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Subject: Down on the Farm – Chapter Two This is a story about two best friends, separated when they were six years old when one family moved from Arkansas to Washington state for work. Now ten years later, circumstances are reunited the boys back in Arkansas for the summer. The boys are very different that they were ten years ago and those differences manifest themselves in some uncomfortable ways. They start to realize that maybe they aren’t so different after all in this chapter. No offense is intended to the citizens of Arkansas by the way the country boys are portrayed. While the majority of the state is rural, Arkansas did produce one of the successful Presidents of the United States. WARNING: This story is for adult men. It contains a graphic and fictional depiction of sex between adult and youth males. If sexual activity between consenting males is illegal where you are, or you find this material offensive or if you are under legal age, do not go any further and do not read this story. The characters are fictional and do not represent any real person, living or dead or any real events or happenings. The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except to the website to which it has been posted, without consent of the author. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. Please direct them to Jonathan Perkins at hoo. All of us enjoy the stories posted here so please support Nifty. I appreciate you reading my stories and Nifty appreciates your fty/donate.html Down on the Farm Chapter Two We woke up next morning to Paul’s mom calling us to breakfast, “Get up boys, breakfast is on the table and you’re burning daylight!” Paul and I turned out heads and looked at other with a smile. For a brief moment I was transported back in time to when we had sleepovers and would wake up this way. I was looking at the Paul I knew from ten years ago. That moment was broken when Paul opened his mouth. “Morning Jimmy. You got morning wood like I does?” he giggled. Ah yes, there was the Paul of today. I was fully expecting the bed to start moving as he went to stroking his morning wood. I lifted the covers and looked down, like I didn’t already know I was in the same condition. “Yup, my cock was up before me.” And wondered why I confessed that to him. I climbed out of bed and my foot hit my suitcase on the floor. “My suitcase?” “Yah, I felt kinda shitty hiding it on ya so I put it back for you. You can get dressed in your city clothes this morning is ya want,” Paul said quietly with his head hung down. Another peace offering, like last night with my underwear. Maybe there was hope for us rekindling our long lost friendship. The ball is in my court once again. “I’m kind of used to the outfit you shared with me. Maybe I’ll just wear that today if that’s all right with you.” “Alright? That’s fuckin awesome. We can be twins again today,” grinning ear to ear. I went to the bathroom to piss. Before I was finished Paul came in and stepped up to the toilet. He took out his cock and aimed it at the toilet, letting go with his stream of piss. He wiggled his cock and directed his stream through mine. “Remember our morning piss duels when we was younger?” he asked. I had completely forgot about that. We would each drink a big glass of water before bed so we had a full bladder in the morning. Then we’d stand on either side of the toilet and pass our streams of piss through the other one’s. The one who could piss the longest was the winner. “Yes, but we’re bigger now,” referring to our age, not necessarily our size. “Damn straight. Bigger cocks, bigger piss, bigger duels,” as he continued to wiggle his cock. Pointing out bigger cocks made me look over at his, long and hard. Mine has softened slightly from it earlier condition but seeing Paul’s hardon brought mine back to life. My stream was slowing down and stopped as Paul kept going strong. “I win!” he declared. I just smiled at him, shook the last drops off and went back to get dressed. Paul came in boasting he was still the piss duel champ and slapping me on the shoulder. “Always was and always will be, I guess,” as I pulled on my shorts for the day. As we turned to leave the room, Paul grabbed me and gave me a big hug. “Damn, I didn’t know how much I’ve missed you all these years. I’m glad you’re back wiff me,” he said softly in my ear as he hugged me. It was then I realized how much I missed Paul, the Paul of yesterday and now that we getting to know one another again, I’m glad we’re back together again too. This may well be the best summer I’ve had in a long while. We entered the kitchen for breakfast and Sally commented on wearing the bib shorts again today. “Sure am. If Paul and I are going to be bro’s, we better look like bro’s,” I told her. “I’m not entirely sure what a ‘bro’ is but I’m glad the two of you are getting along.” Paul just looked at me and smiled, giving me a thumbs up. After helping Sally clear the table and clean up from breakfast we were headed out to start our chores when Sally pulled me to one side. “That has to be the first time in as long as I can remember that Paul has helped clean up from a meal. I don’t know what you doing, but please keep doing it,” she begged me. “Just being me, that’s all,” I offhandedly replied. We did the morning feeding and then were going out to run the fence lines and fix fences. Paul got the four-wheeler and hooked up a utility trailer that would be loaded with all our supplies. I went to climb on the back but Paul stopped me. “Wrong seat. You sit up front and drive today,” he announced. “Me? I don’t know how to drive one of these. I’d probably kill us all. Don’t you have a Boeing 727 I could handle instead?” I joked. “Remember I told you I was gonna learn you shit? You already know cow shit so now I’m going to teach how to drive a four-wheeler.” Reluctantly but excited and nervous I climbed on the driver’s seat and put my hands on the handlebars. “Vroom, vroom,” I yelled while feigning the movements of actually driving. “Vroom, vroom, don’t get us to the fence lines. Start the engine and press the left pedal to put it in gear. Then slowly twist the throttle until we start to move,” giving me precise instructions as he climbed on behind me. He put his arms around my midsection and locked his hands together. “Dump me off and you’re in big trouble,” he joked. Something about him relinquishing control and letting me drive made me feel good. Even better for some reason, was feeling the strong grip he had on my body, holding us tight for the ride. I made a smooth slow start and headed for the open gate to the first field. “You’re doing real good. Now steer over towards the fence and just go slowly along so I can inspect it,” he instructed me. I did as I was told and was feeling very comfortable. Paul had me speed up just as little so this wouldn’t take all day. I was feeling so confident and cocky I wasn’t paying attention to what lie ahead of us. There was a washed out gully that I hit, causing the four-wheeler to bounce up violently coming out of it. Paul had loosened his grip on me and when we bounced up he hands slid down into my crotch. “Oh, geez, sorry about that. I wasn’t paying attention,” I apologized. “I’m not sorry. And I bet you did that on purpose just so I could cop a feel of your junk,” Paul said as he readjusted his hands. “Ya, maybe I’m not as sorry as I should be, huh?” I snickered. Wait, what? Did I actually say that out loud? And where did that come from anyway? I was getting flustered, my face turning bright red and wasn’t sure what if anything I should say next. Paul came to my rescue. “Good thing you stopped anyway. There is a broken board right there we have to fix.” We fixed the board and got back on the four-wheeler. As I started off, Paul commented, “Watch out for any more gullies . . . or not. As you chose,” laughing. We finished the fence line inspection and repairs bursa escort without any further embarrassing incidents. Back at the barn we unloaded the trailer and put it and the four-wheeler away. “You dun good today, Jimmy. One more thing to put on your list of shit you know.” “Thanks, Paul. I had a good teacher I guess.” It was the end of the day so we did evening feedings and went in the house to clean up for supper. Sally asked how our day had gone. “I taught Jimmy how to drive the four-wheeler and I fixed the fences. I really had my hands full,” looking at me and laughing. I was taking a drink of water and choked when he made that comment. “Gee Paul, I don’t think Jimmy agrees with you that you did all the work,” Sally said looking at me. I could get into the spirit of this as well. “We both did our share today, but Paul being more experienced than I really did have his hands full,” as Paul and I both laughed a belly laugh. During supper we all shared memories of when Paul and I were younger. I just felt so safe and warm being here. I was willing to bet if I got up and went to look in the hall mirror I would have seen the reflection of a scrawny little 6 year old boy, barefoot in a pair of grubby shorts and a dirty face. Oh to see that reflection for real. We helped Sally clear the table and clean up again. She wore a proud mother’s smile and was humming, no tune in particular, just a happy humming. “We’re going to turn in early, Mom. Tomorrow we have a long day and have to pick vegetables from the garden for you and Dad to take into town, along with more eggs, for the restaurants.” Paul headed for the stairs and Sally pulled me aside again. “I always have to argue with Paul to pick the vegetables. He hates doing it. But now he sounds like he’s looking forward to it. You’re an honest to goodness miracle worker,” hugging me with a tear in her eye. Paul was already in bed when I got to the room. I stripped out of my bib shorts and climbed in on my side. “Getting used to sleeping naked?” Paul asked. “Ya, and getting used to a lot of other things as well.” I replied. “Good to know.” I couldn’t be totally sure, but it seemed his language was loosing some of it country sloppiness and he wasn’t mangling his words so badly. Maybe I was just tired and my mind had gotten used to subconsciously making the corrections to proper English. I was waiting for his nightly stroke session but he was not groping himself like his usual warm up. I had to get something off my chest. “Paul, I have a confession to make. I lied yesterday at the watering hole as well.” “Hot damn, you really did want me to give you a bj?” he turned to me all excited. “No, damn your horny hormones,” I pushed at him jokingly. “Oh well, what was your big lie?” “When I was offered the joint, I refused saying I only did crack?” “Ya, that surprised the fuck out of me, Mr Straight Arrow,” he shot back to me. “We, truth is I don’t do crack, or weed, or anything stronger than an aspirin. Sorry” “No problem. You could have just said ‘No thanks’ and let it go at that.” “I could have but I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends, making them think you were hanging around with some pussy do-gooder.” “You actually did that for me? You didn’t have to. If they said anything bad about you I would have kicked them in the nuts so hard they’d be spitting them out their mouths.” “I wouldn’t care for my sake but I’ll be gone at the end of the summer and you have to put up with them after I’ve left.” “I don’t have to put with anyone I don’t like. I call them friends but they’re just guys I can smoke a joint with and stroke off. But thanks, bro.” Paul leaned across the bed and gave me a hug. He seems to be really into hugging, as does his mother. With Paul, I think he just wants my body. Lol. As he was hugging me I felt his hard cock up against my thigh. “Sorry, didn’t mean to get that close,” as he rolled back on his side. By now my cock had filled with blood and was tenting the covers. “Feels like you need to take care of something so you can get to sleep,” I reminded him. “Sure do but I think it bothers you so I’m not going to,” he sighed. This was a huge concession on his part. I’ve only been here a short while and already he was changing his habits for me. I had to do the same. “Would it make you feel better if I did it too?” “You’re fucking with me now, right?” he asked astonished. “No, not fucking,” I joked with him, “just jerking off, you do yours over there and I’ll do mine over here. Sound good?” “You sure you don’t want me to suck it for you? Less mess that way.” “One step at a time.” Really, ‘one step at a time’, signaling I’d be up for more in the near future? I have to be more careful about what I say. “Sure, it’s all good.” Paul reached over the bed and retrieved something from under the mattress. “In that case, have a cum rag. I keep a couple of them handy,” handing me what seemed like a small face cloth. I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea after all, but there was no turning back now. I was committed and had to follow through. More importantly, my cock was committed. It was rock hard, so hard it almost hurt. If we had been back out fixing fences, I could have pounded the nails in with my cock it was so hard. Already leaking precum and just waiting for me to do my thing. I could feel the bed moving as Paul got a head start on me. I put my hand under the covers and grabbed my cock. Slowly I started to stroke, knowing that if I was too aggressive I would shoot in less than a minute. Paul was also moving slower than he had been the previous nights. “This is a fucking dream come true, laying here naked with my best friend, doing what I enjoy most in life. When I cum, it’s going to be a flood,” Paul declared I wasn’t sure how to respond, as I had never dreamed about jerking off in a bed with another guy. But I had to say something. “Back at you, bro,” seemed appropriate. I kept up my slow pace, feeling so hot, physically and emotionally. One hand on my cock and the other on my balls, my favorite jerking routine. But in my mind I was imagining Paul’s stiff cock, his hand pushing his foreskin up and down as precum leaked out and lubed everything. It was as if my cock was suddenly Paul’s and my hand was stroking him. Suddenly I felt his leg move over and touch mine. This made my cock twitch in my hand and my mind to panic. Is this going further than just a bed time stroke? The electric shock that ran through my body at the touch of his flesh against mine pushed the panic out of my mind and ushered in a feeling of desire. But I’m not gay. How can I feel this way towards Paul? I have no idea but as he moved a little more and his whole thigh was against mine, the electric shock turned into a lighting bolt. “Sorry, want me to move my leg?” Paul asked. Throwing it all out there, I replied, “Yes, a little closer if you want.” Paul slid over on the bed and we now had full contact between the entirety of our bodies. I switched stroking from my left hand to my right hand and let me left arm fall to my side, touching Paul’s arm. The contact between us was pushing me so close to my climax. “I’m getting real close, Paul, I don’t think I can last much longer.” I had no sooner said that than Paul let out a loud moan, threw the covers back and shot his load of cum all over his chest. Once again, the smell of his salty cum did the trick, not like I wasn’t getting close anyway. My cock spewed volley after volley of cum, on my crotch, my pubic hair, my hand, anywhere an uncontrolled release of sperm could travel. We were still, trying to catch our breath when I felt Paul’s hand move and he took my hand in his, squeezing it tight. “Thanks, Jimmy, that was unbelievable. I don’t know when its ever felt that good.” “Glad I followed your advice. I can get a good night’s sleep now and not wake up horny in the morning,” I laughed. “Oh, yeah, about that. When you wake up you think back to bursa escort bayan tonight and be hornier than you’ve even been. I lied!” he laughed so hard it shook the bed. We cleaned ourselves up as best we could, said good night and rolled over and went to sleep. And he was right. The next morning I woke up with morning wood that just wouldn’t go away, not even with the help of my French kissing grandmother or Miss Hawthorne sprawled out in front of me in my mind. Quick trip to the bathroom and a fast and furious stroke should have made it go down but I was still chubbed up half way when I went back to the bedroom. Paul was up and dressed. “See, I told you you’d be horny this morning and no good way to cure it,” he laughed. “Why the hell didn’t you warn me before we did that,” I punched him on the shoulder. “Would have rather not did what we did and wake up with a soft cock and no worries, or do what we did and not be able to have your cock forget about it?” he asked with his words of wisdom. “I suppose there is a price to pay for every good thing that happens in life.” Sally hadn’t gotten breakfast ready yet so Paul and I set the table and then went out to do the morning feeding. Paul’s mom had the food set out when we came back in. We dove in like we hadn’t eaten in days. “My, but you boys have worked up a good appetite already this morning.” “Yes, ma’am,” Paul replied out of nowhere. His mother almost dropped a plate of food intended for Paul’s father. “Jimmy really got worked up this morning,” almost spitting food out as he laughed. I just turned red and kept my head down. “Eat up, there is plenty more where that came from,” Sally told us as she looked at Paul in disbelief of his new found behavior. “That’s exactly what I told him, Mom.” This time I had to kick him under the table. His comments were going too far and going to make me choke on my breakfast. We finished eating and went out to finish our morning chores. “You’re an asshole, you know that?” I accused him in jest. “Hey, I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.” “If you’re so into the truth, why didn’t you just tell your mother we were jerking off naked in bed last night.” “Didn’t say I had to tell the whole truth,” again with the smirk. “Let’s get going so we have the afternoon to collect eggs and pick vegetables for tomorrow. The money for the farm came from numerous sources. Paul’s father didn’t plant a lot of crops like most of the local farms. He did have a significant amount of acreage devoted to hay, both for his livestock and to sell. The first cutting was usually done in late June or early July, depending on the weather. The first cutting of the hay fields yielded good hay but not the best. It was often mixed with weeds that had sprouted up and the protein content wasn’t as high. He kept most of this hay for himself. The second cutting, usually late August was prime hay, no weed and maximum nutrition value for the animals. Also brings the best price to sell. Fall was also the time he sold off some of his beef cows, whole or had them butchered and sold the meat. Selling eggs and fresh vegetables in town to the local diners twice a week brought in some money for the everyday expenses of the farm. Farmers never get rich but they have a good life, hard, but rewarding. Paul’s family was the third generation to own this farm. Hopefully Paul would carry on the family tradition and take it over from his folks. After lunch we went to the garden with a collection of wicker baskets. Paul was very selective in what we harvested. I had no idea how to make those decisions so he pointed out what I should pick. “If you pick something that isn’t ripe yet or has gone past it’s prime, the cooks at the diners will negotiate to lower the price on the whole basket for one mushy tomato. Mom is proud of her produce and drives a hard bargain knowing she has the best in three counties. Always wins blue ribbons at the county fair every year.” “An honest to goodness county fair, like I’ve seen in the movie?” I asked “So much better than a TV movie. The food, the rides, the games. And then there are the people. Girls from all over the county, guys all beefed up to impress those horny girls. A real buffet of human flesh in every size, shape, flavor and gender on display for the taking.” I guess he’s not gay, maybe bi. He seems as interested in the girls as he is the guys. Time will tell if we do go and I get to see which he pursues. By the end of the day we had picked 10 full baskets of produce. We took it in the barn to store it overnight. Tomorrow morning we’d get up early and help Paul’s parents load the truck for town. The next morning Paul got us up early and went and loaded the truck before anyone else was awake. We came back in and his mother was just about to start breakfast. “You boys wash up and eat quickly so you can help your father get the truck loaded for town,” his mother called out to us. “All loaded, Mom, Jimmy and I got up early to get it done before breakfast.” “What did I hear, the truck is already loaded?” Paul’s dad exclaimed. “I always have to drag you out of bed to help. Thank you so much, Paul.” “Jimmy helped. It was a team effort,” Paul explained to his dad. “The two of you make a hell of a team, that’s for sure,” his dad proclaimed. “Language Vince, not in front of the boys,” Sally scolded. “The way these two have been acting lately, they’re not considered boys anymore, they’re men. So I’ll say it again even louder, a hell of a team,” he shouted. Sally just shook her head and grinned at the stove as she made eggs and bacon for everyone. Paul told them to get on the road right after we ate and he and I would clean up. His folks got in the truck and drove to town. Paul and I went out and did the morning feedings, then came back in to clean up the kitchen. “They usually don’t get back until late selling produce. That means we’ll be all alone all day. It’s going to be hot so maybe we should work naked to keep cool?” Paul threw out the idea. The idea of being outside naked while doing chores was somewhat titillating. “What if someone shows up unexpectedly?” “No body comes around that we don’t know about. Haven’t had surprise visitors in years. Besides, we can keep our overalls in the barn just in case. It will be just like being at the watering hole. Hanging around naked only this time we’ll be working.” ” Like the watering hole, with a smoke and stroke party thrown in for fun?” asking nervously. “Not saying that I’d be opposed to it but I don’t have any weed.” “So it would just be a stroke party?” trying to figure out where he was going with this. Other than the watering hole, Paul had never hinted at anything sexual during the day. It was only at night in his bedroom. Maybe he was just afraid of being caught. Or his mind was on his work during the day and his cock at night. Either way, the idea of working naked was sounding more appealing the more I thought about it. “I’m not saying it will be, and I’m not saying it won’t. We’ll have to see what the day brings,” as he snickered and headed out to the barn. When I caught up to him he had already stripped his bib shorts off and was standing in front of me naked. I looked up and down his impressive body, muscles in all the right places, flat stomach and a tight bubble butt. My eyes stopped at his crotch. The few times I had seen his junk he was up and hard. Right now he was completely flaccid, his limp cock hanging down on top of his balls. My stare lingered long enough for him to comment, “Kind of ugly when it sleeping, isn’t it?” he noted. “But a whole different story when it’s hard. Get your shorts off and let’s get to work.” Maybe it was a psychological thing, if it was hard you could expect some action would be taking place in the very near future. Flaccid it was just a hunk of wrinkled flesh ending in a pucker of foreskin at the tip. I had watched some porn on the computer, not a lot, but enough to know what I liked and escort bursa didn’t like when looking at women. A shaved pussy was a total turnoff, looked too much like an underage girl. Some really hairy pussies looked like their pubic hair went from their belly button to the top of their thighs and from hip to hip. Way too much hair. Just enough to cover her pussy and make it mysterious, waiting to be explored, was my choice. Unless I was really horny, however, a pussy was just a hairy spot in between her legs. Come to think of it I did spend more time looking at the stiff cocks of the guys with the women. Never did see a flaccid cock in the porn videos so it was never a question of whether a limp dick was arousing. I dropped my shorts and got to work along side Paul. My cock was chubbed up a little at my first experience of being naked like this. Paul looked but didn’t say anything and kept on working. About half way through the morning my back was hurting from bending over yesterday picking produce. I groaned and held my back as I finished pushing the wheelbarrel up the manure pile. “Sore back from yesterday?” Paul asked. “I know that feeling all too well. Lay that blanket down on some hay bales and I’ll give you a back rub to loosen you up. I’ll be right back.” I made a temporary massage table of sorts and lay face down. Paul came back and knelt beside me. He put his hands on my back and moved them up and down, squeezing a little and generally trying to figure out where my muscles were tense. “Boy, you are tense. I can get you loosened up in no time,” as I heard a noise I couldn’t identify and then felt something wet and cold on my back. ‘Just a little redneck massage lube.” “What the hell did you just put on me?” I demanded to know as I felt some more plopping on my back. “A couple of raw eggs. Best thing there is for sore muscles. Lubricates my hands and adds protein to your skin. Now just shut up and let me get to work.” I was grossed out at the thought of raw egg guts all over my back. But it did feel nice the way his hands moved smoothly over my skin. Maybe he had something here. I began to relax under Paul’s attention. I don’t know if it was his skills in massage or just the good feeling of his hands on me. “I can feel you loosing up. Are you feeling better?” Paul asked me. “Oh ya, a lot better. Just keep doing what you’re doing,” as my body went totally limp. “Good. You just relax and let old Paul make you feel fantastic.” He moved his hands up and down my back smoothly and slowly, working every muscle and surface. He got down to my lower back and cracked another egg on my ass. “My ass isn’t hurting, just my back,” I told him. “Maybe it’s not hurting but I can still make it feel better,” as he proceeded to smear the egg goo over my ass cheeks. “Just relax and go with the feeling.” He was massaging my cheeks, pushing them together then pushing them apart. Squeezing and rubbing. He was right, it did feel good. His attention to my ass was making my cock chub up a little, nothing big but definitely reacting to his working on my ass. Then he runs his finger up and down between my cheeks, gently sliding through my ass crack. His movements are slow and he pauses ever so slightly at my pucker. Then moves on. Each pass he makes, he lingers a little longer at my pucker. Now the response from my cock is growing. I have to move to get my cock in a more comfortable position as it starts to stiffen. I lift my hips off the makeshift massage table and let my cock find its own comfortable position, then lower myself back down. “You ok?” Paul asked, as if he didn’t know. “Sure, just had to move a little.” Paul pulled one of the bales of hay back a little that I was laying on so it made a gap between them. Then he pushed his hand down on the blanket to open up the gap. “There, try that and see if that feels better,” I moved around so my cock was sticking down into the gap instead of trapped beneath me. “Thanks.” Paul went back to working my ass, again spending special attention to my pucker. I was shocked at how good it felt to have his finger back there. This was a totally new experience for me but a pleasurable one. The next time his finger stopped, he moved it around, wiggling his finger and applying some pressure. I let out a soft moan that gave him the signal that I was ok with what he was doing. He moved away from my hole and I unconsciously jiggled my butt, missing his touch. Again he read my signal correctly and put his finger back where he had it. It felt so good I wasn’t even thinking where this might lead. Just as long as he keep playing with my hole I was a happy boy. This time he moved his finger in small circles and then put enough pressure to get the tip of his finger inside me. The egg goo lubricated my hole and his finger but it still hurt a little. He could feel my sphincter muscle close on his finger so he stopped right where he was. “Just relax and try to loosen up, I don’t want to hurt you.” “I don’t either. So what are you doing back there?” I hesitantly asked him. I didn’t want him to stop but I also wasn’t sure I want him to go any further. “Just making you relax and feel good. I told, you just go with the flow.” He reassured me in a soft and calming voice. “Ok, but I don’t want to get fucked if that’s what you have in mind.” I cautioned him. He laughed and replied. “No, I have no intentions of fucking you. Any time you want me to stop, just say so.” That made me feel better. An ass massage felt good but his big cock up my ass would not. I relaxed my ass muscle and he pushed his finger in a little deeper. As I got used to this intrusion it really did feel great. His finger was as deep as it could go when he started to move it around inside me. I moaned loudly and moved my hips so my ass would move in the opposite direction of his finger, accentuating the feeling. Occasionally he would hit the special spot I have read about but never had it touched before. He slowly added a second finger, again taking his time and letting my hole open up to him. He pressed deeper now and was hitting that spot with regularity. I could feel a slight spurt of something coming out of my cock. I later learned I was dribbling cum, not precum but actual cum. Paul could evidently tell by my reactions that he was on track. He stopped wiggling and just put steady pressure on my spot, moving his finger back and forth over it. It didn’t take long and I had the most explosive climax without even touching my hard cock. As I was shooting my cum, I humped my hips and was basically fucking the gap between the hay bales as Paul kept driving his finger into me. My sphincter had clamped down on his fingers but he kept working me until I was spent. “We couldn’t do a smoke and stroke and a stroke session is for at night so I thought I’d just give you the poke treatment,” Paul laughed. “Those back muscles feeling better now?” “I don’t care what you call it, every muscle in my body is feeling better, especially the muscles in my crotch,” I whimpered as I tried to recover. “When you recover, come around the side of the barn and I’ll hose off the egg.” “What about you? Don’t you want some attention too?” I offered. “Not now, w have to get back t our chores. We’ll take care of that tonight,” and grinned as he walked to the side of the barn. I lay in the hay bales in amazement. No one had ever touched my body before, at least not my ass. It not only felt so fucking wonderful but Paul was able to make me cum without touching my cock. I had read about porn stars being able to do that, but me? With Paul’s help? Just a few days ago I was dreading having to spend the summer with him and now he is able to do this with me? “Come on Jimmy, we don’t have all day!” Paul yelled and broke my chain of thought. “Yeah, I’m coming,” I shouted back. “Again? I thought once would be enough for now,” he joked. Realizing what I had said made me snicker. “That was plenty. You’re the horndog that needs to shoot multiple loads.” “You’ll get there, we’ve got all summer,” he smiled at me as I walked around the barn to get cleaned off. Yes, we do. We have all summer to enjoy each other and see where this all ends up.

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