Darkness falls, no stars tonight. Anna, a beauty, with a strong, and fiery spirit, a red braided chord clasps around her neck. Stands naked, alone in the darkness, unafraid. Darkness is her comfort.

“Is my Beast resting, dreaming of dark desires for his prey? Are your dreams: taunting, teasing, mocking you?”

Anna walks through the darkness, barefoot on soft earth. “I whisper your name ‘Allan’, from a distance. The faint smell of Anna’s heat drifts through the air.

The scent stirs and hunger, that can’t be sated. “you feel me. My breath on your skin. You can’t find me. You know I’m here. You’re searching. Your body is cold, it aches”

Alone in the darkness stands Allan the Beast. Towers above all, filled with rage, anger and pain. Strong features, massive. Chest heaving. Sniffing the air, knowing his Beauty is near, but not knowing where. So long he’s stood in the darkness.

Anna silently approaches. “I stand behind you, my lips pressing against your back covering an old wound. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you close, can you feel me?”

Allan tenses, heart racing, searching the darkness. Feeling the warmth not knowing where it comes from. Shaking his head to focus. Her voice fills his mind “does your heart beat so loudly that you cannot hear my calls? Do you fill with rage, trying to find me?” Anna touches the center of Allan’s back, fingers dragging down. Allan’s body fills with heat. Spinning around, searching, clawing at the dark.

Allan’s hands clenching and unclenching, in a low voice “mmmm, you tempt me, tease me, knowing not what you do”

Anna presents herself in a faint blue hazy light. “Does your flesh tighten and cover in a cold chill when I present myself to you?“ Allan sees her, eyes meeting. Anna steps closer “you are distraught, not knowing how to feel when I come to your rage, your body trembles, you wish to hunt.” Anna moves closer, standing in front of Allan.

Allan watches her closely, not trusting completely, too much pain. Staring at he big brown eyes, soft light surrounds her. Jerrod paces in front of her, heart Escort pounding. Shaking his head. “The Beast will feed” he growls. “you will quiver helplessly in my grasp, giving yourself to me.

Jerrod is consumed by a rage, darkness taking over, flesh is burning, eyes go black. The Darkness fill and consumes. Anna watches all signs of the man disappear, leaving a Beast standing before her. Fear grasps at her heart. Is there any hope? She runs. Allan laughs, “I shall catch you, you can’t escape”

Allan quickly closes the space between the two, Anna can feel his breath on her neck, the smell of his musk. He lunges, grabbing an arm spinning around, pulls her up to him. “my Beauty” he whispers, smelling her. Anna claws and screams, these actions cause Jerrod to laugh.

Allan slams Anna onto the ground, Darkness wraps around them, He lowers himself on top of her, using his sheer size to intimidate her. Anna pummels at his chest, Allan growls in frustration as he’s being denied, Anna claws her way free. Allan reaches out scratching her backside, she cries out.

Anna does not run she stands there, in front of Allan who’s on his knees, and fully consumed by the Beast. His gaze will not meet hers in a low rumbling voice “I cant be reached, its too late”.

Anna moves to him, reaching out to him, slowly as if he was a beaten dog, her soft gentle fingers stroke the side of his face. “look at me” she says. In one fell swoop Jerrod shoves her to the ground grabbing her arms. “look at me” she cries again. Allan turns his head inches from her face. “Im looking at you! What do you see my Beauty? I see fear!”

Anna trembles as shes pinned to the ground. She looks into his black eyes.”sadness, I see sadness”. Allan snarls. Makes a fist and punches the ground next to her head. Allan stares silently at Anna. Anna softens under his grip. His hands travel down her body, pawing at her heaving breasts, squeezing the, causing pain.

Anna lays unmoving, “what are you hiding?, please?” Allan leans in and licks her neck. “too many questions” He pins her to the ground, “stop Escort Bayan with the questions, stop!” Anna closes her eyes. Allan tenses, frozen. Looks down at her. So small. So fragile. “you want my rage?!” Anna eyes slowly open “if it means I have you”

With great force Allan strikes down on Anna, fists against her flesh. “Feel my rage!” Anna takes each strike, cries out, begging. Blood oozes from a split lip. Allan’s massive hand clutches her throat, squeezing out the rebellion.

Anna hears ringing, trying to breath, vision is blurry, hands reaching out into nothing but darkness. Find Allan’s face. Placing both hands on the sides of his face. Her fingers are cool against his fire. The squeezing continues. Slowly her hands fall away, mouth open gasping, her eyes close, her body goes limp in his grasp.

Anna drifts slowly, her body is heavy, She can hear Allan but cant find him. Allan loosens the grip, Anna limp and vulnerable. Red marks on her neck. Anna can feel Allan open her legs. Her mind cries out for him, “Beast, I feel you, I cant see you…am I alone? Why are you not bringing me back? Allan presses his hardness to the opening of her heat. He answers her thoughts. “yes, you are alone..Because you’ve pushed him too far! You’ve challenged him!”

Allan continues to hear her thoughts, her voice soft and kind “I’ve always given..always answered your call, I want to feel you… please Beast, my Beast” Allan touches her lips. “You always defy…” he searches her face., still hearing her thoughts “I give my flesh and blood and…soul to you”

Allan leans in seeking to kiss her, to feel her. Lips cover hers. Anna’s body reacts to his tenderness. Hips pressing up, allowing his hardness to enter. Allan’s eyes soften, touch is kind. He buries his face into her neck, feeling her faint pulse. He wants to feel her, take her in, love her. Anna winces as pain washes over her body. Tears run from the corner of her eyes. In pain she wraps her legs around his hip.

Tenderly Allan pulls her close as he enters deeper. Kissing her cheek. He watches her, slowly her Bayan Escort eyes flutter open. With a hoarse voice Anna speaks softly. “I see you, I see your darkness” Fear flashes over his face. “Fuck, Anna! No!’ Allan thrusts harder, pounding deep into Anna’s wet heat. Thrusting to escape, Anna rises to meet each thrust. Rage is flooding over him Anna winces, the pain is great, she watches him above her, Fucking her wildly. “Don’t look at me!” he demands. Anna questions “who are you?” He turns her head away, focusing only on fucking her., “im the Beast” He bears down and pumps madly into her. “Look at what you do…” He cries In a mindlessness frenzy Allan fucks Anna.

In a breathless voice Anna speaks to Allan “I will give and take” Allan keeps his eyes away from her. “you are nothing but a release for my frustrations” pushes her hips open wider. Pounding deeper. Grunting, fingers digging into her soft thighs drawing blood.. He nears, pumping harder using all his weight to push deeper. He screams! Screams out in rage, and madness. Explodes deep inside her.

The Beast is lost, spent and exhausted. Anna touches his face. “you’re safe.” Allan shakes his head “never safe, tearing me apart. Allan rests upon her chest. Anna runs her fingers through his hair. “rest my Beast.

In the darkness Allan lays on the ground, Anna sits next to him. The blue light softly circles them. She touches his temples, tracing his jaw and chin. Such a giant, so fierce, strong and, afraid. She rests the flat of her hand on his chest, so small she feels next to him. “Beast why do you hide from me?”

Daylight breaks through the darkness, warm sunlight creeps towards the sleeping lovers. Allan wakes to see Anna, His Beauty, asleep next to him her hand on his chest. His eyes see the bruised grip on her wrist. His eyes search frantically over her body, Seeing all the rage. The handprint on her neck, the bloody claw marks on her thighs. His eyes fall upon her bloody lip. With trembling hands he touches each wound. In a broken whisper,filled with pain and tears. “I don’t know why you stay?..You stand against my rage… I’m so broken”

Anna’s eyes flutter as she hears his cries. Her eyes open and focuses on Allan tear filled eyes. Anna replies “because I love you”.

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