Dedi Ch. 02


Oklahoma State

They say you can run all you want, but you’ll never outrun your past. I was putting that theory to the test alongside a rural road, after a memorable morning.

I had awoken alone after a passionate night with my good friend Dedi’s lady friend, and ran into him during my morning ablutions when he dropped a surprise on me.

“I volunteered to go back overseas.” He said using the toilet next to me.

“Fallujah?” I asked.

“I made that city my bitch a long time ago, and if ISIS… ISIL, or whatever they call themselves think otherwise, they will have to answer to me.” Dedi replied.

His words still rang in my ears as I continued my run early morning run beside a farm. What truly bothered me was what Mirabelle had said over breakfast.

“Goodness, when Dedi described you to me, I had thought you’d be much darker!” She said with a smile followed by a laugh.

Being Dutch-Carib in background, I don’t always get American humour, and this was a classic example. My flesh colour is similar to a cup of tea with enough milk added to make it cool enough to drink. I stood to excuse myself.

“I hope I didn’t offend you?” Mirabelle asked in her Texan drawl.

I however had already left the room.

I ran through a cross road and over a culvert, the urge to clear it before moving on was very strong, but after a deep breath I suppressed the urge. Two tours in Afghanistan with the Dutch army had me thinking twice about all culverts.

A large black Escalade approached from in front, and seemed to be slowing down. I assumed that the platinum blonde in the ball cap was going to ask for directions, however she sped off when the whine of a police siren started to grow louder, soon I could see the blue and red strobe light.

The large police SUV caught up to me, and kept my pace as the window rolled down.

“What are you running from?” Asked a Spanish accented woman’s voice.

“My list of sins is long.” I replied turning my head to peer inside the SUV.

The driver of the SUV looked almost comical, her long light brown hair was worn loose under her brown Stetson hat. She was dressed in the dark brown and tan uniform of her trade, and her brown eyes looked almost hazel to me as she looked my sweaty body up and down.

“Where are you staying?” She asked.

“Over at Dedi’s.” I replied.

“Those mother fuckers!” Cried out the woman. “The sheriff is going to be pissed when he hears that people are calling a black-out on a guest of his!”

She spoke so fast I could barely make out her words.

“Get in!” The uniformed woman barked as she stopped then opened the door for me.

She picked up a cell phone and started yelling in Spanish into it, I couldn’t keep up with what she was saying, but the word ‘mother fuckers’ was clearly heard often. I knew I neither under arrest, nor detained; I could have closed the door and finish my run, but I always found myself attracted to passionate women, so I climbed in.

Before I could get my seat belt on, she had tossed the SUV into gear and was speeding down the rural road, still swearing into her phone. Ignoring all that, I tried to strike up some conversation.

“So… have you worked here long?” I asked.

Still holding the phone she replied, “No, I couldn’t work here with all these redneck mother fuckers! I’m here on a secondment.”

I want to say I was confused, but with her driving habits I was more concerned with arriving at our destination alive. I gave her my name, and held out my hand.

Setting her phone on the dashboard, she shook my hand, her fingers were soft and her nails well manicured with white tips.

“That’s Dutch isn’t it?” She said referring to my name, I nodded an affirmative.

“My name is Maria Lara Rodriguez Enojado Vasquez.” She stated.

I tried to commit it to memory without success.

“I prefer to go by Vasquez.” Vasquez said in clarification as she picked up the phone.

“How long are you in town for?” She then barked out.

I didn’t reply, as I was uncertain to whom she was speaking to, when she repeated the question again more loudly I replied.

“Uh, just for tonight.” I said.

“OK,” She said making a sharp turn. “We don’t have much time.”

“Time for what?” I asked, but she didn’t reply.

When the SUV halted we were parked next to a large river, at what appeared to be a park, however with the fog rolling in, I couldn’t see far.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back.” She stated opening her door.

“Do you need Betturkey a hand?” I offered unsure what she was up too.

“No, I just need to pee.” Vasquez said.

“I can stand overwatch.” I suggested.

“You Dutch men are sick!” She said with a laugh as she began to close the door. “The fog will do just fine.”

She was correct, I followed her in the mirror and after three metres she was gone! I sat there trying to gather my thoughts when she knocked on my window.

“Get out!” Vasquez commanded.

“Will you need a phone book for this?” I asked.

Vasquez face scrunched up as she made sense of my words, her little nose looked so cute.

“Fuck no!” She stated. “I’m not going to beat you! I’m going to fuck you!”

“If you pull out a strap-on, I’m going to run!” I joked stepping out.

Vasquez laughed with me until we started to kiss, she was much short than me, possibly five-foot-one. Her lips were moist against my own, as I pulled her closer something stabbed into my leg! Looking down we both burst into giggles when it was revealed to be her mag pouch!

When our kiss resumed my hands roamed her body, however her duty-belt and vest kept me from accessing anything sweet. My hands moved to her face, I took her dark brown Stetson and placed it on the seat, before filling my hand with a fistful of her light brown hair.

All this kissing had worked me up into a frenzy! Like a berserker on a Viking battlefield I found myself frustrated and overwhelmed with not bloodlust, but lust for the flesh! My lips remained pressed to hers, but my hands launched towards her duty-belt. In moments I had it unlatched, her curved hips held her belt up as my fingers snaked downwards.

As my fingers danced across her sensitive spots, I noticed that she was freshly shaved. I know that some ladies maintain a bare beaver, but I also know that some ladies do it when the know they’ll be able to show it off! I was quite sure which category Vasquez should be placed in.

As I pressed and rotated on her clitoris, Vasquez’s legs began to quiver and her grip on my arm tightened. If she hadn’t just came, I assumed that she would be shortly.

When her shakes subsided I dipped a finger into her opening, and was rewarded with a very wet pussy! So wet that I wondered if she didn’t just cum but instead had squirted!

Lust for the flesh overcame me, stronger than before! I felt like a recently transformed zombie! I could no longer hold back! The SUV door was open, with the window down; I pushed her into it, and pressed myself behind her. Vasquez gripped the door arm rest for support as she kept a vigil for any interlopers.

Although her Latin ass was mighty fine, dry-humping was not enough for me! I pulled her duty trousers down past her hips then moved her hips back, she was now ready to be ravished. I had been erect since I first sat in the SUV, and now with my one-eyed monster set free it was time to set him to his task.

With a hand on her now bare ass I guided my onyx coloured member to her wet entrance. Once there I halted then reached around to her front to twiddle on her clitoris. The sounds she made were pure cavewoman talk for ‘stop teasing me and fuck me hard!’ but I was not yet ready to give into her demands.

As I teased her joy button her vagina increased in moisture, causing the head of my penis to slide deeper and deeper into her. Her moans of pleasure had ceased almost immediately, and were replaced by the sound of nothing! I could hear the morning breeze swaying through the trees, and birds chirping nearby, however neither of us were breathing at this point.

When I felt my pelvis touch her ass I ceased pushing and stopped dead, my fingers remained in place, ready for my next move. We both took a deep breath, and enjoyed the moment.

I want to say I did this to allow her to adjust to my size, but the truth was I was ready to blow! I felt like I was back in Paris when some stripper went down on me, and I exploded with little encouragement.

Usually taking a breath gives me the Dutch courage I need to start again, but all I felt was Dutch! I tried a different tactic, I started my fingers upon their dance from before, but didn’t move an imperial inch of my massive man-log! Vasquez seemed oblivious to my problem, but enjoy the attention she was getting.

Feeling brave, and full of confidence I pulled back leaving only the head inside before ramming with the power of an auto accident back into Vasquez, she grunted in bliss as I repeated Betturkey Giriş the process over and over again.

Still blanketed in fog, no cars came down the hill, but if they had they would have seen me hammering away at Vasquez, both of us with our pants around our ankles.

I was fucking her at a good pace, but I hungered for more! I tried to get up her police tunic, but her tight bulletproof vest stopped my advance deader than the Ardennes Offensive! In a scramble I undid the Velcro and moved both hands upwards. Her bra was in the way, so I lifted it up and over her tits.

Grabbing them with cold hands her nipples suddenly became erect! Her breasts were so very soft, too soft! I stopped my thrust and took a deep breath.

“Are you alright?” Vasquez asked.

“Yeah, I’m ok.” I reassured her, “but I’m ready to cum! You’re so tight!”

“Don’t be such a shit head!” Vasquez teased. “Fuck me hard until you cum, then we can do it again when you’re ready!”

Vasquez may have said more, but I started hammering into her and missed her words. I squeezed her jugs, which were larger than my hands. I tugged on both nipples as if they were dials on an oldschool radio. I could feel my orgasm growing, but I didn’t care one bit!

“Aaaaaahhhhh fffffuuuuuccccckkkkk!!” I cried out into the mists that surrounded us.

Although I had sex the night before, my man fluid poured forth as if I hadn’t seen a woman, or touched myself for a month! I didn’t know where she was going to keep all that sperm in such a small and tight pussy.

I felt completely embarrassed, if Vasquez were looking at the clock on her dashboard, she’d see the same minute displayed from start to finish! I was certain beyond a doubt the second hand had not yet done one full revolution!

Regardless I felt like I had hit the fifty-nine second jackpot! Endorphins flooded my body much like my white goo packed inside the policewoman next to me. I breathed harder and faster than my run earlier that day.

“That was good!” Vasquez said.

“I doubt it.” I replied laughing.

“Que?” She asked.

“You are kind, but I did cum fast.” I stated.

“Don’t be a mother fucker!” Vasquez said. “I came a bunch of times!”

I stayed behind her still holding her close to me, with my wedding tackle buried inside her.

“We can clean up, go for a coffee then come back and fuck once more when you’re ready.” She said half as a command, half as a question.

I didn’t have words to express my thoughts, so I let my ebony tool do my speaking. I had cum fast, and rebounded just as quickly! I slid my slick dick out, then jammed it back inside her gooey taco.

“You are a mother fucker!” Vasquez accused of me before gasping. “Fuck me again!”

Like a genie awaken from the bottle, I granted her wish! I started pounding feeling fully refreshed! Like a risen Lazarus I had come back to make amends for my earlier crimes. I could see her hugging the SUV door as she pushed her tiny Latin ass out towards me!

In the gloom I saw a pair of headlights coming down the road, Vasquez either had her eyes shut, or didn’t care. I had no plans of another fast deal closer, so I spoke up.

“Car!” I cried out like a ball hockey player.

I pulled out my aching cock, then stepped back to pull up my shorts, Vasquez had her duty belt up and buckled, but she did not look anything like ready for work! She reached into the SUV to flip a switch, bright lights filled the foggy beach. As expected the car stopped, then after a moment I could see it turned and fled the scene!

“That was close.” I said laughing.

“That mother fucker!” Vasquez yelled. “I was about to cum!”

We both chuckled as we debated out next move. The fog was starting to lift with the rising of the sun, we’d have no real cover soon enough.

“Let’s go for a walk in these woods?” I suggested.

“Sure, but we can’t go too far.” Vasquez said. “I’m not from here, and I don’t want to get lost with a creampie leaking out!”

I noticed that Vasquez didn’t try to hold my hand or arm as we strolled down the path. In the few brief moments we had been dressed the sun shone bright, causing the fog to dissipate. We were at a small beach, with a park and washrooms nearby.

“Is that where you went to the bathroom?” I asked.

“Mother fucker!” Cried out Vasquez. “I pissed on the grass! I didn’t know that was there.”

We both laughed again, despite her sailor talk, she was all jokes. I suggested we check out the latrine, it looked large, and I felt doubly embarrassed with an erection swinging as I walked!

When we had the large wooden door closed and locked behind us we shed our garments fully this time then stood at admired each other. Vasquez had no tanlines on her body, she was evenly coloured her unique shade of white all over. Her nipples were dark brown and perfect circles

“What is that?” She asked pointing at a white scar on my body. “Bullet or knife?”

I was impressed that she knew her scars, most babes think they were odd tattoos.

“That one is a bullet, the other…” I said turning around, “is the knife mark.”

“Tell me you killed the mother fuckers!” She said with an evil grin.

I wasn’t one to speak of my time overseas with my dick out, so I only nodded as I drew closer to her. This time when we embraced it felt so much nicer, her skin was cold in some spots, and sweaty in others.

This kiss was much shorter than before, my penis leaked slowly as it bumped against Vasquez’s side. I turned her towards the corner, thankfully there was a small ledge that she used for support.

When Vasquez presented herself to me, I didn’t waste any time, I spat into my hand, to grease the head of my hammer. I was truly surprised when it went in easily, I guessed that creampie was much greater than I thought!

I held Vasquez’s hips like a drowning man clutching a life preserver, she shook and bucked with the orgasms I was inflicting upon her.

“Fuck!” She cried out. “Your cock is so big!”

I was no spring chicken, I knew women said those very words for every dude they played with, but her words sounded almost honest!

Sweat formed on my brow, and I could feel slickness growing on my chest. There must be neither clouds, nor morning fog left outside, as I could feel our love hut heating up. Vasquez too looked like she was basting in her own sweat.

I ignored the heat and sweat as I sought to make Vasquez explode from orgasmic overload, and it looked like I was succeeding! She was hugging the wall much more tightly than before.

“Where can I cum?” I asked as politely as a man can during sex.

“Madre Dios!” Vasquez cried out.

Confused I tried again. “Face, ass, or tits?”

“Fucking cum inside me!” She commanded in what seemed like her best law enforcement voice.

I moved my hands to her breasts, they were so lovely and unusual. Even with her bra off they held their shape! I squeezed them with the determination of a fellow trying to see how real they really were!

My orgasm built slowly, then when I could hold it back no more I came with the power of four Vuurwerkramp’s! Vasquez screamed in unison with me, her own orgasm timed with mine.

We stood there panting and sweating, neither wanted to speak. I had the strongest desire to lay down and sleep, but a glance at the concrete pad changed my mind.

“Vasquez?” Called a voice on the radio, which was on her duty belt on the floor, it was Dedi. “Is everything alright?”

“Madre Dios!” Vasquez said without moving, she didn’t want this to end.

Dedi’s deep voice spoke again. “We got a report that your lights were flashing down by the river this morning. Do you need back-up?”

Vasquez swore loudly, and I laughed as she extricated herself from my pole. She waddled over to get some toilet paper to catch the large globe of sperm oozing out of her towards the floor.

“I’m ok.” She said calmly. “I’m just 10-7 right now.”

Dedi’s chuckle could be heard over the radio.

“Let him know that someone has a big apology for him when he comes back.” Dedi said signing off.

“Fucking Christ!” Vasquez said before sitting down on the toilet.

“Do you want me to step out?” I offered, even though I was nude.

“Fuck no, just don’t fucking stare.” She said.

Soon we were back in the SUV speeding down the rural Oklahoma roads, full dressed and our passions sated.

“You’re fixed right?” Vasquez asked, with two hands on the wheel.

“Isn’t that a question you ask before I put it in?” I replied looking over to her.

“Don’t fuck with me!” Vasquez said turning her head at me briefly, her eyes looked brown now. “You had me coming too much to think of such things! Now you have me fucking scared!”

I started chuckling until I saw the fire in her eyes, causing me to speak up. “Yes years ago.”

Vasquez sighed in relief then spoke. “Don’t fucking scare me like that again!”

“Again?” I said. “I’m down for that, after all, I only need sixty seconds!”

We both laughed at that, after we caught our breath, Vasquez spoke up.

“Where do you want to be dropped off?” she asked.

“Put me back where you picked me up.” I said. “I’m not yet done running from my demons.”

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