Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 02


It’s been a long day at work. After taking yesterday off I had lots to catch up on, so I’ve stayed late. Truth be told I’m putting off going home. There’s no way Jess could possibly know about last night, but I can’t shake the thought that somehow she does. After fantasizing about her legs in those pantyhose while I pleasured myself in a pair of my ex’s, I feel like I have this hidden secret now. Like I’m going to get found out.

It doesn’t help that all day I’ve been noticing women around me in pantyhose. With the weather getting cooler I’m surrounded by beautiful legs in beautiful nylon. I’m seeing some of the girls in the office in a whole new light.

I pack up my things, leave the office and walk home. The cool evening air is a welcome distraction. The sun is setting. The city streets are alive with people leaving work late, or heading out on the town early. I try to keep my eyes up, away from the legs of office women and party girls.

A few minutes later I’m in our building, up the stairs and turning my key in the lock. Just before I open the door I make a quiet pact with myself. Keep it together with Jess tonight, have a nice normal night in front of the TV. Forget about last night.

I open the door and there’s Jess on the sofa. I go to the table, distracting myself by checking if I had any post. I put my bag down on the floor next to Jess’ and I’m keeping my eyes away from her while I get my composure.

“Hey Jess.”

There’s a slight pause. Is there a tension in the air? OK, just stop it. Get it together. She doesn’t know. Just relax.

“Hey” she says quietly, keeping her eyes on the TV. It’s some cookery show.

“Good day?” I ask. I try to sound breezy.

“Yeah, it was OK.” She sounds relaxed. I breathe easier. “How was yours? You’re home late.”

“Yeah today was too long. Had to catch up after having yesterday off y’know?” I’m hanging up my jacket, I head to the kitchen, pour myself a glass of water before sitting down. We have two sofas arranged in an L shape. Jess is on the sofa facing the TV. I slump down in the other and suddenly I have a side on view of my flatmate. I notice how she looks for the first time.

She looks incredible.

She’s wearing a black dress, high neck and no sleeves. Her hair is down, loose ringlets cascading over her bare shoulders. The dress is tight, fitted, the curves of her chest beautifully silhouetted. As soon as the dress reaches her upper thigh it suddenly stops. Her long, slender legs are completely on show. Her knees are raised up, her feet on the coffee table. She has red painted toenails. And every inch of her legs is tightly wrapped in sheer black nylon.

She takes my breath away.

Immediately I feel my heart beat in my chest. I take out my phone and pretend to be absorbed in checking my messages. But I can’t help but flick my eyes up to take in this perfect view. She’s never looked so attractive to me.

“Oh hey, I did something for you” she says softly, breaking the silence and looking at me from the corner of her eye. “I needed to do some laundry when I got in and I figured you were having a late day in the office so I did yours too.” She’s still facing the TV, chewing on a thumbnail, and still looking at me from the corner of her eye. A smile dimples her cheek.

She almost whispers as the smile on her face broadens. “I like your pantyhose.”

Time stops. I feel blood rush to my face. My heartbeat is in my throat as I remember tossing my ex’s pantyhose in my laundry basket after kaçak iddaa drenching them with my cum last night. I’m overcome with nerves and embarrassment.

A little too late I manage to stutter, “I don’t know what you mean…” I’m trying in vain to think of a cover story.

She takes her thumb out of her mouth and turns to face me as she says “Of course you do. Your pantyhose were right at the top of your laundry. And I like them. They’re just like the ones I wear.” I can’t tell if her tone is one of amusement, or accusation.

“Oh they’re not yours!”

“So you admit to having some then?” she parries, wryly. She’s enjoying my embarrassment. She wrinkles her nose at me.

“Shit… yes. Well, they’re not mine, they’re my ex’s…” I’m barely getting the words out. My hands are trembling and I feel like all the blood in my body is in my head.

“Oh. So, what had you been doing with them?” Jess asks, slowly, carefully. Her tone has shifted; she seems genuinely curious. I pause while I gather my thoughts. I remember that Jess is my best friend, and she’s looking deeply in to my eyes, searching for something.

“OK, if I tell you, do you promise not to judge? You’re my friend right, I can tell you anything and you’ll understand and not tell anyone else?”

“Of course.”

“OK… shit. OK here goes.” I take a huge breath, knowing that this could change things forever. “So yesterday, I saw someone wearing pantyhose and they looked absolutely gorgeous in them.” I stop short of telling Jess that it was her. “So after you went to bed I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman and I got really turned on. I went to my room to, well… you know.” Jess is nodding along. She hasn’t taken her eyes off me once. “So I’m in my room and I remember my ex left some of her things here. I don’t really know what came over me but I opened her drawer and there were these pantyhose that looked just like the ones this woman was wearing.” I’m wringing my hands together, unable to keep still. “So, I took the pantyhose and… used them to… pleasure myself.”

I tried to read Jess’ face. Her eyes were as serious as I’ve ever seen them, but a smile was twisting her lips. Her body language was electric, like she was poised to strike.

“How did you use the pantyhose to pleasure yourself?” she asks.

“You want details? Really?” She nods. “Ok, well… when I was hard, I slid my… cock inside one of the legs… and then used the pantyhose to masturbate with.”

“Did you cum inside them?”


“Wow.” She pauses, looks down at her legs, then back up at me, locking her eyes to mine. “That’s hot. I think that’s really hot. You really masturbated in some pantyhose all because you saw a woman wearing a pair?” I’m nodding, buoyed knowing she’s not repulsed by the idea — far from it. She seems to actually like it. “This woman must’ve been something really special to inspire that. Who was she?”

I jumped in to the unknown. “Well, it was you.”

I see her eyes widen, her ivory cheeks flush with rose. “The way you looked yesterday when you came home from work… I don’t know, I’d never seen you that way. But how you were dressed, you were perfect. And your legs in those pantyhose, I couldn’t get them out of my head.”

“These legs?” she asks, moving her hands to her thighs. For the first time I see she’s trembling slightly as her fingers dance across the nylon on her body. And suddenly the pulse that’s been throbbing in my ears has shot down between my legs. Moments later kaçak bahis Jess’ eyes fix on the visible bulge in the front of my pants. Her eyes narrow, her lips purse. She catches a breath as she begins to stroke her legs more deliberately, running them up to her knee before letting her fingers cascade down the sides of her calves towards her ankles. Every inch is covered in shiny silk. My cock is straining against my clothes.

“Wow, my pantyhose really turns you on huh?”, she says. I can only nod wordlessly. “Why don’t you get more comfortable hun. Take your cock out for me.” She senses my hesitance, “It’s OK, I want to see what I can do to you with my legs in these pantyhose. I want to see how hard I make you.”

My mind stops and my body takes over. I unbuckle my belt before unfastening my pants. I slide my hand inside my underwear and wrap my fingers around my cock. It’s feels hot and smooth, and it’s getting stiffer by the second. Jess’ eyes are fixed on the space between my legs, and her lips are open, soft and wet. I pull my cock out, revealing it to my flatmate and friend for the first time.

Her eyes go wide and she gasps.

“Oh my god, your cock… it’s gorgeous!” she exclaims. Her delight at seeing me only excites me more. My cock is throbbing now, precum flows over my tip and down my length. She looks in to my eyes deeply as she says, “I want you to masturbate for me. Stroke your cock while you look at me in these pantyhose.”

I don’t need any encouragement. My hand starts stroking up and down, stimulating every inch of my shaft while my eyes drink in the sight of Jess. Her hands stroke up her legs, catching the bottom of her skirt and pulling it up, revealing the curve of her ass, hips and waist. Her body is painted in perfect tight nylon. The sheer fabric is inseparable from her skin, hugging every inch. The glossy surface catches the light, drawing my eye to the curve of her hip, and the length of her thighs. My hand speeds up, and I begin to thrust my cock in to my fist.

“Do you like the color of my pantyhose?” she asks.


“The texture too?”


“Do you want to touch me in my pantyhose?”

“Oh yes.” Another rivulet of precum streams from the tip of my cock.

“Good. I want you to. My pantyhose feels so good on my skin.” As she says this, one hand grips her thigh while the other slips between her legs. She keeps her knees together, keeping pressure around her hand as it presses in to the valley between her thighs. When her fingers make first contact with her pussy, her back arches and she moans softly. I watch as her hips start bucking, pushing her pussy towards her fingers. For the first time I notice she’s not wearing any panties underneath the control top of her pantyhose. She is pressing the nylon into her pussy as she moans. “Oh god I’m so wet.”

She lifts her fingers away for a moment and shows me. They’re glistening with her juices. I notice her fingernails are painted red like her toes. “I’m soaking through my pantyhose, just like you did last night.”

I let out an audible moan at this while I continue thrusting my cock in to my fist. Her hand disappears between her legs again, her slender wrists pumping her fingers into the wet nylon between her legs. For a minute we are lost in masturbation. My eyes are dancing across her body, taking in her hips as they thrust, her legs as they rub against each other, her toes as they curl. Her eyes are flitting between the two of us. One moment she is drinking in the illegal bahis sight of my hard cock, the next she is gazing at her own body like she’s seeing it for the first time.

Some moments later, she pulls her hand free from her crotch and sits up.

“I want you to feel my legs in my pantyhose.” She unfolds herself from the sofa, stands up and stalks over to me. I stop masturbating and sit up a little straighter, unsure of what’s about to happen. “Don’t move,” she tells me.

She comes over and sits down on my right. Now she’s next to me I can smell the cocktail of aromas coming from her. Her hair, perfume, her juices and her wet pantyhose. She smells like sweet honey.

She throws her legs over me. One lands over my waist, the other over my legs. As she brings them together my cock is trapped between her nylon clad thighs. Her body feels soft but strong, my penis perfectly held by the muscles in her legs.

She says only one thing, “Fuck my thighs.”

She begins to move her body up and down slightly, rubbing my cock between her pantyhose clad legs. The sensation is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The surface of her pantyhose is strangely cool, yet I can feel the warmth of her body underneath. The sensitivity in my cock picks up the fine texture of the nylon. As my precum begins to soak in to the fabric it becomes silkier and shinier.

I reach out with my hands, one grabbing the top of her thigh, the other a knee and I begin to fuck her legs. She moans louder this time, and I notice she is once again fingering her pussy through the soaking crotch of her pantyhose. Her mouth is wide as she breathes and moans, her brow pursed as her eyes are fixed on the eroticism that we are lost in.

As her fingers glide up and down her clitoris the back of her hand occasionally brushes against the tip of my cock. The tease of skin to skin touch is too much to bear. The base of my cock begins to pulse, the tip begins to swell. I’m so close to cumming. At this moment Jess’ hands suddenly speed up. Her body begins to move more rapidly, her hips pushing up in to the air.

Suddenly I feel a tremor send a shock through her body and her eyes roll back in to her head. She lets out a scream as another tremor rocks her. Her legs tremble and grind together as her orgasm invades her body and takes over. Her juices are flowing freely from deep inside her cunt, soaking the space between her legs.

A second later and my orgasm rushes from my balls out of the tip of my cock. Pulse after pulse, streams of cum are gushing from my cock, splashing all over the sheer black nylon wrapped around Jess’ thighs. Like cream splashing in to coffee.

We cum together, hard and wet. Our moans and breaths are indistinguishable.

A little while later and Jess is peeling her legs off me. Our cum has drenched her pantyhose and it clings to both of us, sodden and glistening. She stands up and with her back to me she begins to peel the nylon from her body. Her thumbs hooked in to the waist, she pulls them down exposing her milky skin inch by inch. She exposes the curves of her ass in front of me. As she bends over to slide the pantyhose down her legs I can see the pearls of her cum on the lips of her pussy.

I feel a small stir in my cock as she slips the nylon past her calves and off her feet one by one. She stands back up, her dress falling back down to cover her body. Holding the wet pantyhose, she turns to face me.

“I have an idea,” she says as she tucks her hair behind her ear. “Give me 15 minutes and then come to my room.” She sees the agreement in my eyes. “Oh, and wear these for me.”

She tosses her pantyhose on to my lap, wrinkles her nose at me and disappears down the hallway.

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