Subject: Europe with Spartacus 24 The story is written in collaboration with my friend Fred in Norway and is completely fictional. Ivar is a youngster of the writer’s imagination, and so are the men he meets on his `educational journey’. If any of our readers have comments and suggestions we are always happy for feedback. All emails to ail will be answered. Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html Europe with Spartacus Chapter 24 Scotland (1976) Ivar was very excited this morning. Archie had placed him in the front seat beside him in the rental car. Jean was happy to sit in the rear and he too was excited. They were taking a trip to Greenock, a small seaside town at the entrance of the Firth of Clyde. Greenock had played an important role in the Second World War, primarily because of its shipyards and the manufacturing of torpedoes. The town had also been important for the Trans-Atlantic convoys during the war and many Norwegian seamen, as well as Norwegian soldiers, had lived there, some for many years. Archie was far from the present when he turned off from the motorway onto the local road. He had been half singing, half humming, “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day..,” Vera Lynn’s famous song from the wartime. Both Ivar and Jean understood that this was not the time for small talk, and the trip along the River Clyde in the sunshine had been in silence. “Thanks to you, Ivar, I feel I’m dating my past today. I’m dating my first real love, and I will pronounce your name the Norwegian way out here in memory of `Eevar’. He lived in our home from when I was 16 until I was 18. `Eevar’, the Norwegian lad from Trondheim – not far from where you live Ivar – was a fair beauty, a brother, a friend, and�” Archie stopped. His voice broke down. He looked at Ivar with wet eyes. Ivar placed a hand on the man’s knee. “When I was home for Christmas, my Mum found all the old pictures, and she had also found his seaman’s t-shirt which he left when he went home to Norway in May 1945.” Archie slowed down in the older part of the town. “Did you ever meet him again?” Jean asked from the back. “He visited Scotland on a Norwegian cruise liner ten years ago, and I was to meet him in Oban, further north of here, but something went wrong. I never met him, even though I knew he came intending to meet me.” Archie swallowed. “It’s not too late, is it? You are still young, sir.” Jean said. Ivar was not happy with the question, because he knew the answer. Archie had told him a lot during a loving night in London before Christmas. “He died of cancer two years ago.” Again Archie swallowed. “His lungs had been destroyed during his war service. He left a wife and two sons behind.” “I’ll visit his grave when I go home, sir. I promise!” Ivar caressed Archie’s upper leg. “So he married?” Jean asked. “We all married in those days!” Archie was a bit harsh when he pulled the car in to stop beside a small hotel with a sea view glass-balcony in the front. “Here is where I grew up, gentlemen. My mother and my nephew run the place, but it’s low season just now. It will be almost empty.” Archie switched off the engine. Ivar let his head rest for a second on Archie’s shoulder. “Glad you brought me here, sir. It’s lovely. I hope I will not make too much trouble for your family.” Ivar was afraid that Archie would be upset by some painful memories, or some unsaid actions. A lady in her seventies waved to them from the open stairs and a young man of around twenty hurried down to help the arrivals with their luggage. “Please meet `Eevar’, Mum. The Norwegian lad I told you about.” Archie had an arm around Ivar’s shoulder when he gave the lady his hand. “I’m happy to be here, madam. I understand you have had Norwegian youngsters in the house before.” Ivar felt welcomed by the grey-haired lady. “Yes, my house was filled with Norwegian lads in those wartime days.” Her eyes went from Ivar to Archie and back to Ivar. “But please don’t `madam’ me, son. Just call me Aunt Bunty. `Eevar’ did.” Archie’s cousin Kenneth, or Kenny as he preferred to be called, carried Ivar’s backpack upstairs. The lad was a young Archie; a handsome, freckled `carrot-guy’, muscled, but slim, and with a white smile which could melt anyone. “Uncle Archie wants you to have his childhood room,” Kenny said. Ivar went up to one wall filled with old photos. “That’s `Eevar’ and I swimming in Ayr, south of here.” Archie was suddenly in the doorway. A black and white photo showed two youngsters in swimwear, very close together on the white sand. “And that’s him in his sailor’s uniform,” Archie pointed to a more formal portrait placed beside the bed. “And here you have the t-shirt Mum found!” Archie went up to a faded blue t-shirt with a small Norwegian flag, placed on a hanger outside the wardrobe. Archie took the t-shirt carefully like a relic and put it in front of his face and nose. “I imagine that I smell sweat, oil and sea, just like he smelled when he returned from a tough mission out there.” He looked out the window where the sunshine today made the waves glisten. “Aunt Bunty will serve you high tea in half an hour.” Kenny was back outside the door. “Your�secretary�uh, I mean Jean…” Kenny stammered, “went to see the harbour.” “Thanks, Kenny. We will be down in a moment.” Archie shut the door. Seconds later he had Ivar in his arms, kissing him tight and hard. Without asking he stripped him of his clothes and with some help from the surprised lad, he stripped himself too. The naked, quite hairy man close to fifty and the young Viking fell backwards on the narrow bed. Archie was on the bottom with his legs spread, and Ivar was on top. Arms and legs knitted the two bodies very close, and neither of them moved. “This is what `Eevar’ loved,” Archie said. “He would hold me tight for hours, as if he was afraid to lose me.” Ivar was super-hard, and he felt Archie’s cock too, growing between their two bodies. “After a while he would start to play with me, caressing my young body. He’d play with my buttocks and tease my back without letting me move. More than once he managed to get me so excited that I spurted my young load between our tight bodies.” “But you are no bottom guy, you have a cock like a super-fucker. I believe you were big as a sixteen year old lad too,” ankara escort Ivar whispered. He felt he was about to cum like his name-brother. Archie held him tight still, but he had opened Ivar’s boy-cunt and had fingers inside. “I was rather late to sex! I was a total virgin when `Eevar’ arrived. And I think he was rather inexperienced too, regarding boy-play anyway!” Archie moved a bit, and let Ivar feel his huge cock teasing his groin. Three fingers fucked him. Ivar could hardly talk. “But who was the fucker?” Ivar asked, the pressure was building up in his balls. “Eevar” started to play with me as a fuck-buddy, but I became his girl-friend; he fucked me as if I was his girl, and I loved it.” Archie gripped Ivar’s hips and forced his pelvis very tight against his own hard body. Ivar screamed without a sound and started to pump his load. By the seventh squirt Ivar’s body started to relax. “We’d better dress, bonnie lad! Mum doesn’t like to be kept waiting with a hot meal. Let me lick you clean, son. And you take care of me.” Archie more or less lifted Ivar to a standing position in front of him. “But don’t you want me to� sir? I have done nothing for you.” Ivar was combing Archie’s body hair with his fingers. “I’ll soon be fifty, son. I can wait for the goodies. I’ll be visiting you tonight and I will show you all that happened in this room from I was sixteen until I was eighteen. Prepare yourself for a sore arse!” Archie grinned and dressed. “But Jean�?” Ivar was still uncertain about the stay here. “I’ll chain him to the bed and send in the dog�.” Archie grinned again. “Be down in five minutes, Ivar. You’ll find the bathroom just across from this door.” *** It was late evening. Ivar was waiting in bed for Archie. In the afternoon the two of them had walked to the harbour and seen the docks that had been very busy during the wartime, and Archie had fucked Ivar hard in an abandoned workshop that had seemed to be very familiar to the Scot. The dinner served by Kenny and the hostess had been great, and Jean had added wine brought from Brussels. Some business guests had arrived just before dinner and had been served in the same room. After dinner Ivar had helped Kenny with the dishes and the two had teased and joked with each other like old mates. The evening had been very interesting for Ivar. Archie and his mother had shown him some wartime pictures, and Ivar thought after a while that he knew his name-brother quite well. He was a youngster caught in the war, taken care of by a Scottish mother and his son, and loved by both. Ivar was close to sleeping when he heard a light knock on the door. The door opened and Kenny looked inside, dressed only in white briefs. “Uncle Archie has to stay with Jean,” Kenny whispered. “Jean was damn drunk and very aggressive, but uncle managed to calm him down. He is asleep now.” Ivar looked at the face beside the bed in the half-dark room, both serious and smiling at the same time. Ivar’s eyes wandered over the slim, shirtless youngster. His hair looked more fair than red, and the silhouette showed a well-trained body, about Ivar’s own size. From time to time the lad put a hand in front of his briefs as if he was trying to hide something. “Did your uncle send you?” Ivar whispered. “Aye. He said you probably would be lonely, waiting for him.” Kenny stammered a little. “I’ve been waiting for him, yes. You probably understand that I’ve been in bed with him.” Ivar was very direct. “I know…” A long silence. “I mean, I guessed. He’s fond of�” Another silence while he squeezed his crotch. “�young men!” Kenny was in trouble. “And now he asked you go and look after me?” Ivar smiled, pulled the blanket aside and invited the youngster to join him in the narrow bed. “You want me to suck you, Ivar?” Kenny hesitated. “No, I want to suck you, Kenny! I have wanted that since we arrived. And after that I will fuck you to heaven and back if you’ll let me. I’m damn horny.” Ivar pulled the blanket off. He was naked and he was hard. He had kept his erection for the last hour by touching and day-dreaming. “Please come!” Ivar found the waistband of Kenny’s briefs and pulled them down carefully. The lad tried to cover up his 16 cm (over 6 inch) uncut beauty, but Ivar didn’t let him. The cock was soon deep inside his mouth. Kenny moaned at the sudden attack, but then pushed the hips forward. The well-trained cocksucker did what he could to please the new beauty. “Uncle Archie said you were good Ivar, but I’ve never, I’ve never…” He shivered and withdrew. “Please wait. I haven’t had sex since uncle fucked me at Christmas. I’ll cum if you go on like this!” “Be my guest!” Ivar said. “I want your Scottish cream. I want it very much. You don’t have to wait, Kenny. You are good for more shots during night, aren’t you? Ivar placed his hand on Kenny’s buttocks and let him enter his mouth again. With tear-filled eyes and some coughing, Ivar let Kenny throat fuck-him. “My God, my God..!” Kenny started to shoot his load, and Ivar hadn’t taken so much jizz since that first night with his young fuck-buddy in France. “Lovely, lovely!” Ivar swallowed and licked his lips. “Tastes nice, honey.” Ivar found Kenny’s lips and let him share some of his own white liquid. Seconds later Kenny dived under the covers and found Ivar’s dripping cock. Ivar had to admit that the lad could use some more training, but he wanted more than a blowjob and Kenny was still horny. “Let me see your back-door, Kenny. I’m sure your uncle has opened you, hasn’t he?” Kenny just grunted. Ivar placed Kenny with his feet on the floor and his upper body on the bed. In the moonlight Ivar saw two round freckled globes, a white crack and, when he used his hands to open the crack wider, a pink, hairless, tight entrance. Ivar knelt and used his drilling tongue to open the boy. With his hands he played with the cock and the smooth hanging balls. The lad was dripping wet and Ivar was afraid the lad was about to cum again before he even had his cock inside him. He stopped. “More. More! Please more, My God, more!” Kenny whispered. Ivar let the youngster lick his fingers before he spat on the open boy-cunt and let a finger enter, all the way inside. Kenny twisted. Ivar gave him finger number two and played with the whining boy. He was not sure if Archie had fucked because, in a way, the boy’s cunt looked like a virgin’s. “I love your pussy, Kenny. I’m sure you are tighter than any çukurambar escort girl around. Be ready for a Viking cock, mon ami. I’ll fuck you until you beg me to stop!” Ivar found the lube he had placed underneath his pillow. After rubbing a solid amount both on the boy’s entrance and on his own 19 cm (7.5 inch) weapon, he placed the now naked cock-head at the entrance and pressed. Kenny reacted by closing the entrance tighter. Ivar was so busy, and so horny, that he did not notice Archie that sneaked inside and sat down silently on the room’s only chair, just by the door. “Open up! Give me your pussy!” Two slaps on the buttocks and Ivar was inside Archie’s nephew. *** The only pure person at the breakfast table was the hostess. She served them all a full Scottish breakfast, and even Kenny was allowed to be a guest that morning! Jean looked at the white and black puddings, and used a fork to poke at the beans in tomato sauce. Archie sent him a very clear message. “After emptying my whisky bottle yesterday, you need this to recover,” Archie said with a grin. Jean ate his breakfast � all of it. “Please, you think I could have another egg, Aunt Bunty?” Ivar licked his lips. “Yes `Eevar’ � for sure, and some more bacon, I guess!” She had served young Norwegians before. The meal ended and the guests were about to leave for outdoor activity when Archie received a telephone call. Ivar sensed that something was wrong when he saw Archie in conversation with Jean and then his mother. “Sorry Ivar! My bosses in Brussels have called me back. I have to leave today and Jean must go with me.” Archie sat down close to his Norwegian guest. “Mum hopes you will stay. She wants you to stay as long as you wish. It was my plan to give her a hand with some small jobs. Maybe you could help her for a while.” Ivar looked around, then placed a hand on Archie’s knee. “I had hoped for you as my local guide, sir. But I understand, of course, that your job has to take priority.” “I’ll hope you will visit me in London and Brussels soon. I’ll pay for your tickets if you choose to come!” Archie used the back of his hand to comfort Ivar’s cheek. “And Kenny will brother you too, I’m sure.” He grinned. “But Kenny has to go to his father next week, he told me yesterday; some hospital business, I understand!” Ivar was serious and not quite sure what to do now. He still had a free day ticket for the railway and it had been his plan to return to London after his visit to Scotland. “Eevar!” The hostess was in the kitchen door. “Could you please do me a favour, son? I gave Kenny the day off and I need to collect a packet from the butcher� and if you go to the shop next door, could you possibly collect some new light bulbs for the hall?” “With pleasure, Aunt Bunty! I’ll hurry up. I’ll use Kenny’s bike, if that’s okay.” Ivar was happy to help. He looked at Archie, and left the sofa. “Don’t leave before I’m back, sir,” he whispered and gave Archie a hug. *** Ivar was sitting in his room. It was still early evening. In a way he was happy, but he was sad too. “Stupid to feel lonely,” he thought. “I have still some months left before I have to go home, and there are many new places for me to visit.” He opened his Spartacus guidebook and found some marked pages; Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin. He had underlined gay places and events in all those cities. Ivar had been happy give Archie’s mother a hand this afternoon, and he had loved to climb onto the roof with Kenny to repair some of the roof tiles. Archie and Jean had left for the airport just after dinner. Before then Archie had driven Ivar to a small shipyard on the Upper Clyde, and fucked him fast and hard behind an old building. With his huge cock Archie had made him cum twice during the short stay. Kenny had invited him for a beer or two at the local pub, but since he had talked about a girlfriend, Ivar had chosen Archie’s mother as company after dinner. She had even served `Eevar’ a glass of old port, for what she said was a special occasion for her. He closed the guidebook and was about to put it under his pillow when a piece of paper fell out from the book. “You are welcome to join us in room 401 from 9pm. Doug.” Ivar had also written a Glasgow area telephone number. “Doug!” Ivar thought. “That lad from the New Year party in Edinburgh. He wanted contact, he said. He’s at the veterinary institute in Glasgow.” Ivar needed privacy for the call so he put on a winter jacket and jogged down to the telephone box at the local market square. Ivar did not recognise the voice who answered the phone, but very soon the lad he met in Edinburgh was there. “Would you like to see me, Viking?” Doug was about to end the conversation. “Of course, I would. I would love to see you,” Ivar answered. “Are you horny, baby?” Doug went on, but there was laughter in the background. “Don’t worry about Boyd, you know my brother. He’s just teasing. Jealous, you know! May I visit you now?” Doug was eager. “You are crazy. It’s late Doug. How far away are? Will it take long for you to reach Greenock?” Ivar had to adjust his growing dick. “Forty-five minutes. I’ll take Boyd’s car, much more comfortable than my motorcycle! What’s the address? You will look out for me, Viking?” Doug hung up just after. Ivar was both excited and a bit embarrassed when he walked back to the small hotel. Archie had left after fucking him hard only a few hours earlier, and now he was looking forward to a new date. Ivar was waiting outside when Doug arrived. Now they found a very nice place to park by the Clyde. No lights and no neighbours. Doug took Ivar in his arms and hugged him and kissed him. “Let’s move to the back seat, baby boy!” The redhead helped Ivar to be comfortable in the small car. He was already about to strip him. “Take it easy, horse-boy. I’ll be yours all night. No hurry like in Edinburgh, let us just play, eh?” He curled up tight against the broad-shouldered Vet student. *** It was now a Friday in the middle of February, six weeks since Ivar moved into his name-brother’s room in Aunt Bunty’s small hotel. Ivar was called to the phone. Kenny grinned when he handed him the phone. “A lover for you!” He made a wanking movement with his right hand and left. “Hello Mr Archie, sir. How are you? You are surprised that I’m still living with your mother perhaps?” “Okay, she keeps you informed, good. You’re in London, sir? The line isn’t very good dikmen escort but I understand you invite me to go with you to Amsterdam and Vienna? A great offer sir, of course I would�” “But what about your mother? I’ve run her business these last weeks, you know. You inform her then, sir. I leave by plane from Prestwick on Monday? Okay! See you, sir.” Ivar hung up. Two hours later Ivar and Kenny sat in the basement laundry wrapped in huge towels. They had just ended their weekly bath. Ivar had been a bit shy when the lady of the house had ordered him downstairs that first Friday, the only day of the week when she fired the huge heater and filled the stone tub with hot water. “I guess you want the same service as `Eevar'” had been her only comment when she instructed him to undress. Complete naked he had entered the tub. The lady had washed his hair twice and rinsed it, before she had commanded him to rise. Her working hands had been like the hands of the Turk that had treated him in the hamman in Paris. No soft hands playing with his balls or his crack; with a rather rough cloth she had cleaned all parts of the young body. “I will miss her weekly treatment!” Ivar whispered. “Better than any bathhouse!” Kenny was silent, but Ivar guessed he had questions. “I’ll come back to Greenock after my trip, I’m sure. I will leave my backpack here and just take a small bag down to London.” Ivar put an arm around Kenny. “You’re going to move back here full-time, Aunt Bunty told me. What will your girlfriend say when you can’t shag her every night?” “Oh, she’s so costly. No sucking, no backdoor business, no cum pleasure. I’m gonna miss our nights, Ivar.” Kenny opened his towel and showed a very stiff cock. “I will miss your tight cunt too, Kenny. I feel like a stallion when you let me mount you!” Ivar thought back to all the visits from the young Scot during the recent weeks. “Can we go upstairs Ivar, please?” Kenny’s hands were searching for Ivar’s warm cock, still moist after the hard treatment in the hot water. “We have plenty of time before dinner,” Ivar said. “I promised to show you the dildo remember.” “I’ll need that when neither you nor uncle is around!” Kenny hurried naked upstairs with the towel as a tunic around his lightly freckled body. Ivar followed. He heard the lady of the house singing in the kitchen. *** Doug was outside the small hotel on Monday morning. He had taken the day off from his duties to take Ivar to Prestwick airport, some 35 miles south of Glasgow. “See you, Aunt Bunty. I guess in two or three weeks. I’ll call and send you a card.” Ivar hugged the lady in her seventies, cheek to cheek. “I hate goodbyes, `Eevar’. Take care and tell my son to treat you well.” The lady turned away. Ivar, dressed more like a city guy today, gave Kenny a high five and hurried into the waiting car. “You love these folks, don’t you?” Doug smiled and started the car. “Yes, I’m very happy out here. I think I could settle down in Western Scotland if it wasn’t for the heavy rain.” Ivar tried to sit as close to Doug as possible. “Did Uncle George miss me this weekend?” Ivar asked. “We have seen him every weekend since New Year, haven’t we?” “Yes. I love going back to the Highland farm, you know. First of all I need to look after the horses, but the old man enjoys the company too, and he has no closer family.” Doug, the tall, well-built Scot, placed a hand on Ivar’s arm. “Has he never asked why you have had me in bed every weekend?” Ivar looked at the 23 year old veterinarian student who had become such a close friend. “No, he hasn’t, but you remember that Boyd teased me, and called you my `girl-friend’? Uncle George told him to shut up!” Doug turned off from the main road. Ivar did not know the roads out here, but he thought they were going direct to the airport. “Where is Boyd this weekend? He’s a bit jealous, isn’t he?” Ivar had been afraid to come between the two brothers who live together and study together at the Vet institute. “He is in Glasgow to meet Mason again. You remember little Mason from Edinburgh? Boyd is hot for that kid, not my style, but very cute.” Doug parked in front of the student home at the institute. “Mason is a fine boy, and very sexy,” Ivar said. “You just have to look beyond his princess attitude.” He looked at his watch. Still plenty of time before the London flight. “I hoped we could say goodbye in private, Viking. I’m gonna miss you so much. Will you really come back here after the Master has served you in Europe?” Doug’s blue, tear-filled eyes met Ivar’s. Ivar found Doug’s hand when they hurried through the rain to find Doug and Boyd’s room. The door had the picture of a red-brown Icelandic pony named Hector. “How was Hector this morning? Did he miss me?” Ivar dived onto the huge bed inside, not a double bed, but two singles pushed together. “He did not miss you, Viking! He has a wet mare waiting for him, so he just thinks with his huge dripping cock these days!” Doug was beside Ivar seconds later. “Just like you then, stallion!” Ivar unzipped Doug’s denims and found his more than twenty centimetres (eight inch) rough cane. “I want to see your face when you cum. I love that wild expression!” Doug turned the naked Ivar around and put a pillow under his butt. The athlete managed to spread his legs and present the attacker with his waiting love-hole. Doug was a master at opening the teen arse with his tongue and fingers. During the last weeks Ivar had taught him how to let his monster-cock slow down and wait for his own climax. “You don’t have to act like a horse even if you have a dick like a stallion,” had been Ivar’s message. “Please Hector, I’m ready!” Ivar opened up for Doug’s well-prepared cock and, when he ten minutes later teased Ivar’s prostate again and again with the hard cockhead, the youngster was done. With a short scream he trembled and sent his boy-cream hands-free over the two bodies. Most of it landed in Doug’s red body-hair. The trembling from Ivar’s balls and inner body was enough for Doug who filled the young Viking with his Highland spunk. Spurt after spurt landed deep inside the still tight youngster. *** “The London Heathrow flight is now ready to board through gate number 4!” The metallic voice made Ivar search for his boarding card. He had just talked to Archie who awaited him with wine and lobster in his London apartment. Ivar swallowed. He missed Aunt Bunty’s food already, and he tried to recall Kenny’s very special sweet boy-milk. He found his seat on this British Airways flight, and smiled at a handsome young purser. Ivar’s arse was sore. He had to find an excuse for when he reached his waiting boss in London. To be continued

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