Favourite Fantasies #12


Favourite Fantasies #12I am married to a lovely woman and we have two beautiful c***dren, a boy and a girl. We both teach music, and our in-come is twenty-five thousand dollars per year.My fantasies are about my beautiful mother and me. In them, my mother is thirty-six but looks much younger. I am a sixteen-year-old boy with a perpetual hard-on. On a Sunday morning in summer, we go for a walk in the country. It is peaceful, sunny, and warm. My mother has a white simple dress on. Since the path is narrow, I walk behind her. I cannot help but notice her beautiful legs. Her calves are shapely, like upside-down bowling pins. As she walks, her dress flaps; and her beautiful milk-white thighs flash before me. She has tied her long blond hair in a ponytail, which goes so beautifully with her round face and makes her look much younger. She sways her wide hips unintentionally and rolls her round, am-ple ass. When my mother stoops along the way to pick a flower, her dress rises, exposing her thighs and her snow-white panties that hide her big and delicious ass.When we come to a secluded spot, Mom wants to pee. I pretend I too want to pee and turn away from her. Then I turn around, fumbling with my fly and letting my mother see my huge hard-on, while I take a good look at her pussy. My mother seems embarrassed, but she steals a glance at my erect cock. Whether my mother is pleased or annoyed at my bold-ness, I don’t know. Women are too clever for us men.We continue to walk. We come to a farm where they are raising race horses by inbreeding. We see people trying to get a stallion to mount a mare. My mother suggests we stop and watch. She tells me that of all a****ls, only horses fuck in a Urla Escort similar way like people. She tells me that mating horses closely related makes them a better stock. The stallion that is about to mount the mare is her very own offspring. We are both fascinated by the huge size of the stallion’s cock. As we watch in awe, the stallion, with the help of men, finally finds his way and sinks his cock slowly into the mare’s belly. My mother seems very excited and is rubbing her thighs together. I ask her if inbreeding is desirable among horses, why not between people? She does not know the right answer and only tells me that society frowns at such matings.Then my mother tells me that this is more of a sociological than biological problem. The rivalry between siblings. But I have no brothers or sisters. My father no longer cares about my mother and has left her. “Where there is a will, there is a way.” If, this rule has any truth in it at all, then it should ap-ply to my mother and me as well. Would sexual union be-tween two close relatives who love each other deeply make their relationship more beautiful? Of course it would. My mother agrees with me and feels that many things do not make sense. Being a practical woman, my mother feels that it is all right for me to fuck her as long as nobody knows about it. I mount my mother from behind, as we observe the stallion fuck the mare. My cock throbs and expands in my mother’s sweet, receptive cunt. I dare not move in and out lest I come too soon. It was so simple and so natural. I wonder what the fuss is all about. Fucking my mother was the most beautiful and rewarding experience in my whole life.Here Menderes Escort is fantasy number two.My mother and I have been lovers for four years. We are celebrating the anniversary of four years of bliss. At dinner we have filet mignon and caviar and the best champagne. My mother is dressed in an evening gown which is black and strapless. Her white, smooth skin shines blemishless. She wears no panties or bra. Just black nylon stockings and garter belt. We sit opposite each other at the table with candlelight and eat to music of Mantovani. We eyeball each other across the table like in the Tom Jones movie. Then I dance with my mother. She puts her arms around my neck, and I take her big ass-cheeks in my hands and caress them lovingly. My mother rubs her belly against my throbbing hard-on. Then we sit on the sofa and watch television. She sits in my lap, lifts her dress over her hips, and impales herself on my huge prick. We sit like that for a long time while I caress her beautiful breasts. Then my mother turns around and straddles me face to face. Then she puts her arms around me; and so coupled, I lift her and carry her to bed. My mother is a big woman, but I am bigger, and it is easy for me to carry her like this. I put her lovely legs on my shoulders and she doubles up until they touch her breasts. In this position, we can achieve the deepest and most satisfying penetration. I fuck her lovingly for a long time.Why do I love to fuck my own mother? Why do people climb mountains? Why do they cross oceans in small rafts? Why do men go to the moon? Because it is a challenge. I want to be different. I want to prove to myself that Narlıdere Escort one does not have to be an imbecile to enjoy i****t. I want to prove to myself I can do it and survive. What young, healthy man did not have wet dreams about his mother?Since I grew up without a father, it was my mother who had to tell me about the birds and the bees, and teach me all about sex. It was a blessing to know that the solution for our sexual needs was within us. It was so convenient. We were both very busy. My mother painting pictures, and I practicing music six hours a day and working besides. We had no time for the outside world. Of course I would want to meet a nice girl and marry some day, but how about right now?My mother watched her little boy grow into a young man with satisfaction. I was her ideal man. I could do everything to her my dad could not. She would teach me how beautiful sex is. To abandon myself to the sweet joy of copulation without a trace of guilt. To feel that sex is as normal and as natural as breathing.I was about thirteen when I started fucking my mother regularly. To have fucked my mother gave me self-confidence, and I was elated that I had become a man. Women today take better care of themselves and look years younger. They are very appealing to their young and horny sons. Watching young girls on the beach clad in string bikinis that only cover their nipples and the triangle between their legs, one wonders how their fathers can possibly resist them.There are more fathers fucking their daughters than there are brothers fucking their sisters. Motherfucking is consid-ered rare and that makes me much happier. I am different. I am unique. I am daring. I have done something most young men wish they could do if they had the guts. How many young men know what their mother’s cunt looks like? Are their mothers frigid, or do they love to fuck? How does it feel to penetrate the womb you came out of with your cock? To revisit the place that nourished you for nine months?

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