Erin Ch. 04: Domestic Discipline


Erin Ch. 04: Domestic Discipline

By Graves94

{Note: This is the fourth in a multi-part story series involving a woman who provides leadership and discipline for her husband. Each installment can stand alone, but to start at the beginning, go to: Erin-1 – Female led Relationship. JQGraves}


“My hubby is a very sweet man,” Erin said. “He recognizes his need for domestic discipline…” She cut off in mid-sentence as the waiter came to take their order. He was a handsome young fellow with a pleasant manner, and she couldn’t help but notice the cut of his pants as he turned and strode away. Hmm, nice butt. Wouldn’t mind taking him over my knee.

“You were saying?” Michelle prompted.

“Sorry, got distracted there for a moment.”

“Eye candy. I have the same problem. But you were talking about your man and domestic discipline?”

“Yes, we’ve been married four years now, and he assumed his proper role as the submissive spouse, accepting discipline from me almost from the start. I rarely have to punish him, which is a shame in a way, I love to spank that bottom.”

Both women laughed.

“Surely, you’re not saying that you don’t spank him for fun, are you?”

“No, of course not. I just rarely have to give him punishment spankings. They differ substantially from discipline or play spankings. Those, he gets. Especially on those occasions when I remove his cage.”

“It’s amazing how much we have in common,” Michelle observed.

Michelle was hired as the Personal Assistant (PA) to the CEO where Erin was employed. In large organizations, a Department Head can get more done if they and their staff work well with their boss’ PA—in many cases, more than if they dealt directly with the boss herself. Erin and Michelle hit it off immediately, not only professionally but also personally. They were both strong women who felt no need to compete to prove their dominance, and they frequently lunched together on Fridays.

“My Jason,” Michelle continued, “is always much sweeter after his weekly discipline session.”

“You spank him on a regular schedule?”

“Oh yes. Well, I should qualify that. Jason receives domestic discipline weekly—Saturday afternoons, generally, following a review of his performance that week—plus I spank him at other times for lapses in performance or attitude, or because I happen to be in the mood. We refer to those weekly spankings as Maintenance Sessions. I find a regular discipline schedule brings out the best in a man. Maintenance keeps him more consistently aware of his duties and responsibilities, plus they reinforce our relative standing in the relationship. It is impossible for a man to lapse into the old macho, caveman personality if he is regularly stripped of his male clothing and placed over a woman’s lap for a good, long, bare-bottomed spanking.”

The Hostess seated another couple at a table close to theirs, so their conversation drifted back to mundane, work-related topics while they finished eating. Erin, as senior in the company, picked up the check.

On her drive home that evening, Erin considered Michelle’s remarks. Hubby has been getting lax, again, she thought. I wonder if Michelle has the right approach. Regular, scheduled discipline might well keep a man on the straight and narrow, eliminating much of the confrontation involved with correcting a growing lapse in dedication. Nip it in the bud before it flowers, as they say.

Over breakfast Saturday morning, Erin announced, “You’ve become careless in meeting your responsibilities to me and the upkeep of our home, darling. I’ll schedule a meeting with Lucile for this afternoon.” Lucile is the name Erin gave to her trusty, flat-backed hairbrush.

“Um,” he muttered, lowering his fork to his plate. Erin saw him glance at the spot on the kitchen floor where he spilled milk and did not wipe it up. That was three days ago. There were similar telltales in most rooms of the house indicating a pattern of neglect.

“It’s not that bad, is it? I’ve just been struggling with the latest book. My main character porno did something that surprised me, you know, and I… uh… You see, she got herself shot,” he added, talking faster, “and I’ve been trying to figure out how to write her out of this current dilemma. Anyway, I haven’t had the time to keep up with things the way I should. Sorry. I’ll catch up with my chores today. No need to bring Lucile into it. In fact, I’ll get on it right away.”

He jumped out of his chair, snatched up his plate, although he had not finished eating, reached for Erin’s which she pulled away from him, mumbled an apology and took his plate to the sink where he stared at it, apparently trying to figure out what to do with the remains of his bacon and eggs.

Recognizing her husband was in overload, Erin said, calmly, “Come, darling, sit and finish your breakfast. I know your book has been occupying your mind this week—you told me Tuesday night about your sleuth’s misfortune—but you can’t let one aspect of your life derail your other duties. And, it’s not just this week, is it? You’ve been allowing things to slip for the past several weeks. I’ve said nothing, hoping you would get yourself back on track. That was an error on my part, but it cannot continue. So, I’d like you to meet me in the bedroom at four o’clock this afternoon. That should give you time to straighten things up first. At that time, we’ll review your progress and take appropriate corrective action.”

“That’s really not necessary, I…”

“Four o’clock, dear. Be naked and standing in the corner. We’ll discuss it then.”

As morning progressed into afternoon, Erin was at the kitchen table with components of her current project at work spread out before her. When at home, she liked to be near the coffee pot when planning a major initiative.

Meanwhile, her husband dashed around the house, restoring items to their proper place, mopping here, vacuuming there, and dusting everywhere. He no sooner started one task when he would drop everything and rush off to do another, muttering to himself about what fault was the most blatant, or which room Erin was most likely to want to review, or what job he could get done quickest, or, or, or…

Erin shook her head. She wanted to take control and direct him in the most efficient use of his time—a skill she possessed in abundance—but resisted the urge and let him work it out for himself. If he’d kept things under control to begin with, he wouldn’t be having this problem, she thought. Time for Lucile to remind him of the benefits of proper time-management.

At two minutes before four, the sound of running feet and the exclamation: “Shit, shit, shit,” echoed from the hallway leading to the master bedroom.

Cutting it a little close, Erin thought, looking at her watch. She sighed and decided to give him an extra minute or two. As she’d told Michelle over lunch yesterday, her husband really is a sweet man. He just needs a little discipline now and then. The more she considered it, she thought a regular schedule might be the very thing to eliminate these panic sessions. She could calibrate each spanking—make it more or less severe to match the prevailing conditions—but ensuring that each was severe enough so he would see them as discipline, not play.

Pondering this question, she decided to talk to her mother. There was a woman who knew how to run a tight ship when it came to domestic relations. Consistency is paramount in any discipline program, and she did not want to start something only to subsequently decide against it.

Five minutes later, she was sure she’d made the right call, so rose and walked to the bedroom. Her husband was standing in the corner, his entire body clenched, especially his gluteus maximus.

Erin walked up behind him and rested a hand on his bottom. He flinched.

“Calm yourself, darling. You know what you did wrong, and you know what the consequences will be. Don’t tie yourself in knots beforehand. I will let you stand here for a while, thinking about your errors and how to avoid them in the future. That will also give you time anime porno to regain control of yourself. You will hurt yourself if you don’t loosen up. Remain here in contemplation. I’ll return in twenty minutes, at which time you’ll go over my knee to meet with Lucile so we can put the entire issue behind us. I love you.”

Erin gave him a gentle pat on the butt and left the room.

At 4:25, Erin returned to the bedroom. “You may leave the corner now, dear. Please follow me to the kitchen.” Discipline was most often administered in the bedroom, but Erin was rethinking this location. She gave the play spankings they both enjoyed in the bedroom as foreplay to sex, and domestic discipline sessions should not be confused with those.

Erin was seated on a kitchen chair turned out from the table when her husband entered the room. He stepped up before her, eyes cast down to the floor. Standing there naked, awaiting a spanking while his wife sat before him fully clothed was always humiliating. Plus, Lucile was within easy reach on the table. He did not want to look at that hairbrush. (Now there was a stupid name; Erin never used that big, heavy brush on her hair.)

“Your deportment has been disappointing, husband. You seem to have forgotten your place in our home and in our marriage. You have been neglecting me, coming late to bed and making no move to see to my desires unless prodded. In our home, you’ve let dirt and clutter accumulate so it is no longer an inviting place to be. You should never allow things to reach that condition. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I… It’s just… No, you’re right. Sorry. It won’t happen again, honest.” He did not beg her to let him off. Through four years of marriage, experience taught him the futility of that. When Erin decided to spank him, unless there was a mitigating circumstance of which she was not aware, anything he might say to dissuade her only made matters worse. Better by far to take his punishment like a man. Although, there was nothing manly about placing one’s naked body over the knees of one’s wife so she could administer this most juvenile of punishments.

“Very well,” Erin said, reaching for Lucile, “over you go.” Erin spent a few minutes adjusting her husband’s position to put him in the most vulnerable (most effective, from her standpoint) arrangement. She always went through these preliminaries, whether or not they were needed. It gave him time to resign himself to what was to follow.

Preliminaries completed, Erin smoothed the cool, hard back of Lucile in a loop around her husband’s cheeks, raised it high and brought it down with a SMACK! She never started a spanking full force, even a punishment spanking, but this one was close. Her target jumped and let out a muffled cry. No matter how much preparation she used, the sting of the first spank always caught him by surprise.

Three more serious spanks followed before Erin paused. “It pains me to have to do this, darling, but sometimes you leave me no alternative.” Four solid spanks followed before another pause. “This is one of those times.” Four more and a pause rounded out the initial phase. “Learn from this, dear. It will go so much better for you if you do.”

Scolding completed, Erin went to work, gradually increasing the power behind each smack and varying their placement so she left no part of his bottom unspanked.

The session had been proceeding for several minutes—many hard, punishing spanks—when through his cries he heard: “Hello in the house,” coming from the opening back door.

“Oh, shit!” proclaimed the spankee, trying to lever himself off of Erin’s lap.

Erin put down her brush, but forced her husband back into place, extracting a leg to wrap behind his and reaching for his right hand to place it high on the small of his back. “Stay right where you are.” SMACK! “We are not finished. That’s just my mother. I want to get her advice on your discipline.”

“But she’ll see me naked! Wait. What? You told your mother that you spank me?”

The woman in question stood at arap porno the kitchen entrance. “My, what a pleasant domestic scene. He colors up nicely, doesn’t he? Almost as bright as your father.”

“Too much information,” Erin laughed.

Her husband sagged in place. If his mother-in-law was to see him naked, better his backside than his front, he reasoned. Even though his butt must be glowing in all possible shades of scarlet.

“Thanks for coming, mom. I wanted to get your opinion on an aspect of domestic discipline. You remember I told you about Michelle, the new PA at work? We were talking about discipline for husbands at lunch yesterday, and she said she has her Jason over her knees for a maintenance spanking each week.”

“You talk about me at work? With a stranger?! I thought the details of our marriage were just between the two of us.”

Erin gave him four hard spanks with her hand. “Quiet. I don’t go into detail, but yes, Michelle—who is not a stranger but my good friend—knows I spank you. She also spanks her husband, so there is no reason for you to be upset. It is not as if she will publish the news on Facebook. Now keep still and let me talk to mom.”

He muttered something Erin didn’t catch, but she was pretty sure it was not respectful so she gave him another set of four hard ones.

“As I was saying, Michelle claims a weekly spanking keeps her husband in line so she does not have to punish him with intense sessions nearly as often. The two of them review his attitude and performance for the past week, and she spanks him more or less severely depending on how he did. I got the impression, though, that she brings him to tears each time, regardless.

“Are you familiar with this approach? Would you recommend it? I think I’m leaning in that direction.”

“Hold on a minute. You can’t spank me every week. What if I’ve been good? Would you still spank me? That’s not fair.”

The women ignored him.

“It sounds like a valid plan to me, Erin. I was never quite that organized, myself, which might explain why your father learned his place in our marriage later than I would have liked. Why don’t you try it for six months and see what effect it has. Then you can decide whether to continue or drop back to providing discipline only as it’s needed. But, as I think about it, your friend might be on to something.

“I wish I’d had a friend like her when I first brought domestic discipline to my marriage. There was never any doubt my mother ran her household. She never said as much, but I’d bet money she took your grandfather to task when he deserved it. Unfortunately, she was very tight lipped on the subject and did not pass her methods on to me. That was the way of such things for her generation. They were not open to discussing personal matters.

“My mother even neglected to tell me anything about what men and women do in the marriage bed. Good thing the word got out amongst us girls, or I would not have had a clue what she meant when she gave me advice just before I walked down the aisle with your grandfather. She told me to: ‘Cooperate with your husband tonight, even if you don’t like what he wants you to do. Just pay attention and he’ll teach you what he wants.’

“When I married your father, I had to fumble around and learn what worked through trial and error, both in bed and in providing domestic discipline. Actually, he was almost as clueless as I was that first night.”

“I have to say you were very successful. A woman couldn’t have a better husband and father than my dad.”

“Well, dear, you got to see the nearly finished product, not the disorganized, disrespectful, unhelpful material I started with.” She laughed. “I could tell you stories… but we can save those for another day.

“I have the feeling I interrupted a work in progress when I arrived. Why don’t you finish with your man and we can discuss strategy while he stands in the corner. You do give him corner time after a spanking, don’t you?”

“Of course. Pull up a chair. We won’t be long; I’m half done. Although, I’ll have to add some to get him back to the stage where we left off,” Erin said as she reclaimed Lucile from the table.


Erin’s mother looked on approvingly as her son-in-law was spanked.

END of Erin – 4 – Domestic Discipline.

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