forest walk

Divorced Mom

forest walkwe allways enjoy walking both of us since u came home u loved going around the town when I was at work looking at the shops and talking to people, I was off one weekend and I asked u about going for a spin in the car to the forest a few miles away we were never there before so It was a new little adventure so any way we took off in th ecar and pulled up a few miles away in the and got out and I asked u did u pack ur jeans as I might dirty there u said no but u said u would be ok so we walked around for a while taking in the smells and sounds from birds and squirrels running around the place as we walked more into the forest we met a man walking his dog he said hi to us and asked us where were going we just said just looking and walking around the place so we carried on we came across a stream and sat there for a little while I seen that ur dress was a little bit dirty and I told u too lift it up so I could wash it with a bit of water this u did as u raised it up I could see that u wr wearing no panties on u I looked and asked how long have u been doing that and u gave me a grin and said for a while I do like our surprises lately ok said I told u too lay back and open ur legs for me and got straight into licking Escort bayan ur pussy u moanded for me as I licked u out u began too say yesss oh yesss and was getting more into itu were feeling ur tits through ur top playing with ur hrard nipples, iwas getting more excited with it but just then a voice asked if I needed a hand I looked up and it was the gentleman from earlier he had been watching us and his cock was out already nice big thick irish cock u looked up and were surprised with the size of it utold him too get down so u could have a closer look he knelt down beside u and u wrapped ur tongue the head of his cock u swirled ur tongue around and he gently took u by the hair and guided u in more so u could take it in I looked for a few secs and then kept going licking u out I was looking up at him and he was fucking ur mouth a bit faster now he pushed u more into his cock and made u gag more this got me more going, I got up and knelt beside u and u took ur mouth away from him and turned to me with a grin on my face u started to suck me off like u did him and as u wr he slipped a few fingers in ur now soaked pussy u wr fucking so wet he took out his fingers and ur juices wr flowing off Bayan escort them I grabbed ur hair and took out my cock and told u too suck him off again I could see his face in excitement as he knew that u would do as u wr told he took off his jeans and u had more access to him when he got beside u u too his cock in ur mouth but he didn’t grab ur hair he just left u suck away he was gettn more turned on by this and so was I as well seeing my wife sucking another mans cock off as we were all getting into it I stopped and told u to stop and turn over on all fours I got behind u and eased my cock in u u moaned I then told him to get in front of u and he did u started sucking him off again each thrust I was giving u slowly ur wr deep throating him he knew u wr enjoying this and he grabbed ur hair when I seen this it got me more excited I started too slap ur ass I could hear u moan louder u stop and turned to me and told me too fuck ur bitch hard this I did I pounded u so hard u gagged more and more he was fuking ur mouth and im fucking ur pussy I began to slow down again and so did he as well I looked at him and nodded he got up and then I came too the front of u u asked what was going on an and Escort I told u he was too fuck ur ass u said it might be a bit big but u would try it he first started too finger ur pussy with ur juices then he slipeed a finger into ur tight ass his middle finger was long and u told him that would do so he eased his cock into u u told him to stop as he was too big but he opended ur legs more and then eased it in again u took his cock inside u and he fucked u nice and hard it didn’t take him long to cum he shot his load inside u and u gripped his cock with ur pussy I ten did the same u gripped my cock with ur mouth and took all of my load and drank it dry he pulled out and u asked hin will I lick u clean this he did so he came around too the front of u I went around to the back of u and could see his spunk dripping out o fu running down ur thighs I looked at ur tight ass begging to be fucked I got down and I slapped ur as and told u to get ready I was hard as fuck I eased my hard throbbing cock into ur tight hole it didn’t take me long too shoot again another load inside u when I pulled out I could see both holes filled with spunk coming out of ur ass and pussy. we then stopped and cleaned up the man then asked if we are coming back again u tild maybe but it will be a while he then left and as he was walking away from us me and u kissed gently, as we turned around too walk away I looked and out came a woman from the trees cleaning herself up and then kissed him on the lips………………. 🙂

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