Subject: Daddy’s Nanny Cam – Chapter 1 Daddy’s Nanny Cam Nifty provides a vast resource of adult literature with thousands of stories to suit all tastes. Please consider making a donation no matter how small to keep this archive free. http://donate./ This story is a work of fiction, all characters have no bearing or resemblance to anyone living or dead. This story contains sexual situations and is intended for adults only, if you are below legal age or are offended by sexual acts between an adult and minor children or you are prohibited from reading such matter then please leave now. WICKR: mortdeamour Email: ail On previous stories the WICKR address was incorrect due to a typo. The above address is correct. Please accept my most humble apologies. Thanks for all the positive feedback on my other stories, I’ve had a lot of requests for a bit of a deeper back story on the characters. So with this new story it’s a `little’ more in-depth. Hopefully you’ll enjoy just as much as the others. M/b Incest Daddy’s Nanny Cam Chapter 1 I’m a pretty normal guy, actually I’m all probability you’d consider me a bit boring compared to most people. I work long hours and hard to provide for my family. I have to now it’s just the four of us, but these past few weeks everything has changed, in fact my whole perspective on life has changed. I was so worried, conflicted I guess that what we were doing was, or rather is wrong but now I’m starting to see so much good in it so I’m just go to go with it and see what happens. Let me explain, and to do that I need to start at the beginning. First let me introduce myself my names Matt, I’m a pretty tall guy, 6’5″ I’m in shape because of my job as a builder I weigh in around 200Ibs. I’ve got black hair and blue eyes, a well defined chest covered in this black hair which swirls around my nipples. I have to shave my neck line it’s so bushy or it sprouts over my shirts. My stomach is flat but no visible abs I haven’t got the time or commitment to do that, I’m a full time working father for Christ’s sake! My legs are thick like rugby players, I have good thighs and calves but that’s genetics not regular workouts but I do try and run a couple of times a week if I can. I’m told I’m pretty handsome but I just don’t see it. I’ve never seen myself as good looking, I guess I’m not that type of man. I was a late bloomer as my mother called it, I didn’t hit puberty till just before my fourteenth birthday. Until then I was average height, my eyes were quite piercing but apart from them I was as far as I was concerned forgettable, by sixteen I was nearly 6’1 had a new haircut and better clothes and then the girls all started noticing me. However all those years of self doubt and chronic shyness weren’t undone by a growth spurt, a different hairstyle a better wardrobe. I’d always been a bit of a loner but I did have a couple of good friends, and my brother these few people I truly trusted, they eventually managed to drag me out to the pubs and clubs. Women made passes at me, I did understand why but I began to take them up on the offers, and boy did I get laid. I got good in bed, I loved women and their bodies, I had a different woman every night I went out. By the time I was nineteen I was a serial philanderer but that all changed the night I met `her’. She was stood at the bar, and there was just something about her, I stopped talking to the woman who was giving me the come on, and just walked up to `her’ nervously. Stuttering I asked to buy her a drink, she was obviously aware of my reputation and said no. For three weeks I persisted and then she finally said yes, we went on a date and then, we just carried on dating, a year later we were engaged and a year after that we’re married. I never looked at another woman after that, just her, my wife, my love, my Darla. Kids came next, our eldest is Alex, he’s a fine boy he’s growing so fast now, all arms and legs, and clumsy with it. Brown hair and eyes, he’s a stunning kid, we were approached by an model agency a few years ago but we weren’t interested. We wanted our kids to have a childhood not working. If in a year or two he wants to do it that’s fine but for now I’d rather he be playing on his PlayStation than at a photo shoot. That world is hard and can be crushing especially as he’s sensitive, quiet and gentle but don’t let that fool you. No sir, he has a confidence that I never had, he knows what he wants and he’s determined to get it. He makes me so proud, he loves to read, play sports and although he was never effeminate we knew that he’d probably grow up gay. That didn’t bother us, both Darla and I had gay brothers. Her brother Max and my brother Teddy we’re good friends, they were the one to first point out that Alex was fascinated by men and their bodies. When he went swimming he’d stare at the men in the changing room, on the street, even our own brothers. He was always looking, almost waiting for his chance. Even as a little boy he loved to snuggle up to me when I was shirtless run his fingers through the soft curls on my chest or my legs. It wasn’t sexual well at least not for me, I guess not even for him as at that age he had no idea what sex was anyway. My Jamie came next, now he’s a handful and very precocious. He looks like his mother, a blue eyed blonde he’s short even for his age which irritates him. Again he has that same confidence that Alex has that’ll take him anywhere in life he wants to go. He’s mischievous, a real joker even I find it hard to stay mad at him when he’s been naughty, but he knows the limits and boundaries and doesn’t often push them. Finally we have Sebastian or Seb as we call him. Our miracle baby, he wasn’t planned but we were thrilled when we found out, his arrival was bitter sweet, and sadly the reason we’re on our own. Darla was four months pregnant when they found that the istanbul travesti lump in her breast was malignant, she declined an abortion and the treatment that’d save her life. By the time Seb was born she was riddled with cancer, just six months after giving birth to him she lost her fight and we were all alone. So we `men’ have battled on alone, Both Teddy and Max help out with looking after the boys who adore their uncles. They’re nurses and work twelve hour shifts, as I work days between the three of us the boys are well looked after. It was a Friday when things started to change, I always slept the sleep of the dead, I work hard and after the kids have gone to bed and a beer or two and I’m out like a light, sleeping soundly normally on the couch till I wake up and go upstairs to bed. Just lately though I’ve been waking up and I’ve clearly been having erotic dreams as I’m sometimes covered in cum. My dreams had been vivid but last night even more so. So tonight I kept off the beer so I wasn’t as deeply asleep as normal. I’d bathed the kids and they’d gone to bed an hour or so before, I’d had my shower and was just dozing on the sofa in my bathrobe, I had the Matrix on the T.V, it was probably the twentieth time or something I’ve seen it. I wasn’t deeply asleep but I wasn’t fully awake either but I was vaguely aware of hearing the door to the den opening, `Daddy, daddy?’ I heard him call but was unable to answer, it was almost like sleep paralysis. I felt a hand in the nape of my neck smoothing my chest hair, then it was gone so quickly I almost thought I’d dreamt it. Then there was tugging around my waste as the knot on my robe loosened and I felt the cooler air of the room spill over my body as my robe was opened. My chest hair was smoothed again fingers brushed over my nipples making them hard, I loved my nips played with. Darla would chew on them for me and it always got me hard. I felt the blood start to fill my cock, I felt him awake as the switch to my libido was turned on. I felt the shaft lifted and the foreskin pulled gently back and forth and I grew in that hand. Then there was warmth and wetness surrounding the purple mushroom head, the tongue flicked into my piss slit, I groaned, and it stopped, almost awaiting to see if I awoke, when I didn’t it started again. I felt my shaft squeezed and the tongue dived into that slit licking and I’m sure I heard a moan as he, it was definitely a he, was rewarded with drop of my precum. Again the knob was enveloped in warmth and wetness and I felt sucking on my hard shaft. I felt a hand working up and down my eight inch cock as it grew fully hard, I’ve always been a heavy precummer and no doubt I was producing copious amounts of it now. I felt the mouth travel down my shaft taking me further in his throat, but gagging and coughing as they took too much awoke me fully. All I saw was the soft hair in my crotch and the amazing feeling of having my cock sucked, for the first time in three years, I was laid there thinking who the hell I had picked up, when realisation dawned on me as the small hand came up and began tweak my nipple. His head turned to look up where his hand was now twisting my teat, his mouth opened as wide as it could get, to suckle, the knob and shaft were covered with saliva. His lips and tongue were working the head sending endorphins rushing from my brain to every sinew in my body. I raised my hands to his head and gripped him and forced him down on my hard shaft as I pushed up with my hips. His eyes opened wide in surprise from the sudden pressure on his head but he couldn’t move. I had his head held fast and my cock met the back of his throat, it found resistance, I shoved harder downwards and I was past it. Small hands gripped my thighs, pounding on them and muffled cries vibrated along my cock shaft. Still I pushed him down further, less than five seconds from gripping that tiny head my cock was buried in my sons throat. I let him slide up and as he came up he gasped for air, no sooner had his lungs filled than I had it buried in that warm throat. That’s it boy, you wanted that don’t you, how long before you realised I knew what was going on eh? Coming here every night sucking on your daddy’s big cock. Licking him getting him all wet and hard, making him cum, you been eating all, that daddy cum boy?’ I asked him. Of course the fucker couldn’t answer with a mouthful of daddy meat. `That’s it boy get me nice and wet.’ You’ve been raping your daddy every night so it’s only fare daddy takes something of yours. Tonight my boy I’m going to take your cherry.’ I used one hand to hold his head buried into my crotch his arms flailing had no effect whatsoever. With my other hand I reached over to the small lamp table, opened the drawer and took out a tube of lube. I let my boy off my shaft, he had big tears running down his face, and a snotty nose. His lips were the reddest of any rose now he was getting oxygen, they’d gone a bit blue while I was forcing my huge meat in to that small esophagus. `Bend over the sofa boy get on all fours,’ I said slapping his ass hard through his pj’s, it made a nice thwacking sound and must have left a nice pink hand print. He reluctantly moved in to the position, I got behind him and pulled his Mickey Mouse bottoms down, sure enough there were the welt’s from my fingers. I raised his arms and his top came off too `kneel on the sofa edge and bend over son’ I said and he did. I got on my own knees I lowered my head to his ass crack, I could feel the heat rising from it like waves from a fire. I tentatively spread his soft white mounds, there nestled deep within the valley of his ass was a virgin boy cunt. I leant closer I swiped my tongue over the puckered flesh, tasting it. So clean, there was some sweat and a slight gentle musk of a boy I suppose. I let my tongue dart in and out, tracing kadıköy travesti the puckered lines of flesh licking from outside to in, inside to out. Every so often I’d let it pierce the virgin ring then slide out and repeat the whole thing again. I flipped the lid of the lube and brought the tube up to his hole. I placed the end of the tube flat to his ring and squeezed a glob into his cunt, the cold gel made him shoot forwards but I pulled him back to all fours. I lubed my fingers up, and placed the tip of my index finger against his hole and pushed gently in to where no one has gone before. The flesh was hot as an oven, soft as satin and my finger slid easily up to the first then second knuckle, he took a sharp breath as I entered him but said nothing. I knew what I wanted so I again reached into the drawer and pulled out a small brown bottle. Using my thumb and index finger I spun the lid, it fell to the floor beside me, and I covered the open bottle with my thumb. Leaning closer I spoke softly in to my sons ear, `I’m going to place the bottle under your nostrils and when I say breathe, I want you to take a deep breath ok boy’ I felt his head nod in agreement. I put the bottle close and told him to breathe deep. He took a deep breath, `again’ I said and he did, I switched nostrils and we repeated it. I felt his ass relax around my finger, and I worked it in and out, five minutes later I got the whole thing in his tight boy cunt. But I needed it stretched wider if I was going to get my cock in that pussy. I repeatedly worked his cunt probing and pulling, I kept adding lube and he was loosening up slowly. He almost collapsed when I crooked my finger and found his boy button deep in his hole, I rubbed it over and over. I saw his little spike get hard and as I worked him, I wanked that little cocklett back and forth, funny, the only cock I’ve ever had in my hand is my own but my boy’s, that I knew instantly how to please. I made repeated passes over his button. Now that his prostate was awake for the first time in his life he was loving it. He moaned softly from the intense pleasures coming from his small boy cunt. I’d added another finger and now and after some more huffing on the poppers he was ready for three fingers. My cock was hard as iron and precum was drooling from my piss slit down the shaft making a sticky mess in my thick black pubic hair. It looked like a Christmas tree with angel hair all over it. I jabbed the fingers into his pussy and he cried out, `shut the fuck up boy, you make another sound and I’ll slap your ass till it’s raw, understand?’ I asked. `Yes daddy’ he said. I got my other hand in close and began working my middle and index fingers in together on both hands. So the little cunt had four fingers in, I watched as his ass spread, every so often getting him to huff on the poppers relaxing him. He was moaning and squirming as I worked on his cunt, his cocklett and his nipples too. Interceded with that he was breathing in the acrid aromas of the poppers, I spent over half an hour opening up his cunt wide. I lubed my meat up really well, I flipped him so he was on his back I lifted his legs and placed his ankles on my hairy shoulders. I placed my slick precummed lubed up purple knob against his little starfish. `You know what fucking is?’ I asked him. He nodded, I grinned at him, `good that makes it easier, because, my little my boy. I’m going to fuck you, hard.’ At that I pushed my hips forwards, I’d anticipated his moving so held his hips tightly. I felt the hole spread as it stretched to accommodate my girthy cock. He opened his mouth, `if you scream, I’ll slap your ass so hard.’ I told him, and he clamped him lips closed. I took his cherry with a deep groan and I started to work the first few inches in back and forth getting him used to the size going a little deeper. He was taking it like a champ, not a sound came out of his mouth, but I groaned as he took the first four inches. He was so fucking tight, the heat I was sure was cooking my cock, I’d never felt anything like this in my life it was truly amazing. Deeper I worked my daddy meat in to my boys pussy, that’s what I thought of it. It was a pussy, a young boys pussy yes, but all pussies need fucking and this little fucker had it coming, well, he’s going to get it it cumming deep in his cunt I thought. I added more lube to my shaft and pulled out and worked it over the rest of my cock, applying more to the inside of his now slightly dilated cunt. I again pressed into him and the head popped back in, I slid in to half way then pushed again and watched the remaining four inches work their way into his guts. I sighed as I hit bottom, I pulled out and began gently thrusting, `that good boy? You like sneaking up to daddy when he’s asleep and sucking jus cock, yeah you little slut. You never thought you’d get caught did you? Now boy I’ve taken your cherry and your ass is mine, mine for when ever I want to fuck it. Understand, boy?” I said `yes daddy. Was all he said. I slid back and started long dicking him, leaving the big mushroom head in then sliding in the whole of my shaft. He took it all deep into his bowels, he must’ve been enjoying it, I was probably hitting his prostate with every thrust as his little cocklett was hard. I took one hand from his hips got the lube and slicked it over my fingers, he was so small I only needed two of them as I worked his little spike, running my fingers over the glans and his piss slit. He groaned and sighed his hips pushing up trying to thrust, I gave him the opportunity. I stopped pounding his cunt and let him push up, his ankles pushed down on my shoulders as he raised his small white ass up to push his cocklett through the slick fingers. Then down he came, sliding all the way onto my shaft buried in his pussy. Up and down he worked it, I looked down at the bakırköy travesti sight of my big old eight inch cock going into his small ass. His anus stretched so tight the skin around the ring was white with a pink hue to it. Up and down he worked his hips picking up speed, till his breathing starts increasing. He was moaning now, his voice so high, the soft sighs and gasps coming from deep in his chest. I’m going to pee he said stopping. `No baby, keep going’ I told him it’ll feel so good, so fucking good you’ll want daddy to fuck you every night.’ I told him. He began working faster, his breath coming harder, his chest rising and falling as he sucked in huge gasps of air. I could feel my balls starting to boil as they hugged close to me I felt my own orgasam start to build. I clenched tight trying to hold it off, it never worked but just intensified the pleasure for me. `Arrghhhh’ He cried out in pleasure as his first ever boygasam took him over. I felt his asshole spasm and begin pulsing as he tried to shoot but all that happened was his piss slit opened and closed like a fish’s mouth out of water. trying to spray his seed which he was far to young to have. I lost it then and sunk deeply in him, his ass twitching around my meat, I pounded him two or three times and then roared my pleasure. Three years of denial, three years of just walking myself, three years of pent up lust shot into that tiny anus. I gave him every drop I had, I felt it blowback from his hole as I continued to pump into him. It was intense the head of my cock was encased in the softest silk of his cunt and it milked me dry. My own chest was heaving, my breath coming in deep gasps. I could swear that my heart was going to beat out of my chest it was beating so fast so hard. As I caught my breath I looked at my boy, my cock still hard in his boy pussy, he looked so sweet and innocent, but we both knew he wasn’t. I leant forwards and laid my lips against his, he kissed me back. I smiled as I kissed him, and slid my tongue into his mouth. His lips opened and our tongues met, saliva was being swapped as I explored his small mouth. I lifted him up and sat down, still buried to the root in his ass. His feet found the floor and he was squatting in my lap, `I want you to ride me boy’ I said to him. Slide up daddy’s big cock, and then sink it in to your pussy, okay?’ I asked him. He nodded, and said `yes daddy.’ I placed my hands under each of those small ass cheeks and helped him rise till just the head of my meat was in his cunt. Then I gripped him and pulled him and he sank down, tremors went through me so good we’re the sensations. I’ve fucked a lot of women, and I love their pussies, I’ve had hundreds over the years but nothing, not even Darla’s was this good. He rose up again and sank down. Again and again he worked his as and down my shaft, he found a slightly different angle and his face looked stunned as he was obviously hitting his button in his ass. His spike got hard and wiggled as he rode me. Up and down, the fucker was relentless drawing up so just my piss slit was in his cunt before plunging down. I leant back, my arms stretched out hands flat on the ground behind me supporting my torso, looking at my child, my boy ride me. My shaft looked obscenely big in his small body but he took me to the root, my hairy crotch covering his. His eyes were closed in concentration as he performed his new duty to perfection, he bit his lips from the pleasure his boy button in his ass was giving him with every pass over it. Up and down, slowly, quickly he changed the pace and drove me mad with lust and desire. I held his ass and pushed him up faster letting him fall down my shaft quicker, his hole working me over. I felt like I’d spontaneously combust as I reached the point where my cock exploded for the second time tonight. So good was that feeling as I leant forward hugging my boy, I noticed I had tears of joy on my face. I always loved him but this was another level. We held tight to each other I kissed him passionately and he kissed me back. `I love you to the mooon Jamie’ I said. `I love you to the stars and back daddy.’ He said hugging me tighter. As he snuggled into my chest I marvelled at his smooth white skin so soft and delicate, I was wondering if I could get it up again and go for a third time, when I realised he’d fallen asleep on my shoulder. I sighed as I stood up my cock slid from his cunt, I felt cum drip onto the floor and my foot as I made my way upstairs to take him to bed. I’d always thought Alex was the gay one, I had no idea Jamie had such tendencies. Tendencies that tonight were so intense I fucked him, TWICE! I shook my head. What the fuck had I been thinking, I’ve just molested my son and loved it and was even of thinking of fucking him a third time. I laid him in his bed I slipped a finger in to his cunt and even in his sleep he slid back on to it taking it to the knuckle. I sighed and took it out brought it to my mouth and licked it then pushed it in and sucked it clean, I pulled his Winnie the Pooh duvet over him and closed the door. I went back downstairs packed the lube and poppers away, wouldn’t do for anyone to find those on the floor, I gathered my robe and slipped it on. It was only ten thirty but I was beat, I needed my bed and was heading to the door when my phone pinged. `Who’s fucking text at this time of night’ I mumbled. I walked back into the room and picked up the phone from the lamp table, and opened WhatsApp. There was a message from my brother in law, I read it. I looked at the shelf beside the T.V, there was a white small oval box, a blue light flashed on and off, the fucking nanny cam, I’d completely forgotten about it. “Oh, fuck.’ I said collapsing on to the sofa. `Oh fuck, no, no.’ My heart was pounding, fear and adrenaline sped through me, the fight or flight response. I didn’t know what the fuck to do. My phone pinged again. I shakily brought the screen up. `Oh yes, Matt, oh yes indeed. We saw and heard everything. We need to talk.’ Signed Max & Teddy’ To be continued… Check out my other fty//gay/incest/nephew-plays-horsey/

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