Evelyn’s Life is Far From Rosy


I stood in the kitchen watching Mistress Valerie nod to someone on her cell phone. My mind was reeling about what had just happened and my head still hurt from being dragged back into the kitchen by my hair. Yet I knew just by looking at Mistress’ face that I was going to be punished for this, but how and how much I would never have imagined.

My reverie was snapped as Mistress’s hand impacted first with the left side of my face and then the right side was backhanded without pause.

“You, go out and clean up the mess.” Mistress began to give orders to the staff. “You take a tray and feed the guests. You prepare another tray for our slut. You get the whip and bells.”

The people in the kitchen flew to obey her. I tried to make myself small and get out of everyone’s way but my efforts were not successful as Mistress’ hand once again found my cheeks.

“Keep your posture, slut. Head erect, pussy forward, smile.”

I obeyed her at once but still her hand moved quickly across my face leaving stinging handprints. So concerned was I about her orders I’d forgotten to respond.

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

I cried out as her hand receded to her side. A man walked up and handed her a short flexible whip, while he then went to stand behind me holding a longer but similar item in his hands. I saw Mistress nod slightly, then felt intense pain as the object in the man’s hands impacted with my upper thighs.


Mistress used her smaller whip and lashed at my tits while saying, “Posture, pussy forward, smile.”

Before I could react my thighs were assaulted again and I cried out in pain as quickly now the man swatted one then the other thigh. Mistress slashed her whip across my nipples and the combined pain erupted from me.


But the torment continued as I struggled to accept my punishment and recall what I should be doing. The man behind me was methodically moving his lash strokes up my backside, now centering on my ass cheeks while Mistress alternated her strikes between my tits, nipples and belly all the while saying.

“Posture, pussy forward, smile.”

I tried to straighten but the stinging sensation on my backside caused me to impulsively try to evade and I lost my posture, while Mistress frontal assault cause my body to reverse. I knew I had to get control. It was the only thing that would end my torment. I focused on the blows, told myself that the pain could be converted and that I could control it.

“Posture, pussy forward, smile.”

“Thank you Mistress, yes Mistress,” I babbled while I tried to stand tall, push my pelvis forward and smile as I was lashed.

“Smile, slut.”

I forced a smile on my face while I did my best to accept the sharp stinging sensation that now covered the back of my legs, my ass and my chest. Finally at a nod from Mistress the lashing of my backside stopped and I sighed.

“Posture, pussy forward, smile,” Mistress screamed at me while she lashed at both nipples with her whip. I quickly gathered my wits and stood as required and responded.

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress!”

I kept myself rigid in the correct posture as Mistress stepped away and I was able to see myself in the mirror. My chest was stripped in red lines; a crazy quilt of lines and my nipples look swollen from the punishment.

“Turn slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I remembered to say as I complied and saw in the mirror she held up to my backside. It was another red quilt that covered my legs and ass, dark red angry lines crisscrossing my ass.

“Master wanted you striped for your insolence in ruining his guests food. You will now be sent back out there so the guests can see what a stupid, slow witted slut you are and how Master cares so much for you that he had you disciplined.”

I always knew I would have to face that room and I cringed at the thought. Yet my ears heard only that Master cares for me and I hung on to that thought and braced myself. I was led back to the counter where another tray was attached to my nipples. This tray felt heavier and the lashing of my tits and nipples made the pain excruciating when I was made to lift it by the chains attached to my nipples. I looked down and saw the strain being placed on my tits and grimaced as the pain consumed my chest and then traveled throughout my limbs. A quick lash to my ass and then Mistress reminding me.

“Head up, pussy out, slut.”

Doing as commanded, I thanked Mistress and waited.

“I did not use the spreader bar on you tonight, slut, because I felt it was too much but spread your legs and keep that pussy open for Master’s guests. Wider slut.”

I did as commanded and then felt Mistress’s hand sliding between my legs and fingering first my pussy then caressing my clit. Her fingers made me realize that I was wet, that my pussy once again seemed to enjoy my pain and I tried to keep focused on my posture as Mistress’s finger assailed my clit, driving me insane with pleasure. Suddenly my clit erupted as Mistress placed some sort of clamp on my swollen engorged clit. The pleasant feelings I was having stopped and tried tecavüz porno to accept this new feeling. Mistress rose in front of me and leaned into my face, her mouth nestling against my left ear.

“A little something to help you remember to keep your legs apart. Now pussy forward, head up, smile.”

She pointed towards the door and I stepped forward making sure to maintain posture and not have any more accidents. When I made my third step my legs must have come together because I felt and heard what had been attached to my clit, a bell chimed. Mistress had affixed a bell to my pussy and it was jangling as I walked into the room, Masters’ guests all turned their heads to see what was making the noise and as I walked I did a better job of keeping my legs apart and the noise died.

I stayed focused and allowed the guests to enjoy the food and drink I carried and would return to the kitchen periodically to exchange their dirty dishes and glasses for fresh drinks and food. Each time the tray was refilled it seemed heavier and my tits and nipples continued their protest but I did my best to control my emotions, maintain my posture and my smile as I served.

I was required to do this until Master called his guests to the table for dinner and I was allowed some moments to relax, kneeling in the kitchen erect, shoulders back and pussy forward while Master and his guests dined. At one point one of the kitchen workers put a bowl of food in front of me and another bowl of water next to it but no utensils. My wrsits were still locked to my neck.

“You may eat, slut.” Mistress had followed the food and as the waiter departed she had said this to me.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said but continued to stare at the bowls knowing but not wanting to admit to myself what I would need to do.

“If you’re not hungry slut, I will have this taken away. If you are hungry best eat as Master has his plans for you soon.”

She pulled my head by my ears until my face was only an inch above the food bowl.

“Too many mistakes tonight, slut. That bell rang so often I lost count of the lashes you earned. So eat slut and be quick; you will be needed soon.”

I nibbled slowly as Mistress looked on. The food was very tasty. When she walked out a minute later I allowed my hunger to take over and pushed my face deep into the bowl, voraciously eating all that was there. Using the water bowl I did my best to drink and wash most off my face. Back on my knees, posture correct, pussy forward and head up I awaited my Mistress and my duties for the rest of the night.

When Mistress returned she unlashed my arms from my neck but kept the latex slings in place. She looked and saw that I had eaten and said, “You have ten minutes. Use the bathroom and clean the remains of your food from your face slut. You time begins now, don’t tax my patience by being late.”

I followed her finger and found the bathroom. I used the toilet then washed my face and hands and scurried back to the kitchen where Mistress was waiting.

“Very good, slut you finally obeyed an order. Come.”

She allowed me to follow and not be pulled by my leash. She took me to another room where a small table, almost a massage table stood in the center of the room. Seeing chains hanging above it from the ceiling, my stomach clenched in anticipation of what might be in store for me. Obeying her commands, I lay on the table. My head, tits and hips hung from the ends of the table, only my stomach and lower chest were supported. I felt Mistress placing slings similar to those covering my arms, onto each of my legs.

“Put your arms behind you, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She took my left arm and pulled my left leg up to meet it then secured them to one another. Doing the same to my right side I was soon balanced on the table with both my arms and legs forcing my body into a half moon shape. Then she attached chains to each set of arms and legs pulling my legs and arms to the side and up. My chest and hips rested lightly on the table. I knew in this position that my pussy and ass were now open and on display. I was slightly confused when Mistress placed a bar stool in front of me. She then attached two rounded plates each connected to three silver chains. They looked like the plates on the scale of Justice I was so familiar with from my law school text. She fastened one to each of my nipples and they hung down but were relatively light and merely served to pull my already sore and hard nipples a bit.

“Soon, slut, Master will bring his guests. There are ten men and ten women in this group and it will be your duty to satisfy all of them. The men will fill your ass and pussy and the women will sit here on the stool where you will use your lips and tongue to satisfy them.”

Except for the growing pain in my hips and shoulders, being fucked and licking pussy had become normal to me. I was not enthused to be eating pussy, but I did enjoy serving Mistress Erica and knew I could survive this.

“Now you are to use your cunt ass and lips to make sure that Master’s guests cum, but you may not cum unless I give you permission. Should üvey anne porno you cum or not succeed in enticing a guest cumming I will add a weight to each of the scales hanging from your tits. I have a total of ten pounds in weights, slut, and I am sure if too many of them are placed on the scales…well I will let you imagine the feeling that might cause.”

Mistress then walked around me examining my restraints and then sliding her finger into my pussy.

“I see my slut is excited.”

She showed me her finger covered in my juice and I was embarrassed that my body was already starting to react. Knowing I was not to cum without permission and seeing how wet my cunt was I started to imagine the pain my tits were going to have to endure. Mistress then placed a blindfold over my eyes and the room went dark. I shuddered at my new world. My reverie was broken when I heard the guests coming into the room, laughing as they neared me. Even though I could not see, I still hung my head down and felt a sting on my ass.

“Posture slut, keep your head up and put a smile back on your face.”

She lashed my ass a few more times even though I did as she commanded. Finally remembering my words I said, “Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

I could hear the commotion around me, the rustling of clothes and of zippers being moved on their tracks and I waited for someone to begin. I heard the stool scraping the floor in front of me and soon the familiar aroma of pussy filled my nose. I tentatively allowed my tongue to snake forward searching in vain for the pussy that had to be there. Someone laughed and said, “My Kevin, your little slut is anxious, isn’t she?”

Then the woman moved closer and my tongue found her slit. I tried to recall what Mistress Erica, my old friend Amy and what I had liked about licking pussy and soon I felt her slit getting moist and opening to my probing tongue. As I pushed my tongue deeper into her cunt I felt my own pussy being assaulted by a hard cock. I was already wet and the cock slid easily into me, filling me completely. So my night begins and I do my best to use my pussy on the cock riding me while I lick and probe the pussy in my face. The man seems to be in complete control, varying his thrusts in both speed and depth, making my pussy drip with pleasure. I check myself when I recall my rule not to cum, but his deft fucking style are making this very difficult.

I feel the cunt on my tongue shudder and the joy of succeeding in making her cum breaks my resolve and orgasm. My orgasm evidently affects the cock in my pussy and it too jerks and spasms. I was pleased with myself then felt pain in my nipples and knew that my orgasm added weight to my scales. I resolved to be better as a new cunt pushed against my nose and the cock withdrew from my pussy. I realized that I could smell the different but similar scents of a woman’s cunt and began to wonder how my odors differed. The next cock invaded my ass and surprisingly it slid in easily, perhaps it had been lubed or maybe the man did his best to open that door slowly. New sensations coursed through me as my ass reacted to the cock filling it and my tongue did its best on the woman now seated in the chair.

I was unable to control my own emissions, cumming often that night and soon the pain in my tits was excruciating. As the cocks continued to fill both my pussy and ass the force of their drilling soon had my body rocking on the table causing the scales now unmercifully stretching my nipples and tits swung in the air, adding to the pain. All of this made my ability to hold back an orgasm impossible. I converted the pain to pleasure, the cocks fucking my holes knew their job and although I hated to admit it I loved the feeling when a cunt twitched in orgasm on my tongue.

All too soon the cunts stopped filling my face and the cocks abandoned my other two holes and the room grew quiet. I was left alone in the room, only the pain from my tits still rocking my body and then even that pain was eased as the scales were removed. I felt my body being released from bondage and then set into a chair. My legs were secured to the chair but my aching arms were allowed to remain free. I did my best to keep my head up but when my blindfold was removed the shock of light made me close my eyes and look down.

“It’s OK slut, take a minute and let your eyes adjust.”

It was a male voice, Master’s I thought.

“Look at me, slut.”

“Yes, Master.”

I looked into his piercing blue eyes and recognized the man from the poker game.

“I am your Master now, slut. I am Master Kevin to you and you are my slut.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you Master.”

I saw he was holding a glass in his hands, a large glass and it was filled with a cloudy liquid.

“Tonight you managed to service some of my best friends and their spouses. They have given Mistress Valerie their opinions of your performance and I have asked her to base your training on those reports. Tonight, once I am finished, Mistress Sophie will take you to her spa and give you a complete massage. I am sure your ass, arms and legs will be quite sore tomorrow üvey erkek kardeş porno and the massage will help. I have also instructed Mistress Valerie to allow you to sleep unencumbered tonight and to let you sleep in a bit.”

I was so immersed in his voice that I almost missed the words, his voice was so deep, my overused pussy had reacted to him just by the voice. He was tall and handsome. I liked his look. He continued.

“Tomorrow before you are taken home, you will go with Mistress Valerie, who will be selecting your wardrobe for you. Now before I send for Mistress Sophie you need to drink this.”

He handed me the glass and on closer inspection I saw it was full of cum.

“This is the results of your labors with the men tonight. All of them wore condoms and Mistress Valerie saved the sperm for you. As my slut no one will enter your cunt or ass without a condom, save me if I choose to have you.”

I had swallowed cum before but always in the moment as it spewed from a cock into my mouth. While somewhat salty, the hot cum slid easily down my throat, but this glass was full of cum deposited earlier, now room temperature at best and I hesitated to obey this Master.

“Slut, I am a fair but stern Master and I can assure you that if you continue to try my patience the result will be so much more devastating then what is in that glass.”

His voice again pierced me and I raised the glass to my lips and before I could pour it down quickly I heard, “Like a good brandy, slut, I expect you to sip this cup and enjoy it.”

I allowed a bit of the cold mixture into my mouth and swallowed. It wasn’t as terrible a taste as I’d feared, but the cold slimy texture made me flinch. I sipped some more and slowly finished the glass, handing the empty container to Master then said, “Thank you Master. Your slut hopes you are pleased with her.”

Pouring some sort of whiskey into the glass and mixing it with the remains of the cum he handed it back to me.

“The whiskey will help you sleep and I know you did not want to waste any of the sperm.”

Taking the glass back I sipped the small amount remaining and felt the whiskey burning as it slid into my stomach. I handed the glass back once more and Master set it on the table then stood and left. Shortly an Asian woman about my age came in and released me from the chair and helped me stand. She was pretty and well built with a shapely ass and tits much bigger then mine.

“I’m Sophie and I am the masseuse here and while you are required to call me Mistress I am not a slut nor will I control you. Come with me and we will clean you up and try to work your muscles so your day tomorrow will feel a bit better.”

I followed her to her spa and she pointed to the bathroom and said, “Take care of business but hold on the shower till we are finished.”

Using the facilities I stood in front of the mirror and saw that most of the ‘stripes’ that had covered my chest and tits had faded. I took my hand and touched some of the lines allowing my hand to follow them. There was no pain only the color and the memories of Mistress lashing my tits with her whip. I turned and looked over my shoulder seeing the same fading red lines crisscrossing my ass. Using my hands I pulled my ass cheeks apart and examined my ‘long stemmed rose’. The base of the stem stopped just above me asshole and the green stem with thorns traveled the crack of my ass to a fully blossomed red rose spreading just above my crack. It was beautifully done and even where the thorns were the artist had inked in small drops of red ink to look like blood seeping from my ass. I could not help but admire the beauty of the mark then washed my hands and met Sophie for my massage.

It was wonderful and Sophie never touched me in a sexual way. She was professional and extremely good at her work. She mentioned that Master Kevin had hired her a few years ago and now worked only for him and his staff or guests. She admitted to being gay and having a steady girl insisting that all the activity here at Master’s house meant nothing to her.

After taking me to what was called ‘my room’ she said good night and closed, then locked my door. So while I would not be tied down, I was still not given freedom of the house. I was too tired anyway and lay down on the bed, finding it comfortable. As I expected I relived all that had transpired to me since I arrived here on Friday night, yet I did not masturbate. The last thing I can recall thinking of before sleep won my body was Master’s voice and his eyes.

I awoke to sunlight streaming in my bedroom window. Looking at the bedside clock I saw it was after ten and that I indeed had slept well. I gingerly rolled over onto my sore ass and got up quickly to defuse the pain. Stepping into the bathroom I took care of business and took a hot shower allowing the streaming water to cascade over my aching breasts then caressing my sore ass. Wrapping a soft towel about my body I stepped back into my room and saw that in my absence my bed had been made and a pile of clothing had been placed on it. I picked up the items and assumed it was my outfit for the day. I was very surprised to see a pair of black lace panties, shear lace but panties. Slipping them on, my pussy woke to the rough texture of the lace and I dampened as I slipped arms into the blouse. Like the panties it too was a shear black lace and buttoned up the front. My skirt was black and finishing the outfit off were a pair of 6 inch black heels.

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