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First FuckI’d been a horny 18-year-old like a lot of other guys, and had explored all the tasty varieties of cock, getting mine teased and tortured, and doing the same for other guys. We’d spend a long time on some days, edging a squirt just to explode and start all over again. On other days, it was a fast suck here, a jerk off there, and sometimes everything in one harried day.There was a softball league forming where I worked, and we were a few members short so we recruited several players. One of them, Greg, was a tall black guy, about my size and build. He was pretty good at first base, and pretty shy. I didn’t know it at the time, but my gaydar was going off. I didn’t consider myself one way or the other, just all ways that felt good.We traveled one Saturday for a double header. It was boiling hot outside, humid, and the sun just cooked us. At the end of the second game, several of us took off straight for the showers. That’s the first time I saw Greg naked. Although he had my same build, he had an uncut cock, something that I’d rarely seen before. He noticed me watching it and non-challantly pulled back his foreskin to reveal the fat pink head, then he washed around it. Damn, I wanted to do that. I knew my cock was growing and there were other guys around so I got conflicted and turned away. I caught the smile on his face as I did.The next weekend, I got Escort Bayan a call from him asking if he could give me a ride to the next double header. We did well until a thunderstorm blew in, and once again, I found myself in the showers with him, naked, but only he and I stood under the water. He soaped up his body as I watched, pausing to pinch one of his nipples, which made him wince. His cock was growing, and that pink head started slowly popping out from under his foreskin. I watched with fascination, not caring this time that I was also getting hard.He slowly cleaned his cock again, this time squeezing it, and lifting it to wash his balls. Then he turned around and washed his backside, running his fingers numerous times down between his muscled cheeks, bending over slightly as he did so. My balls were tingling at the sight. He got some more soap from the dispenser, and pushed a finger into his hole, slowly pistoning the finger in. I thought I’d shoot right there, the site was so exciting and my anticipation so high.He turned around, and his cock had grown long and thick, pointing at me. He stroked it slowly as he gazed at my wood. I walked closer to him, and took it in my hand. It was very hard and throbbing as I skinned his foreskin back and forth, making him moan. We heard a noise and backed off immediately. I soaped Bayan escort up, hoping that if someone was coming, our erections would go down. But the thought of his cock in my hand prevented that. I soaped, and he watched. I imitated his movements, paying special attention to my cock and balls and ass as we grew brave again. He was openly jacking now, and I was sorely tempted to get on my knees and suck it.He came over to me, behind me, and reached around to stroke me. I felt his cock in the cheeks of my virgin butt. I’d played many times, but had never been fucked. It felt good. As he ran that pink-tipped cock up and down, he ran his other hand over me, pausing to tweak my nipple and suck on my neck. I felt him slowly running his soapy cock up and down my butt, trench pausing to slap it on my cheeks. He reached over for the soap, and soaped my trench with a huge gob of soap. That’s when I felt his cock knocking at my door.Lust had overtaken me. I pushed back and he pushed forward, never stopping his stroking. It was truth time. I’d always wondered if I’d let someone do my ass but never had. It also symbolized something to me, that it would be an act of submission, of changing roles from an aggressor, a top, to something else. Now, I wanted it. I wanted that pink-tipped black dick inside me. I wanted it bad. Very bad.I Escort felt him thrust harder until I felt like my hole was being ripped in two. The pain was mind- numbing as he slipped in about an inch. I had immediate second thought. He held me tight, and then slowly worked the rest in until I could feel his pubic hair on my ass. I froze, in pain, but also in total lust. He was inside me, and I could feel him throb in my ass. He slowly moved out, then in, until the burn was giving way to profound pleasure. He didn’t pound me, and started jacking me again, rubbing his hands all over me. I was invaded now. I felt like I was a part of Greg, and he, a part of me.He started moving faster and I started squirting spontaneously. My balls just emptied, shooting wildly, everywhere. My erection didn’t go down, and he continued to jack me. I felt him getting larger, and suddenly he hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe as I felt him throb, with a deep feeling of wetness inside, lubricating us, which I knew had to be his ejaculation. He throbbed and throbbed until I felt him deflate, and his grip on me loosened. He seemed to collapse a bit, then he increased his stroking on my cock until I shot out again, a moment later. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, making me feel incredibly empty, and sad. I pulled away and turned around. He had a look on his face that I couldn’t read then, but came to know as his post-orgasm face. We hugged, feeling our bodies and spent cocks rub each other. We showered, washing each other well, and I drove him home. That rainy afternoon, I got to know him very intimately, too. It was my first real case of manlust.

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