Subject: Dad’s Too Hot Dad’s Too Hot By Clark Wayne [email protected] Please consider donating to to keep the stories fty/donate.html “Seriously, dude? You’re wearing my suit?” I said after I looked up from the book I was reading next to the pool. Christ, he has no shame. “No, I’m not. Your suit is blue,” he said with a cocky grin, pointing at my blue speedo I was wearing before slowly running his palm down his hard, flat stomach and over the tight spandex fabric of his red speedo. “Very funny, dude. You know I bought these in two different colors.” “Um, I think I bought them in two different colors, DUDE,” he mocked me. “Fuck. I knew wearing the same exact sizes was going to come back and bite me in the ass. This is going to screw with my wardrobe choices this week.” “OUR wardrobe, cowboy,” he corrected me again. “I spent $10,000 on OUR wardrobe just for this trip because you said since we wear the same sizes it would be like doubling our wardrobe, just pack everything and share. You left the suite while I was in the hotel gym. I didn’t know what you were going to wear to cruise the pool.” He smiled as he playfully snapped the waistband of the speedo. He does this all the time. We have the same build and wear the same sizes. The fact that he’s my dad is moot because he’s so fit and attractive he can pass as my older brother so therefore, he wears my clothes just as good, if not better than, I do. “Go change.” I demanded. “You go change,” he laughed. “The way I see it, all the clothes we brought are fair game. It’s not like there aren’t twenty different Speedos up there. Christ, they have their own suitcase. So, if you don’t like it, there are a ton more choices in the suite and every single one guaranteed to fit.” He was just trying to piss me off. He did that often. He liked to get me riled up. “We’re in Palm Springs to get laid, Dad,” I whined. “If you try to cock-block me again like you did last time, I will be seriously pissed off.” “Cock-block?” He thought for a second. “The confused Marine from that bar in San Diego? Are you still about that?” “You know I am.” “Chip, for the hundredth time, I didn’t cock-block you. He walked right up to us and said he wanted to ride my “daddy cock” as he put it. Who am I to deny a twenty-one-year-old, muscled-up Marine with the highest, tightest bubblebutt I’d seen in a while, a ride on my “daddy cock?” Dad laughed again, mainly because of the absurdity of a grown ass man calling it a “daddy cock.” “You were wearing my skinny jeans when you met him. Remember, I wanted to wear them so you hid them from me on purpose. And look what it got you: two nights of dumping load after load into an incredibly fucking hot, sexually confused Marine.” Dad laughs loudly. “Trust me, he ain’t confused anymore.” He winked. “Chip, I don’t feel bad for you. You spent those same two days boning two frat-boys you met at that same bar. AND then you showed up at the end and helped me spit-roast that tight jar-head pussy. That boy went back to the base a very happy bottom.” Dad smiled, his white teeth sparkling. “You’re worried your dad is going to pull in more ass than you this week?” He bounced his pecs up and down. I put my book down, grabbed my sunglasses and slid them on. “You know, I think I liked you better when you were always quiet, aloof and on the DL.” He laughed and stepped into the pool. “Don’t worry kid. You’ve got my genes. You’ll be pulling in hot ass until your 80. Speaking of ass. Any potential prey?” He asked as he scanned the pool deck. I rolled my eyes and nodded to a couple of guys at the far end of the pool. Mid-twenties, jock-built, cute as hell. Each one sporting a nice tight box-cut speedo. I had been exchanging eye contact with them since I arrived at the pool ten minutes ago. It was a done deal but like always, when they saw my dad, the interest was peaked ten-fold which meant the time line for getting them on their backs and on to our dicks was just cut in half. Dad saw the couple I nodded to. “That’s my boy. Chip off the old block.” I rolled my eyes and watched as he slowly sank down the steps into the pool and casually swam towards the hot muscle-boys. That cocky fucker. He was right. He might wear them better. _____________________________________________________________ Having an extremely hot dad can be really great and really bad. Sure it’s great to see all the heads turn when we’re out and about. But then it sucks when all the attention is on him and not me. I mean, who am I? I look just like him for fuck-sake. We have the same brown hair, same piercing blue eyes, same insane muscled bodies. The fact that he looked more like an older brother than my dad was beside the point. Sure, he’s a little bigger but come on, I’m no slouch. Every dude and every chic I’ve dated loses their mind when they meet him. It doesn’t help that he’s bisexual like me and a huge flirt with all the people I’ve dated. I swear they date me just to be around him. It’s the way he carries himself. Very confident. Very masculine. Very intimidating. How do I know he’s bi? I know he’s bisexual because I walked in on him nailing my best friend one afternoon when he thought I was at school and he did it on MY bed. I didn’t even know my buddy was into dudes. But there he was, on his back, legs spread like a whore, taking my dad’s hard fuck like a pro. I was pissed and turned on all the same time. My dad, quiet, brooding, always the epitome of masculinity, actually going to town on dudes. I was so shocked but I was also relieved. I had never told dad I was into dudes too. It was easy to get away with. He was always working long hours, business trips, kind of kept to himself but not too much that he wasn’t a great dad. He is very supportive and encouraging in everything I do. He coached my summer baseball games. He trained me to excel in football. He was proud when I got into his alma mater and joined his old frat. But him being away for work all the time gave me plenty of room and time to fuck around with other guys. Coming home unannounced from college to do some laundry and finding my dad balls deep in my best friend on MY bed was the open door I needed to finally be honest with him. I couldn’t look away, couldn’t stop staring. My dad was on his knees, holding up my best friend’s legs and rutting into him fast and hard. My buddy was grunting so loud it’s no wonder they didn’t hear me walk in. Dad’s muscles were tensed and flexing, his amazing looking ass, plump dimpled cheeks, flexing in and out with every thrust into the waiting hole. My buddy’s tan muscular legs, toes pointed, straining, every muscle fiber in his legs were visible. His handsome face looking up at my dad, focused on his eyes and grunting deep breathy grunts. My buddy’s normally manly deep voice was dripping with fuck talk for my dad’s cock. “Yeah, Mr. Andrews, fuck me, fuck me, uh, uh, uh, fuck me! Fuck me!” My dad sweating, panting, holding up the two muscular legs of the gorgeous athlete under him. “Fuck yeah. Take my fuck. Take my fuck.” “Get it! Get it!” the athlete growled as he tensed up and cum shot out of his hard cock and squirted up onto his own face. Dad let loose a volley of his own jizz deep within the recesses of my best friend’s exquisite jock ass. I think my buddy was more upset than my dad when he looked over to see me standing there in the doorway, me looking like a dumbass, with my mouth open, eyes wide and my body frozen to the spot. He pushed my dad off, quickly rolled off the bed and furiously looking for his pants. My dad was surprised but not embarrassed, more like amused. From the smirk on his face, then looking down and shaking his head, he was just amused because he got caught, as if he knew eventually he would. My buddy, Devon, put on his pants, grabbed his shoes and scurried past me, head down, using his t-shirt to wipe off the thick cum smeared across his face, muttering to himself, “fuck, fuck, fuck,” out the door, down the stairs and left. “Hi?” I said to him as he wizzed by. Dad stood up, then bent down and pulled on his gym shorts, still smirking. His body was flushed and sweaty, his dick still hard. “I take it you didn’t make it to Crossfit today.” I said sarcastically, looking down, running my hand though my hair and down to the back of my neck. I couldn’t look him in the eye. I didn’t how to react. So Awkward. Dad slid on his t-shirt, one that was at least a size to small. “No, I didn’t. As you can see I was…detained.” He chuckled then stopped when he saw my serious expression. “I don’t… I didn’t know…” I stammered. “No, no one does,” he interrupted. “Well except for…” He pointed behind him with his thumb toward the door Devon just slammed. “DAD, my best friend? I didn’t even know he was gay.” “Well, in his defense he says he’s not,” he replied smugly. “Yeah?” I said in a no shit? tone. “I think he needs to rethink his preference.” Dad smirked. “He sounded like he was enjoying it a little too much.” I said under my breath. I grew quiet and paced. I stopped after a few seconds of silence and turned to him. “You know he’s got a fucking girlfriend?” “Uh, duh, we all do.” He said smug. He was not taking this seriously at all. I really wanted to smack the smug off his fucking handsome face. Dad sat down on the bed, facing me. “Look, I’m sorry, Jake. It just happened and I didn’t think you would care.” “Wait, why not?” Dad took a deep sigh and leaned back, putting his hands back behind him on the bed, his muscled arms supporting him as he gave me a half smile. “Jake.” He paused as if I was supposed to know what he was thinking. But I didn’t. “What?” I asked, confused. “Come on. You know.” Know what? I looked at him confused. He rolled his eyes. He leaned forward and folded his arms against his massive chest. His t-shirt was stretched and straining to contain his shoulders and lats. “Jake, I’m not stupid. You don’t think I know you’re bi?” “Huh? What? What are you…” “Stop.” He interrupted, “It’s ok, Chip. You can be honest with me.” Chip being his nickname for me. I was so much like him that he used to say I was a “chip off the old block.” I took in izmit escort a deep breath, collected the air in my cheeks and blew out hard as if defeated. I shrugged my shoulders, the cat was out of the bag. “Ok. I admit it.” Then turning sarcastic, “I like dick. There, now you know.” “Jake, you just caught your dad boning your best bud. I think I’m ok with your liking dick.” I walked over to the bed and bounced down beside him. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a pat. “You wanna talk about all this?” I turned and looked at him. Damn, the fucker was so handsome. I just can’t stay mad at him. “I’m still in shock.” “It’s cool. When you’re ready.” He started to get up. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back down. “How long?” “How long what?” “How long have you been fucking my best friend?” He stared at me for a few seconds, took a breath, “Awhile.” “Awhile? What the fuck is `awhile’?” “Geez Jake, what makes the difference?” “How long?” I asked again, a little upset. He paused. “Two years.” “What? Two years? I’ve only known him for two years.” “When I helped you move into the frat, he was there moving in as well. There was an instant connection. We both knew what we wanted. I slipped him my card, he called immediately after I left you. Later that night, when I said I was going back to the hotel to turn in early, I met him for coffee and the next thing I know I was fucking him in the back seat of the Navigator. Didn’t even make it back to the hotel!” he laughed. He put his hand up to high-five me. “Dad. No.” I looked at him, irritated. I still wanted to punch him. “So you met him on day one and you’ve been boning him ever since?” “Yep. A few times a week.” We sat there in silence for what seemed like five minutes but it was only seconds. “Ok, ok. I get it.” I had to admit I was a little envious. “I guess I’m one to talk. I sneak around too. It’s just that, damn, he is really good at covering his tracks. I didn’t suspect anything. He’s always with some girl.” “Well, now wait. Most of the time he WAS on a date like he said. He usually came over to my place before or after his date to get fucked. So, he wasn’t lying exactly, he was just withholding information.” “Information? I think meeting your best friend’s dad for sex is a little more important than just casual information. Hell, is he even friends with me for real or because you’re my dad?” “No, Jake. It’s not like that. Don’t be mad at him. He’s having a very hard time with all this. It’s stressful for him to sneak around and pretend he likes girls. Chip, he thinks the world of you. He feels guilty every time we fuck. He hates lying and sneaking around and he doesn’t want to lose you as a friend. He talks about you all the time, which makes it weird when the guy you’re fucking keeps talking about your son.” “Does he talk about me while you’re boning or something?” I asked sarcastically. Dad laughed, “Well, technically, no.” My face went slack. “Technically? What the fuck does that mean?” “The kid has daddy issues.” “Ok. I mean, yeah, he doesn’t speak to his dad. His dad left them when he was a kid.” “Daddy issues can affect a kid in different ways. Sometimes a kid lashes out violently, some kids overachieve, some underachieve but then there are kids who try to find a father-figure. He found me and the fact that I’m bi and he’s confused, although I could tell this wasn’t his first rodeo, it was a perfect scenario for both of us. He got a hot daddy,” he winked, “and I got a hot muscle-boy who loves to take my cock.” Jake still couldn’t believe his dad was talking about this so nonchalantly. “So what does this all have to do with me?” “I don’t want you to get freaked out.” “I won’t.” “Ok. He likes me to call him Jake.” What? Jake is my real name. Only dad calls me Chip. “Huh?” “We pretend he is you when we fuck.” “Ok, that IS freaky.” I was starting to feel a little uneasy. I didn’t know if I was turned on or freaked out. “Yeah, but not for him. He likes the close relationship you and I have. He envies you for having a dad that cares and is present in your life. So, it makes sense that he wants to BE you.” I started to laugh a little. Thinking back on all those times he would come back to the frat, exhausted and looking fucked out. He would even tell me stories of the fantastic sex he was having with his girl. Then I started to put it all together. “So do you think he is in love with you?” “Oh, I know he is.” What a cocky son-of-a-bitch. “Oh well of course he is.” I repeated very sarcastically. “What?” He threw up his hands. “I can’t help all these young guys think I’m a DILF.” “Dad, you’re leading him on just for sex? Or do you love him too?” “Love him? God, no. He’s just a great piece of ass, Chip. A really, really great piece of ass.” He grinned, holding back the urge to high-five. I looked at him sideways, deep in thought. A lightbulb went off in my head. “Wait, tell me this. He went away for spring break without me because he said he was spending it with family. You were gone that same week on business because you let me have the house that week. Was he with you?” “Yeah. I sort of took him to Vegas,” he replied sheepishly. I laughed out loud. “That mother fucker!” My father started laughing too. I became quiet and my look was mischievous, “I gotta ask. If this is too weird you don’t have to answer. What did you guys do? Is he just a little bitch in bed? I bet he is.” I was laughing so hard as I said it, it was almost unintelligible. Dad had a devious smile. “Such a bitch,” he grinned. I knew it! I laughed and I couldn’t help to fist bump him when he offered. “Chip, that kid loves to get fucked. After taking it in the ass for two years, he’s a pro. I can go as hard as I want now. We were in the hotel room for five seconds and he’s already bent over the bed and ready to get fucked. When I first met him he was so scared like a little kid. He was so nervous and thought he wasn’t a real man anymore because another dude was unloading inside his ass. Two years later and he can’t get enough. Still a masculine, cocky SOB but not when he’s getting railed.” “Damn. I would have never known.” “You see the way he’s built. He’s 210 pounds of solid muscle. You’ve seen that meaty butt. He actually brags to me and tells me he’s built to be fucked. Sorry, you tell me that and I’m taking full advantage and fucking you hard. He loves doing it with a bunch of guys at the same time, older guys, so I guess I’m the lucky one.” “Wait, what?” Dad chuckled. “Oh yeah. He sees a hot older guy and I swear you see his hormones raging. He takes every single dude like a pro.” “You’ve watch,” I stated, hard as a rock in my pants. “Chip, a week in Vegas and a lot can happen. All he wanted to do was get fucked. We met up with some guys at a club and went back to the room and that little bitch was in hog heaven. Give him a sniff of poppers and man, you ain’t seen anything until you’ve seen that gorgeous boy getting spit-roasted. He loves it. He took at least six loads that night.” This was surreal. Talking to my dad about sex with dudes. It’s just something I never fathomed would happen. “What about you, Chip? If you’re anything like me, I know you’re getting tail.” I chuckled, “So weird, you calling me Chip while we’re talking about fucking dudes.” “Well I’ve been calling you that since you were five. It’s natural.” “Yeah, whatever. I mess around. I’ve got a few fuck buddies. It depends on what I want that night. Sometimes I’ll take a girl home and fuck her, sometimes I’ll hook up with a dude and bang him. It’s just depends.” “You like older or younger?” “Doesn’t matter. They just have to be hot. They have to be masculine and jacked. Muscle is a must. I meet most guys at the gym. That way we both know what we’re getting.” “Yeah me too. I prefer younger although I have been with older guys my age. The gym and Crossfit are my hunting grounds” “Wait, we go to the same gym.” “Yeah? So?” “SO, if you’re fucking guys from the gym and I’VE been fucking guys from the same gym then that means we’ve been fucking the same guys.” He looked up at the ceiling, laughed once and shrugged. “Huh. I guess we have.” “And you don’t find that…weird?” “What I find weird is that the dudes we’ve been fucking haven’t said anything about getting boned by father and son. I don’t know if I would have been able to keep that secret.” He was serious. “Who are they going to tell? Most dudes I’m boning are married.” “Yeah, some I hook up with are too.” “Oh man. No wonder we’ve not heard about each other. They can’t say anything if they are closeted. Plus, they probably assume we didn’t know about the other or they didn’t know we were related. I usually go at a different time of the day than you do.” Dad started giggling to himself. “Dennis Moore.” I looked at him. I smiled. “Yeah, I’ve done Dennis Moore.” “What about Smith Stevens?” “Dude, I did him yesterday. Shay Ruggles?” “Oh man, that kid is a fucking power bottom.” “Fuck yeah he is.” “Ok, I got one for you. Bet you’ve never done Sean Maddox.” “Does his twin brother, Braden count?” Dad laughed. “Yeah, Chip. That counts.” Dad and I were really bonding. I’ve never actually heard him talk so much at one time. He’s just a quiet, reserved guy. It was really awesome to talk so openly for once. I stare at the ceiling as I lay back flat on the bed. “I fucking love a nice muscled ass. A nice, round, bubble butt.” Dad lay back too and put his hands behind his head. “I love a nice ass too. Nice legs and ass almost make up for an average face.” “Right? You get a lot of ass, don’t you? You have to. You do look incredible and you’re only 40. You know people always think you’re my older brother?” “Well I have to say, keeping it tight has done wonders for my sex life.” He paused again. “Yeah.” He thought. “Yeah I DO get a lot of ass.” He giggled. “Is that why you and mom got divorced?” “Not entirely but it was part of it. She knew I was bi, but she thought it was just thoughts, not actions. I started fucking guys in college before I met her.” “Like father, like son.” “Well look at us. We were blessed with yahya kaptan escort good genetics. Plus, it’s hot to me that people think we are brothers. You know how easy it is to get laid when they find out two guys are related?” “I never thought of it.” “There are a set of twins in Boston, rowers at Harvard. I met them on a business trip. We hook up every time I’m in town. They love to 3-way with each other. I saw them one day when I was out running. They liked my running tights.” Dad winked at me. “I spent two days fucking the shit out of them. They told me they can basically get who they want. They’re fucking beautiful and they know it. It’s amazing how many guys go nuts for incest.” Both of us were rock hard. I could see that we both matched up on dick size. We both started to rub our dicks through the fabric of our shorts. “You top or bottom?” He asked, still looking up. “Top. I tried bottom once. I’d rather top. I like being in control.” “Damn, you are a chip off the old block.” He laughed. “I tried to bottom once too. I didn’t like it either. Felt too much like a girl. I like fucking a hot dude and if he feels like a girl, I don’t give a shit. That’s his problem. All I know is, he can’t get pregnant.” We both laughed. “Father and son, both tops. What are the odds?” I said joking. Dad was quiet as if contemplating. “Chip?” “Yeah, dad?” We were still looking up at the ceiling, on our backs, each with one hand rubbing our cocks. “You know what would be hot?” “What?” “You and me. Take a trip to Palm Springs.” “Yeah? Why is that hot?” “Think about it. You and me, walking into a gym or a club, we could have anyone we wanted. We would be drowning in cum.” “Well, yeah, I guess.” I think I knew where he was going with this. “When we were talking about what was weird about you and I fucking the same dudes from the gym, what I didn’t say was it’s weird that we hadn’t fucked one of the guys together.” I thought about it for a second. All I could think about was how incredibly hot that would be. I’ve always thought my dad was the most handsome, most beautiful man in the world. Seeing him fuck another guy would be amazing. “Dad, I think that would be the most amazing trip ever.” He smiled. “Sweet. I’ll make the reservations. I know a good gay resort.” “Damn, dad. You get around.” I playfully punched him. “Son, when I travel, I’m a huge slut.” He said as he turned his head and looked at me, smiling. “Apparently.” “If we go,” he looked me straight in the eye, very serious eye contact, in a very sexy low voice, “are you going to slut out with me, Chip?” “Oh I think I can do that for you, Dad” Once again we fist bumped. “Is this going to be weird between us? I mean we’re basically talking about tag teaming dudes together. Is that weird?” “Only as weird as YOU make it. I just see it as two very hot guys using our talents to find and fuck some dudes. It doesn’t have to get weird. Tell you what, let’s make a pact. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do and you tell me the minute you are uncomfortable.” “Deal.” We shook hands. “I have to say, you are very nonchalant about this whole “seeing your son fuck another dude” thing.” “Chip, I think we’re past the point of just playing the father, son roles. You’re a grown ass man. I’m a grown ass man. The game has changed. You know about me and I know about you. You just watched me fuck the hell out of Devon. I think I’m ok with watching you fuck the hell out of another dude and not worrying about ruining our relationship. Yeah, I’m your dad but now I’m your wingman.” He winked at me and then grabbed my bicep and squeezed it playfully. “Although, I would be lying if didn’t say I think you are the most beautiful kid I know. So proud of you, son. You’ve grown into a very hot man. You’ve been the best son a dad could want.” “Dad, no one holds a candle to you. It’s cool having a dad like you. You’re amazingly good looking. Your body is crazy hot. And then…I…” “What?” He asked. I was quiet, thinking. He broke the silence. “And then?” I let out a deep sigh. “Fuck. I don’t think I should say anything. It’ll just make things awkward.” “No, it won’t. Chip, awkward should be talking with my son about the guys I’ve fucked but so far, no awkwardness.” He said as he put his hand on my hand and squeezed. Damn, he called me Chip, while holding my hand, while talking about sex. I looked over at him. “Really? Promise you won’t get, you know, weirded out?” “I swear.” He said as he squeezed my hand tighter. “I love you. Nothing you could say to me would “weird me out.” Now, stop being a little pussy and tell me!” he growled. “Ok. Seeing you fuck Devon, well, if I’m being honest, it made me a little jealous.” I said quietly as my eyes diverted to the ceiling. “Yeah?” He almost whispered. “Why is that?” He asked as he squeezed my hand a little harder. All a sudden a jolt of electricity shot throw my arm. His warm hand made me feel safe and protected. “Dunno.” I paused. “Yeah, you do.” He said quietly. “I guess since we are sharing AND planning what amounts to a fuck-trip together… I, uh… I, uh, kind of wanted to be Devon when I saw you two. That confused me since I don’t really like to bottom. Seeing you guys kiss almost made me shoot.” He turned onto his side. His other hand came up to my chest and stroked it. He took my chin in his same hand and turned my head to his. “Since we’re sharing, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with you. It’s why I fuck guys like Devon, it’s as close to fucking you as I could get.” I stared into his eyes. He smiled. He pulled my lips to his and we kissed. It was a long, drawn out, sensual kiss. His tongue in my mouth felt amazing. We kissed as we both ran our hands along each other’s musculature. After a few minutes, we parted lips and returned to laying side by side. We continued to hold hands while we quietly laughed. Did I just make out with my dad? I started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” “That may BE as close as you get. I told you I don’t bottom.” “You also said you were confused. Face it, “being Devon” means you wanted what he was getting. What he was getting was a good hard fuck from yours truly.” I lay there quietly, mulling over what dad just said. Did I want dad to fuck me? Did I want to be like Devon, getting fucked like a whore, begging for my dad’s cock like some drunk sorority girl? We both lay quiet until dad decided to break the silence. “So I take it you’re not mad anymore about me fucking Devon?” “Nah. Who am I kidding. If the tables were turned and he was your best friend, I would have fucked him too.” “Good, because I’ve been nailing a couple of your other friends.” I sat up. I mock punched him in the arm. “Dude? Really? You’re a fucking slut!” “Hey! Watch who you’re calling a slut! I’m still your dad. Show some respect. Correction: I’m a HUGE fucking slut!” We both laughed uncontrollably. “I can’t help it if I’m such a stud. They threw themselves at me like little girls at a Bieber concert.” I rolled my eyes again. “When did you start fucking my friends?” “When you were about 16.” “16!? Who the hell were you fucking when I was 16?” “Sure you wanna know?” “Yeah I wanna fucking know!” “Taylor, Joey and Nick.” He said as he counted off three fingers. I was shocked again. “Oh my god. You fucked them?” “Yeah.” Dad replied nonchalantly. “So you used me to hook up with my friends?” I laughed. “No, I didn’t use you. They just happened to come around the house a lot…when you weren’t here.” He mumbled. “Besides, you brought them here all the time. Those horny little fuckers kept staring at me. They kept flaunting themselves when you weren’t looking. They were always complimenting me on my body and my clothes. It wasn’t premeditated.” “How…” “They were so cute.” He said, interrupting me. Giddy as little kid on Christmas morning. “Sometimes one would show up out of the blue. We’d go upstairs and fuck on your bed. Not my idea, they all wanted to. Sometimes we just fucked on the couch if it was a quickie. Joey and Nick knew about the other. Taylor didn’t.” “How did they know about each other?” “Oh, because I fucked them both at the same time. Yeah, they would lay side by side and make out while I alternated between them.” Damn he was so casual, telling me how easy it was to fuck my buddies. “What, did they both just come out and say, “Hey, Mr. Andrews, would you mind fucking the shit out of us?” “Umm, no.” He said sarcastically. “They came over under the pretense of swimming in the pool to cool off after wrestling practice, knowing I was home alone and you were at Lacrosse or Baseball practice. They just showed up one day and asked if they could swim. I, of course, said yes. They went out to the pool and I didn’t think anything of it. I went out about 20 minutes later to see if they wanted anything to drink. Both boys were wearing the tightest little speedos, had to be two sizes too small, I swear.” I looked at him with doubt in my eyes. “Wait. Nick and Joey? Both over six feet tall, built like brick walls, my Nick and Joey, two of the best wrestlers in the district, two of the biggest pussy hounds I know AND the two most homophobic guys I know, were wearing speedos?” “Oh yeah they were.” He said with an evil grin. “And can I just tell you, they were rocking those things. Two tall, strapping, pumped up muscle boys, ripped to hell, sporting little spandex briefs…I got hard immediately and they saw it. The guys you know as two homophobic pussy hound jocks are really two really slutty, muscle bottomboys.” “How the fuck did I not know?” Dad lightly punched me in the shoulder. “Hello? How the fuck didn’t they know about you? I’m sure you weren’t exactly a choir boy at sixteen. You were all really good at keeping secrets. It’s not too hard to believe.” “I feel like an idiot. Three of my best friends were getting boned by my dad? And I didn’t even suspect? What am I saying? Of course I didn’t suspect. I didn’t even suspect anything about you! How would I know anything was going on at all?” “And they were both experienced in what they were gebze escort trying to do. It wasn’t their first time. For sixteen year olds, they knew what they were doing.” “I wonder how they knew? I was fucking around too but not on that level.” “Honestly, I’m not stupid. I knew what was going on. I just didn’t expect it from them. You were always bringing hot guys around. You have no idea how many times I had to go into the bathroom and jack off when your buddies were here.” I laughed. “That is hilarious! Here you are trying to hold your shit together while me and buddies were hanging out, shirtless, playing grab-ass, swimming naked.” “I’m pretty sure some of my friends had your little dick hard!” “Oh no, don’t change the subject. I want more details.” “What else is there to say? I fucked them.” “You just “fucked them?” I said flippantly. “How does an older man go about just casually fucking two sixteen-year-old friends of his son?” “Ah, have you seen me?” I rolled my eyes again. “Ok, conceited. Enough with how hot you are.” He continued. “I knew what was going on. Two muscle-boys in speedos spreading suntan lotion on each other’s bodies, slowly and sensually? It was like being at a pool at a gay hotel. Come on, they wanted it. I walked over to them to ask if they wanted anything to drink. They both lay down on the loungers and purposely flexed their abs for me as they said, “sure.” So what is a self-respecting bisexual muscle-loving dad supposed to do? I went into the house and put on the sexiest speedo I had hidden for when I take trips to Palm Springs or Mexico. I slicked my hair back, put on some sunglasses, grabbed a couple of sodas and came back out to the pool. You should have seen their faces when they saw me walking towards them. It helped that I had just got home from the gym before they dropped by. I was pumped. “Thought I would join you guys.” I handed them their sodas, took off my sunglasses and handed them to Nick. Then I slowly entered the pool and slowly sank down into the water. I swam a lap under water and then came up, slicked my hair back again and then slowly rose out of the pool. I was wet, tan and sexy as fuck. Water dripping from my hard muscles. I handed a bottle of sun tan lotion to Joey and asked if he could get my back. He jumped at the chance and his big hands felt up every inch of the back of my body. `Damn, Mr. Andrews.” Joey said as he was massaging my hamstrings. “You’re not like any other dad I know.” “Yeah. My dad hasn’t worked out in years.” Said Nick from his lounger, watching his buddy feeling me up. “Thanks guys. I feel it sets a good example for Jake if I keep it tight, ya know?” I said as I flexed my back muscles and squeezed my glutes in the tight speedos. Nick commented very quietly, “You’re definitely keeping it tight, dude. Definitely.” “No shit.” Joey said as he ran his hands up and down my back and then down to my ass. He massaged my ass through the spandex. “Really tight.” I turned around and I rubbed lotion all over my abs and pecs. Joey sat down on the end of Nick’s lounger, both watching me intently, their dicks were hard. I held out my hand to Joey. He looked at it for a second and then realized what I was non-verbally telling him I wanted. He suddenly jerked around to the side table and handed me my sunglasses. I put them on and stood looking down at the two studs looking up at me. I crossed my big arms over my pumped up pecs and took a wide Superman stance, flexing my legs and abs. It was clear I was in charge. “What about you guys? Keeping it…tight?” Nick sat up and leaned forward wrapping his arms around his knees. His floppy, wavy brown hair swept over his forehead. “Oh yes Sir. We both keep it…TIGHT.” “Good to hear, boys. Keeping everything tight is very important. You’ll find it makes things more…interesting when you keep everything nice and tight.” My cock was growing in my speedo. This banter was getting very hot. Joey licked his lips. His black hair messy in the breeze. “Sir, sometimes keeping it tight is painful. It takes a lot of work and dedication. But you are an inspiration to guys like us who appreciate an older man such as yourself who knows how to take care of himself.” Nick sat up on his knees and started to massage Joey’s shoulders. “Remember Joey, it’s always tough at the start but then if you know what you’re doing, the rewards are worth all the pain. Then the pain goes away and it’s just pleasure until the end.” “Do YOU know what you’re doing, Mr. Andrews?” Joey asked as he tilted his head up, reached back and grabbed the back of Nick’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss. My cock was rock hard. My speedo couldn’t contain it. “Trust me. I know what I’m doing.” I stepped closer to the boys as they kissed. These two, hot, tan, muscular boys, square jaws, all American looks, muscle for days, tiny waists, cut abs, making out with each other. I thought I would cum right there on the spot. They stopped kissing. Nick looked up at me. “Good. We like to show men like you how guys like us keep it tight.” Joey reached forward and took hold of my cock through the speedo and rubbed and squeezed it. The time for playful banter was over. It was time to give them what they wanted. I knew that this was going to be good for all three of us if we established ground rules. I wanted to make it clear that if we do this, these boys were mine. They were here for my pleasure. They are playing with the big boys now and they had to know their place. If these two studs who could easily take control and top the fuck out of a dude wanted to turn tail and take cock in those fucking amazing, beautiful butts then I was the one to give it to them. It was obvious they had daddy-issues. I just couldn’t believe these two guys, who I have known since they were five years old, wanted to be bottoms and fucking slutty ones at that. Where they learned to be this slutty and this loose, I had no idea. I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. I took Joey’s hand and pushed it away. “Alright, you two. Before I take you both upstairs and fuck the holy hell out of your tight little, jock holes, we need to get some things straight. No pun intended. You two made it very obvious that you are little bitches. So that’s how you’ll be treated.” Joey and Nick both stood up quickly. Nick threw his arm around his buddy and pulled him close. Two beefy guys holding each other close and still making it look masculine. “Yes!” Nick yelled while pumping his fist. “I told you, dude. I knew we could get him to fuck us! Mr. A, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to get in your pants for a while now.” “Yeah, man. Oh shit. This is really happening, bro! Jake’s fucking hot dad is gonna fuck the shit out of us!” “Fuck yeah, bro. His bitches. God, I can’t wait to see him fuck you, dude. You know how I love to watch you get nailed.” “You know it, babe.” Joey looked at me. “I fucking want you to rail on my hole until I can’t walk.” Holy shit, this boy is saying all the right things. “I want you to get me fucking pregnant, Mr. A. I just want to be your bitch. Fuck me like you used to fuck Jake’s mom. I wanna be your fuckboy.” Joes said as he fist-bumped his best friend and fuck buddy. It was humorous to witness these two handsome, built studs whom you would assume would be having this much enthusiasm about fucking two girls are actually talking about bitching out for me, their best friend’s dad. I held up a hand. “Wait. I said BEFORE I fuck you there are some things to discuss. First, We DO NOT tell Jake. I’m assuming he doesn’t know about you two and I am sure as fuck that he doesn’t know about me. Got it?” “Yes, Sir.” They both said in unison. “Second, both of you are sixteen, right?” “Yes, Sir.” “Good to know I’m not going to jail. Third, if today is any indication, this is going to be happening often from now on. The way you sluts tried to work me tells me you two aren’t going to stop asking for my cock up your asses. So, you guys need to text me before you want to come over to make sure I’m home and alone. You can’t just show up like you did today expecting me to fuck you if Jake happens to be home or going to be home later. Got it?” “Yes, Sir” “Forth, If I text you, you better drop what you’re doing, clean yourselves out, your bodies shaved smooth and get your asses over here ASAP and be ready to get pounded. If I text one of you and not the other, don’t get butt-hurt, again, no pun intended. It just means I am only in the mood for one of you. 99.9% of the time it will be both of you. “Yes, Sir” These boys were out of their minds horny. “Fifth, you will do as I say at all times. You will not disobey any order I give you, no matter what the demand is. Got it?” “Wait, what?” Nick asked all a sudden concerned. “I said, GOT IT?” Joey shoved Nick. “Dude?!” Nick caved. “Yes, Sir.” The both said. “Sixth, I’m fucking you because of the way you look and act. I’m not going to be your boyfriend. I’m fucking you because you’re both extremely fucking hot. So, if you don’t stay in prime condition, if you don’t keep your bodyfat under 10%, if you start acting like a fucking queen, you’re done. I’m fucking two men not two little girls.” “Ok.” “Lastly, I hate condoms.” The both looked at each other, wide eyed. They smiled at each other. “Us, too.” “Good. I would have fucked you without one whether you liked them or not. I don’t know how you two became such cock sluts and for now I don’t care. You have 10 seconds to get the fuck upstairs, get naked and on my bed. You’re both getting destroyed. I sat there dumbfounded and then had another epiphany. “Taylor, that son of a bitch.” “Why do you say that?” “I knew he had a fucking thing for you. He couldn’t stop talking about you all through high school.” Dad laughed. “I knew he wasn’t cherry! He was way too into it for a football player who said he never had done anything with a guy before. That little cock-hound.” “And then there’s Devon. I’m going to have to text him and meet up with him later.” “Hey, Chip?” Now it was just hot when he called me Chip. “Invite him over. Let’s have a practice run with our jock-slut before we go to Palm Springs. That little bitch will come running.” “Whore! This is going to be fun. Let’s fuck with his head first and then fuck his ass,” I said in a dastardly tone. I texted Devon and within seconds he texted back. He was on his ail

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