Sometimes we crave for more. He was that more. The big strong hands are what first attracted me. The creamy milk chocolate skin that made me wonder if my pussy juices would make his lips glisten. I don’t think my mind and body where on the same page when I called him to see if we could meet somewhere. He was a little shocked to hear from me, being that we only had about a forty-five minute encounter in a boardroom full of other members. I had noticed him staring at me off and on throughout the meeting from the other side of the room. I tried to hurry over so I could introduce my self when we were released, but got stopped by a co-worker. So, I stood there nodding my head as I watched him walkout to the lobby and drop a business card in the receptionist jar before heading out the building. I excused myself and walked over to the jar and grabbed the business card and thought to myself, “what the hell, he could only tell me no.”

Walking through the hallway of the Ramada Inn made me begin to feel sexy. Like I was on a mission to defeat the undefeatable. I was a tiger on the prow. It didn’t help the fact that being over three hundred miles from home was making me a little bit more daring and bolder than usual. These company meetings were always so boring and long. I just wanted and needed to have a little fun. So, I pushed the 4th floor button in the elevator and took a long hard deep breath. I began to slowly approach suite
57 and then stopped to readjust görükle escort my titties in the hallway mirror so they could look a little more revealing and plump in my low cut sleeveless v-neck sweater. I was looking scrumptious if I say so myself. These jeans cupped my ass just the right way to make you want to smack it.

I softly knocked on the door and took two steps back and posed. When he opened the door he had a good view of what he was going to try to tame for the night. He had to have just gotten out of the shower because he was holding a towel around his waist. All I could say was…mmmhhh. I licked my lips, walked in and closed the door behind me. He dropped his towel and flashed his pearly whites. His dick stood at attention and saluted me as if I was his commanding officer. He walked over to me and grabbed my titties making my pussy tingle with that erg. He completely invaded my space and began to kiss and rub his hand all over me. He backed me up to the door and put his hand around my waist and somehow in one quick SWOOSH… my sweater was off exposing my full round chocolate breast.

He smiled with pleasure and gave a little laugh. He started sucking my nipples even hard now like he was a greedy baby. I reached my hand down and slowly stroked his dick and whispered in his ear how I hated to wear under garments. He smirked with pleasure. Then he suddenly stopped abruptly and back up and just looked at me. By then I was bursa escort bayan dripping cum all in my jeans. “Come here and let me show you something”, he said. I quickly followed him because I love surprises. I rounded the corner after him and there she lay. A half naked beautiful woman on an over stuffed king size bed. You couldn’t help but notice her beauty because it was mesmerizing in a way. I just stood there with my chin dropped to the floor. I didn’t even think she barely noticed me standing there at first.

“Hi poppy,” she said and turned to me. She had to be Cuban or Hispanic. Something, I didn’t know. She sat up with her legs wide open and I notice instantly her Brazilian wax job and her voluptuous breast hanging perfectly out the corners of her silk robe. “Come here, mama seta”, she said. I finally gathered my composure and looked at him and saw his excitement and realized at that moment that he wasn’t in the shower…he was in her. I turned around and began to walk away and then something inside me went off and made me stop. My pussy was throbbing for that much needed pleasure and my nipples where hard and aching for some further sucking. I stopped and turned back around. I slowly walked up to her and stood in between her legs. She took a nipple and put it in her mouth and gently nibbled and teased it with her tongue and teeth. I was putty in her hands then. She slowly unbuttoned my jeans and let them drop to my ankles. bursa escort

She licked all around my belly button and knelt down on her knees till she was my waist level. She slipped each foot through my jeans and turned me around and smacked my ass. I jumped from the excitement. She pushed me on the bed and spread me legs open as far as they would go. I noticed him walking up behind her and start rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck. He bent her over so her head was in between my legs and she went at eating my pussy like a hungry beast. He lifted her ass up more and shoved his hard dick in her and she moaned with great pleasure. I tried to control my moans but hers wore making mine just as loud. She massaged my nipples and I stroked her long black hair pushing her head deeper into to my pussy. Damn I had never felt so good. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I was even doing this. I had always had this fantasy but just never followed through with it.

I reached under her and started playing with her dangling breast. I craved to put one in my mouth. She used her free hand to play with the tip of my pussy and that drove me even more nuts. I began to peek and she knew it. She blew on my pussy and shoved two fingers in and out repeatedly. She rubbed and sucked my pussy even harder and he pumped his dick in and out her more aggressively. I saw that he was breaking a sweat by now so he was about to cum. We all began to moan simultaneously. We were in unison. Shit, I felt so good. I came like I had never came before. She had started to breath heavy and cum was dripping all down her leg from where she had organism and all over her back from him. Then we all took a deep breath and climbed further into bed for round two.

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