Dan’s Speeding Offence


Dan Osborne stood in the car park and looked at the Discipline Centre, which he had attended once before and now for the second time because he was caught speeding. He knew he was going to struggle when he got inside but he had reconciled himself to that.  The Discipline Centre method of punishment was introduced to end the system of a slap on the wrist for offenders and make the penalty something they will think more about before offending and re-offending. The system was clearly working and was increasingly used as an alternative to penalty points on driving licenses and for those who commit minor thefts and a whole range of other minor but socially unacceptable offences.  Whilst being sent for punishment at a Punishment Centre was now mandatory for most minor offences, those offenders who were caught speeding had the choice of points on their licence or going to the Punishment Centre to avoid points being added to their licence and the prospect of a driving ban. Speeding offences now got six points rather than three and you were banned after nine points instead of twelve, so two speeding offences led to an automatic ban from driving and the minimum ban was now two years. The increasingly popular alternative for speeding offenders was attending a Speed Awareness Course which lasted two hours but was followed by a visit to the Discipline Centre to be both spanked and caned, which, together, replaced the six points. The Punishment Centre alternative for motor offences was two stage. Firstly, offenders had to attend the Speed Awareness Course which they had to sit through and answer questions on to show they were paying attention. These lectures were held online. That was followed by the offenders having to attend their local Discipline Centre and suffer a spanking or the cane or both. Whilst this was increasingly popular amongst offenders so they could avoid a ban, it was also the main reason for a reduction in speeding offences. Dan was thirty-seven years old and knew it was better to attend the lecture and Discipline Centre than the alternative of points, just like it was for so many offenders who needed their car for work and couldn’t afford financially to be banned from driving. It did mean that their insurance premium increased significantly, but that was a small price to pay to avoid losing their licence. Having made the choice and accepted the penalty of the Speed Awareness Course, a spanking and six strokes of the cane, Dan had already spent two hours watching the Speed Awareness Course online. He also ruefully recalled how he made a flippant comment when answering a question and that earned him two more strokes of the cane in addition to the six strokes already set as part of his punishment. Therefore, he would now be getting eight strokes, in addition to the spanking. Dan checked his watch and saw it was fifteen casino siteleri minutes before his appointment time, which meant that he could go in. Offenders who arrived more than fifteen minutes early or just a minute late got additional strokes of the cane.  As Dan walked towards the Discipline Centre’s door, other offenders were leaving, and he could see invariably they had red eyes caused by the punishment they had received. They were a mixture of men and women and whilst they all had those red eyes, they also looked relieved that they were on their way out. Dan walked into the Discipline Centre and knew that most of the staff were women. It was felt that psychologically the men would feel humiliated being disciplined by a woman, whilst the women would feel equally humiliated. He went up to the reception desk and stood in the queue waiting as other offenders were being signed in by a policewoman who he could see was in her early twenties and yet happily ordered the offenders about and snapped questions and instructions at them. Equally, they knew they had to submit to her authority, so had to just suffer the added humiliation of being scolded by her right there in reception. When Dan got to the front of the queue he smiled at the young policewoman and said, “Good morning.” The policewoman snapped, “The rule is you only speak when spoken to, so that is two extra strokes of the cane.” She then looked at the computer screen and Dan could see that she added the two strokes to his tariff.  As much as Dan swallowed hard at the added tariff now making it ten strokes of the cane that he was going to get, he had another problem which was that he was getting an erection at the, ‘Do as I say or else,’ tone of voice of the young policewoman which always got him aroused.  After being signed in he was ordered to go to the changing room where he had to get changed into his gym gear but with a vest top and shorts, although the women could wear a short skirt instead of the shorts.  Once in his gym gear, he went to the next desk where a security tag was tied to his upper arm which had a tracking device. Offenders were rarely escorted around the Discipline Centre but they could be tracked and if they weren’t where they were told to be they could be easily found, and, invariably, the punishment was increased. Once the tracking device was secured to his upper arm, Dan was told to walk down the corridor to punishment room eleven. There were twenty punishment rooms in this Discipline Centre so a constant movement of offenders around the complex. As Dan walked along the corridor, he saw other male and female offenders coming towards him, clearly from the punishment rooms like those who he had passed by in the car park and these offenders also had very red eyes and most were rubbing their bottoms. However, at least güvenilir casino they knew their punishment was over, for today anyway, whilst the pain-filled part of his was about to happen. Dan knew that he had literally just two minutes to get to the punishment room because after that the number of strokes would steadily increase. He did make it easily within the two minutes, knocked on the door, was told to enter, went in and closed the door behind himself. He turned around and saw that the Punishment Officer was as expected a woman, about ten years younger than himself, dressed in a short-sleeved light blue shirt and a dark blue skirt and definitely looked very much the authoritative police officer that he knew that she was going to be. The name tag said Sergeant Watson, which Dan saw as he went and stood in front of the Punishment Officer and said, “Good morning, Sergeant Watson,” and then froze showing how he realised immediately what he had done wrong again. Sergeant Watson snapped, “Don’t speak unless you are answering a specific question. That is two extra strokes and I see you already have four more than originally set, so now you will be getting twelve strokes.” Dan winced as it was all too easy under this system to get extra strokes. Still, he supposed being silent until spoken to happened elsewhere, for instance when you stood up when a teacher entered the classroom and remained silent until you heard, ‘Good morning, class,’ and you replied, ‘Good morning, Miss.’  Dan knew it was also from his college days that he started the fantasy of submitting to authoritative women like those who taught him, and it still turned him on. Even taking two extra strokes each from the three authoritative policewomen today was a turn on for him and he knew he was getting an erection. Sergeant Watson ordered, “Take your shorts and underpants off but leave on your vest top.” She never said please or thank you to the offenders as they were here to do as they were told and suffer for what they did wrong, not be treated with respect. Dan knew that would be the instruction, and, looking worried about earning even more strokes of the cane, quickly eased his thumbs inside the elastic of his sports shorts and pushed them down towards the floor catching his underpants on the way, stepped out of both and put them on the table. He then stood back up. Sergeant Watson was used to watching the men get undressed and wasn’t surprised when she saw that Dan had the start of an erection, which so many of the men had, at least until they were across her lap having their bare bottoms spanked. She knew the reason was that so many men found an authoritative woman sexy and whilst that wasn’t her intention whilst working here, she couldn’t stop the fantasies some of the male offenders had. Mind you, Sergeant Watson knew how canlı casino so many women also had submissive fantasies that they lived out here having policewomen much younger than themselves disciplining them. She had seen so many women’s knickers on the table stained with their sex juice to know the truth of that just involving the women she disciplined, let alone those who were punished in all of the other rooms. Dan did look around the room quickly but as he had already been in an identical punishment room once before he wasn’t shocked to see the caning table with the top that was slightly higher at the far end than it was at the near end and the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs as well as straps that would be going around his thighs, all intended to secure him in place as he was given the cane, now with twelve strokes rather than the originally set six strokes. As Dan looked around the room, he saw the array of canes and paddles hanging from hooks on the wall, unhidden and intended to worry the offender being punished. He also saw the cameras looking into every square inch of the room and knew there were other officers checking every room in case any offender got aggressive. However, the punishment for attacking any of the Punishment Officer’s well exceeded the crime, every time and it had only taken a couple of examples early on where offenders got seventy-five strokes of the cane just touching a Punishment Officer, to teach every offender just to do what they were told. Sergeant Watson didn’t stand on ceremony and immediately sat down on one of the high-backed chairs and ordered, “Get across my lap.” Again, she wasn’t showing this offender any respect but just gave him orders he had to obey. As Dan stood to the side of Sergeant Watson, looking down at her well-toned arms, he saw that she was holding a thick wooden paddle, which he knew from last time was the type that she would be using to spank him with. She wouldn’t be using her hand at all, not even to warm his bottom up and he was already resolved to crying buckets. Dan eased himself down across Sergeant Watson’s lap, quickly settling himself down with his face just inches from the floor. He knew he had an erection because after his last visit he had regularly fantasied about coming back to be punished again. He hadn’t actually wanted to, as it was a fantasy but a fantasy that had come true again. On the plus side, though and, like his fantasy, he loved the fact that it was a woman who was going to deal with him again because it meant this was almost sexual compared to discipline. Of course, once the spanking and caning was underway, Dan knew it would only ever be discipline – and very harsh discipline at that – but then, a dream is a dream and fantasy is a fantasy, but reality is very real. Sergeant Watson didn’t wait at all but tapped Dan’s bottom twice with the thick wooden paddle, raised it up and then brought it back down with a loud thwack across both his bottom cheeks. She then proceeded to spank down with the paddle time and again, flattening his bottom cheeks each time and listening to his louder and louder yelps. 

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