Family Harvest: Re-planting seeds within the same soil (Chapter 3)


Family Harvest: Re-planting seeds within the same soil

Chapter 3: Two Jewels

Years passed, and the year was now March, 2017. Isaac was now 14, 5ft.2; 160 pounds; black hair; dark skin; and brown eyes. Esther was now 14, looked like my Mom; 5ft.2; 160 pounds; had B-cup breasts; black hair; dark skin; and brown eyes. Sarah was now 14, looked like me; 5ft.2; 165 pounds; had B-Cup breasts; black hair; dark skin; and brown eyes. Miriam was now 55 years old, and I was now 30 years old and married to a woman named Marin, who was 25 years old. She was Irish; 5ft.8; 180 pounds; had D-cup (implanted) breasts; bright red hair; white skin; green eyes; and freckles. We also had three kids of our own. Ruby, 18 years old; who looked identical to her mom; was 5ft.9; 180 pounds; C-cup breasts; bright red hair; white skin; green eyes; and freckles. Sapphire, 16 years old; who looked identical to me, was 5ft.1; 210 pounds (chubby); B-cup breasts; black hair (which was now dyed with blue streaks); dark skin; and brown eyes. And last, Emerald, 14 years old; who looked like a combination of Marin and I; 5ft.5; 175 pounds; A-cup breasts; dark red hair (which was now dyed with green streaks); tanned skin; and dark green eyes.

I felt like I was a pimp. I had knocked my Mom up, had three kids by her, and knocked up a beautiful red head having three kids by her as well. Mom and I did not tell Marin our sexual incident, so we fibbed and told her that they came from Gabriel right before he left for the war and died. Marin and I had arrived home from grocery shopping, and my Mom, Ruby, and Sapphire, were watching the rest of the kids because they were in charge. After we drove up, Isaac, Emerald, and Esther, helped us with the bags. We came inside, Ruby was watching TV with Sapphire, Emerald was in the kitchen with Mom helping out with some stuff, and Sarah was reading a book. We came in through the door, and dropped the groceries inside.

“We’re home.” I said.

“You guys want to help us prepare the food?” Said Marin.

Ruby continued to sit there as if she didn’t care, and Sapphire was enjoying the show as well while she ate ice cream.

“Come on you guys, you need to help out.” Said Marin.

Ruby rolled her eyes with a sigh and got up from the couch. Sapphire put the ice cream down on the table, and wiped her mouth with a napkin as she got up as well. Both of them walked towards the dining table.

“Alright, what do you want us to do?” Said Ruby, with a “whatever” look on her face.

“Go into the kitchen with Emerald and Miriam, and help them prepare the food.” Said Marin.

Ruby and Sapphire went to help them. Isaac and Esther finished bringing in the rest of the groceries, and sat down on the couch to relax. Sarah continued to lay there on the floor reading her book. Miriam’s cell phone suddenly rang, and she picked up and answered. A relative on the phone called and told her it was a bit of an emergency, so she hung up and said she would be on her way.

“I’m sorry guys, but it looks like they’re going to need my help. Just continue to prepare the food and I will be back later on.” Said Miriam. She then headed out the door.

We prepared a lot of delicious food, such as pies; cakes; turkey; chicken; lamb; corn dogs; chips; rice; salad; burgers; fries; vegetables; thick bread; fruit; drinks; it was the works. We then brought the food downstairs to the well-lit basement and set it all on a big square table. The basement was more furnished this time, and looked a lot nicer. When everyone was inside, I locked the door with security padlocks, and put the key in my pocket. The kids and wife went over by the table, and I stood over by a large projection screen with a remote in my hand. They were enjoying themselves, talking and laughing, and I was getting the projector ready.

“Good evening everyone, and welcome to Family Harvest. I am glad that we are all here for this festival of family love and bonding, to bring us closer together, and for the enjoyment of life and arousal. You’re probably wondering why we celebrate this festival, and where it came from. Family Harvest is something that I created, and your mother helped me out with it as well. This is not some sort of ritual or something that came from any religion, but just a fun event in general for the enjoyment of the family, and spending quality time. Through this event, I believe that we will be closer as a family, and we shall not separate our own ways, and disown each other.” I said.

“So, what will we exactly be doing?” Said Isaac.

“Yeah. Also, what is the origin of this?” Said Ruby.

“I am glad you asked. Before I begin explaining to everyone in more detail about this entire thing, I would like to ask you all to please not be shocked for what I am about to tell you because it’s completely natural. If you can bear with me here for a bit, you will understand. Isaac, Esther, and Sarah, you both were not born from my father Gabriel. I am sorry that we had to fib to you, but it’s because we weren’t ready to tell you the truth. Back when I was 16 years old, Miriam and I had sexual intercourse in this very same basement. In a way, I raped her, but she gave in and went along with it. She later became pregnant with you three, that’s where you came from.”

After I said this, the kids looked a little surprised and confused at the same time. Isaac had a smile on his face because news never really upset him, he was a jolly kid. Esther, Sarah, and Emerald seemed to be the ones that were mostly surprised. Sapphire had a shocked look on her face, and Ruby’s eyes slightly widened and frowned.

“Wait a minute……what’s going on here? Is this for real?” Said Sapphire.

“It is no joke.” Said Marin and I.

“This really did happen; your father is telling you all the truth. We’re sorry we had to hide this secret from you guys, but we didn’t want to hurt your feelings. We hope you understand, and soon get adjusted to these facts.” Said Marin.

“Wait…..you mean to tell us that…..you had sex with….your mom!?” Said Ruby.

“Yes, Miriam and I had intercourse. She gave birth to triplets, you guys.” I said, pointing to Isaac, Esther, and Sarah.

The kids starting going “eeewww” and “gross”, but then the commotion stopped as Marin hushed them.

“Oh my god……father……” Said Ruby, with a sound of pity.

“Oh my god….” Said Emerald.

“Wow….” Said Sarah.

“So…..your mom is our mom!? That’s really weird! Are you like, our brother as well or something?” Said Esther.

“I guess you could say that. I am your father and brother at the same time. Miriam gave birth to us both, but I was the one that planted the seed, that gives me both titles. Don’t freak out too much; be happy you have a life here on earth.” I said.

“Isn’t this incest or something? I thought this was forbidden.” Said Isaac.

“It is, but we are free to do what we want. That’s what this festival is for, so that explains the origin.” I Said.

“WOAH, WOAH! I am NOT having sex with anyone in here, that’s absolutely gross!! Isn’t this wrong or something?” Said Ruby.

“Yeah! I thought this stuff had a punishment with it. But yeah, this is nasty.” Said Emerald.

“I know this sounds gross to some of you, but it really isn’t once you get used to it.” I said.

“Nah….I don’t want to take any part in this.” Said Ruby.

“Nobody is leaving this room until this is over, so you kids need to show some respect. Listen to us, we are your parents.” Said Marin.

“I’m sure some of you are going to enjoy this. This festival is lots of fun, so relax.” I said.

“Yeah! I always thought Ruby and Sapphire were hot, even though their faces sort of looked a bit like mine and Dad’s!” Said Isaac with a smile.

Sarah love-punched Escort Isaac on the shoulder and told him to stop with a smile. Ruby and Sapphire looked at him with slight frowns on their faces. Emerald giggled a bit, and Esther sat still, watching.

“Dad, I have another question. I am still a virgin, are we really going to lose it….just like this, tonight? What about saving ourselves?” Said Sarah

“Yeah, I am still a virgin too!” Said Esther.

“The person you will be marrying tonight is me, your father. This is not an official wedding; we are going to exchange vows through intercourse. Once we do this, we will become husband and wife.” I Said.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this…” Said Sapphire, as she face-palmed herself. “I thought committing these sins were bad. What about…hell and all that stuff?” Said Sapphire.

“Hell does not exist in the Jewish faith. That junk you’re talking about is of the Christians, the New Testament. This is why I tell you to not believe everything you read in there, because it has been tampered with.” Said Marin.

“Alright, we are going to have sex, all of us! We will eat afterwards, but first, we must all wed ourselves in spirit. Don’t worry about the food, it’s covered up, and you can re-heat whatever you want in the microwave. Everyone, take your clothes off.” I said.

Everyone started to take their clothes off, including myself.

“Now, since Isaac and I are the only males, we will team up with any female in the room. Isaac, since you are my only son, I will let you take the first pick.” I said, with a smile.

“Alright! This sounds like fun!” Said Isaac as he punched the air.

“Go ahead. Pick any woman you see in this room.” I said.

“Hmmmmmm…..” Said Isaac, as he carefully looked around.

“Alright, how about Ruby!?” Said Isaac.

“Oooooh no. Not with him, he drives me nuts.” Said Ruby.

“Are you sure you want Ruby? She’s a bit older and more mature than you. I think you should pick someone else.” I Said.

“Pick me! I’ll do it with you.” Said Esther

“There you go; I think Esther is a good choice for starters. You both are virgins, the same age, and carry the same exact blood. You two are a great match.” I said.

“Cool beans!” Said Isaac.

“Can I join in with them two? I’m his sister as well.” Said Sarah.

“It’s going to be teams of two. Sarah, you will get your turn, so be patient.” Said Marin.

I looked around the room, at my wife, and all the other beautiful women that I created straight from my testicles! I was getting so excited and aroused that I couldn’t contain myself! I didn’t even know who I wanted to fuck first, it was all too much! My heart started to race as I lifted my hand up and slowly moved it from girl to girl. I started to sweat a bit as well, trying to decide which version of me that I wanted to sink my dick all the way down into! I then glanced my eyes on Sapphire, because of how passive, innocent, and fat she was. I wanted to corrupt her body, to make her realize something new; and just look at all that extra meat that is on her! She is 210 pounds, and I wanted to taste that delicious fat, plump, dark meat on her.

“How about……Sapphire!” I said, pointing at her.

“Me…..really?” She said, holding her hand against her chest.

“Yes, now come.” I said.

Us four walked over to the two sets of beds that were by the wall. Sapphire went ahead, plopped her fat ass onto the bed and faced upwards while I climbed on with a huge stiff erection. Isaac and Esther climbed on the other bed with smiles on their faces, getting excited that they were going to try sex for the first time. I climbed on top of Sapphire, and Isaac did the same to Esther. This was getting hotter and hotter by the moment!!

“Hold on, do you think you guys should slowly break their hymens first? If you guys start going out of the blue like that, they’re going to be in a lot of pain.” Said Marin.

“Yeah, you’re right, we should do that. Alright, Sapphire, I am going to slowly break your hymen. It’s going to be a little painful, but it will go away quickly.” I said.

“Alright. Go ahead.” Said Sapphire, nodding with a smile.

“Isaac, I will go first. Just watch me.” I said.

I placed my penis at the entrance of Sapphire’s vagina, and she looked down, watching it. This was really hot because she was overweight with two small breasts, and a face that looked like mine. I very slowly pushed my dick inside her vagina, and her smile turned into a slightly open mouth with a plain face. As my cock went deeper, she glanced up at me for about a second, and then glanced back down at my dick. My dick went even deeper, and she repeated this one more time. When I was a little over half way in, she developed a frown on her face with her eyes closed, and moaned in pain. I then quickly slammed the last inches inside her, and she let out a small yell, and gripped the sheets. My cock was now all the way inside her, and it was officially incest. I let out a long moan, and placed my hands under her head. “Put your legs on my back you fat fucking whore.” I said. Sapphire opened her eyes, placed her legs in the air, and rested her feet on my back. I became so aroused that I started to fuck Sapphire rapidly fast. My penis started to go in and out of her vagina at a quick rate, and the bed frame started hitting against the wall, two times per second. The wood within the bed was also making a crackling sound. Blood started to seep out of her vagina, and a lot of it completely covered my penis. The rest of it started pouring onto the bed, causing lots of blood to go on the sheet.

“You fat fucking pig, I’m going to FUCK your brains out!!” I said, slamming my dick inside her like no tomorrow. “Oooooh….so good.” Said Sapphire, as she wrapped her arms around me. Sapphire didn’t talk much because of how passive she was, but this didn’t bother me and turned me on. The rest of the family was watching us, and Isaac and Esther were starting to get turned on. Esther started to stroke Isaac’s cock, and he started to rotate her breasts with his hand. Esther laid down on the bed with her face up and opened her pussy saying “Lets go, Issaac!” with a smile. He quickly crawled on top of her and put his penis inside without hesitant. Esther gasped and stared at the ceiling, widening her eyes. Isaac sunk his dick into her vagina, and then pressed his body against hers. “Hey sis, you’re warm inside!” He said. Esther smiled and placed her hands on his ass, and they started to move on their own. As Isaac pumped her over and over, the bed’s springs started creaking, and the wood was making a crackling noise. Both of them started moaning, talking about how good it felt.

“Of course it feels good; you guys are first experiencing sex. Remember, this isn’t just regular-sex we are having, its incest-sex, so it’s even hotter.” Said Marin, as she sat next to Ruby, placing her hands on her breasts and then resting her head on her shoulder. Sarah watched them and she had a jealous look on her face. She was jealous because she saw that they were becoming a couple, and she was his sister as well.

“Sarah, if you’re feeling left out, go ahead and join them.” I said, as I pounded Sapphire.

“Me? What shall I do?” Said Sarah.

“Go sit on Esther’s face and let her lick your vagina. This will increase your stimulation, and will help you out. After Isaac is done with her, he can enter inside you next. You will be his next wife.” I said.

“Ok.” Said Sarah, as she hopped on their bed. Isaac and Esther stopped moving so they could let Sarah place her vagina on Esther’s mouth. Once she did, Esther made a muffled sound, and then Sarah placed her palms on the bed. Esther wrapped her mouth around Sarah’s vagina Escort Bayan and pushed her tongue inside, causing Sarah to moan, and rub-rotate her own breasts. They were now officially lesbians.

“Isaac, look at Esther licking Sarah’s pussy. Doesn’t that turn you on? I’m letting you have Sarah as your second wife tonight, so claim her as well! All three of you came from my testicles, have the same skin color and build; you were destined to be together. 6 billion people in this world and you’re all fucking the same DNA code that’s within you; you should be proud. Now screw the night away, and wed yourselves.” I said.

Getting back to Sapphire and I, there was blood and semen all over the bed; she was being fucked like a pig. Every time my body smacked against her, ripples were seen on her legs and stomach. Her small B-cup breasts jiggled, and her blue-streak dyed hair was sprawled all out on the pillow. “Marin, lets roast our daughter. If she wants to fuck her dad like the pig she is, she will be treated like one!” I said. I then had Marin grab a thick long and wide metal pipe that was against the wall, and told her to insert it in Sapphire’s anus. The pipe was shaped like a dildo with no openings, so it was safe to use. Sapphire and I stopped moving, and I pushed her legs apart, allowing her ass and anus to be more exposed. Marin put lube on the pipe and placed it at her anus, slowly pushing it in. “Oh my god….” Said Sapphire, as it slipped deeper and deeper inside her. As it went really deep inside, Sapphire jolted and Marin came to a full stop, and pulled back about an inch. This was because the pipe was pushed all the way to the enclosed area of her anus, and we didn’t want to injure her. I pulled Sapphire’s legs back to our original position and continued to pound her with the pipe inside, then I told Marin to stuff Sapphire’s face with cake and sweets. Marin walked to the table, grabbing a slice of cake, a slice of pie, and a can of whipped cream. I fucked Sapphire with the thick pipe inside her ass, and it was if she was a pig on a rotisserie. Emerald walked over to us, grabbed the pipe, and ejaculated her ass with it. When she did this, her shit smeared on the pipe as it pushed in and pulled out. “Sapphire, you piggy!” Said Emerald, sarcastically. Marin sat over by Sapphire, opened her mouth, and stuffed the cake inside. Sapphire looked at me while this was happening, and her eyes had a bugged-out look. Her face looked more fat the more she was stuffed, and we enjoyed this. I told Sapphire not to swallow, and to keep all the food inside her mouth. Marin put piece after piece inside, stuffing her, then occasionally wiped some on her lips. She did this with the slice of apple pie as well, then shook up the can of whipped cream and sprayed some on both her tits. While all this was happening, I continued to pound and pound Sapphire, over and over again. Meat rippling, her B-cup tits bouncing around with the whipped cream, and looking at her cute, fat face with her bugged-out eyes. Her feet were on my back, as if they were reaching for the stars.

Ruby, who was still sitting at the table, continued to watch all of this with a frown on her face. Ruby could see the soles of Sapphire’s feet, moving back and forth on my back. She seemed to have some sort of wisdom inside her, and didn’t feel right about all this. I was hoping that she would come around soon, and start to enjoy all this like the rest of us. “Defile us some more! Splash some blood on us!” I said. Marin then walked back over to the table and picked up a bucket that was filled with pig’s blood. We got these buckets from a farm and placed them by our sex toys in the basement for pleasure. She walked towards us, opened the lid, and showed us the thick blood that was swirling around inside. “Don’t you guys think this is going a bit too far?” Said Ruby. “Ruby, do you see how fucking aroused we are!!?? We’re about to do ANYTHING to get peak climax!!!” I said. Ruby’s frown then disappeared and turned into a plain face. “And awaaaaaaaay we go!!” Said Marin, as she hurled the bucket back and then splashed us with the pig’s blood. The blood splashed all over us and it was the best feeling ever. It made us feel dirtier, like we were the lowest of low. We were pigs, because we were a family, FUCKING each other! Dignity at the bottom of the barrel! The warm blood dripped all over us and covered the bed sheets, turning it from white to red. As I pushed and pulled out of Sapphire, splurting noises could be heard between our bodies because of the rubbing of the blood. Blood got on the pipe that Emerald was ejaculating into Sapphire’s anus, and this was awesome because it looked like it was a form of torture. It was as if the blood came from her anus because it was being pushed too far. Sapphire continued to moan and grunt while all this was going on, and she was really enjoying it. Marin walked over to Ruby, grabbed her hand, and took her over to us. Marin instructed Ruby to grab Emerald’s breasts and rotate them, and she did so. Emerald kissed Ruby on the lips, then guided her hand down over to her vagina. Ruby put her fingers inside Emerald’s vagina over and over again, and this turned her on which caused her to ejaculate Sapphire faster. Marin climbed up on the bed, turned around with her ass facing toward us, and then squatted over Sapphire. She started masturbating, rubbing her pussy back and forth very quickly. She let out a loud moan, and then shot discharge all over Sapphire. Sapphire enjoyed this as all the fluid covering her body was mixed in with the pig’s blood. Her body was now slimy like a salamander, mixed with red and white fluids. Marin, still in her squatting position, shook her ass with her cheeks shaking repetitively, making sure that all the fluid came out of her pussy. The last few drops of fluid landed on Sapphire’s tits. “Honey, you have such a nice red bubbly ass.” I said, smacking my wife’s ass. “You gonna finish her off?” Said Marin, as she hopped off the bed. “Oh yeah, I’m going to knock this bitch up.” I said, as I pounded Sapphire’s pussy while her legs were still in the air and sitting on my back. My pace changed from medium to fast again, and I started to fuck Sapphire faster. The bed frame continued to smack against the wall with the springs creaking, and the pipe continued to ejaculate her fat ass.

“Now Sapphire, do you want me to cum inside your pussy?” I said.

Sapphire swallowed her food and started panting, but then also spoke.

“Sure, go ahead.” She said with a plain looking face.

“And….do you accept me as your husband? Do you want to be my wife, right next to Marin?” I said.

“Yes!” Said Sapphire, still with a plain look on her face.

I asked Marin to go get the big mirror, and she did so. She set it next to our bed, and I grabbed Sapphire’s head and pushed it to the side, forcing her to look at our reflection. In it, we saw a 30-year-old man fucking a fat 210 pound 16-year-old with a pipe shoved up her ass.

“Look at that fucking mirror, bitch. Do you see your face and mine?” I said.

“Yes!” Sapphire replied.

“What do you see? Tell me what you see!” I said.

“Our faces look the same!” She said.

“Exactly! We share the same blood; we are FUCKING ourselves!! Now, I’m going to shoot my sperm inside you, my dear!” I said, and then started to fuck her at an extremely fast pace!! The bed frame was banging against the wall really fast, and the springs were creaking like no tomorrow!!!

“Now, repeat after me. My name is Sapphire.” I said.

“My name is Sapphire.” Said Sapphire.

“I have fucked my father.”

“I have fucked my father.”

“Therefore, I am a father-fucker.”

“Therefore, I am a father-fucker.”

“Josh has fucked his daughter.”

“Josh Bayan Escort has fucked his daughter.”

“Therefore, he is a daughter-fucker.”

“Therefore, he is a daughter-fucker.”

“Once he shoots inside me.”

“Once he shoots inside me.”

“My belly will get very big.”

“My belly will get very big.”

“I will not only be his daughter, but his wife as well.”

“I will not only be his daughter, but his wife as well.”

“For all eternity.”

“For all eternity.”

I then came to a full stop from pumping her, and both our bodies held still. I let out a very loud roar, and grunted heavily. My cock blasted cum into Sapphire’s pussy one gob after another, like a pirate’s canon. She continued to look at me with her gorgeous brown eyes while I did this, and I felt like such a pimp, fucking my own daughter with her feet in the air. The beast had now claimed the little lioness. I slowly pulled my penis out of her vagina, and we saw our fluids mixed together; daughter and father, the fluids of destiny. Cum dripped from my penis and out of her vagina while our panting started to slow down, and Marin went to grab some new sheets and materials to clean the bed from the stains. I sat up on the bed and so did Sapphire, then I kissed her lips and made out with her. We both got up and then I smacked her right cheek hard as she walked back to the table. Isaac, Esther, and Sarah were still going at it. Both of them were now in a sideways position while Sarah stood back and watched.

It was so hot to watch them fuck, my own kids getting it on. Esther watched Isaac’s cock going in and out of her, begging him to cum inside her. I told Isaac to cum inside her so he could claim her as his wife, and he did so. He plowed her while her small breasts bounced back and forth. He shot his load deep inside her, and they both moaned, saying that it felt so good. He slowly pulled out, and a long thick stream of cum was connected from his dick to her pussy entrance. “I am so proud of you kids, you pulled it off well. Esther and Isaac, you both are not just brother and sister anymore, but you’re husband and wife. Now, claim Sarah as your second wife.” I said. Esther got off the bed and Sarah quickly jumped up and on top of him. She laid down with her ass facing towards us, and he quickly navigated his penis to her vagina and pushed it in. Her hymen started to break, and she moaned loudly with her eyes closed. They started to fuck in this position while she laid on top of him.

“Go for it you two. Get that hot incest goin’.” I said.

Now, it was time for me to decide who I want to fuck next, and this excited me. It was a toss-up between Emerald and Ruby, or I could even start on Esther since Isaac was finished with her. I then looked at Ruby and saw her sitting there at the table, staring at me with her beautiful green eyes. I walked over to her, lifted her hand and kissed it. “My darling Ruby, my oldest daughter. You are beautiful like your mother, green eyes like the soft grass, hair the color of strawberries, and a soft white milky skin that I want to caress. Ruby, do you want to bond with me tonight? Do you want to bond with me, my daughter?” I said. Ruby’s face blushed, and she looked towards the ground. I then slowly lifted her face back up at me with my fingers, and then said “Be mine tonight.” “Ok father.” Said Ruby with a hushed tone.

I then picked up her body slowly, and then carried her towards the bed. I sat on the bed and edged near the wall with my back against it. My cock was sticking straight up like a steel pipe, and I was ready to once again, plow my other creation. Ruby crawled on the bed and positioned her body to where she was sitting on my lap, and her hairy red pubic hair was behind my cock. She was so damn sexy, it was driving me nuts. She had long legs with white socks on, and her red hair was long enough to touch her ass. Not only that, but she looked identical to my wife. It was as if I was going to fuck up the time-space continuum! Ruby started staring downwards at her vagina, and I could tell she was nervous because she knew what we were about to do was wrong. She had a nervous look on her face, and her mouth was slightly opened. “You guys want to see some smoking hot sex? Only real pimps get to fuck their own daughters. Ruby, take my cock and cram it inside you.” I said. Ruby looked at me and shook her head a little, still with the nervous look on her face. “Go for it baby, fuck your father.” Said Marin with a smile on her face.

Ruby slowly squatted upwards with her body in a bent position, and her hand started to shake as she positioned my cock at her un-shaved pussy. She slowly then lowered down towards my dick until it was placed against the entrance of her vagina. She swallowed her saliva then slowly lowered her body, and my dick slowly started to slide inside her hot cunt. The family cheered her on as she did this, and she still had a shocked look on her face while she watched. Once it got a quarter of the way in, she didn’t want to push any further. She knew her hymen was going to break and it was going to hurt, and she squinted her eyes and held that position. I put my hands on her legs and said “There’s no turning back now, baby!” and then slammed her body down, causing my dick to charge fast inside her. Her head flew backwards facing the ceiling, screaming in a lot of pain. Her hands with her red nail polish gripped the bed sheets, and her eyes then opened really wide. Nobody said a word while she did this, because everyone acted as if it was normal. When her screaming subsided, I lifted her legs up and then rapidly pounded her pussy like no tomorrow. The feeling of my cock inside my own daughter was almost indescribable. It felt like fireworks combined with a million dollars and a hot bun warming inside an oven. I know the reason why it turned me on so much; and it’s because psychologically, my mind knows I’m having sex with my daughter, and not just a regular woman. Blood covered my dick as it rapidly went in and out of her, and her nice breasts bounced up and down in the process. I grabbed her breasts and became more aroused, then said “It’s time to make you my second wife.” Ruby started to moan, forgetting the whole sin aspect, and started enjoying the pleasure. When my dick was making rapid movements inside her cunt, I would briefly push all the way inside her for a moment, and then go back to the rapid movement. This was to insure that my cock was sliding all the way inside her canals, making sure that she was committing the act of incest. Ruby’s moaning turned me on a lot, and it was a soft young moan. This caused me to moan as well, and I started to feel an orgasm coming.

“I’m……I’m gonna cum!” Said Ruby. “I’m cumming too, baby! My cock inside your cunt has confirmed our wedding vows! We don’t need any damn rings, because we’ll just exchange fluids to ensure this relationship!” All of a sudden, Ruby and I both let out big long moans at the same time. She started shooting huge gushes of discharge out of her vagina; and because my dick was still thrusting her, the discharge came out every time my dick pulled out. Not only that, but I came at the same time as well. My cum was being mixed with her fluid as it came out, and it looked like a big damn waterfall that was flowing onto the bed. Gushes upon gushes just came out, and then slowly subsided with my dick still in her cunt. Isaac and Sarah heard all this going on, and they both too moaned while he shot inside her. His hands gripped her tiny petite ass, squeezed them, then they moved to her tiny tits. He had now claimed her as his wife. Ruby and I both laid there panting for air, and her long legs stepped off of me while cum continued to drip from her cunt. Her nice ass shifted back and forth as she walked to the table with socks being the only clothing on her feet. This was all too fucking good to be true. I don’t think I could even trade all this for a half million USD and a mansion in Israel.

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