leg bands of his speedos, but seeing all the hair around his cock and butt, I could see the huge smile on Tom’s face. We all walked into the showers and were watching each other and I noticed Tom getting hard looking at daddy’s hairy body and I figured he had what daddy referred to as a bear fetish. From the term daddy described to me, daddy fit that description very well. When we were finished showering, we started to dry off and noticed Walter looking at all of us but especially at Tom’s hard cock. Tom noticed Walter too so he told us he and Gary were going to the steamroom for a little so we parted ways and just a few seconds after Tom and Gary went into the steamroom, we saw Walter enter too. We knew what was going to happen as we had received “service” from Walter many times in the past. We got dressed and left. Daddy and I talked about the barbecue on the drive home and decided to stop at the market to pick up drinks for tomorrow. Daddy picked up two 2 litre bottles of orange soda and since I preferred juices and sports drinks, we picked up 2 large bottles of Gatorade. The rest of the way home, kadıköy travesti we made a slight detour and daddy took us by the address Tom had given him. It was a nice bungalow style with writing above the 2 car garage saying “WELCOME FROM THE ERICKSONS”. Daddy said that he just wanted to make sure he knew exactly where we would be going tomorrow. We got home and went to the bedroom to strip down as usual. Then I went to get the things we wore at the pool and put it in the wash with a few other clothes that we had worn throughout the week, mostly under clothes. Daddy asked if I was hungry and I said yes. Daddy phoned our favorite pizza place and knowing there would be a little extra delivery time being it was a Saturday. Our regular orders were in their computer but daddy had to change it again after changing it when Wally was with us. He also asked if Steve was working and unfortunately he wasn’t but they said they had the perfect delivery person for us. Daddy was puzzled but agreed and added the normal tip. After hanging up, he went into the study and wrote the amount for when he worked the books next. We also set some cash aside as an additional tip the bosses didn’t need to know about. We put on some underwear for the new person we’d have delivering. A little over an hour later a car pulled into our driveway. I peeked through the blinds and saw a really cute blonde guy carrying pizza with a couple beers. The doorbell rang and daddy answered it with me standing nearby. When he opened the door, the young man just stared until he regained his composure. “Now I know why Steve likes delivering here.” Daddy smiled and said “You like what you see?—“Oh yes sir.”—“Well come in for a moment.” When he stepped in and we closed the door, the young man we learned was named Billy, handed over the pizza and beer which daddy set to the side, looked at me and nodded. We both dropped our underwear. He just stared right at our cocks. Daddy took his hands and put them on our cocks. We could tell Billy was hard as a rock in his pants. Billy stepped back and unfastened his pants and let them fall. He was wearing low rise briefs and pulled them just under his balls. I reached out to grab his cock. He gasped. Besides his blonde hair, we noticed some very blue eyes. He was close to 6 foot and when we asked he said he was 26, two years older than Steve. He was really nicely built and his cock was a nice 7 inches with average girth. He finally found his voice again “As much as I am enjoying this, I have to get back to work.” I said “Take this with you.” and I bent down and took his cock in my mouth for a moment and daddy kissed him. Daddy said “Would you like to come be after your shift?”—“I don’t have to close so it will be about 2 more hours.”—“Fine. We’ll be waiting.” He refastened his pants and daddy handed him the private tip of $10. “This is just between us and you. You don’t have to report bakırköy travesti it.”—“Thanks. See you soon.” He left and we ate. We talked a little about Billy. We were looking forward to getting to know him. Around 2 and a half hours later, Billy arrived, but this time I answered the door naked. He immediately stepped in and as soon as the door was closed, he started undressing. I stepped up to him and kissed him. I took his hand and started pulling him to the bedroom. Daddy was already on the bed. He got up and I started pushing Billy to his knees and readily he sucked daddy’s cock into his mouth. I got behind daddy and started rimming him but also grabbed Billy’s cock. We had talked about it and decided we’d let Billy top daddy while he sucked me. We moved around and daddy pulled up Billy and started sucking him while I continued rimming daddy. Finally they were wet enough and daddy got on all fours on the bed and I straddled him over his back. Billy got up behind daddy and he saw how hairy daddy’s butt was. I pulled apart daddy’s cheeks and moved the hair around so Billy could find his hole easily enough. Well Billy slid his cock right in and he and daddy sighed at the feeling. Then I presented my cock to Billy and he started sucking me while pumping in and out of daddy’s butt. Every now and again I’d give daddy’s butt a slap. Soon enough I felt my orgasm approaching and told Billy but that just made him suck harder. I grunted and let go and Billy swallowed all I could give him, then after he let me go he started breathing heavily and kind of moaned really loud and shoved into daddy’s butt really hard and filled daddy’s butt with a big load of cum. After he finished and pulled out, daddy rolled over and started jacking off with Billy and I at his cock. When he finally came, Billy and I were lapping it up as fast as it shot out, I let Billy have more though. After we were done we talked a bit and daddy mentioned Billy’s comment about Steve earlier and Billy told us that he was Steve’s older brother. They had been playing since their mid teens. Steve told Billy about my birthday party and they made arrangements at work to make sure one if them was there each night in case. Billy had been hoping he would get the chance to meet us. Now he and Billy could come over together sometime. I bet if Billy told Steve about tonight, they would be having fun tonight. After a little more chat and getting to know Billy a little more, said he had to get going. When he got ready to leave, daddy and I both kissed him good night and asked him to say hello and give Steve a kiss from both of us. He agreed. We went to the bathroom to clean up and daddy used the hose and nozzle to clean his butt. We finished showering and dried off and climbed into bed. I still missed Wally’s presence after all time that had gone by since he was here, but I had daddy’s presence to make me feel secure. We cuddled with daddy spooning me and his big arm holding me close. We fell asleep looking forward to the barbecue tomorrow. 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