Danger Ch. 10


Danger was at a party hosted by his friend Todd on Christmas night. The booze was free and flowing freely. Danger scanned the room looking for a girl to take upstairs. There was a circle of five girls standing next to the bar all drinking and giggling and talking. They were all about six feet tall and gorgeous with long hair and voluptuous bodies. He didn’t think he could break them apart from each other so he kept looking. He made his was into the living room and found his target.

She was sitting on the couch leaning over the arm and onto a traffic pylon that had somehow made its way from the street outside. She had long dark brown hair and was wearing a blue silk blouse which had a couple of buttons undone displaying the top of one of the cups of her white bra which was holding back a set of large, firm tits. A tight mini-skirt covered the tops of her smooth white legs. She looked up at Danger as moved to sit beside her and he noticed she had the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen set in one of the cutest faces he had ever seen. Her nose was slightly longer than normal but was still pert and her lips were full and pouty.

“You look like you need a drink,” Danger announced as he sat next to her.

“Do I ever,” she replied, “Thanks!” She took the glass and swallowed a mouthful before continuing, “How are you enjoying the party?”

“Good music, beautiful women, and free booze. I don’t think it can get much better. My name’s Danger by the way.”

After another mouthful of her drink she said, “Nice to meet you, my name is Chloe. I’m here with my friend Terri but I haven’t seen her in a while. She’s probably gone upstairs with that guy she was talking to earlier. She always seems to get the guys while they usually just ignore me. I guess I just don’t have what it takes.” With that she sighed and took another drink.

Danger saw his opportunity and jumped for it. “I can’t agree with that,” Danger replied, “I think you’re very attractive, even beautiful. You have the deepest blue eyes I think I’ve ever seen,” he tries to reassure her. She gave him a look that expressed her doubt in the truth of his statement and took another drink. Danger then placed his hand on her left knee and squeezed it slightly, “I’ll take you upstairs right now and prove it,” he said as his fingers tickled the inside of her knee causing her to jump slightly and giggle.

“Oh yeah, I’ve had way too much to drink,” she said as she downed the rest of the glass and stood up and offered her hand to him. “Let’s go.” He stood up and they left the living room and climbed the stairs. When they neared the top a girl came out of one of the bedrooms and started downstairs and almost ran into Chloe.

“Oh hi, Terri,” Chloe started. She turned to Danger and introduced her friend. “This is Terri, the friend we were talking about before.” She turned to Terri, “This is Danger. He’s going to prove to me that I’m beautiful even though I’m not.”

“What do you mean you’re not beautiful?” Terri asked in amazement.

“Well you always get the guys and go upstairs while I’m left drinking alone downstairs.” Chloe responded. “But that’s going to change tonight,” she said as she took Danger by the arm and continued down the hallway.

“Mind if I tag along?” Terri asked as she followed them down the hallway and into one of the empty bedrooms. video porno Terri was an inch or two taller than Chloe. She had shoulder length straight brown hair and green eyes. Her tits weren’t as big as Chloe’s but appeared to be firmer. Also she had a perfectly round, tight ass. She was wearing a short-sleeve black dress that fell about a third of the way down her toned thighs. As it was Christmas she was also wearing a Santa hat, which strangely made her even sexier.

Terri closed the door to the bedroom once they were all inside. The music from downstairs could still be heard through the walls of the room. Chloe began doing a slow dance at the foot of the bed. She pulled the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt and began slowly undoing the remaining buttons. She let the silky garment slide from her shoulders and down her arms to the floor. She then cupped her hands over her impressive tits and began messaging them through the fabric of her white bra, which was straining somewhat holding her tits in position. She then reached back and undid the zipper on the back of her skirt allowing that to fall to the floor as well before kicking off her shoes to stand only in her bra and matching panties. She then turned her back to Terri and Danger and slid the straps of her bra down off her white shoulders before undoing the clasp and tossing the garment across the room to land at Danger’s feet. She then turned to face Terri and Danger and raised her arms above her head and swayed in tune to the music. Her tits were amazing; she had to be thirty-seven inches around her chest at least. Her aureoles were slightly puffy and the twice the size of a quarter sporting hard nipples.

“That’s damn fucking sexy,” Terri commented as she walked toward her friend. She placed her hands on Chloe’s shoulders and gently pushed down onto the bed in a sitting position. Terri then crouched and grabbed Chloe’s ankles and lifted legs up into the air causing Chloe to lie back on the bed. Terri placed Chloe’s legs over her shoulders and reached down and grabbed the waistband of her friend’s cotton underwear. Chloe raised her ass slightly allowing Terri to slide her underwear away from her snatch and along her legs. Chloe was now completely naked lying on the bed with her legs in the air. Terri then knelt on the floor with Chloe’s legs still draped over her shoulders. Without hesitation she plunged her face between her friends spread legs. The sudden intrusion of Terri’s tongue into her wet pussy lips and clit caused Chloe to gasp suddenly and arch her back. She crossed her legs behind Terri’s head and tried to push her friend’s face even deeper into her hot snatch.

Danger had watched all this unfold and now walked over to the two girls and knelt behind Terri and undid the zipper that ran down the back of her dress. Once undone her pushed it forward off her shoulders and let it fall down about her knees. Underneath the dress she wore a black bra and matching thong. He quickly undid the bra and pulled down her arms and began fondling her firm tits from behind. During this Terri didn’t miss a beat going down on Chloe.

Suddenly Chloe’s back arched even more, her hands gripped the edges of the bed, and her moans grew even louder as an orgasm gripped her body. She squeezed Terri’s head even harder into her cunt as her juices sex izle squirted into her friend’s waiting mouth. Once Chloe’s orgasm had subsided Terri turned and began removing Danger’s pants and underwear while she quickly shed his shirt. Terri gave his nine-inch cock a few licks and strokes before telling him to go make Chloe feel beautiful.

Danger grasped Chloe by the legs and rolled her over and pulled her down the bed so that she was kneeling on the floor with her chest still on the bed. She spread her knees slightly as Danger kneeled behind her, exposing her moist slit to his probing cock. Danger positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed. Her box was tight and it took a few strokes before his entire length was inside her. Once all the way inside he put his hands on her hips and began humping in and out of her snatch.

Watching all this was Terri sitting in a chair off to the side of the bed. She had discarded her thong. One of her legs was draped over the arm of the chair and her fingers were busy between her legs. Her index and middle fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy and her thumb was busy rubbing her protruding clit. As she watched Danger fuck Chloe and heard the slap of her ass against his body the heat between her legs started to grow. She jumped up out of the chair and climbed up onto the bed in front of Chloe. She spread her legs and slid her ass down the bed so that her musky snatch was just centimetres from Chloe’s mouth. Chloe was moaning loudly from the pounding of Danger’s cock and she looked up into her friend’s eyes and blew a loose strand of hair out of her eye.

“Eat me, bitch!” Terri growled at Chloe and with that Chloe returned the favor to her friend and dove between Terri’s legs into her neatly trimmed bush. This was first time Chloe had gone down on another girl so she wasn’t quite sure what to do so she just kept jabbing her tongue in and out of her slit and tickling her clit. She may not have been an expert but whatever she was doing was driving Terri crazy. She squeezed her thighs around Chloe’s head and pulled her friend’s head even deeper into her snatch. Terri pinched and fondled her nipples as she approached orgasm. At the same time Danger plunged his cock deep within Chloe body and released a load of hot cum into her cunt. This sudden sensation between her legs caused a second orgasm to ripple through her body. She reached up and helped to fondle Terri’s nipples until she too was in the grips of orgasm.

After all their orgasms subsided Chloe got to her feet and stumbled over to the chair where Terri had been sitting. She curled up in the chair and watched Terri and Danger continue on. Danger was climbing up onto the bed in response to Terri’s wicked grin and her beckoning finger. She slid down the bed farther to meet him and placed her hands on his hips and guided him down onto his back. Once he was settled she immediately straddled his hips and started stroking his flaccid cock back to life. As soon as the purple head broke through the foreskin she took his cock into her mouth and started licking all around the shaft and head. Chloe was sitting quietly in the chair watching her friend go down on Danger’s cock and thought that she had never done that to a guy and decided was as good a time as any. She pulled herself bedava porno out of the chair and returned to the bed.

“You’ve never gone down on a guy before have you, Chloe?” Terri asked as she watched her friend’s sweaty, naked body come closer to the bed, her large tits jiggling slightly with each step. Chloe shook her head as she knelt on the bed next to Danger’s body. “Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything,” Terri said as she pulled back and offered Danger’s meat to her friend. Chloe tentatively wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft as she had seen Terri do and lowered her head as she parted her lips allowing the nine-inch shaft to enter her mouth. It tasted salty against her tongue but didn’t taste bad. She began a slow pattern of licking the shaft and head as Terri gave her instructions. When she felt Chloe had the hang of what she was doing, Terri slid up Danger’s body and planted a passionate kiss on his lips and soon their tongues were engaged in a wrestling match. Within minutes Danger could feel he was going to cum but before he could warn Chloe his cum shot from his balls and through his cock spewing into her mouth. She gagged slightly but kept her head down and took his entire load. Terri felt Danger’s body jerk as he delivered his load and decided to give Chloe a hand getting rid of it. She knelt up against her friend and plunged her tongue into Chloe’s mouth and began licking all around the inside of her mouth and cheeks. Chloe ground her body against Terri’s and the two girls began groping each other’s naked bodies. Terri ran her fingers through Chloe’s long bush in search of her clit while Chloe had one hand on one of Terri’s tits and the other groping one of her tight, round ass cheeks.

After thoroughly cleaning out Chloe’s mouth, Terri moved so that she again straddling Danger’s hips. “Time for me to have some fun,” she said as she reached down and guided the head of Danger’s cock to the entrance of her cunt. Terri slowly lowered herself, driving Danger’s cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She could feel the sides of her pussy stretching to accommodate Danger’s manhood. She had to raise and lower herself a couple times before she could manage to take all of him and sit down on his thighs. Once she adjusted herself to the size of Danger’s cock Terri began to grind her crotch into Danger and bounce up and down on his shaft.

Chloe had returned to the chair and was slumped into it with one arm draped over the side and her legs spread lewdly exposing her sopped pussy. She gently rubbed and poked at her sensitive clit as she watched Terri pleasure herself on Danger’s cock. Before she could stimulate herself to orgasm she was jolted from her reverie by an orgasmic scream from Terri as her cunt clamped down on Danger’s cock as it delivered a load of hot cum into her box. Terri continued milking Danger’s cock with her pussy as his dick softened enough for it to slide out of her body. Terri then lay down next to Danger and motioned for Chloe to join them on the bed. Chloe pulled herself up out of the chair and ambled to the bedside and looked down on the naked pair with a weary grin.

“So do you feel beautiful yet?” Terri asked her friend. Chloe paused for a second and then looked down at her own naked body, her breasts heaving slightly from her recent activity. A fine film of sweat had formed on her body, small beads were running down her tits towards here hard nipples. She wiped one of the beads away from a nipple and proceeded to run her hand down her flat stomach and through her tangled, wet bush.

“Yeah, I do,” Chloe replied, “Thanks!”

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