exploring each other – Dirty girl used!

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exploring each other – Dirty girl used!I have a relatively new girlfriend, who is awesome in bed but frustratingly isn’t into anal, which is one of my passions in life. Luckily she loves a facial and in all other aspects is a filthy girl who likes to show off.She loves being drilled hard and is noisy as hell irrespective of neighbours, friends etc being within earshot, in fact I think she gets off on it. She is totally relaxed and confident sexually to such an extent that she has happily gushed all over her bed, my bed and her sofa it is one of my favourite things to watch. I am yet to make her squirt, but am trying my best.The other night, we had Escort been having sex for a while and she was too wet for me to finish again in her pussy; her having had several orgasms and gushed. I was on top and pulled out making my way over her so that I was kneeling in front of her face. She parted her lips to accept my cock and started sucking me. Initially sucking my end hard then enveloping the majority of my shaft and sucking me deeply wile gathering pace. Her hands went behind my arse cheeks and started pumping me forward. In no time at all I was fucking her face hard with a hand behind her head, occasionally pulling out to Escort Bayan place both of my balls in her mouth for her to suck.This was amazing and as I selfishly fucked her face i reached back and dipped a finger into her pussy then withdrew it and slipped it with minimal resistance into her now lubed arsehole. I put my whole index finger in and thumb in her pussy rubbing the wall in between. I was feeling punchy and decided to try my luck; I withdrew my cock and finger at the same time and placed the finger straight from her ass into her open mouth. She looked me straight in the eye and licked, then sucked it clean without Bayan Escort breaking eye contact.She pulled the finger out of her mouth and replaced it with hers which she pulled out dripping in saliva. She grabbed my cock and started sucking for all she was worth with both hands on my arse cheeks pulling me towards her face. I was about to finish, fucking her face hard by now and suddenly she moved both hands, one grabbing my scrotum and squeezing hard and the lubricated finger started massaging my arse hole. It was incredible and too much for me. I pulled out and finished all over her face while she stared up at me, the pleasure pain sensation of my balls being squeezed and anal stimulation intensified my orgasm massively.Orgasm over she began gently licking my head before wiping the cum off her face and licking it from her fingers.It was amazing and not something I shall ever forget!

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