Finally meeting wendy


Finally meeting wendyI had been on the sex site for a few weeks (myfunbuddy) when I found wendys profile she was a single mum just looking for a little fun, so we started to message each other having little chats about what we were doing on the site and how things were going, talking about the nice people we had talked to and about the total creeps that were just weird, we were getting on well so decided to swap mobile numbers so we could chat more easily.We would text each other and flirt getting each other worked up, I got wendys e-mail and started to send her naughty stories just to tease her through the day, we started having phone sex I loved talking dirty to wendy hearing her moan as she wanked away until I made her cum, her breathing sending me over the edge to, we did this for a few weeks and wendy decided we should meet the next weekend.The next weekend came and I was excited to finally meet wendy we had swapped pictures at the beginning she is 5’7′ long dark hair and very curvy, lovely big tits and a nice round bum, we talked before I went down and I asked if she would leave her knickers off, she sent a text back telling me how naughty I was but she liked the idea and said she would.I headed down to hers around midday she didn’t live that far from me and I was there in around 25 minutes, she Escort Bayan opened the door with a big smile and welcomed me in, “nice to finally meet” she had as we hugged “that it is” I answered back “but have to say im a bit nervous but excited too” she smiled at me “well that makes two of us” she laughed and headed for the kitchen to make some tea.We went in the front room and chatted as we drank our tea watching the music channels and laughing as some of the older songs came on and saying how old we were when we first heard them, we were both feeling more relax and I put my hand on her leg making wendy catch her breath a little, then we were kissing each other and I was squeezing her tits they were so big and soft and I could feel her nipples getting hard though her bra and top, “touch me” she moaned and I unzipped her jeans and slid my hand in.She had left her knickers of like she said so my fingers slipped right into her pussy making wendy moan out with pleasure, my other hand pulled her top down it was low cut and I pulled one of her tits out and started sucking on her nipple, wendy was breathing faster and loving my fingers fucking her moist pussy, “im going to cum” she mumbled out and then I felt her pussy spasm around my fingers, I eased them out making her tremble Bayan escort as I touch her clit “mmmmmmm its really sensitive” she said so I just squeezed her tits and kissed her, “you cum really fast” I said “I always do” she said back with a smile.She learned forward and asked me to kiss her neck she said it really turns her on, so I started to softly kiss the back of her neck making her moan softly, my hands started squeezing her tits though her top which she also seemed to love, then I move one hand down and slipped it into her jeans and started finger fucking her again, squeezing her tits and finger fucking while I kept kissing and licking her neck was getting wendy so worked up, she didn’t have to say anything this time I felt her pussy spasm and new she was cumming.She laugh as she turned to me “when you said you like to give and spoil a women I though you were k**ding” I kissed her holding her close “well beautiful im going to spoil you all day long” she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and started to unzip my pants “my go first” she said with a smile and was soon sucking my cock, she was amazing deep throating my cock as I squeezed her bum, she was going faster and I moaned out and exploded into her mouth she just swallowed my load and kept sucking, “now Escort im really sensitive” I said laughing as wendy stopped sucking and smiled at me, I pulled her close and kiss her.We took a brake as she had to get tea ready for her son so we chatted for a bit then we ate together while her son just grabbed some pizza and headed back to his room,”would you mind if I put my pjs on” wendy asked “not at all” I said, she came back down and lay on the couch and I lay beside her, we put a film on the t.v. but I started fingering her and sucking her tits again making her cum that it didn’t matter what was on the t.v., she was laying there breathless and it was getting late so we headed to bed.We both got in and were going to go to sleep when I started to rub wendys bum making her laugh and tell me know naughty I was being, I teased her pussy a little getting her worked up “want to fuck” I whisper to her she just moaned back as I kept playing with her pussy, she turned over and got on top of my grabbing my cock and then thrusting herself down onto in making us both moan out, I squeezed her bum as she road me her pussy feeling amazing as she pounded away at me, we were both so horny and worked up that it wasn’t long before she was moaning out and I was blowing my load inside her.Wendy lay on top of me and I gentle caress her kissing her softly and we started to fall asleep in each others arms, but before we drifted off I whispered in her ear “tomorrows going to be even better” wendy softly moaned and kissed me deeply “im looking forward to it” she said and we both drifted off to sleep.

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