Subject: Do As You’re Told – Chapter Eighteen Do As You’re Told Chapter Eighteen: Luck of the Draw If you need permission to read this story (from a master, husband, partner, lodger, boss, next door neighbour, gardener) please obtain it first. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places and events is unintentional. This story is exclusively for entertainment purposes so please enjoy in safe and legal manner. THURSDAY 17TH JANUARY 2019 Although school reopened on Monday 7TH January, S4-S6 pupils spent the first two weeks sitting preliminary or mock exams. Adam had no other reason to be in school other than being instructed by Mr Anonymous. He was dressed in his school uniform – he could have worn anything but saw fit to try and blend in to the background. Anyone who saw him would assume he was studying, had an exam or was there to do homework. Adam had actually finished all of his own prelim exams the previous day – he should have had the opportunity to relax for an extra few days before classes resumed next week. No such luck. Last night Adam had received a dreaded message and his mind was given its first insight into just how awful things were going to be. He gave a lot of thought to saying “no” and taking his chances with the deluge of destructive imagery that would make his final months at school hell and make his life feel like it wasn’t worth living – because melodrama is a way of life for teenagers. But then Adam sat down and breathed and thought about ways to pull off the task being set to him… Mr Anonymous: [Tomorrow is the Advanced Higher Art or a place where kids skived instead of going to the common room or the huddle hall. Micah located him and Adam prepared himself for a briefing. “My exam starts in less than two hours. The school is about to be told the model isn’t coming and you’re going to overhear them and volunteer your services,” Micah said without preamble. It really annoyed Adam when Micah did that. Would it kill him to treat Adam like a person rather than just a body? “My services?” Adam replied sceptically. “Absolutely. The boys doing their exam today have been preparing to draw a life model, not fruit, not make a clay pot – we want a body to draw. We reckon the school will be happy…” “What the fuck do you mean “we”, Micah?” Adam interrupted. Micah rolled his eyes and said, “It’s a figure of speech, I meant…” He was about to be interrupted again. “I don’t believe you,” Adam said, placing a firm grip on Micah’s bicep. “Have you told other people about me… about the things I’ve done?” Micah took a moment to consider feeling threatened but then just jerked his arm from Adam grip. “No, I’ve not,” Micah said moodily – taken aback by Adam’s challenge. Adam meanwhile had realised this was his only opportunity to press for more information. “This isn’t the first time you’ve said “we” but I kinda had other things on my mind at the time to think about it. You say you’ve not told other people…” sudden comprehension dawned on Adam’s face; “…Someone else told you, didn’t they?” Adam had asked Micah just before Christmas if he was really Mr Anonymous but Micah had aggressively avoided answering. Now Adam came to think about it, it was obvious that Micah couldn’t have planned all the things against him. “The anonymous fucker who’s been pulling my strings sent me a text last night. He already told me what I’d be doing today but you didn’t know that, did you? You’re not Mr Anonymous, are you?” “It doesn’t matter,” Micah said dismissively. “It matters to me. Tell me; are you just a puppet too?” Adam asked; concern for Micah creeping into his voice. If Micah was being used my Mr Anonymous too, then maybe they could work together to end this. “Not like you are,” Micah said with an edge of contempt. “For months you’ve thought I was the one behind all this, I just didn’t correct your assumption.” “Who is behind all this? Why is he doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me?” Adam fired his questions. “Don’t know. Don’t care. And my reasons are still the same. You’re a vain, arrogant, mean, petty bully…” Micah replied. “I’ve changed,” Adam chimed in. “Maybe a little,” Micah grudgingly agreed but his sneer did not soften. “You’re also very attractive. What kind of an idiot would say no to the chance to see you naked, on your knees, tossing yourself off? Why am I doing this to you? You’re like a fucking sweet shop and I’ve been given the keys, I’d be crazy not to taste it all.” “What you’re doing to me is wrong,” Adam said patiently. “Add pathetic to the list. We’re done here. You like domination, right? You’ve been given your instructions,” Micah said. “This isn’t domination, its abuse,” Adam continued to appeal to Micah. “If you don’t get your cock out in Art today, it’s not me who’ll pay the price. Do what you like Adam, I’ll enjoy the consequences of whatever decision you make,” Micah said. As Micah walked away he was chased by Adam’s parting question: “Who is he? Who is he, Micah?” Micah wished he knew. Adam was left sitting in the waiting area with a black cloud hanging over his dark mood. He had hoped to appeal to Micah’s sense of decency but it was hard to tell if Micah even had a sense of decency. In the short term, he certainly didn’t seem to give a fuck. And who has been sending him text messages if not Micah? Micah had appeared on the scene shortly after the text messages began and he always seemed to be in the know. He was in the know – Adam had been deliberately led to believe Micah was Mr Anonymous. Adam never had any reason to think Micah and Mr Anonymous were different participants in his torment. Who is My Anonymous? Why is he doing this? “I’m still happy to invigilate the class. They might be disappointed but what else can we do?” asked Mr Wilson. Mr (Rhys) Wilson, the Deputy Head Mr McKenzie and the schools Head Teacher Mr Armitage had just left the Head Teacher’s office. They cast a look at him without really looking at him and continued a discussion that had obviously been going for a while. “Surely the agency can provide someone else?” Mr Armitage asked. The agency in question did not actually exist. It appeared to exist on paper and it had a neat – if brief – electronic trail but it had been invented by Rhys Wilson. Rhys was proud of his self-taught technical acumen. Hacking the school intranet to sent emails to everyone had taken a few attempts but worth it to show Adam that his saucy pictures could be easily shared with everyone is school. It had only taken a few hours to create a fake agency website for artistic models – setting up this very moment. “I’ve called the agency to make the same point three times already,” Mr McKenzie replied peevishly. The Deputy Head seemed embarrassed to have let them down. Rhys smiled discreetly – he had so casually suggested a life model to the head Art and Design teacher – Donny – and later given him the details for an agency that provided such services. When Donny decided to use a life model for an art class that he ran in the local community centre, Rhys had asked to go along. It would have been rude not to – after all, the agency he had invented needed an actual model. Donny called and was told Matthew was available for the art class in question. Matthew wasn’t the name he usually went by but he was a twenty-three year old hunky lad and had for many years been taking his clothes off for money. Usually this was followed by masturbation and sex of some description. Just taking his clothes off would be a nice change of pace. Rhys had known Matthew in another life (metaphorically) and stayed in touch even after Rhys… moved on… Or tried to move on. His past was like a shadow and he was working hard to throw a petrol bomb into the shade. Needless to say, Donny and his class were very happy with Matthew – the hunky naked blonde man with a five inch flaccid cock. Donny’s class at the community centre was mostly visited by bored housewives and single guys with nothing else to do on a Thursday evening; the most exciting thing they’d drawn so far was a cat. And the cat had been stuffed. It was dead first, obviously. After the class, Rhys had casually suggested a life model for the school. Donny had reacted the way any sane teacher would… “Rhys! I can’t invite a naked man into a school classroom,” Donny said. “Well, let him come in before he gets naked then,” Rhys suggested. “Ha ha,” Donny replied. But the idea brewed and soon Donny was coming to Rhys to test ideas for how he might get away with suggesting it to the Head Teacher. Rhys suggested the Art and Design prelim. A few weeks later and the arrangements had been made for a naked model to attend for the Art and Design exam. When they set the boy-girl rule with regard to the exam, Rhys had scrambled to arrange for a woman model for the girls to draw but that had been a minor inconvenience (Matthew knew a girl). It was all set so that when the ‘agency’ called half an hour ago to say they were cancelling, all hell broke loose. The boys from North Forth Academy were already on site and the exam timetable was tight and strict and had been approved by the Scottish Qualification Authority – the exam could not be rearranged. “I’ll call them again,” Mr McKenzie said hastily and desperately. “There’s no point calling them again,” Rhys said dejectedly. Mr Armitage gave a nod of agreement. “They’ll just have to draw the cat,” Mr Armitage said. “I think Donny has taken Mr Pickles to the dry cleaners, sir,” Rhys replied. “Our options are limited unless you know any young men who will be willing to take their clothes off?” “I’ll do it,” Adam chipped in. There was still well over an hour until the Art and Design exam and the entire time was taken up by a debate about whether the school could allow a pupil to take his clothes off in a classroom. Mr Armitage was persuaded to allow Adam to strip to his underwear and then got cold feet again. In the end, Mr Armitage used his discretion as Head Teacher and passed the buck to Adam’s dad. “If Mr Mansouri is willing to sign a consent form for Adam, then I’ll agree,” he said. His voice was full of uncertainty – he wanted to do right by the boys about to set their exam but he was clearly uncomfortable with the proposed solution of allowing a teenaged pupil at the school to do it. He called Mr Mansouri. Adam could hear his dad laughing down the telephone line. Aziz asked to speak to Adam who then had to persuade his dad that he really wanted to do it. Aziz knew his son was body-proud and would never allow him to strip off in The Fourth but Adam was insistent to the point of insolence, so he acquiesced. “If you really wanted to do this, Adam…” Aziz stated to say. “Thanks, dad,” Adam interrupted (mostly because he didn’t really want to do it, but he had to do it). “Good luck,” said Aziz. “Thanks,” Adam replied. Adam signed a consent form and Mr Mansouri’s consent was documented by the three teachers. Rhys had spent his time playing devil’s advocate but persistently pushing the decision towards allowing Adam to be at least partially undressed. “Fine, you may model escort bayan in your… eh… boxers,” Mr Armitage said uncomfortably. “I’m wearing briefs,” Adam said. “Yes, yes, fine,” Mr Armitage said – clearly he would rather not know. “You’re very brave Adam,” said Rhys as they walked up to the art classroom together. “Thanks sir,” Adam answered. Adam was still thinking about what was about to happen and, moreover, how he was going to persuade Rhys to let him be totally naked! “You know you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Rhys reassured him. Adam rolled his eyes, what did he know? Rhys suppressed a smile, that comment was a little on the nose but it made him feel good. Just listening to Adam talk Mr Aziz into letting him do this had made Rhys smile. They were walking up the corridor towards the art room on the first floor. The corner room was the biggest and brightest and also had fifteen boys standing outside it. Even at a distance, Adam felt butterflies play havoc with his insides. Rhys handed him a key to the storeroom where he could get “eh, undressed” and then safely lock his things away. The teacher meanwhile was going to get the boys settled. Adam passed Micah and Ben on his way into the room and it was then that he started to really contemplate what he was about to do. Half of these kids knew him and went to school with him every day! Micah and Ben were both gay, it got Adam wondering how many other excited boys would be drawing him soon. And how many would be ambivalent. Adam nearly fell over when he saw Shiro also in the line outside the class. Shit! The boy who Adam had met at Gymno-Mania; who had already seen his penis, seen him cum, who’s had fingers in his ass… Shiro smiled but showed no signs of recognition to anyone else – his discretion was appreciated. Adam entered the art classroom and made straight for the storeroom while the noise of the boys followed him in and Rhys’ voice struggled to make itself head above the rabble. Adam flicked the light switch and closed the door behind him, bringing not silence but quiet and a backing track of muffled voices. A chair had been placed in the small room with a robe over the back and beside it was a table with a few small bottles of water. He opened one bottle and filled his mouth, taking three gulps to get it all down, then he finished the rest of the bottle with greedy haste. The little storeroom was stifling because it didn’t have air-conditioning or a window so Adam opened a second bottle of water while he kicked off his shoes; he sat on the chair to slip off his socks and heard his bare feet make a gentle pat on the floor. Adam put down the half finished bottle of water and pulled at his school tie, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, then removed his trousers too. He sat for a moment in just a pair of black briefs, a decent bulge filling it out, while he contemplated what was about to happen. “Adam?” came a call with a coinciding knock; “Are you ready?” asked Mr Jones. No was the actual answer but not one he felt he had the option to assert. He couldn’t find his voice to answer, so he pulled the robe on and walked to the storeroom door – Mr Jones was just outside. It felt a little weird knowing he only had briefs on under the robe. Where the two sides of the robe met, the top of Adam’s chest was visible and clearly bare; it also only reached his knees so clearly his bare legs and feet were on show the moment he stepped out of the storeroom. “If you just go to the centre of the room, Adam. Then we can get started?” Mr Jones asked with a nervous tremor. Adam couldn’t look at the boy’s faces but they were all looking at him – with expectant grins. They were all waiting to see if what Mr Jones had just told them was true – was Adam really about to be their model? They all thought their model would be some anonymous guy with middle age spread – if it was going to be a boy their own age that would be the luck of the draw. Adam walked to the middle of the room, noting the classroom door was closed – thank fuck. In his rob and with only pants on underneath, Adam was already embarrassed. The very idea that when he took the robe off, boys from his own school would see his nearly naked body was enough to make him spew. Add to that the inevitable removal of the briefs too – Adam forced the thought away. In the middle of the room was a stool draped in a white sheet. The boys were all in a semi-circle facing the middle of the room, their backs bathed in light from the window behind them; the classroom door was behind Adam and Mr Jones was standing on Adam’s left with the storeroom behind him. Adam undid the robe and slid it off his shoulders. Adam folded it over one arm and was revealed to the room of boys: bare foot, toned legs, smooth abs and chest and also perky nipples. Also, in spite of the humiliation of being in his underwear in a school classroom, Adam’s penis was not wholly soft. Adam wore a mask of bravado and arrogance. Every boy in the room seemed impressed by Adam’s physique – statistically not all of them were gay but the way they looked at him… Adam knew for certain that Micah, Ben and Shiro were gay but he wondered what the straight boys got out of seeing a boy in his briefs in a classroom in his own school. There must have been something about the scenario that ignited wide-eyed interest. Were they just really into art? Or perhaps it was schadenfreude? Ironically, Ben blushed at the sight of Adam – unable to believe Adam’s unashamed boldness and conceit – and felt a sense of fremdschamen. Adam tossed the robe to Mr Jones who caught it before it could land on the floor. While Mr Jones fussed with folding the robe, Adam did the unthinkable. Mr Jones wasn’t looking so Adam took the chance to do what had to be done; he hooked his fingers into his briefs and pushed them down. The collective gasp could have changed the air pressure in the room! Adam extracted the briefs from his left foot and tossed them at Mr Jones. Mr Jones looked up just in time to catch the briefs in his face and looked stunned at the naked boy who was settling into place on the stool. The uniformed boys, who had been stunned by Adam’s naked revelation, laughed when his briefs hit Mr Jones’ face. Prolonging the moment, Rhys took a second to enjoy the musky teen smell of sweaty underwear lodged in his nose. The underwear fell from the robe that was folded in his arms and landed on the floor; before he could pick them up another boy obliged. “Oh… they’re damp and warm,” the boy laughed. The boys in the room giggled again and divided their attention between the thunderstruck Mr Jones and Adam – who had temporarily covered his bits with his hands. “Oh… eh… Adam? I…” Mr Jones stuttered. His discomfort was quite entertaining for the clothed school boys in the room. “Weren’t they meant to get a nude model, sir?” asked Adam. Adam’s eyes briefly caught Micah who was suppressing a grin at Adam’s efforts to talk his way into the situation. Micah was wondering how Adam was going to persuade the teacher to let him stay naked – so was Adam. “Yes… but… you’re naked,” Mr Jones stuttered to giggles from the boys. Mr Jones was a History teacher, no-one could blame him for not knowing how to handle a nude model. Of course absolutely no-one in the room knew that Rhys’ reaction was all an act. “I’d noticed sir,” Adam replied cheekily – for a moment he felt like the old Adam. The feeling was gone in an instant as he noticed that, no matter how entertaining Mr Jones’ discomfort was, he was still the naked elephant in the room. “Sir, the exam is meant to start in three minutes,” Ben said helpfully. “Yes… I know… but this isn’t quite what we agreed, Adam,” Mr Jones pointed out. “Aye, but it seems silly to make arrangements for a nude model and then replace him with a guy in briefs. It’s just a body, right?” Adam asked expectantly. There was a murmur of agreement from the teenagers – but there would be, wouldn’t there? Adam hated having to talk his way into this. Would Mr Anonymous have mercy if Adam tried but failed? Adam didn’t trust Micah to report honestly on his efforts and so he plotted to redouble his efforts. “Maybe I should check with Mr Armitage,” Mr Jones said. “And leave me unsupervised with this lot? Plus it’ll cut into their exam time,” Adam said. There was only two minutes left before they were meant to begin. Mr Jones sighed and the fifteen budding artists watched him for his final decision. “I suppose… But to be clear, this is your choice?” Mr Jones asked. “Yes.” “I really need to be clear, Adam,” Mr Jones said, removing all ambiguity; “It’s your choice to sit in this classroom; a bare naked and barefoot seventeen year old schoolboy. In front of fifteen other seventeen year old schoolboys; boys still very much dressed in their uniforms while you are the only one undressed. And many of these boys go to this very school. Boys who know you. Boys who will have seen every inch of your exposed body, including your penis, which they’ll study for the duration of a two hour exam. You are choosing this, are you Adam?” Rhys was absolutely dying inside! He could barely restrain his excitement, his glee and his mirth. Not restraining his spite was what had led Rhys to this moment. This was going to be good. Rhys knew he had laid it on pretty thick. Perhaps too over-the-top but he didn’t care. “Yes,” Adam answered. The idiot actually agreed to all that! Fucking hell, Rhys was the happiest man alive. Rhys was so busy watching Adam take his place on the stool in the centre of the room that he failed to notice… Micah had found it difficult to tear his eyes away from Adam, but he had an entire two hours to look at him naked. Micah shifted his gaze away from Adam, whom everyone else was glued to, to watch Mr Jones while he spoke. He might have sounded like a responsible teacher gaining a heavy-handed but unequivocal consent but it also sounded like something else. Humiliation. Embarrassment. Domination. Micah thought his brain was going to explode with the realisation… Mr Jones is a mystery. Mr Jones is MrEe. The realisation the teacher was Micah’s mysterious contact led to more questions. The same questions Adam had, but now Micah wanted the answers too. In fact, Micah began to toy with exactly how he could wield this power. MrEe’s secret had been powerful – Micah’s threat to expose that secret could be powerful too. Micah was absolutely dying inside! He could barely contain his excitement, his glee, his mirth. Not restraining his spite was what had led Micah to this moment. This was going to be good. Adam was mortified. Shit, did Mr Jones have to shame, embarrass, mortify and humiliate him like that? Emphasising his total nudity in front of fifteen clothed schoolboys! Clothed-male, naked-male (CMNM) was a bit of a fantasy but not in this context. Emphasising that he went to school with half of the boys now looking at his naked body. Pointing out that the boys could see his penis and their work might illustrate that appendage in art forever. Adam watched as Mr Jones took his robe kocaeli escort bayan and his briefs and tossed them into the storeroom, locking them inside. He put the key in his pocket and Adam knew he was well past the point of no return. The worst part was he had agreed to it all. Ha had agreed because Micah and or Mr Anonymous had told him to and threatened him. Was the threat, or the consequences of disobedience, worse than this? Actually yes, but this was still pretty bad. However, of Adam thought this was bad… It took a few moments for Adam to settle into a pose that the group was satisfied with; he found himself perched on the edge of the stool. His left leg was stretched out long, his left foot tilted a little, and his left hand sat on the inside of his thigh. Adam’s right arm was up over his head to expose his armpit, the weight of his forearm leaning on the back of his head pushed it down a little. At least with his head tilted down he could not see the fifteen teenaged artists. Except they asked him to lift his face and to look up… now he could see the neat line of teenagers scratching away with pencils or ink; paints were open and fastidious faces continually checked him out. Adam’s right leg, unlike his left, was bent slightly and his foot flat on the floor. Also, his legs were parted widely so there was no way to miss the four and half inches of floppy boy-cock. In fact, with his bum perched on the very edge of the stool, Adam’s cock ‘n’ balls were hanging out over the edge of the stool and pulled into mid air by Newton’s revenge (gravity). Adam’s scrotum was tight, suspending his testes close to his penis which dangled a little to the left and offering a better view of his right testicle. There was occasional muttering, which in the near silence of the room, was awfully audible to Adam… “I can’t fucking believe this.” “Adam fuckin’ Mansouri is bollock naked.” “Can’t stop looking at his dick.” “I like his furry legs.” “Furry legs? What about the furry pubes?” “Think I’d die of embarrassment.” “He should do this more often.” “Like in History class.” “I can’t get his nipples right.” “Have you noticed how his belly button…” “Dick is a decent size.” “…the dishy curve of his armpit.” “It’s quite a chubby circumcised cock.” “…a little brown spot on his thigh.” “That blue vein on his penis.” “Adam, please lean back a little.” “Shit!” “He’s exposed even more…” “Can you see his ass-hole?” “Shit!” “This must be so humiliating.” “I wanna put my dick in his…” “Gross.” “Yea. Can totally see his bum-hole.” “I hope he gets a hard-on.” Adam felt so humiliated and yet he liked being naked. He liked showing off. No-one had said anything bad about him. They admired his body. They found him attractive. Adam was still nervous as hell. Adam would still rather have been anywhere else but here but it wasn’t quite as bad as he’d imagined. Then Adam felt a stirring. His dick twitched. Oh no! This was not arousing… he wasn’t turned on. And yet his dick twitched again. He felt it lift from his thigh before dropping back a half inch longer. Over the next five minutes, despite conscious effort, his penis began to engorge. Where was Mr Jones? Shouldn’t he call time on this? Adam couldn’t see him, but in the corner of his eyes he thought the teacher was over by the art teacher’s desk – trying not to look at a naked teenager, probably. The boys all noticed, of course they did. Rhys too had noticed but he’d planted a camera or two to watch back later rather than perving now and giving himself away. It was much more in character to remain reserved. Adam could see Micah grinning, Ben wearing an endearing expression of detached concentration and Shiro looking at him with bright brown eyes that were shiny with yearning. Adam’s boner slowly grew, twitching and bouncing; rising slowly until it stuck straight out. Its little jumps caused Adam’s cock to wave towards the faces of the teens to the centre and left of his stool. Adam’s dick was fully hard at six and three quarter inches – haven grown a little in the last four months. That was a pleasing thing but he didn’t want to show his penis off to fifteen school boys. Ok, he’d already been doing that for half an hour. He didn’t want to show off his erect penis to fifteen school boys. Why wouldn’t it go down? Why was he so hard? Achingly hard. Why… Adam thought about the water he’d drank in the store room right before emerging into the room and he guessed exactly what had happened. Adam looked up at Micah, who looked very pleased with himself because he’d spiked the water bottles with Viagra. Adam tried to remember what he had been told about Viagra in sex-ed class but the only thing he’d paid less attention to than old guys who couldn’t get erections was the bit about vaginas. Half an hour, Adam dredged up – half an hour for Viagra to kick in. It still needed physical or psychological stimulation; who’d have thought being bare naked in a room full of boys would do the trick? It was an agonising time for Adam but as exited and bewildered as the boys sitting their exam were, they brought their full attention to the task ahead of them. This really was an exam and an opportunity to expand their portfolio… Adam hoped they wouldn’t draw his boner. It was strange to think that in a room of fifteen boys, two had already seen him hard. The only consolation was that after today only Shiro and Micah would see it again. It was hard – difficult – to stay still, to remain in position for the duration, but Adam did his best. He squirmed when his arse got sore but he was allowed to make little adjustments like that. They were given a fifteen minute warning and most of the budding artist concluded shortly after that. They got to enjoy the view of a very uncomfortable, naked and erect seventeen year old who they could just ogle until the exam finally ended. When Mr Jones finally did announce the exam was over, Adam relaxed and brought his arm down, his knees closer together and his hands over his crotch. “Everyone has to submit their work to me, dated and clearly labelled. You have one hour until the written exam,” Mr Jones announced. There was a flurry of activity as everyone moved to take a well deserved break – no-one more so than Adam. Still sporting a hard-on, Adam gingerly approached Mr Jones who had stood from his position behind the teacher’s desk. “Adam, you did very well,” Mr Jones said. He was slow to notice Adam was trying to hide an erection and blushed on his behalf. “Oh, god. Have you been like that… oh, dear.” Mr Jones couldn’t look at him anymore and there was some sniggering from the boys who found Mr Jones’ discomfort almost as entertaining as the view of Adam’s awesome ass! They hadn’t had much chance to see it since only full frontal had been offered so far. Not that they were complaining about that. Adam was glad the boys studding Art and Design were more timid than in most subjects. He imagined most of the lads he was friends with would have been unrelenting by now in their torment and mockery. “I need to go to the loo,” Mr Jones said. “Been holding it for an hour. You can get yourself dressed, Adam. We won’t need you here to inspire the written exam.” Mr Jones dodged around the desk and left the classroom, abandoning Adam to the fifteen schoolboys still in the room. Adam didn’t look at them, instead he walked around the desk and made for the storeroom – the door failed to open when he turned the handle. It was still locked and Mr Jones had the key. Adam looked back to see the entire group had made the same discovery. It was Micah who asked the question, “So Adam… what are you going to do while we wait for Mr Jones to come back?” Rhys had been reluctant to leave the room. He knew that once Adam found the door was locked his options would be limited. He also relied upon the ingenuity of teenagers to make the most out of it. He desperately wished he could be a fly on the wall – he certainly knew what he’d have made Adam do if he was a seventeen year old in that room right now. He could watch it all back on the hidden cameras later. Rhys knew he was missing out by not seeing it first-hand but he had already taken delight in watching Adam take off the robe and then toss his underwear across the room. He hadn’t intentionally sniffed the boy’s briefs but that had been a fucking treat. Rhys had marvelled in the way Adam justified his nudity, little knowing he was justifying it to the one person who did not actually need persuaded. Rhys had been surprised to see Adam getting hard during his posing and at first assumed it was simply Adam’s vanity. It was part of the reason why Rhys was doing this – not a big part, but still a part – but slowly he began to wonder if another force was at work. Adam had taken half an hour to get hard and stayed hard for the rest of the exam; it seemed pretty obvious the boy had been given chemical assistance and only Micah knew this was coming. The cunning little fucker had upped the ante nicely. Rhys had chosen well when he’d persuaded Micah to be the face of his manipulation. Micah had asked questions but in his anonymous capacity, Rhys had dismissed them and instead stoked Micah’s pre-existing resentment and vulgar antipathy towards Adam. By the time Micah had been told to reveal himself to Adam, the boy had been excited to actively participate. With all the artists focusing either on their work or on Adam, Rhys had had quite a bit of opportunity to subtly check Adam out. Rhys didn’t consider himself a pervert; Adam was over sixteen so fair game from a legal standpoint – a teacher who interferes with any pupil would still loss his job though. Throughout all of Rhys’ machinations, he had never really taken the time to study Adam. He was a very attractive boy – with light brown skin, dark hair and an athletic body. Rhys had never done this for the sexual thrill of seeing a seventeen year old naked, exposed, embarrassed, engaging in gay scenarios – his reasons for persecuting Adam were not so mundane… But it was a perk of his campaign. Back to the point at hand, now Rhys had the chance to really look at Adam, he really was a very attractive boy. In a “might even risk getting fired fucking him” kind of way. But for now he would take comfort in Adam’s discomfort. Rhys would enjoy the details that Micah would supply later – once he was safely under his enigmatic MrEe guise. Micah really was a good choice; at the beginning Micah had been enthusiastic but clearly had qualms: [I have doubts about this. Adam’s a bastard but that doesn’t make it ok for me to be one too.] Clearly, those days were long gone… “Ben, close the classroom door. We wouldn’t want anyone walking in and embarrassing Adam, would we?” Micah said to a chorus of giggles. Ben closed the door and meekly joined the group. Ben was a nice boy, a photo addict and Adam recalled that Arthur had defended him just before the Christmas holidays. Adam hoped someone would defend him but he could tell this was the wrong room for that. The boys in attendance were either too meek or kocaeli escort braying for more – or a bit of both. “You’re still hard, Adam,” Micah taunted him. “You’ve been hard for an hour and a half, you must really enjoy this,” said one of the lads from the North Forth Academy. Adam didn’t recognise him and the way the kid said it was not with condemnation or taunting, but awe. Many faces looking at him had the same expression. Gay boys loving the sight of a cock, curious boys intrigued by the sight of a cock, small-cocked boys envying the sight of a big cock, straight boys intrigued by the exhibition of a cock… most of the thoughts were about cock! “Jerk it for us, Adam,” Micah suggested. There was some sniggers and gasps from around the fifteen boys. The room was excited by the idea; already shocked that Adam had been naked and sporting an erection – they didn’t actually believe Adam Mansouri would masturbate in front of them. “Why would you want to watch me jerk it?” Adam asked as if the idea should not have occurred to anyone. “‘Cause I’m gay. And I like big cocks and I cannot lie,” Micah replied. A few more laughs, fewer this time. The room was growing quiet as the impossibility grew more likely. “Why would anyone else want to watch me do that?” Adam asked, appealing for sanity. “Well, I’m gay too if it helps,” Shiro said. Thanks for that. Way to back me up. “I came out last week,” Ben said quietly and no further explanation was necessary. “Naked in school fantasy.” “Wish fulfilment.” “Boredom.” The explanations were all irrelevant in the end. “I’m not doing it,” Adam replied. No-one was surprised that Adam said no. The boys who knew him were surprised it took him so long to say no. “We promise not to tell. If you wank off we won’t tell anyone about it. We won’t even tell people that you were our nude model,” Micah said to a mumble of agreement from the group. That was a tempting promise to secure but Adam didn’t trust Micah. “How do I know you’ll keep that promise?” Adam asked; the question was barbed towards Micah and he knew it. “You should be more worried about us keeping a different promise,” Micah said pleasantly despite the fact his intentions were anything but. “If you don’t jerk off and cum while we all watch, we promise to tell the whole school. Everyone will know you got naked and boned up. Do you believe that promise?” Adam nodded while the boys in the room looked stunned that Micah was being so forthright and commanding. Adam’s reputation as a an intimidator left the boys from his school tempted to see Adam perform but still not daring to believe he would. “So you’re better off yanking that dick until you shoot. We promise not to tell,” Micah said in a silky voice. Despite everything, Adam believed Micah on this point. There was a risk that others would tell, but he doubted it. Adam most certainly believed Micah would spread the word if he didn’t masturbate so he was left with little option. Adam moved back to the stool in the middle of the room. The classroom door behind him was still closed and the boys retook their seats. Behind the fifteen school boys, the first-floor windows showed blue skies and a wintery sun. Bathed in the natural light, mixed with the fluorescents above, Adam gripped his cock and started stroking. “I can’t believe he’s doing this.” “I can’t believe we’re watching him do this.” “I can’t believe I left my camera in the common room.” “I can’t believe he’s not doing this in the common room.” “I don’t jerk mine like that.” “Shit, he’s already dribbling.” “This story better be in the underground yearbook…” “… Adam Mansouri jerked off in school.” “…Adam Mansouri masturbates.” “…Adam Mansouri put on a cock show.” “Shame there’s no lube.” “His cock is shiny anyway.” “I’ve never seen a cut cock shoot.” “You can play with your ass if you like.” “Gross.” “Cum on yourself.” “Spank it, Adam.” “He’s enjoying it, he’s pinching his nipples.” “Are you gay, you weirdo?” “I’m not gay!” Adam protested – it was a reflex, angry and scared. “Jerking off to a room full of boys?” the lad whose name Adam didn’t know said. It was really distracting, he was just trying to cum as fast as he could. However, even if the boys who attended this school kept their mouths shut, he didn’t want them thinking he was gay. Adam resented this because he is gay – but he didn’t want people to know. He could explain why or make excuses why but the result was the same… “I’m not gay. I like my own cock though and you like it enough to watch,” Adam replied cleverly. “Steven, just shut up, will you?” Shiro warned his classmate. Adam was grateful and closed his eyes to concentrate on the task at hand. So to speak. Having been hard for so long, his erection was almost painful but despite his protests, fifteen fully clothed boys in the room was a more than adequate stimulus. Adam caressed his chest, sliding his hand from nipple to nipple and then down his firm abs to caress his pubis and then his inner thigh. It only took a few more strokes to finally explode with fat streams of warm cum. It crossed half the distance between him and the boys and the ecstatic numbness that followed allowed Adam to block out what he had just done and who had just seen him do it. Adam’s hand swept the sensitive head of his cock as it gave its final feeble spurts before stopping. He wiped his hand on the sheet and panted while his cock deflated without going limp; it was still full length but floppy and dribbling. “I’m a real fool, aren’t I?” Mr Jones said as he re-entered the room. Adam had just used paper towels to wipe the cum from the head of his cock and to clean blobs of spunk from his fingers and thigh. His cock had mostly deflated when the teacher came back. “I took the key to the storeroom with me,” Mr Jones said as if he had just realised his error. Nothing would have made Rhys happier to have been able to hide or steal Adam’s clothes and watch him panic, but he had already pushed things further today than ever before. He was risking exposing himself as Adam’s manipulator if he did anymore today. Thus he unlocked the door and admitted Adam to put his clothes back on. Inside, Adam could hear Mr Jones asking why the boys hadn’t taken a break yet. He pulled his clothes on without ceremony and sat down to wait until the room was clear because he knew he couldn’t face them again. “Some of you guys should probably get some lunch. You still have half an hour before the written exam,” Mr Jones told the fifteen boys. They began to file out and Micah was tempted – sorely and almost uncontrollably tempted – to go back and tell Mr Jones that he had figured it out. But then Micah got to thinking that knowledge is power and he needed time to figure out his next move. It might be fun to continue to pretend not to know for a little while longer. Just a little while. Ben was leaving the classroom and felt numb at what had just happened. “So that was pretty cool, right?” Micah asked him, sneaking up from behind. “Yea. Maybe,” Ben answered uncertainly. Ben was so cute – Micah thought of him a bit like a puppy. “What do you mean maybe?” Micah asked, grinning and raising his eyebrows with scepticism. “Seems like… well… people don’t do what he just did. It makes me feel strange having been a part of it,” Ben replied. Ben seemed genuinely torn about what had just happened. Micah knew what he was saying – making Adam do that was wrong. Micah couldn’t allow that sentiment to become an earworm in his head; he killed the sympathy dead and spoke with narcissistic assurance. “Who cares about strange? Hot guy plus nudity plus erection equals memories that’ll last a lifetime,” Micah pointed out. Ben was pacified just enough by Micah’s persuasion. Ben half smiled and his reservations became sufficiently suppressed by the recollection of Adam Mansouri jerking off in a classroom. Ben’s skill with photography extended to the canvas – his pencil drawings were an incredible rendering of the naked Adam. His favourite drawing of the day (indeed a favourite amongst the artist too) showed Adam leaning back so his ass-hole was only just exposed and his cock had chubbed up. A few boys had already suggested putting it in the underground yearbook to accompany the story that was being written up by another boy in the group. It was one thing not to tell, but the underground year book was designed to endure past the end of school; once school was out, the gloves could come off. The other thing troubling Ben was his relationship with Robin. Ben was pretty much dating Robin and he felt guilty about watching Adam… do what he did. It wasn’t Ben’s fault if he encountered naked boys along the way. Besides, it wasn’t as if he and Robin had seen each other naked yet. They weren’t even holding hands, or telling their friends about it. The term “pretty much dating” was definitely the operative phrase. They’d only been on a few dates – movies, hot chocolate/ coffee – and were both in the closet. Until last week at least. Ben had admitted to being gay to Carlos who was threatening to “beat the shit out of him” before the English exam. It had just slipped out: “Go ahead tough guy, beat up the little gay boy.” Instead of beating him up, Carlos had scampered off as if afraid he was going to catch being a homosexual from him. Ben had found it terrifying and liberating and a major anti-climax. Apparently the world didn’t revolve around Ben’s little revelation. Most people already thought he was gay, a lot of people wondered why he hadn’t come out sooner; others wondered why he’d bothered coming out because they didn’t care; bullies who already thought he was gay had no paradigm to change to now that they knew for certain – for them it was business as usual. The only person that coming out had made a difference to was Ben himself. He felt he’d always been true to himself even when he was in the closet but now he could be true to himself… wait, was that the same thing? “It’s a shame I didn’t have my camera… I mean, I wouldn’t have taken photos of him without consent obviously,” Ben said to Micah. “Obviously,” Micah agreed as if it were obvious but secretly not giving a crap about Adam’s agreement or not. “Sorry, Ben I need to go.” Alone again, Ben took out his mobile and text Robin while he ate a cereal bar that tasted like a sandcastle covered gravel. Ben: [You free this weekend?] Robin: [Sure 🙂 But not tomorrow. My gran is 60 so off to see her for a bit.] Ben: [Ok. How about Saturday? I’ve got church on Sunday morning.] Robin: [How’d your exam go?] Ben: [Adam Mansouri got butt naked and wanked in class.] Ben deleted that reply. Ben: [Too soon to say. Got the written exam soon.] Robin: [Thought you were getting a hot male model?] Ben: [I guess. Not sure he’s my type.] If only Robin knew. If you’re enjoying this story, I hope you’ll get in touch: encomiums@ Nifty is free thanks to the generous donations of its visitors so if you love these stories please help: http://donate./donate.html Visit my blogspot – pot – for updates including chapter synopses and excerpts. If you are enjoying this story, I have also written: School Exhibitionism fty//gay/highschool/school-exhibitionism The Symposium – http://www.//gay/authoritarian/the-symposium/ The Embarrassment of Riches fty//gay/highschool/the-embarrassment-of-riches/

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