first anal with Ex girlfriend


first anal with Ex girlfriendAnother true story, this time with my old girlfriend.This is the chick I worked with at the factory from previous stories.We were sitting around watching tv after dinner one night at her house and had not really been dating all that long. Out of no where she asked, ” You ever try anal”? I said yeah a couple of times with the ex-wife to that she replied “Well, I’m not into that” I said it’s ok, I like it but we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to and that’s all there was to it. We went to bed and had our normal good sex then went to sleep.A week later, we were at my house and she was HORNY! she spread a blanket over the couch, got me naked and started giving me one of her awesome blow jobs and then she got up, went to the kitchen and got chocolate syrup, whipped cream, pineaple rings and I can’t remember what else. Escort She came back to the living room and proceded to make a sundae out of me. I don’t have a huge dick but still she had to break the pineapple rings to fit the on my cock. Then she poured the chocolate syrup all over my dick and balls and finished it all off with the whipped cream. After she had completed her sundae, she began to enjoy her dessert, making sure to lick me clean and kept sucking my cock afterwards. Once again, out of no where, she said ” I want you to stick it in my ass”! I was kinda speechless since just a week ago she had said ” I’m not into that”. When I came back to reality, I asked ” are you sure”? and she was. I traded places with her so that she was sitting on the couch and I was kneeling before her. I licked her pussy for a little while then she grabbed Escort Bayan a bottle of baby oil from the coffee table and squirted it all over my cock and her asshole. She got on her knees, bent over the couch and said ” I want you in my ass” I eased up behing her, putting the head of my dick against her puckered little rectum and I started slowly pushing. I felt resistance but kept pushing with a little more force and the head started to slide in. The whole time I was trying to get in her ass, she was playing with her pussy and seemed to be enjoying herself. By this time I had gotten the head all the way in her butthole and kept slowly pushing until my entire cock was completely in her ass, all the way up to the balls! I left it there like that for a while to allow her to get used to the feeling and then started pumpimg in and Bayan Escort out of her tight little starfish. She was going crazy, rubbuing her clit while I slammed her back door. It wasn’t long before she came squirting all over my nuts. I let her regain her composure then it was my turn. I pounded her asshole relentlessly, all the way out then all the way in. I almost lost it when she turned and looked me in the eye and said ” fuck my ass just like that”! I reached up with both hands to get a double handfull of tits and continued ramming her rectum but it wasn’t long until I felt it happening. I began moaning and groaning and finally I shoved my cock as far in her ass as I could get and unloaded my cum deep into her bowels. I held my dick in her as long as I could before it began to shrivel and eventually “Pop” from her freshly fucked butthole where I could see cum dribbling out and down her leg. I leaned up and kissed her on the neck and said ” you’re not into that huh”? we both laughed and I had another story to tell my buddies at work the next day. I miss her she was alot of fun!

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