Subject: Home Show Hunks (Erik’s Big Job (1) This is the continuing story of the hit guys that I have seen at the local home shows. Each and every year I see a new hot piece of maleness that gets to me But this story us about one in particular stud. The hot and sexy and hung Erik from previous installments. But this is due to a real interaction with the hitter than the sun man. And yes he us as hung as I figured. Enjoy. Home Show Hunks (Erik’s Big Job (1) I was considering not going to the home show this year. It was a place I went to get some ideas and on occasion get some work done through one of the companies there. They always had great deals ‘per visiting the home show’. But the last few years it really had not been about work to the house. Really I had done several things over the last few years to make my place look great. So I was thinking to skip the home show entirely this year. I mean seriously the main reason I had gone to the show in the last few years was more to look at all the deliciously hot men that were at the event. A smorgasbord of some of the hunkiest men I had ever come across. And I had hooked up with several there at the home show. But I was feeling kind of pathetic that this was the only place I could get some men and cock. My regular love life was a disaster to bursa escort say the least. And I thought I looked sad to go to the show just to pick up guys. “Yeah. Not going this year” I said to myself when the emails and commercials started to show up. “Sitting it out” “I really gotta get a life.” Besides. I was sort of dating this guy that I had met a few months back while at the home improvement store. I had been putting off restaining the deck on the back of the house do to sheer laziness on my part. That was until one last summer I saw how shitty it looked. So I knew I had to get some stain and work on the deck. That was were I met Brandon. Brandon was a nice enough guy that was big beefy and just plain delicious. I had seen him in the H.I store with some girl when I was there. And I had of course looked at the mans incredible looking ass and thick tree trunk legs in his jeans and was almost instantly aroused. So of course I stalked him at the place. And he noticed me doing so. Brandon told the girl (I took her to be his girlfriend) but never really asked him. Anyways he told he he had to pee. So he left her and passed me in the aisle. There the guy said for me to follow him. So of course I did. “Fuck yeah” my head chirped at the possibility of some fun. I reached the bathroom and bursa escort bayan entered it. He was already closing the door to the stall he went in to. He actually called out to me knowing I was behind him saying he was in there. I opened the door and there he stood in the bath stall. He was rubbing at his cock through his jeans. I could see the nice bulge under his fingers. I licked at my lips as he said to get on my knees. Brandon proceeded to pull open his jeans and take out his dick. He held it there for me and said to suck him off. “Come on dude” he stated “Have a couple minutes” “Get down and suck me off” I was on my knees and swallowing his hardening cock in seconds. Brandon fucked my face for several minutes. He had a nice 6 and a half inches long when hard. And a nice fit in my hungry mouth. Brandon moaned as he fucked my mouth. Loving what it was doing to his cock. The hot pleasure that my lips and tongue were giving his dick. “Awe fuck yeah man” he huffed “Such a great cock sucker man” “Soo good” “Keep going man. Keep going” He was grunting and panting as he thrust cock into my mouth. I grabbed at his big meaty ass and held at it as it forced while his hips crammed cock into my mouth. And we both loved it. He was moaning louder as he closed in on a cum dump. Humping escort bursa at my hungry face as he neared eruption. “Fuck, fuck, fuckk. Awe fuckk!” He crowed as he did dump. “Here it cums man. Suck. Suck” Then Brandon blasted several hot bullets into my fave and on my tongue. I greedily drank up as I let his cum in my mouth. Grabbing hold of his beefy ass and holding on as I slurped and swallowed it up. The sounds of my drinking him up filled the bathroom. I should have been worried that someone might walk in and hear us. But I was too content with my protein drink he had given me. “Awe fuck man” Brandon said “That was fucking great dude.” “You suck way better than my girl”. “I need to do this again” He pulled up his pants and suggested I give him my phone number. That way he could hook up for another ‘hot blow’ So I did. I figured any time I was hungry for cum, I could hook up with thus hit beefy dude and have ‘a drink’. “Here ya go stud” I said as I put it in his phone. “Just let me know when you are up for some blow again” “And if I am not busy. I will be there” He smiled and then left me there to clean myself. He smiled at me and then he was gone. I went to the sink and washed my face and hands. Then I looked up at myself in the mirror. Then I smiled at myself. Pleased that I had another possible blow job hook up with this hot hunk. “Hopefully soon” I said to the face in the mirror Then I wiped my face with a towel and let the bathroom. Hoping that Brandon would indeed call me in the near future… To be continued

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