Dominating my Aunt


I tie her arms behind her back. I use a special arm binder that pushes those tits up and out. I reach into my black bag and take out my favorite ball gag. It comes with a three point harness. Once its in place it can’t be pushed out.

I grab her by her short salt and pepper hair, gently pull her head back. I bring it as far as back as I can until I feel her strain to keep her mouth close.

“You can open your mouth willing or I can yank your head back and force your mouth open. Your choice.”

I wait a moment.

“You asked for it.” I warn her. I take a tighter grip on her salt and pepper hair. I know she can feel it. She slowly, begins to open her mouth.

“Good girl.” I whisper in her ear.

I continue to slowly pull her head back until her mouth is wide open. With my other hand I take the ball gag and shove it in her mouth. I make sure it slips in behind her teeth and is secure in place. I let go of her hair then I take the three belts and pull them tight behind her head.

Next, I take a leather blindfold with a soft rubber material that goes around the eyes. It makes sure that no light gets in and the wearer is in complete darkness. Even if they open thier eyes. I place it over her eyes. It also comes with a leather belt so it cant be easliy slid off by the wearer. Like the ball gag secure it behind her head.

I reach into my black bag again. I take out a set of thigh and ankle cuffs. I place a thigh cuff on each one of her sexy thick thighs. I reach down and take her ankle. I pull it up to her thigh but it wont quite reach.

I whisper in her ear. “Relax your leg. Otherwise I’m going to yank your leg back, hard and it will hurt. Not to mention it will cramp up. Thats no fun. Trust me I know, personally.”

She doesnt react. I tighten my grip on her ankle. I feel her leg relax. Its enough for her ankle to reach the ankle cuff on the thigh cuff. I love how her leg is now arched. I repeat the process with her other leg. Shes quite the sight before me. My cock is now rock hard.

Now comes the fun part. But before I flip her over I grab my cell and snap some pictures for my now quite extensive, personal album.

I whisper in her ear. “Relax babe. I’m going to flip you over. So help me flip you okay. lll count to three. At three Ill flip you. Ready, sexy?”

I slip my hands under her body. I make sure my right hand is on her 38D cup tit. My left is under her left thigh, gently brushing her unshaved pussy.

“Here we go. One. Two. Three!!” She helps me flip her.

Now, shes face up with the way I’ve tied her up. Her arms push her chest up and out. It puts those tits of hers in an a perfect güvenilir bahis position to titty fuck. Now with her legs folded under her. Her body is in a sexy arch. She squirms trying to get comfortable some how. But I know she wont be able to.

I look over my handy work. My cock throbbs in approval. I look over her body. When I look down to her pussy. I see shes not shaved. Which is a complete turn off for me. Of course I cum prepared if the woman I hook up with isnt shaved.

I dont care if they are married or have a boyfriend. I shave their pussy completely. When I start to shave them. The attached ones try to protest. But I ignore them. When I’m done. I tell them.

“Tell your hubby / boyfriend. You felt daring the other day and decided to shave yourself. After today. I know you’ll stay shaved as you’ll love how you’ll feel when I’m done.”

A few of them I could tell started to cry when I began to shave them.

I reach into my black bag and pull out two long pieces of rope. I tie one end to each of the links that are between the thigh and ankle cuffs. Next I slide the rope down and in between the bed frame.

I hop back in bed, between her legs. I have the end of each rope in my hands. Without warning I yank on the ropes. It catches her by surprise as I force her legs wide apart. She screams out. But it sounds like a muffuled groan thru the ball gag.

“Damn what a sexy pussy you have. When Im done its going to be even sexier.”

I get off the bed and go to the bathroom. I grab some of the towels and take a small hand towel and soak with warm water. I head back into the bedroom and set the towels next to her. Once more I reach into my black bag and pull out a ladies electric razor.

“Here we go.” Is all I tell her. I switch on the razor. I see her body tense up as soon as she hears it. I start to shave her soft snow white hair off her pussy. She starts to shake and I see her chest begin to tremble. Causing her tits to shake. I realize shes crying. But I dont stop. I take my time slowly, shaving her pussy. I work my way down between her legs to her asshole. Leaving her nice and smooth from top to bottom.

I take the wet hand towel and gently run it over her pussy and clean her up. I take one of the other towels and dry her off. But I’m not done. I gently run my fingers over her newly shaved pussy. Her skin is soft to the touch as I do it. I see goosebumps form all over her body.

She shutters. Shes enjoying the sensation of my touch over her newly exposed pussy.

“Told you. Didn’t I? Fuck. It makes you even sexier, now. Since I see goosebumps all over your body. You must like how you feel and my touch. güvenilir bahis siteleri Don’t you? I know you started crying. It was for no reason at all.”

She lets out a soft moan.

I take a special vanilla scented after shave cream. I rub it all over her pussy. She shutters and the goosebumps over her body grow.

Shes ready now.

I take out some clit sitmulation cream. I put it right on it to make it super sensitive. I follow it up by putting some gspot stimulating gel in her pussy for an added kick as well.

Once Im done. I suck on her nipples. She groans out loudly. I make sure to get her nipples nice and hard. I pull out one of my favorite toys. A pair of vibrating nipple clamps and I lock them on her big erect nipples. She snaps her head up as I do it.

After all my work. Its time. I turn on the vibrating nipple clamps. I leave her there squirming under them for a good 15 minutes.

Once the 15 minutes have passed. I turn off the vibrators. Her clit is super swollen from having her nipples vibed and from the cream I put on it. I slide a finger inside her pussy. Sure enough shes soaking wet from her nipples being vibrated, her clit now begin super sensetive, and of course the gspot cream in her pussy. My finger easily slides in and out of her hot, wet pussy.

I move my finger in her pussy. I bend it up and touch her gspot. I can feel its swollen like a walnut. At that moment, she arches her back even more and moans lustfully at my touch.

I slip my soaking finger out. Her pussy is like a fountain. Now shes ready for the next round. I take two vibrating eggs out. I place one on her swollen, throbbing clit and secure it in place with some bondage tape.

She moans out what sounds like a “no”. I dont stop. I chuckle instead. I take the other vibrating egg. Slip it in her soaking wet pussy. I make sure the egg is pressed right up against her gspot. I take another two strips of bondage tape and secure the cable from the egg, cumming out of her pussy, to her pussy lips.

Shes moaning louder now. As if shes trying to say “no. dont.”

I dont pay any attention to her. I start the vibrators on her nipples again. But this time at 3/4 speed. Again, she arches her back. What a sexy sight she is now. Her legs bent under her. Her lustful 38D breasts pushed up. Moaning, groaning, squirming on the bed in front of me.

My cock is like a steel rod now. Throbbing, twiching, leaking lots of precum. My foreskin has rolled back, behind my thick cock head. My ball ache and feel fuller than ever.

I grab the control to the vib on her clit and in her pussy. I straddle her and I place my cock in iddaa siteleri between tits.

Without any warning I turn on the other two vibrators. Her scream is muffled thru the ball gag. I set the controller down. I take her tits push them together sandwiching my rod in between.

I begin to slowly titty fuck her. I press my weight down on her to keep her still. Shes moaning and groaning loudler now. Her body is convulsing under mine. I can hear just how wet her pussy has become.

She tries arching her back under my weight and lets out a loud muffelled scream. I let go of her titty. I reach down to her pussy. I feel her squirting like a fire hose at full pressure. Shes having her first ever gspot orgasm. I take my hand and press down on vib thrashing on her clit.

She gags for breath and stops, her body goes completely stiff in that sexual arch. The arch that so many countless times in the past, has told me the woman, just had her first ever mind blowing orgasm.

I take the pressure off the vib on her clit. Grab her tits again and begin to titty fuck her faster. I feel her body collapse under mine the second I let go of her. Shes gasping for air now. I stop my titty fucking, reach down and remove her ball gag. She takes in a deep breath and starts coughing. Her body continues to spasam with each forced orgasm.

I resume my ride. I know I wont last long now. I feel my balls clench up. Boom! I cover her huge tits with my first load. I see her mouth is still wide open. I quickly take a handful of her short salt and pepper colored hair and yank her head back.

Before she can say anything. I ram my cock in her mouth and down her throat as I shoot up my second thick, hot load. She tries to fight me. But soon my third, fourth, fifth soon fill her up. She gags on it then begins to swallow each one.

I dont know how many loads I fed her. But I slowly regain my composure as I slowly go soft. I let go of her. I reach around and shut off the vibrators. She is just laying there twiching, convulsing as the orgasms rock her body.

After a few minutes shes very still.

“I hope you liked it?” I asked her.

“You fucking bastard. I should be mad at you. But no one has ever made me cum like that before. Fuck.”

“I aim to please after all. And you are very satisfied, right?” I asked her

“Fuck yeah. So for an extra $100 will you make me cum like that again, please? I just never expected it would be my nephew that would do this to me.”

“I wont charge you as you offered to pay. Hope you didn’t make plans for the next three hours. Auntie? ” I tell her as I turn the vibrator on her clit on again.

“Ooooooh…Fuuuuuuckkk…” she groans out.

I’m so turned on and ready to fuck her brains out. Bury my long, thick cock in her pussy and virgin ass. As well as use all the other toys I’ve brought.

It’s going to be a fun afternoon with my Aunt!

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