Deb’s Superbowl Surprise: Part 1


Deb’s Superbowl Surprise: Part 1No hot drunken sex for me tonight. That thought just kept rolling stupidly through my brain, broken finally by a deep rumble of a voice across the bar top.“What’ll it be Ryan? The regular?”“Yeah, a JD and make it another double.”Barry the bartender, yeah, really that was his name and he took shit for it all the time. Well, good natured shit cause you don’t want to piss off a 6’6”, 300 pound black man with a cudgel stored beneath the bar top.He grunted, poured, slowly chewed his inner cheek and said, “Ain’t you got a big Super Bowl party planned at your place tonight? Whaja doin’ here?”I tossed back the shot, signaled another, “Yeah.”He poured again after which I grabbed the bottle and firmly pulled it down to the plasticized mahogany top. He held on for a moment then shrugged his shoulders and let go.“Can you believe it? My sweet little ol’ twenty something girlfriend stood me up.”He leaned back, raised an eyebrow, “No shit! That cute lil’ blonde spinner you been sportin’ on your arm all month. What the fuck?”“Says she has a cold. Fuck. Likely some richer sugar da##y. Thought she really liked me. I fucking never learn.”I tossed back that shot and poured a fourth for myself. Barry just shook his head and walked down to serve another customer leaving me in my funk. It wouldn’t last long. I had most everything already set-up for the party. Jarid and his girlfriend were doing the rest, but I had to get back to the house real soon. Damn teenyboppers, got no respect for older men.I was about to say something to Barry but he hadn’t returned. Was chatting up some cute 30’ish woman. Cute, no, damn gorgeous. Long, curly-blonde hair, bitchin’ figure, and legs. Damn! Those lean legs, boldly in view from the slit in her black silk dress: tanned, smooth and long as marathon mile. I could also clearly see she wasn’t happy, mascara streaked from tears, mouth downturned. Damned if I wasn’t getting hard looking at her.Barry returned after I signaled him. A little annoyed I spewed out, “Shit Barry! Off picking up some sweet young thing when your best customer is here in the dumps? Where’s your priorities man?”“Don’t dump that shit on me Ryan! That little lady has an even sadder story. Comes in on occasion so’s I know her. She just got dumped by her rich boyfriend. Unlike you, she’s all dressed up real special now with no place to go ‘cause the party was at HIS place, one of those fuckin’ big ass places on the main line.”“Oh, yeah, that’s tough,” and this time just took a small sip of my double JD, an idea percolating in my partially sodden brain. “So, she kind of nice? I can see she’s hot as hell, but I mean, is she, you know, smart, funny, fun to be with?”He shrugged a pair of mountain sized shoulders, “Yup, far as I can Escort bayan tell from chatting. Why?”What the hell, no pain, no gain.I got up and walked down a few seats, “Hi, my name’s Ryan. Barry tells me we have something in common today. Jackass dates!”She looked at me with those deep blue eyes and I just fell into them. Almost fully bypassed those full breasts revealed by the low cut dress. But given that I had almost yelled ‘jackass’ in her face, she started and pushed back from me for a moment. Then she laughed and the whole dim, dark gloomy bar seemed to light up like a super nova. Shit!A voice, deep contralto, complimented her voluptuous body, “You’re funny! And jackass doesn’t say half of who he is. God damn syphilitic, small-dicked, raisin-balled jackass is a better description!”I just burst out laughing like an idiot, snorting even. Thinking I’d just soured the deal by acting like a doofus, I was about to get up when she said, “You’re a pretty handsome looking man. Why don’t we consolidate our losses? Need a date tonight?”I said I had gotten a little hard looking at her before, well, now I was definitely hurting.“Well, yeah, sure, my pleasure, er…. privilege… er…”Saving me she stuck out her hand and said, “My names Deborah. My good friends call me Deb. And you damn better be a Bronco fan!”——————–At halftime almost no one was into the game. Despite the pot and beer and good food and initial enthusiasm, well, not even the most diehard fan can stand to see their team play such shitty ball and getting crushed so badly. The widescreen now had the news playing, sound almost muted. I’d just proposed the guys getting together in my man cave downstairs to play some pool, smoke cigars, and do shots. The wives and girlfriends, not such football fans to start with, were getting ready to head to a neighbor’s house to gossip and whatever else wives like to do when they get together. I saw Deb, apart from the ladies, apparently staying back in the house as they headed out the front door. So I hurried up to her. “Hey Deb. They’re a good bunch. I can tell they like you. You’ll be more than welcome to join them.”“Sure, they asked. It’s just that, well, I like to play pool and smoke cigars and hate to gossip and well, hell, I came here to be with you.”Shit, all afternoon I had been trying to be the gentlemen. You know, flirt and all but not grabby, mostly because of the presence of the wives and girlfriends but also because, well, I really liked her, wanted this to be more than a one ball game date. Deb must have sensed my hesitation because she because she actually batted her eyelashes at me and took my hands in hers and gently pulled me against her. I could feel the heat of her body through that sheer Bayan escort silk dress. My cock just soared and I grasped her around the waist, pulled her tight and kissed her hard.She returned it, grinding her pussy against my hard cock, tonguing me and ruffling my short blonde hair. Fuck, I was horny. My hands slipped lower, grabbed her tight ass and squeezed hard. After twenty seconds of grinding and moaning, she put a hand on my chest and gently pushed us apart an inch or two and gave me that sweet little smile. I could smell the expensive bourbon she’d been drinking on her breath.In a voice that could be clearly heard across the silence in the living room she said, “Ryan, I want you real bad but you’d be a sorry host to your guys if you fucked me in front of them. Poor boys.”You have to understand, though Deb had focused almost all her attention on me so far that night, I’d knew she’d been casting a smile here and touch there to almost every one of my buds when their partner’s attention had been diverted for even an instant. Each time she’d returned to me and nibbled an ear, breathed words of reassurance, promises for later in the evening, saying it made her wet to know I was just a little jealous. So when I turned around and saw them staring at us, it didn’t surprise me in the least to see four with mouths open and two with their hands rubbing their crotches. Poor horny boys indeed. But, I gentleman’ed up one more time.“Oh, OK, uhhhh… well, let’s get downstairs and rack up a game. You gonna be able to play in that dress?”I looked at it appraisingly, with a different critical eye than at the bar. Form fitted black silk sheath from mid-thigh to just under her breasts. Low cut in front and even lower cut in the back, almost down to her ass. Was going to be hell stretching out to strike a ball in the middle of the table.She set a pose, legs apart, hands on hips and in a loud stage voice said, “Oh, no problem Ryan. I’m a real expert with balls and long wood!”Laughing loudly she lightly skipped down the two full flights of stairs to the basement, an amazing feat in four-inch stiletto heels. Three seconds later the pounding sound of a stampede of male feet followed. Deb was already at the pool table racking up the balls when my feet hit the basement floor.We were like a herd of bulls, all grouped together, jostling for position around her as she placed the last ball in the triangle, shook it, and stretched to roll it in place. We watched her every move, every line of her body, one leg breaking free of the slit in her short dress. Finished, she walked to the other end of the table, tight ass twitching back and forth, four-inch heels clicking on the slate flooring. Every one my buds tried to follow but I Escort spread my arms to corral them.“Damn it guys. Give the poor girl some room to breathe, huh?” Satisfied they would stay put for at least a moment I turned around and saw Deb leaning over to line up her shot, fully outstretched, those firm breasts swaying loose in that scoop necked dress. God damn!Like a bunch of dogs held at bay from a raw prime rib tossed on the floor, my buddies’ tongues were literally hanging out, chests drawing in big gulps of air. I almost laughed as a growl escaped from deep within Jarid’s throat! Down the length of the table Deb smiled at me and then pouted slightly. Concerned, I walked over not understanding what troubled her, and stood beside her.She looked up at me and said, “Ryan, I’m not sure I’ve got the feel of the shot. Can you help?”Deb reached out over the table again, the unbelievably fucking tight silk sheath framing each cheek of her hard-body ass. It hiked up, almost up to her pussy, as she started to slowly practice her pool cue stroke through the tight hole her finger made on the table. Like a fucking jack rabbit I leaped behind her. I pulled her ass close to my crotch and she wriggled it even closer, grinding slightly. I put my right hand on hers and gently slid the cue back to steady her arm, the other hand forming a mound over the top of hers on the table for the stick to slide over. She turned to look over her shoulder, licked her lips and said quietly, “I think the best shot is with your wood, don’t you think?”That’s all I could stand. I pushed her face down, flat, hard to the table and yanked up her dress. No panties, no hair, her pussy was bald and smooth and dripping wet. I jammed two fingers, then three inside her and heard her loud gasp.“Fuck me. Fuck me please.”In the near dead silence of the room, her breathy voice carried like a megaphone. Six pairs of eyes at the other end of the table were riveted on the ecstatic expression on her face, her breasts flattened against the pool table. Their eyes almost glittered in the low light of the basement. Four pairs of hands were already grabbing their crotches. The sound of two zippers ripped harshly across the room. Jarid’s already hard and giant cock sprang free. It hit his stomach with an audible smacking sound.Already rock hard, I yanked down my trousers and slowly rubbed its bright purple head against her already hot cunt, leaking, almost peeing, pussy juice. Instantly lubed, I jammed all nine inches of my cock inside her without pause.“FUCK. JESUS RYAN. God damn,” spewed out of her mouth.She was gasping and grunting even louder than me while I pounded her tight cunt for the next couple minutes. Three more cocks were out, now four total in hands jacking hard. Then she gripped the edges of the pool table with both hands, stood straight up with me still in her. Deb twisted her head and smiled so sexily and whispered to me, “Ryan, please Ryan. Get them ALL to fuck me tonight.”Inspired by PM chats and the fantasies of ahrnycpl4u at xhamCopyright 2014

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