Danielle’s First Time


Danielle was born in the winter to 1976, but she was born a male by the name of Daniel. Daniel looked like a normal male child aside from liking girly things. Whenever Daniel would play dress-up he’d always dress in his mother’s or his aunt’s clothes and his parents thought that was cute until Daniel got a bit older then his father sternly told him, “boys don’t dress like that, I don’t want to catch you dressing in your mom’s, your aunts, or any other ladies clothes.”

Daniel never did stop dressing in woman’s clothes he just made sure that he was never caught doing so. One year for his birthday Daniel’s aunt too him shopping for a present, Daniel looked at all of the Sci-Fi action toys and he did enjoy them but something else caught his eye, a miniature fashion model doll that was about two inches tall, and a hot-pink sports car for the doll. Daniel’s aunt didn’t even question his selection, she didn’t hesitate at all, she loved her nephew dearly and wanted him to be happy, so she bought him is first girl’s toys. Later at home, Daniel’s father comes home from work and sees Daniel playing with his action figures and the new fashion doll with the hot-pink sports car. “Daniel, where did you get those girl’s toys!?”

“Dad, Aunt Mable bought them for me.”

“Dan, I know your aunt Mable wouldn’t have just bought you that on her own.”

Mable comes into the room when she over heard the conversation. “Hank, Daniel is old enough to know what he wants, you should have seen the way his eyes lit up when he seen those toys, if it’s going to be a problem I’ll keep the toys at my place so you don’t have to see them and Daniel will the able to come over and play with them anytime he wants to.”

Age: 12 – 36

A new couple moves in to the neighborhood and Daniel’s mom becomes very good friends with them, Cynthia and Theresa. Daniel only knows them from when his mother goes over to visit with them, Cynthia and Theresa are a lesbian couple, but most people wouldn’t know this because they keep their personally lives private. Most people assume that Cynthia and Theresa are mother and daughter because of the age difference, Cynthia is in her late 50s, and Theresa is in her late 30s. Both Cynthia and Theresa have sad pasts which gave them a strong dislike of men, but for some reason they seemed to have no problem with Daniel. Cynthia is one of those people who can spot a homosexual at first glance, almost like a 6th sense. As time passed by Daniel became very close friends with Cynthia and Theresa, Cynthia would hire Daniel to do yard work for her, help load and unload her friends motorized wheelchair when they’d go shopping. They’d hang out and watch sci-fi movies together.

As Daniel became more and more depressed over the years, he knew that his dad didn’t like homosexual and knew that he wasn’t a “normal” boy. Daniel wasn’t attracted to men, only to women, but he loved dressing like a woman, he loved being pretty, and he liked girly things and dislike many typically manly things like trying to learn to work on a car, watching sports, Daniel HATED sports. Daniel has heard of transsexuals, but the way the media covers their stories it depicts that all Male to Female Transsexuals are Gay men who dress in woman’s clothing. Daniel began questioning his sexual orientation because it seemed to him that he might be transgender or transsexual, but he knew he didn’t like men so this just left him confused and depressed. On top of these matters Daniel’s body in puberty began developing more like a woman than like a man.

The Crossroads

At the age of 34 Daniel is so depressed over wanting to be female but trying his best to be the straight man society wants him to be, which is a major challenge because of his intersexed condition – no matter how hard Daniel tries to appear to be male the shape of his body, the wide hip which are wider than his shoulders, the DD cup breasts, the feminine hands and the little amount of facial hair that he’d grow. With Daniel’s absolute best attempt to appear as manly as possible he ends up just looking like a very butch lesbian with a hormone condition that grows the little facial hair that he has. When Daniel doesn’t try so heard most people assume he’s a tomboy girl, and a pretty cute tomboy girl too, being that straight men hit on him thinking he is a girl, he quickly lets them know, “I’m a dude.”

Daniels depression becomes so bad that he knows he has to do something so he gets online and begins researching transgender and transsexuals, he begins going to some TG/TS chat rooms and talking to people there, that’s when Daniel learns that being transgender or transsexual doesn’t mean the person is homosexual, there are about 2/3 of the Male to Female Transgender / transsexual people who are lesbian. The transwomen that Daniel chatted with recommended that he see a Gender Therapist to properly start the process if he is indeed a TG/TS.

Daniel contacts Dr. Cochran, one of the best gender therapist in the mid-west of the United States. Dr. Cochran takes Daniel’s information and Kartal Anal Escort sets up an appointment. Daniel explains that he thinks that he may be a Male to Female Transsexual, that he’s 34 years old. The appointment was set for the following week.

Daniel arrives that Dr. Cochran’s home, she runs her therapy clinic out of her home, it’s large beautiful home made of stone with beautiful wood work as you enter the living room.

Dr. Cochran greets Daniel at the front door, she has a puzzles look on her face when she sees Daniel in man’s clothes, but she doesn’t mention it, she invite Daniel in and tells him two man’s needs to finish up some paper work before the begin, and offers him a seat in the living room. Daniel sits and notices a book on the end table on Russian Architecture, with an interest in Architecture Daniel picks up the book and begins looking through it while he waits on the doctor.

Dr. Cochran calls Daniel back to the office and offers him a seat, “Daniel, please come in and make yourself comfortable.” Daniel sits on the couch and leans back on soft puffy cushions.

“Thank you Dr. Cochran.”

“Daniel, would you please tell me what bring you in here today,” the doctor pull out her note pad and prepare to take notes.

“I’m here because I believe that I may be a Male to Female Transexual. I’ve always known that I was different from other boys when I was growing up, I’ve always liked dressing up in woman’s clothes, not from any sexual fetish, I just have a desire to be pretty and cute.”

The interview continued over the hour, at the conclusion Dr. Cochran tells Daniel, “I had to ask you why you came today after having already noted it in my notes from setting up the appointment because I was expecting a Male to Female Transgender person, but when I opened the door to let you in you were wearing man’s clothes and looked female, so I thought that I may have made a mistake in my notes because I though from seeing you for the first time that you were a Female to Male Transgender person instead of Male to Female. Have you ever seen an Endocrinologist to test your chromosomes to see if you are in fact intersexed?”

“No ma’am. Yes I know I look like a woman, it’s been a real curse trying my best to be a male as I can, desiring to be female, and passing for a female even with my best attempts to be a male as possible.”

“Daniel, I do believe that you are Transgender, and due to your suspected intersexed status I’m going to approve you to see an Endocrinologist to begin hormone therapy immediately instead of having to wait through a full year of Psychological Therapy first because your being intersexed, if you are, make this a special case.”

The Birth of Danielle

Daniel goes home, feeling a little more at peace knowing the cause of his problem is a birth defect that cause his brain and other parts of his body to remain female when the rest of his body became male. Daniel decides to “come out of the closet,” and let all of his family and friends know that he’s transsexual and intersexed, that he will stop being “he” and become from this point forward “she,” “Danielle.”

The first person Danielle calls is her mother, she explains the situation to her mother and her mother says, “Danielle, I’ve known for a long time that you were my little girl. My friend Cynthia told me back when you were about 12 years old that she knew that you had a little girl inside of you and that one day that little girl was going to demand to come out.”

“Wow, I never knew that mom, I’ve always wondered how it is that Cynthia and Theresa hate men so much but they are good friends with me. I’d just assumed it’s because they’d watched me grow up.”

“No, they both knew that you were really my little girl on the inside. I’m very sorry that I didn’t seek out help for you earlier.”

Later Danielle calls her best friend of the past 20 years, Brad. “Brad, this is Daniel.”

“Hey Daniel, what’s up dude?”

“A lot.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. I have something I have to tell you, this is going to be very difficult for me.”

“Okay. What is it?”

“Well, I know that you really fucking hate fagots, so I want you to know I’m not a fag, please keep that in mind.”


“I went to see a gender therapist and I’ve been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, that’s when I person feels out of place due to his or her gender identity.”

“I know what Gender Dysphoria is.”

“Okay, well I’m a transgender, and from now on I wish to be referred to with female pronouns and my name is Danielle.”

“Wow.” Brad paused for a moment to let this sink in, knowing how difficult it must have been for Daniel to tell him this Brad thinks for a moment then, “I have something to confess to you too.”

“What’s that?”

“Back in school when we first met, when I first laid eyes on you I thought you were the cutest girl on the school bus, in fact I’d approached your sister to ask her if she’d ask you out for me. You sister said, ‘but that’s Kartal Yaşlı Escort my brother.’ I felt embarrassed, and I looked at you again, knowing that you weren’t dressed as a woman I knew you weren’t trying to look like a girl, so I asked you sister to forget that I’d ever asked that and to just keep it between her and I.”


“And over the past 20 years there have been many time that I have caught myself staring at your ass and having to remind myself, ‘that’s a dude.'”

“Wow, I know I look female, I’ve always thought it was a curse before, but now that I’m going to become female it’s a blessing.”

“Yes, it is a blessing. I don’t want you to worry about our friendship, I know that transsexuals are not gay men, they are either straight women, bisexual women, or lesbian woman, and I have no problems with bisexual women or lesbians.”

“Oh God, that’s a relief, I was so worried that this would destroy our friendship.”

“No, I’m just not going to feel bad anymore about staring at your sexy ass,” Brad jokes. “If you ever are curious and would like to see what it’s like to have sex with a man as a woman, I’d love to give you that experience.”

“Well, I’m lesbian, but my gender therapist did warn me of the possibility that the hormone treatments can cause a desire to breed and an attraction to men.”

“Okay, if you do change your mind Jessica and I would love to play with you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. I’m so glad this didn’t end our friendship. I’m going to get off of here to make some more calls.”

“Okay, take care.”

“You too.”

Danielle’s Playtime

Over the next few weeks Danielle has been watching the usually porn, but from an all new perspective, as a woman. Danielle and never gotten into lesbian porn before, but is enjoying it a bit more as of late, what Danielle love to watch to just straight porn, but now watching the straight porn Danielle sees the girls in the porn video and how they seem to love getting plowed by a man’s rock hard cock. Danielle ended up going out and buying herself a 12 inch double ended dildo to play with. One day when Danielle came home from work she decided to relax to some porn, the first video she came across was a lesbian couple using toys on one another. Danielle’s cock began to stir watching the lesbians drill each other with their toys. Danielle laid on her side with her leg bent up in the air, she reaches down and teases her ass crack with her fingers. “Mm,” Danielle lets out a little moan, she pulls her fingers up to her lips and spits on her fingers, then she reaches back down and eases a finger into her hungry ass. “Ah.”

Danielle continues to finger her asshole while gently stroking her cock, every once in a while she adds another finger to her hungry hole until she has four fingers in her ass. At that point Danielle is pretty sure that the dildo should go in with little trouble, so she grabs some lube and her 12 double-ended dildo, she squeezes some lube out on to you fingers and reaches her fingers back to apply the lube while teasing her own ass a bit more. She grabs her dildo and begins applying the lube to it like she’s jerking off a cock. Once the fake cock is lubed Danielle take the dildo down behind her and teases herself with it, rubbing it up and down her ass crack then presses the head of the fake cock against her opening and attempts to push in gently. Feeling the head of the fake cock at her butt hole it felt bigger than she thought, but she continues to apply pressure gently easing the dildo into her ass. The dildo hurts her so she pulls it back so that it’s just resting on the outside again, she tries to relax and gently pushes in again, she feels her sphincter stretch like it’s never been stretched before as the feels the crown of the fake cock head pass her sphincter then it’s easier to push in. Not being used to this, Danielle feels wonderfully filled and pain simultaneously, but the pain becomes too much before she has to pull the dildo back out to let her ass relax for a moment. As she removes the dildo she has a hollow feeling from her asshole which is still gaped open and begging to be filled again. She pushes the fake cock back into her hungry ass and decides to see how far she can get it in. Danielle pushes deeper and deeper, and deeper until just the head of the other end of the double-ended dildo is in her had. “Oh my God, I took the whole thing,” Danielle thinks to herself as a naughty feeling comes over her. Holding the dildo in her ass Danielle sits up from laying on her side, holds the dildo in place as her ass come in contact with her bed, she sits on the dildo with the outside end braced against her bed, her nipples are so hard. Danielle reaches up and pinches her nipples hard and twist them as he closes her eyes and grinds on the dildo as she lets out a slutty moan.

As Danielle continues to ride the dildo she load on of her straight porn movies, immediately a scene appears on her monitor of a girl with a massive cock plowing into her ass and the girl is Kartal Zenci Escort moaning like a whore. Danielle is moaning like a whore too as the realizes the pleasure that girl is feeling. Danielle rocks and grinds her ass on the big fake cock while thinking of the man in the porn video fucking her ass. Suddenly a rush comes over Danielle, her body convulses as her cock twitches and spasms pump blast after blast of her hot tranny cum over her computer keyboard and all over the floor. Burst after burst of semen squirting everywhere. Danielle has never cum so hard in her life, and never cum so much, and she wasn’t even rubbing her cock as she rode the dildo, she came from just riding her dildo.

Feeling exceptionally slutty Danielle decide to try a taste of her tranny cum and loves it, she immediately gets hard again and continues to play for the taste for more fresh sperm.

Danielle Gets Her Cherry Popped

After discovering how great anal play was and how exciting it is to eat sperm, Danielle decides to call up Brad to take Brad up on his offer. Danielle is very thankful that Brad offered to give her her first sexual experience with man because she could never trust anyone else to be her first, she’s know Brad for 20 years, so there is a lot of trust there.

Danielle calls Brad’s number. Jessica, Brad’s girlfriend answers the phone, “hello?”

“Hi, Jessica, is Brad there?”

“Oh, hi, Danielle, yes, I’ll get him for you.” Holding the phone away from her face, “Brad, Danielle is on the phone for you,” Jessica shouts. Back on the phone, “Brad on his way. Hold on a moment.”

On Danielle’s end, she here the phone being passed to Brad. “Danielle! How are you doing? I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” Brad answers.

“I’m doing great, thank you very much. I’ve been thinking about you a lot too and about your offer…”

“The offer for me to be you first experience with a man?”


“Jessica and I have been thinking about that two, neither one of us have ever been with a tranny and we both think it’s fucking hot.”


“What kinds of things do you think you’d like to try?”

“Well I’ve been playing with a dildo, so I’d love to be fucked in the ass.”

“Mmm, very good, we can arrange that. Anything else.”

“Well I tasted my own cum for the first time and I loved it, but I’m intersexed so I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not, so I want to taste a man’s cum.”

“That’s hot. If you don’t mind, Jessica was talking about if we ever did do this that she’d want me to cum in your ass, giving you an anal creampie, and she’d eat my cum out of your ass.”

“Wow, that sounds HOT. I think I’d like to eat your cum out of her pussy too.”

“Mmm, I think Jessica would love that, and I’d definitely love to see that.”

The following weekend Danielle drives the 80 miles to see Brad and Jessica, Danielle had never met Jessica before, Brad had just gotten together with Jessica the month before. Upon arrival Brad come out to meet Danielle to help her with her things, the typical gentleman that Brad is. “Jessica is inside getting the kids ready for the weekend with their grandmother so we can have the place to ourselves,” Brad explains.

Danielle and Brad enter the front door of the house, kids running around getting ready, gathering things to go to their grandmother’s. “Kids!” Brad shouts to get their attention, “this is your aunt Danielle.” Directing his attention to Danielle, pointing at the middle child, “this is Heather, she’s 6.” Brad points to the youngest, “this is Tracy, she’s 5, and the Amazon that just rushed passed texting her boyfriend is Ashley, she’s 15.”

“15, she look at least 20?”

“I know, I’m constantly having to step up and let fuckers know that she only 15 and I’ll kill them if they mess with her.”

Later that evening after the kids have left with their grandmother Jessica come out to the living room with Brad and Danielle completely nude, the beauty of their feminine form takes Danielle by surprise. “Danielle hunny, around here when the kids are gone me and my girlfriends get naked and stay naked, that’s who Brad and I like it.”


“So strip, bitch,” Jessica says kidding.

Danielle, not knowing how to strip tease doesn’t even try, she slips her blouse off, slides down her skirt so that she’s just in her bra and panties. Then she unfastens her bra and her tits fall free. “Damn girl, you do have some nice tits, I thought Brad was bullshitting,” Jessica states. “Lets have a look at your cock.”

“I actually prefer to refer to that male part of mine as my ‘clit’ or ‘oversized clit,'” Danielle explains.

“Okay, I understand,” Jessica replies.

Danielle take off her panties and kicks them into the pile with the rest of her clothes.

Danielle and Jessica join Brad on the mattress that he dragged into the living room. Brad lays in the middle of the mattress, Jessica gets on the mattress cuddled up to Brad’s left side while Danielle lays on Brad’s right side with her head propped up on her left hand, she looks into Brad’s face as the lightly drags her fingernails over his chest and tummy. Jessica unfastens Brads pants and pulls his rock hard 10 inch cock out. “Danielle, do you want to play with this cock for a bit?” Jessica inquires.

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