Dogging by mistake!


Dogging by mistake!Several months into our affair Nikki and i had started to meet more regularly and were now literally fucking anytime and anywhere that we could find that was out of the view of prying eyes. One evening we drove to corton cliffs a few miles down the road from where we lived and parked in the pitch and putt car park that was set back off the main road and was really secluded. It was about 9.30pm and there wasn’t a single person to be seen as it was late autumn and was getting quite chilly in the evenings, all in all this seemed the ideal place to have our fun tonight! Corton cliffs have always been renowned as a gay cruising site and as such cars can regularly be seen lining the grass verge along the cliff edge, where we parked though was quiet enough and relatively dark. Just as we got into the back of nikkis car to get more comfortable another car suddenly appeared at the entrance of the car park with its headlights off and then proceeded to park about 50yds away from us, as we kept an eye on it for a few moments we then noticed the interior light flick off and on twice, it suddenly dawned on us then that we had inadvertently parked at a local dogging site and would probably soon become the stars of the show! in the darkness we soon spotted an old guy about 60yr old make his way along the gravel car park and towards the other car. With its interior light on we could just about make out a couple clearly having sex on the front passenger seat with the woman riding her partner as the old guy watched. I asked nikki if she wanted to leave at the first opportunity, but she said that all she wanted was to have my cock inside of her as we need to make the most of every opportunity we get, so with that we start kissing and teasing each other, my hand sliding its way up her soft thigh and up under her short skirt, she started to undo my trousers and then the button fly on my boxer shorts, easing my cock out as she did so. I then lifted her jumper over her head and removed it as she now sat there in a white lace bra, her 34c breasts squeezed enticingly out of the Escort top of it. I removed my shirt and before long she wriggled out of her skirt, now we were sat there with nothing but our underwear still on. Glancing across we noticed that the other couple were still putting on a show for the old guy who was now wanking himself whilst watching, occasionally reaching through the cars open window and fondling the womans breast. I knew that if we started having sex now it wouldn’t be long before we were noticed ourselves so again checked that nikki was ok with this, she agreed as long as nobody else got involved and under no circumstances was she to be touched by anyone else, i reassured her that i wouldn’t let that happen and soon we were kissing once again whilst she started to rub my cock. My fingers had slipped her white lace thong to one side and were now rubbing at her clit, nikki loves her clit to be teased by my fingers before i then take it in my mouth to bring her off, so as she wrapped her hand around my cock and started to wank me quite firmly, my fingers worked her clit in rough circular motions, occasionally allowing a finger to slide down over her slit. Slowly her pussy started to feel more damp with every rub and soon i could hear the wetness as my fingers rubbed at her clitoris. Nikki then leant over and started to lick the head of my cock, rolling her tongue around it as it glistened with pre-cum, taking my length to the back of her throat she then started to suck me, long slow sucks along the length of my shaft, occasionally running her tongue up from my balls along the underside of my shaft before flicking my piss slit with the tip of her tongue, all the time she continued to wank my cock as she did so. As she leant over i unhooked her bra and she slipped out of it without even removing my cock from her mouth, as she continued sucking away i slid my hand down her back and between her ass cheeks and under the back of her thong, pulling it to one side as i did so, until i could then slip my middle finger down the crack of her ass and underneath to Escort Bayan her wet pussy, as i felt the dampness on my fingers i then slid my finger into her and started to finger her tight hole. As i looked up i just happened to notice the old guy now standing near the passenger side door watching us, i whispered to nikki and told her what i could see and told her that he was standing there with his 6in cock in his hand wanking as he watched us. Clearly enjoying himself, we continued what we were doing without paying too much attention to him, nikki though was clearly growing in confidence and said that she wants my cock inside her “right now”, so as i sat in the middle of the backseats she positioned herself on my lap facing away from me. slowly she lowered herself onto my hard length, and was soon sat astride it up to the hilt, her wet pussy evident as it soon made my own pubic hair wet. Placing her hands on the roof of the car, she started riding my cock gradually getting harder and faster the more turned on she became. My hands gripped her hips and helped bounce her up and down my length as she pounded down on my lap. Her blonde shoulder length hair thrashed about in my face as she rode me, so grabbing hold of it with one hand and pulling her head back i then reached around and started fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples. As i looked around nikkis side to get a better view of her breasts bouncing as she rode me i immediately noticed the old guy had moved to the front of the car and was now watching through the front window screen where he had a full on frontal view of nikki, by now he was wanking furiously and was obviously close to cumming. Within minutes nikki was beginning to approach her own orgasm and as we both watched the old guy he finally shot his load on the bonnet of the car before smiling and casually walking off! For several more minutes we then continued fucking, with my hands groping hard at her breasts and my cock still forcing its way deep into her pussy, nikki finally let out a moan of pure pleasure as her pussy tightened Bayan Escort around my cock and she had her first orgasm. I told her that i wasn’t finished yet and that i wanted to fuck her on her back on the bonnet of the car, knowing for well that there was still every chance of us being watched. Nikki was quick to agree and as we got out of the car she carefully laid down on the bonnet taking care to avoid the spots of cum already trickling down it. Now in the chilly night air nikki was laid with her legs spread on the car bonnet with my fingers slipping her panties to one side again, i started to ease my thick cock inside of her, laying her hands flat down to steady herself, i gradually started to fuck her pussy hard, with one hand i held her breast and the other i pulled on her hip, pulling her harder onto my cock with every thrust. Leaning forward i then took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard between my lips, gently biting it as i did so, before long her nipples were fully erect and a good half inch long as they stiffened because of my mouth and the cool night air. After a few minutes i felt myself wanting to cum, so grabbing hold of nikki by the hips i pulled her down onto my hard length for the final time as i thrust my hips up to meet hers, as i did so i flooded her wet hole with my thick cum, filling her hole so much that it was soon trickling back out again and between her ass cheeks and onto the bonnet of the car. As my own orgasm sub-sided i leant down between nikkis legs and began to lick her clit, the taste of her pussy juice and my cum combined to make a sweet yet musty mixture, the taste filling my mouth as i tongued and probed her pussy, after a few minutes i began to feel her body tense up in my hands and i knew that her orgasm was approaching so i took her clit between my lips and gently sucked it and rolled it with my tongue as she shuddered to her second orgasm, as her pussy tightened even more of my cum trickled out and ran down her thighs, exhausted we both clambered back into the car and gradually got dressed, the other car was still parked up in the same place but no one was in it anymore, presumably they had gone off to have more fun, we still have no idea if anyone else watched us fucking on the bonnet of the car, but just the thought of being watched turned us both on.

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