My real name is Elizabeth and this is my story. I got married at age seventeen to a twenty-two year old factory worker. It seemed that with his pay I would always have what I wanted. That sure wasn’t true. I grew up in Pennsylvania and my honeymoon was at a theme park not far from home.

Then I found out that the nice car he was driving was from one of those pay by the week lots with a high interest rate. We had to turn it in to pay rent and bought a fucked up old Dodge. So, here I was, married just five weeks with a car that wouldn’t even start. My husband was hitching a ride to work with a friend.

One of the guys from work said he thought it needed a new alternator because we couldn’t keep the battery charged. This guy, a black kid they called Junior, said he could fix it. My husband, David, rode home with him so Junior could take a look at the problem. It was the alternator and Junior told David where he could buy a used one and Junior would put it on for twenty dollars.

That settled, Junior used jumper cables on our car and told David not to turn it off when he got to the salvage yard. That agreed, they were to meet back at our apartment in an hour.

I don’t know what was appealing to me about Junior, but compared to David he was pretty clean cut. He turned down a beer when I offered and didn’t smoke. I had seldom been around black people having grown up in a rural area. I liked his dark eyes and bright smile. Being a bit naughty I noticed he had a cock bigger than I had ever had from the snug fit of his jeans.

My sex experience had been all David the last three years as I started dating him when I was still fourteen and he was nineteen. My dad didn’t like the age difference, but mom seemed fine with it saying I was always mature for my age.

I was mature. Wearing a bra when I was eleven when most girls got theirs when they were thirteen or older. By the time they were in bras I had lost my cherry to a cousin of mine when I was twelve during a family reunion at a lake. I fell in love with David when he asked me out and I fucked him half way through our first date. Since then it was just me and David.

After they both left I figured I had an hour to myself. Wondering about the size of Junior’s cock I went back in the apartment with the intent of fingering myself to a nice orgasm. Just about the time I was going to cum on my fingers a knock came at the door.

“Holy motherfucker! Who the fuck could that be? I was almost there!”

Looking out the peep hole I could see Junior standing there. My heart leaped. It was Junior’s cock I was thinking about when I was almost ready to cum. I opened the door.

“That was a fast hour.”

“Oh, I know. I didn’t have nothing to do so I thought I could come back here to wait. Maybe we could visit while we wait for David. If not, I can just sit out here.”

I guess he noticed me checking him out and was curious about this married white cunt.

“Oh, that’s fine. We can visit. My name is Elizabeth. You don’t seem very old … more my age.”

“Well, I’m eighteen. Just graduated from high school. Been at the factory just a little while.”

Junior kept giving me little short looks. Checking out my boobs and when I would turn around in my attempt to flirt a little I could catch him checking out my ass.

“I dropped out of school to get married. Not that I’m pregnant or anything. David didn’t graduate either. Said the factory job was the work he liked.”

“Sorry, I seem nervous. I don’t talk to a lot of white girls. Not married ones anyway.”

I could tell I was getting to him. His bulge was much bigger than it had been.

“Oh, married white girls aren’t any different than the unmarried ones. Maybe a little more experienced in some ways.”

“Yeah, I could imagine that. What with sleeping together and what not.”

This were getting a little awkward and we both realized we were talking about sex indirectly.

“Well, listen. All this talking has left me a little thirsty. Why don’t we wait inside for David to get back.”

We went inside where I had some tea already made. Junior acted like he enjoyed it … maybe just to hide the nervousness of being inside the apartment with a married white woman. It was going to be another 15 minutes before David got back with the alternator for the car.

“Junior, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Well, kind of … but she’s not nearly as hot as you. I’m sorry. I guess I said that wrong.”

“No, not really. A girl loves a compliment every now and then. David kind of takes me for granted.”

“Gosh, I don’t see how he could do that.”

“Sometimes he drinks too much and sometimes he goes out too much with his friends leaving me alone.”

“Wow, Elizabeth. If I had a woman like you I sure wouldn’t be going out unless it was to show you off to everyone we met.”

“Why, Junior, how sweet.”

“Sorry. I did mean to insult you or make myself sound stupid.”

“No, that’s alright. It was sweet.”

I took a step towards istanbul escort him and halted. Getting stopped right before I could cum earlier had my cunt churning. Having a young black man my age in my kitchen made it more intense. Realizing he had a huge cock had me curious and hot. Knowing my husband would be back at any moment made it intense.

With almost a lunge I brushed at his lips with mine. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever. Then I moved against him and we started to kiss. Junior was taller than David. Tall and thin. David was more short and squat. It was a different kind of kiss with his big soft lips. Then our tongues met. I was eager to get his tongue in my mouth and my tongue in his.

Fuck, but it was heating up fast. I could feel his cock push against my belly through his jeans. My nipples were like rocks when he put his hands on my tits and started to feel them up. I reached down to feel his prick with my hand. All I could tell through his jeans that it was big. Much bigger than my husband’s cock.

Gawd, what was I doing? I knew what I was doing. I was going to fuck this black stud if there was only time enough before David got back. I stepped back to take off my shirt and bra. The shirt my cheap fucking husband had bought for my eighteenth birthday just three days ago. That was it. A cheap fucking shirt. He spent more than that on beer for himself.

“Well, Happy Fucking Birthday, Darling,” I muttered to myself. I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. Junior stared at my tits and bent down to kiss them and suck my nipples. Giving them little bites as he sucked. I thought I could cum just from that.

Junior peeled off his t-shirt and jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear. There hung the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It was way bigger than my husband’s and wasn’t all the way hard. All shiny and black I wanted it in me so bad.

“Let’s move over by the sink so we can see out the window. One of us has to watch for David.”

“Fuck David!”

“No, fuck me. David’s wife.” I jerked down my shorts and little panties giving Junior his first view of my married white cunt.

We starting kissing again, with our tongues swirling. Junior’s hand went right for my pussy. I opened my thighs to give him better access. I was trying to watch out the window for my husband. Junior got a finger inside me and I started to cum as he worked it all the way in. Oh, fuck. That felt so good. I flooded his finger and hand.

“Oh, going to be that way are we?” Junior teased. He got a second finger in my cunt slit and I was creaming all over him.

He picked me up and sat me on the countertop with my cunt fully exposed. I watched my pussy fluids glistening on my cunt lips. Junior put both fingers back in and started finger fucking me again. Then he worked in a third finger. I was going to need it if I was going to be able to take his cock. I started to cum again on his fingers.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned, “If only that cocksucker can stay away another ten minutes I want you in me so bad.”

Junior wasn’t really looking out the window for my husband. At this point I didn’t really care. I just wanted that big black cock to fuck me. I was grasping for it to guide it towards my snatch when the phone rang. We had one of those old green wall phones that was once all the rage in kitchens. Not knowing who it could be I reached for it, but wasn’t close enough with my ass on the counter and my legs spread open to Junior’s hard stroking fingers.

Junior reached over with his free hand and gave me the phone. It was David.

“Hey, Babe, I’ve been looking all over the yard with these guys and they can’t find and alternator that fit our fucking piece of shit.”

I guess Junior heard his voice and had his free hand stroking his cock as he pulled his fingers out of me. As I was about to speak to my husband Junior had the head of his black cock pointed at my cunt opening.

“Sorry, honey, how much longer do you think you will be?” I was trying to scoot a little more over the edge of the counter to accept Junior huge prick.

“You sound a little out of breath, are you okay?”

“Yes, I was outside talking to Junior and ran up the steps to get the phone.”

“Tell Junior that I’m sorry. I’m going across town to another yard that is still open. They are supposed to have one?”

Junior had the head of his cock spreading my outer lips open and was getting through my inner ones. His cock felt so good. I tried to fuck back to get him in faster while still talking on the phone to my husband.

“How long do you think you will be?”

“Tell Junior to come back in an hour.”

“Okay, honey, will do!” I was about to scream from the assault on my pussy by the huge cocked black kid. But, scream in a good way. I hung up the phone.

“We’ve got about an hour until my husband gets back. Shove that thing in me.”

Shit, married less that two months and fucking around on David already. But, my Gawd, it’s so good. Escort Anadolu Yakası I was wet enough and stretched enough to get about half of Junior in me. I could feel his black cock snake up inside my very being. Another inch and I realized I now had a cock where I had never had a cock before.

I could feel the inside of me opening up to accommodate all that luscious cock inside my cunt and up to my womb. I loved it. Loved it so much I was about the slide off the counter on his backstroke.

“We’ve got an hour. Let’s get to the bed, or at least the sofa.” We had a broken down sofa we found by a dumpster and our bed was an old worn out one given us by his four hundred pound aunt. I slid off his cock and grabbed his hand, leading him to the bedroom in our little one bedroom unit.

I bounced back on the bed … my legs wide open to accept his great big cock again.

“I don’t know Elizabeth,” he kidded, “I don’t think that thing is going to snap back enough to be any use to old Dave again once I’m done fucking it.”

“Do you think I care at this point? I’m more in love with you cock than with my husband.”

“Okay, you asked for it.”

I was all wet and gushing cunt juice. I’d cum a couple of times while he was just putting it in me. Now I could feel myself opening up even more, wanting everything I could get.

“Fuck, that is so good. How much more do you have left.” I was trying to see between us.

“Elizabeth, you’re down to all but about the last inch.”

He gave a big lunge and I felt my whole insides react. It ran out of space at the same time he ran out of cock. Then I hit the biggest orgasm of my life. Then he started fucking me with it and I never wanted it to stop. My head was rolling from side to side and my pelvis smashing back to meet his strokes amongst the squishy sounds of his pecker going in and out of my cunt.

I was getting a royal fucking. Like I’d never even dreamed about. And, it was a black cock that was fucking me. Making me feel oh so good. I did love his cock. I loved it so very much. I loved what it was doing to me. I loved what I was doing to it.

“Hey, I’m about to cum here. What’s the rules. You want me to pull out or cum in you?”

“Cum in me. Oh, please cum in me. I need to feel your black seed flood my cunt and run down the crack of my ass. Fuck me hard, and hell yes, do cum in me.”

“Okay, will do. Just didn’t want to knock you up with a black baby if it wasn’t a safe time.”

“I don’t know if it is a safe time or not. Just fuck me. Fuck me and dump your seed deep inside me.”

Junior started grunting and burying himself deep in me, then pulling out a stroke and they he would bury himself as deep as he could get again. I felt his cock lurch. I felt the head swell a little bit. I felt his seed spray inside the walls of my cunt, maybe right into my womb. He was definitely there.

I totally fell apart. Lost it completely. My pussy was into spasms and jerking so hard I felt like I would break his cock off inside me. Which I would have loved to have been able to have kept it there. Boy, did I ever get fucked and fucked good. I kept cumming for well over a minute. I thought I would lose my mind before I would stop.

We laid together for several minutes. About this time I would have expected my husband to get up, light a cigarette and go for a beer. Junior started fucking me again. His cock never left my swollen snatch. It had started to go soft. I was enjoying having it inside me and feeling his cum run around his cock and out of my pussy. He just went hard again and never pulled it out. Using short and powerful strokes the head kept ramming my cervix as he used little two inch jabs into my womanhood.

That fucking David, husband or not, was sure a piece of shit when it came to taking care of his wife. His five inch cock was all I thought I needed until I learned what one almost twice that size could do. Not only did Junior get his cock way up where David could never go, I was stretched out wide open as well. I had a very well fucked cunt.

Junior started to grunt and tense up again. Again I felt his cockhead throb, his shaft swell just a little bigger, and another load of semen surge into me. I was filled up with black seed.

After only a minute my lover jumped up, pulling his cock out with a slurping popping sound that let his cum start to run out of me and onto the sheets. I put my hand down and tried to stop it. My God! I was huge down there. Shit and Fuck. This is going to be hard to hide from David if it doesn’t snap right back.

In the mean time I tried to hold Junior’s cum inside me by using my hand over my cunt. I was trying to clamp the lips together while I rushed into the toilet. As soon as I sat down and moved my hand a big glob ran out and splashed into the water. Strings and streams of cum continued to run out of me. I was kind of panicked and kind of awestruck. I didn’t know when it would stop running from my pussy. Part of the mess was mine, but Junior Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort had dumped two humongous loads that filled my snatch.

About the time I would think the flow was done some more would run out. Putting my hands down there I still couldn’t believe how huge I was now. My cunt lips were swollen from fucking. The big problem was that it felt like I could easily fit a beer can inside me. I wasn’t at all shrinking back to normal. My cunt was gaping open almost the size of Junior’s cock.

Time was running out with my husband due home soon. I grabbed a sanitary pad because I knew cum was going to puddle in my panties and soak through my clothes for David to see. I got dressed and headed out front to wait with Junior.

We started talking about fucking and getting together again. We were both all for it. First chance we could get.

“Talking like this has got me ready to fuck.”

“You better worry about your stretched out cunt and whether it isn’t damaged to where your husband can’t fuck you. You’re going to need a few days without him getting a look at it.”

“No, I don’t think so. If women can have babies and get in back to normal I ‘m sure your cock hasn’t ruined me.”

“I’m just saying, that’s one huge, over fucked cunt you have there.”

“Stop it! Don’t you be making fun of my pussy. You’d fuck me right now if you could.”

“Hey, it isn’t too big for me. I just don’t see it doing your old man any good for a while. How you going to hide it, just being newly married and all?”

“Enough now. I can fuck him tomorrow and he probably couldn’t tell what you did to me.”

Thank God I could see Dave coming up the street in the old Dodge. I planned on fucking Junior again … a lot, but I didn’t like being teased about the size of my pussy.

The two of them worked on the car for about 30 minutes when they announced they were done. I hung around to watch. I could feel my sanitary pad was taking a good soaking from me being freshly fucked by the black kid. I heard David speak to Junior about paying him.

“Hey, man. The alternator cost more at the second place. Can I pay you the twenty bucks for fixing the Dodge the next pay check?”

“Forget it it, Dude. I’m not going to charge you to fix your car.”

“Really, but I want to pay.”

“No, can’t do that after your wife let me fuck her. Actually let me fuck her twice while you were gone.”

David’s mouth dropped open and he stared at me. I was in a shit load of trouble and tried to cover up for what I had done to our marriage by fucking this black guy.

“Junior! Why would you say something like that? Look at my husband. I don’t think he knows that you are joking. And, that is a terrible thing to joke about anyway.”

Looking at David, Junior smirked. “Check your old lady out man. Check out the cunt I just dumped cum in twice. The motherfucker is huge man. It’s not going to do you much good for a while. Go ahead, take her inside and check it out.”

Junior got in his car to drive off. He looked at me with a big grin. I hated him so much, but knew if I could fuck him again that I would do it. David nudged me to go inside. We sat in the kitchen, across from each other at the table.

“Did you fuck him?”

“Why would you even ask? I’m your wife for Christ’s sake.”

“Listen to me … did you fuck him or not. Yes or no.”


“Let me see your pussy!”

“Fuck you! If you don’t trust me you may never see my pussy again.”

David stood up and grabbed at me. I tried to run. He caught me and pulled at my shorts until he got them down enough to see the outline of the pad between my legs.

“It’s not your time of the month. Why are you wearing a pad? Aw shit? You should be right in the middle of your fertile cycle. You haven’t let me fuck you in almost a week. You fucked him didn’t you, whore?”

“I am not a whore!”

David tore at my panties. They ripped from my body and I tried to hold the pad with my thighs. David got it and saw the cum on it from my well fucked pussy.

“Jesus Christ, Lizzie, you just fucked a guy you never even met until this evening. And let a black guy cum in you at that. You are a fucking little slut.”

I knew it was my fertile cycle. I knew it when I asked Junior to cum in me. I just didn’t care. I’d never been fucked like that. I’m probably going to be the mother to a black baby. I feel it inside me. Not just all the cum. I feel that Junior has impregnated me. I’m going to have his child.

“Let me see?”

“Let you see what?”

“Let me see your pussy that you just let a black man shove his cock into. Let me see how you look after fucking a black man. Was his cock big, Lizzie? Was it bigger than mine?”

I didn’t answer. I took of my top and bra so I was naked. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs as wide as I could get them. I good feel my cunt still stretched wide open. I could feel a little bit of cum trickle out of my cunt hole.

“What do you think, David? Do you think he was bigger than you?

“Oh fuck, Lizzie! Your cunt is huge! Absolutely huge.”

No girl wants to hear her cunt is huge. I do have to admit that he was right. It was huge. I didn’t mind. I remembered why it was huge and would loved to have kept it that way. I realize I loved a big cock.

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