Discovery Again


Sometime ago I came across my son Rob and his friend Chris having man-to-man sex together. I confronted Rob and he came onto me. I ended up fucking my son’s tight ass. Now Rob had told me he wanted to have a threesome with Chris and myself. Thankfully both boys were nineteen years old. They both knew exactly what they wanted. We ended up waiting until my wife was away for the day and Chris showed up one Saturday morning.

I was nervous for sure. I had no idea how this would all play out. All three of us went to my bedroom. My wife and I had a king size bed and I figured that would give us plenty of room to play. We all stripped out of our clothes and Chris and I got on the bed. My son Rob said he wanted to watch us first. I have to say that Chris was quite aggressive. He was on top of me in a flash and started to bite on my nipples.

That always made my cock get hard. We soon were grinding against each other. Our cocks were erect and things were heating up on the bed. Chris broke away from my nipples and we began to kiss each other. Our mouths opened and our tongues were touching. I was panting like a dog after some of those hot kisses.

I could feel Chris’s cock finding my ass crack. He was sliding his long prick up and down and I could feel his cockhead probing my hole. I didn’t think I was ready to have a cock inside me. şişli bayan escort but Chris had other plans. I felt him reach under my knees and he pushed my legs back. Chris looked into my face and then I felt him move his hips forward. The head of his cock was starting to penetrate me.

“Don’t fight this Don,” he told me.

I wasn’t fighting, but his cock felt huge. I had never taken anything up my chute before. Thankfully Chris went slow. Inch by inch he slid into my virgin asshole. After some minutes I could feel his balls resting on my asscheeks. That was when the true fucking began. Chris started to speed up. His balls were now making slapping noises as he fed me all of his cock.

I briefly looked over at Rob. He was sitting on a chair and was stroking his cock as he watched both of us fucking. Rob must have caught my look. He got up and came over to the bed. The next thing I knew Rob was directly over my face. His long dick was hanging down nearly to my mouth. I knew what he wanted from me. I opened my mouth and my son shoved his prick down my throat.

I was now being filled up by Rob and Chris. Chris was fucking me like some wild bull. Rob had most of his dick deep down my throat. I was choking some as Rob fed me his thick erection. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that something like this would have happened. şişli escort Gay sex was far from my mind just a few weeks ago. Now I was being taken by two young studs.

I have to say my ass hurt as Chris was ramming me with his dick. I was betting he must have been close to nine inches in length. Chris had all of it buried in my tight hole. I lost track of how long they fucked me. All I knew was that Chris and Rob timed it just right. They ended up blowing their hot loads at the same time.

I felt the hot flow of seed squirting down my throat. I tried the best I could to gulp it all down. In the meantime, Chris let out a loud grunt and I felt the heat of his love cream scalding my gut. Both of these guys must have been saving their cum up. All that cumming went on for many minutes. Cum was leaking from the corners of my mouth. When Chris finally got soft he pulled his dick from my hole.

I reached down with my fingers and felt his love offering leaking out my butt. It felt as if someone had beat me up. I was spent from those studs fucking me. Chris and Rob got up from the bed and left me to lie there. It took me sometime to recover. I went into the bathroom and managed to get cleaned up. I went out to the kitchen and looked out the window there.

Rob and Chris were now in the pool. I could see their hard bodies as they mecidiyeköy escort were kissing each other in the water. They both soon got out of the pool and then went over to a deck chair. Chris laid down and then Rob mounted his midsection. It was just like the first time that I had caught them fucking. Rob lowered his ass and Chris’s hard cock slid into my son. As I stood there my cock started getting hard.

Chris didn’t waste any time. He was bringing his ass up and filling Rob with the entire length of his hot prick. Rob kept slamming down to meet Chris’s thrust. I couldn’t help myself. I started to stroke my dick. Chris took hold of Rob’s asscheeks. He was really pumping his dick deep into my son’s ass. I could hear them both moaning and crying out as Chris thrusted deeper and deeper.

I didn’t think Chris could have very much left after he fucked me, but I was mistaken.

“I’m cumming Rob!”

The next thing I saw was Chris’s cock expand and contract as he shot one load after another into Rob’s greedy hole. There is nothing like two young men fucking one another. Cum was leaking out of Rob’s ass. They both kept going until Chris finally went soft. He pulled his cock out with a plopping noise. I could see my son was wasted from being fucked that intensely. Both of them had a final kiss and then they got up to come inside.They both met me in the kitchen.

“The next time we do this,” I told them, “it’s my turn to fuck you both.”

Chris and Rob both got a big grin on their faces. I hope my wife soon had another shopping trip she needs to go on!

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