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Do you want cream with thatI work as a delivery driver for an engineering business, the owner is a huge guy he is around 20 stone I was out on my deliveries and got a call in the cab“ Mike can you do me a favour can you drop round to my place for me the Mrs has locked her self out of the house can you see if you break in”“ Ok but I’m working a half day today I can get to her when I finish this next drop.I got to his address about an hour later and pulled up on the gravel drive“ Hi Mike sorry I’ve locked my self out “Jenny the bosses wife was around 35 good figure red head and a real flirt when she came in the office and especially at the company get togethers she always took the opportunity to grab my arse when she had a slow dance at the Xmas do .She was in a short tight sleeveless V neck cotton backless dress that hugged her large mature boobs, she wasn’t an out and out stunner but her tits were her best asset of that there was no doubt she was obviously braless When ever she came in the office she always stuck out her tits as walked through the office just to piss off the females and also she enjoyed the fact the guys couldn’t help but lust after them as she passed by their desks.I parked the van near the house and climbed up on top of it and via that was able to get on the garage roof and in to the house through a window.I let Jenny in “ Oh thanks Mike I hope I haven’t ruined your day ““ Not a problem I’m finished now taking a half day“ Jenny smiled “ Oh that’s handy have you time for a Escort cuppa”“ I need to call hubby tell him you got me in”“ Yes, yes all sorted Mike has been a real hero “ she smiled at me as she spoke and as she was talking to the boss she was playing with the V neck“ I’m just making Mike a cuppa as a thanks”With that she slipped a hand into her V neck and quickly released her ample boobs from her dress and she started to stroke around her nipples which brought them erect within seconds .“ Hang on hun.. Mike do you like a lot of milk with you tea ? “ smiling at me as she talked to her hubbyShe finished her call and walked towards me“ Hope you like what you see Mike her fingers circling around her nipples she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits they felt both heavy and huge“ What do you think Mike ““ They are fucking lovely pair of jugs”“ Listen Mike I am sexually frustrated, hubby is too heavy to fuck me regular anymore so I get satisfied when ever I get the opportunity and this is too good an opportunity to miss “She opened the fridge pulled out a pot of cream and asked me to get a pint mug and fill it with ice from the fridgeShe led me into a large bedroom which had mirrored wardrobes down all down the wallJenny put the cream by the bed and I did the same with the ice she quickly slipped out of dress she pulled off my company polo shirt and quickly undid my belt and dropped my jeans to my ankles gently pushed me in the middle of the chest “ Timber “ she giggled I fell onto Escort Bayan the bed pulling off my trainers and tugged my jeans off I was now completely naked.“ Just how I like my men ready and waiting in anticipation !”Jenny dropped her panties“ Ok ready for some fun ?” she straddled me and took a handful of ice and rolled some cubes around her nipples they erupted and stood out hard as nails they were enormous she was very proud of them“ I’m told my nipples are one of my best features I try to keep them in good shape “Jenny dropped her breasts and I was quick to suck the chilled delights I bit them in turn she repeated the ice trick and I continued to suck at the hardened erect nipples it was a mutual pleasure.I was now fully erect and she could feel my cock hardened underneath her“ Well that had the desired effect “ she moved off me and my cock stood erect and large she slipped her fingers around my cock and started to toss me off with some speed she took another handful of ice and cupped my balls with the ice my cock went rigid with the shock of the ice it was like getting an electric shock“ Fuck me that’s cold “ she laughed“ Don’t be a baby it will be worth it later”She got back on top of my sitting on my red hot cock and reached for the cream she open the pot and dribbled half of the pot on her ample tits it ran down her breasts and on to her huge nipples she looked fucking horny I started to massage her tits with both hands her nipples stood large and proud I pulled her towards Bayan Escort me and suck and licked the cream for her tits, she was loving it and with out much effort she slipped my cock into her moist hole and she started to slowly fuck my cock as I continued to get my self covered in her creamy tits she slowed down and asked me to sit on the edge of the bed we were both dripping in creamI sat on the bed my cock stood to attention Jenny squatted onto my cock we were both facing the mirrored wardrobes she started to slip up and down on my rigid cock for around 10 mins Jenny moaned and was soon screaming“ Fuck me Mike fuck me harder”I lifted Jenny up and she leant forward put her hands on the mirrored doors and I could now give her what she wanted fucking her hard doggy style I fucked her hard and fast she moaning with pleasure“ Give to me hard Mike don’t stop this is fucking lovely” her tits looked incredible still dripping with the thick cream swinging as I fucked herI kept up a rapid rhythm Jenny started to shudder as she came I could see in the mirror she had I great smile of satisfaction on her face,She knew I was close to coming she slowly lent over to some ice and cupped the ice around my boucing balls the shock was instant my cock jolted inside her and I came within seconds of the ice hitting balls I filled her with my sticky cum.We collapsed on to the bed and recovered“ Mike that was fucking great hope you enjoyed yourself with the bosses wife ?”“ Jenny it was fucking great but you won’t get in me in work will it “As she wrapped her fingers around my dormant cock“ Mike don’t worry I think I will be able to get you raise at work “ she laughed“ If you keep me serviced like this your future is very good trust me “

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