Easy Access at Jack”s Back Door

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Chapter 11 — Jack rides the Midnight Special 🏳️‍🌈

I was sound asleep in my bed, totally exhausted from my romp with Kevin and the rest of the guys. My knees were tucked under my body and my hungry bubble butt was sticking out at a 45 degree angle, clad in a pair of clean tighty whities. I was hugging my pillow and in the middle of a dream I”d never remember when I felt the gentle touch of mom”s fingertips running through my hair.

“Hey buddy, are you okay?” she asked in a soft tone, making me blink as the room came into focus. She smiled warmly when I opened my eyes, then she planted a bourbon scented kiss on my cheek and said, “Mommy”s got a surprise for you.”

“You do?” I asked groggily, then I sat up and rested on my hind legs. When she nodded, I said, “What is it?”

“Let”s take this off, honey,” she said, then she grabbed the skirt of my nightshirt and pulled it off over my head. “Come with me.”

I sleepily crawled out of my bed and followed her to the living room, where Ted was sitting on the couch with no pants on. His massive dick was standing straight up and he was using a fleshlight to pleasure himself. I gasped excitedly when I spotted him, then I looked up at mom with pleading eyes while my rear end trembled with sudden, urgent need.

“Go ahead, Jack,” she said, running her fingernails through my messy hair.

With a hot moan I approached my prospective stud, who grinned from ear to ear as I made my next move.

“Hey buddy, your mama said you might want another ride on this,” he said, pulling the fleshlight away from his dick. I watched it throb and jerk with authority and nodded my hungry reply, prompting him to motion me over with his forefinger.

I eagerly hooked the waistband of my tighty whities and dropped them to the floor, revealing my erect micropenis and my aroused boy butt. I kicked them off to the side and licked my lips, then I crawled into Ted”s lap so I could straddle his thighs.

Almost as an afterthought, I heard a cap being flipped open and mom said, “Open your hand, babe.”

Before I could react, Ted cupped his palm and mom poured lube into it. Then, while I moaned like a whore, my stud slicked his shaft up with one hand while he slipped a lubed up finger into my hungry hole. He twisted his finger from side to side while I rested my head on his shoulder and shivered with pleasure, then mom sat right beside him and spoke to me.

“Do you want me to go to my room so you have some privacy?” she asked, and I sighed with bliss.

Shaking my head no, I cooed, “You can stay and watch if you want, mama.”

“As long as you”re comfortable with that, son,” she said with a warm inflection.

“I am,” I whimpered, then I felt Ted”s finger slide out of my slippery boy pussy.

I reached down and lined the tip of his prick up to my hungry entrance, then my anal ring expanded and the head slipped in. I sighed when I felt my asshole wrap around his glans, then I applied pressure with my hips and his shaft slid up my ass with a moist, delicious crackle.

When I felt his pubic mane scrubbing my outer crevice, I moaned softly and ground my hips around so I could feel him stir inside me. Mom carefully brushed my bangs out of my eyes and we shared a smile while Ted”s cock raged with authority against my rectal walls.

“How”s that feel, buddy?” Ted whispered in my ear. His warm breath fluttering against my ear sent a shiver down my spine while his cock sent shivers up my spine and down my legs.

“It feels so good,” I hissed, then he surprised me by using his fingertips to hold my chin while he planted a deep kiss on my mouth. I moaned lasciviously and kissed him back with passion, then I started my ride and my toes curled.

“Mama”s so proud of her little cock hound.” my mom praised me while my eyes fluttered. When the joints in my feet cracked, she added, “I can tell how much you”re enjoying this ride.”

Without breaking my kiss with Ted, I nodded and let loose with a boyish moan. Pleasure signals were erupting all over my body and my ass was beginning to contract around Ted”s pole. His breath poured into my mouth at an accelerated rate, then he broke our kiss and exhaled hard.

“Fuck, you have an incredible ass, buddy,” he praised me, then he treated me to a peck on the lips before cupping the back of my head and pulling it down to his strong shoulder.

Knowing that my top was in the final stretch, I rode him with more fervor, arching my back and using my hips to enjoy as many cock strokes as I could. He tightened his hold on my head and placed his other hand on the small of my back, just above my buttcheeks. I responded with a hot, orgasmic moan as my rectal compressions gained momentum and my pleasure sweetened.

“Oh shit, your kid”s ass is so tight!” Ted exclaimed, then the sound of mom and Ted sharing a wet kiss on the lips filled my ears while the room hummed in the background. My top let out a loud groan and his palm forced my hips down so I was impaled in his prick, then it jerked and pulsed violently inside me and I knew he was seeding my ass.

As he was filling me with hot spunk, I felt my whole body tense up, then melt into a state of sheer relaxation. My anus was contracting and throbbing around his erupting manhood, but my arms, legs and even my torso were completely loose as I laid my head on his shoulder and smiled dreamily. Ted”s grip on my head and lower back relaxed, then he kissed the top of my head and I knew we”d both found ecstasy.

“Is that better, son?” mom asked, and I nodded with a sleepy smile.

“Thanks, mommy,” I cooed softly while Ted rubbed my back. “It was perfect.”

“My boy knows how to take care of a man,” mom said with a proud inflection in her voice. “You wanna help me tend to Ted”s cock from now on?”

“Yes please,” I said with a sweet smile, still enjoying the throbbing and pulsing of Ted”s prick against the walls of my satisfied rear end. ankara escort 🏳️‍🌈

The sun was barely starting to peak through the darkness, turning the night sky an early shade of dark blue that I could see through the slats in my blinds. There was barely enough light in my room that I didn”t need to turn on my lamp as I sat on the side of my bed and moaned around Ted”s monster shaft. I woke up when I heard his piss stream hitting the water in the toilet, and immediately joined him in the bathroom. When he was done taking his man sized piss, I took a seat on the toilet and peed while I gazed at him through passive eyes.

Taking my mating signal for what it was, he followed me to my room and stood at my bedside while I took a seat and wrapped my lips around his meaty pleasure stick. Mom was sound asleep across the hall, and I was a little worried that my moans would wake her. My naked body was burning with pleasure and lust as I used the underside of my tongue to bathe Ted”s rod from the base to the tip. When he ran his fingertips through my disheveled hair, I beamed with joy and fell into a frantic deep throating.

As I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of his prick, the spell of gay romance started to consume me. The humid flavors of manhood were embedding themselves on my tongue and palate, branding me as his devoted cock sucker. I smiled up at him with stars in my eyes and felt my heart flutter with joy. I loved that I was sharing this stud with mom, and that I could suck his dick anytime he was in the area. Or ride his prick whenever it was available.

As the length, thickness, taste and temperature of Ted”s mighty erection started to sweep me off my feet, he palmed the back of my head and I heard him breathing heavily. Every inhale and exhale in and out of his nose let me know that he was approaching the finish line, and that soon, his load would fill my mouth. Between my legs, my tiny erection was on fire, sizzling with pleasure while I moaned femininely around my man”s rod.

From the floor, I heard the knuckles in Ted”s toes crackle, then he sucked air in through his teeth. His grip on my head tightened and his cock throbbed, then a duo of powerful cum shots hit the roof of my mouth and glanced off my uvula before pooling up between my gums and on my tongue. I smiled up at him with gratitude and sealed my lips around his pulsing manhood just in time for a gush of sperm to run from the end and flood my mouth.

With a satisfied sigh, I swallowed his delectable gift, then I spent a luscious afterglow licking and sucking him clean. When I pulled off of his rod, he cupped my cheeks and treated me to a mouthful of stiff tongue that put the finishing touched on my early morning throat fuck. When we broke our kiss, he went across the hall and got dressed, then I let him out and locked the door behind him before going back to bed. 🏳️‍🌈

The next morning mom and I both slept in. I was wiped out from back to back encounters with Ted, and mom just plain needed the rest. When I woke up, I could hear the TV on in the living room and knew mom was up, so I sat up in bed, scratching my head as the room came into focus. I looked around and saw my red thong laying on the floor, so I picked it up and shook it out.

I felt a shiver run through me as I thought about how sexy I felt when I wore it. Unable to resist the urge, I stepped into it and pulled the G-string tight in my deep crevice. Stopping to pose in the long mirror on the wall, I noticed how my pale buns were full and looked like balloons being framed by the red, lacy fabric. I loved how naughty I looked as I sauntered around in it, letting my hyper aroused rear end sway from side to side while my tiny boner looked almost undetectable in the front.

With a sexual thrill coursing through me, I walked across the hall to pee, and made a point of sitting down to do it. Mom walked by the bathroom door and saw me sitting on the toilet, but made no mention of my thong. So when I was done, I flushed and washed my hands, then I pulled my thong back up and sauntered out to the living room and joined her on the couch. Right away, she saw my slutty attire and asked me about it.

“Honey, what are you wearing?” she asked me softly as I snuggled into her side and laid my head on her shoulder.

“It”s my new thong,” I said in a soft, passive voice.

“How come you have that on, honey?” she asked, then she kissed me on the forehead.

“It makes me feel special,” I admitted.

She gave my exposed bubble butt a pat and said, “If you walk around in this, you”ll be sending a message to guys that they have easy access to the goods.”

“That”s the message I want to send,” I admitted. “Except I want them to know that it”s not just easy access, it”s open access. Anyone can use it.”

“I see,” she said, squeezing my ass cheeks. “You”re in quite a mood right now, aren”t you?”

I nodded on her shoulder, then I added, “I”m a total slut.”

“It”s okay to slut it up, honey,” mom explained, slipping her finger under my G-string and tracing along its length. “But if you make it too easy, you”ll make it harder on yourself when you”re ready to lock down the man you want to date.”

I smiled sleepily up at her and she used her free hand to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, then she ran her thumb over my still swollen lips and gave me a questioning look.

“I saw Ted before he left,” I told her with a groggy inflection in my voice. “He serviced my throat for me.”

“I see,” she said with a warm smile. “Were you wearing your thong?”

I shook my head no, then I rested my head on her shoulder so she could comfort me while I found my bearings. We sat in silence for a few moments, then I spoke up.

“I have three more pairs of panties, too,” I said through a yawn, tucking my knees under my body so I was curled up in a little ball. “They”re really cute.”

“Are you ready to talk about them, babe?” she asked, and I nodded.

“Did you think the ones I was wearing the other night were pretty?” I asked quietly, shifting a little so the cool morning air could flutter across my boy pussy. When she nodded, I added, “I wish I had them on when I saw Ted.”

“Where”d your panties come from, son?” she asked, and I smiled warmly as I thought about the hunk whose name I never even learned.

“I got laid by a hot guy and needed a change because my cutoffs and undies got ruined,” I told her, nudging her arm with the top of my head so she”d wrap me up in her embrace so I could warm up. When she cooperated, I added, “I took a piss while I was getting laid so he got me some dry clothes. They were his daughter”s panties.”

“It was that good, huh?” she noted, and I nodded. “Did you bring them escort ankara home so mommy can wash them?”

“They”re still at his place,” I told her. “My undies are wrecked because the seat got ripped out. Plus I kicked them into a pile of dog poop.”

With that, she kissed me on the head and said, “Well bring me your cutoffs and I”ll wash them for you. I”m sure you”re planning on seeing him again.”

“Today if I can,” I said with a dreamy inflection. “I want to see him all the time now.”

“I see,” she said with a knowing tone. “Just be careful, honey. I know you”re enjoying your ass, but it”s not always a good idea to hookup with strangers.”

“I”ll be careful,” I promised her. “I asked if I could see him again and he said yes. I”m gonna wear some boy clothes when I go over there and see if he”ll give me more panties.”

“He makes you feel that way, huh?” she said. When I nodded, she said, “Did he give you the thong, too?”

I shook my head no.

“I got it from someone else,” I told her. “I wore my panties to get laid and the guy I saw thought it was sexy. So he went out and got this for me to wear. I put it on while everyone was fucking me.”

“Everyone?” mom clarified, and I gave her a wry smile. “How many guys was it, honey?”

“The first time I went it was eight,” I admitted with a small voice. “They all fucked me, and I wanted to see them again. So I went to their apartment before you got home from work and there were way more guys.”

“How old are these guys, buddy?” she asked me, her voice laced with a bit of concern.

“Not that old,” I assured her. “I think they”re all in college.”

“And you took all of them on?” she asked incredulously.

“I rode them all at least twice,” I told her. “Some of them more than that.”

“My horny boy,” mom sighed, and I nodded. She cupped my head and kissed it, then she said, “Your appointment with Dr. Dickinson is this Wednesday. Do you think you can slow it down in the meanwhile?”

I looked up at her with a distressed frown and she gave me a knowing smile.

“I don”t want to slow it down,” I admitted. “I was kinda hoping to go back and see those guys today. Plus I wanted to see someone here in the trailer park.”

“Who is it, baby?” she asked, and once again I looked up at her with pleading eyes. “You don”t have to tell me if you don”t want to, but if you do I promise to keep it to myself.”

Not wanting to rat Wally out, I decided to take a different tactic.

“I kinda have a crush on Riley,” I told her. “He”s really cute and really sweet.”

“Isn”t that Wally”s boy?” she said, and I nodded. “I didn”t know he was into boys.”

“Are you gonna tell Wally?” I asked her dubiously, and she gave me a reassuring smile.

“I promise not to, honey,” she assured me. Then, with a proud smile and a warm inflection, she said, “My little boy”s got good taste in men.”

“Thanks mama,” I cooed. “There are some other boys I like in the park too, but Riley”s got the biggest dick of them all since he”s the oldest.”

“Oh yeah?” she dished. When I nodded again, she said, “Are they your age?”

I shook my head no and said, “They”re younger than me. One”s only 10 and the other one”s 11.”

“Is one of those your new boyfriend?” she asked, and I nodded. “Do you want to tell me his name?”

“It”s Roger and Clement,” I revealed. “Roger bought the bracelet for me.”

“Are those the boys you told me about last weekend?” she asked. When I nodded, she said, “Did Clement fuck you too?”

“Yeah, he fucked me the other day and it was perfect,” I said with a dreamy smile while she gave my exposed buns a gentle squeeze. “He”s got a way bigger dick than me.”

“Oh yeah?” she said with a warm inflection.

I nodded and pulled the waistband of my thong away, exposing my tiny boner, then I said, “It”s more than twice as big as mine.”

With that, I opened the pic Roger took with my phone and showed her how much bigger his dick is with a dreamy sigh.

“No wonder you were so hot to have him in your bed, sweetie,” she said with a knowing smile.

I gazed up at her with stars in my eyes and scrolled to the next pic, which showed him resting between my legs while we kissed, then I cooed, “They took turns fucking me and making out with me. I wish we could have kept going but they had to get home.”

“I”m sure you”ll find a way to get them back in your bed, buddy,” she assured me, and I smiled up at her. “Do you want to talk about anything else?”

“Kinda,” I said with a soft, feminine tone. “Do you think dad”s gonna be pissed when he finds out I”m hooking up with guys?”

“You let me handle that, honey,” she said, her tone full of authority. “Dad loves you and misses you so much. When he gets processed out, he”s not going to be thinking about whether you”re chasing cock or not.”

“I want to come out to him,” I said in a small voice. “But I don”t know how he feels about it.”

“About you being gay?” she asked, and I nodded. “It doesn”t matter how he feels, buddy. It only matters how you feel.”

“How do you feel about it?” I asked her, looking up at her with a guarded expression.

She leaned down and kissed the end of my nose, then she said, “I”m happy for you, buddy. I know you weren”t planning on telling me so soon, but I”m glad you did. I want you to have as much fun as you can, but I want you to be safe about it. That”s why I”m getting you on PrEP.”

“Thanks mommy,” I said, then I hid my blushing face under her arm. “I didn”t know if you”d be ashamed of me.”

“What would I be ashamed of?” she asked.

“You know,” I said, then my voice faltered. “For having a slutty ass. And for being such a sissy.”

“Do you know why you have such a slutty ass?” she asked, and I shook my head no. “Do you think it”s because you”ve figured out what you like?”

I shrugged.

“I love getting fucked,” I told her. “And I love giving head. I think that”s what turned me again.”

“Turned you what, baby?” she asked, and I gave her a shy frown.

“You know,” I whispered with a husky tone.

“Do you think it”s a bad word?” she asked me with a note of concern. When I shook my head no, she said, “You don”t want to say it?”

“I do, but it”s…” I trailed off again.

“Do you think something else might be different about you?” she asked, her fingertips tracing along the trim line of my thong. When I shook my head no, she said, “I hope you aren”t ashamed.”

“I”m not,” I assured her. Then with a curious look, I asked her, “What else might be different?”

“Last weekend you told me you were a pussyboy,” she reminded me. I nodded in agreement, so she added, “And now you”re running around in panties and a thong. Do you think you might have ankara escort bayan something else to talk about aside from being gay?”

I shook my head no. She gave me a warm smile and kissed me on the end of my nose again.

“I”m a total fairy,” I said shyly.

“Does it still feel like your turning?” she asked me, and I nodded. “Did you feel that way last night with Ted?”

“Yeah,” I said, my tone maidenly and soft. “I feel like I”m turning again this morning.”

“You”re having powerful feelings right now, aren”t you?” she noted. When I nodded, she said, “Are you experiencing it in your rear end?”

I nodded again, then I blurted out, “They”re gay feelings.”

“Are they stronger today than they were last night?” she asked.

“A lot stronger, mom,” I said as my rear end shivered with desire. “My thong is making it feel that way.”

“Do you think you”d enjoy some more girl clothes, honey?” I smiled up at her and blushed as I nodded once more, so she continued by saying, “Do you want to talk about how they make you feel?”

“Like a sissy,” I admitted. “And they make me wish I was doing something with a guy.”

“Like having sex?” she clarified, and I grinned up at her.

“Yeah, but also other things,” I explained. “Like making out or cuddling or holding hands. But especially getting laid up the butt.”

“Do you want to talk about it at your appointment on Wednesday?” she asked, and I shrugged.

“Maybe I”ll talk about it on Wednesday when we see Dr. Dickinson. Will you be at my appointment with me?”

“Do you want me to be in the exam room with you?” she asked, and I nodded. “Then I”ll be there, sweetie.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Do you think Dr. Dickinson is hot?”

“He”s very attractive, buddy,” she said. “What do you think?”

“Yeah, he”s really sexy,” I cooed. “I kinda want him to service my ass for me.”

“If you ever manage to score with a doctor, you better lock that down,” she said, giving my shoulders a playful squeeze.

“I bet he”s hung,” I sighed.

“Well I”m sure you”re already riding your fair share of hung studs, babe,” she said, then we looked at the floor where my discarded tighty whities lay where I stepped out of them during my romp with Ted. Kissing me on top of the head, she asked, “What did you think, buddy?”

“He was incredible,” I smiled. “He made me get off so hard.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked, running her fingertips over the outline of my little boner.

“Yeah, but not up here,” I told her, hooking the trim of my panties and pulling it away so we could look at my small dick again. “He got me off back there.”

“Just like mama,” she praised me. “How often does that happen for you, Jack?”

“A lot,” I revealed. “Not every single time, but it happens a lot.”

“No wonder you love anal so much,” she deduced, and I smiled up at her through a nod.

“It feels so good in there,” I told her. When she nodded in agreement, I added, “I have a pussy.”

“I know you do, buddy,” she assured me. “Are you gonna get it serviced this morning?”

“Yeah,” I said with a soft voice. “Mommy?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“Will you invite Ted over again tonight?”

“Would you enjoy that?” she asked. When I nodded, she said, “Of course I will, baby. If he can”t make it, I”ll line something else up for us, okay?”

“Thanks,” I said with a shy smile. “Will it be someone hung like Ted?”

“I promise,” she said.

“I love you, mommy.”

“I love you too, buddy,” she assured me.

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