Four Weeks


Four WeeksThis is an excerpt from my Four Weeks story posted on Literotica…Edie growled out her pleasure. It was music to Jenny’s ears. Lying between her black thighs, lapping at her juicy sex, was incredible. She had wrapped a few strands of Jenny’s hair around her fingers, tugging her head as she thrust her hips upwards.“That’s very good, kitten… so talented…”She had asked Jenny if she wanted her. She’d made her say yes. It wasn’t exactly that she was humiliating her. It was more that Ödemiş Escort she wanted to tease. Jenny loved the teasing. Annabelle used to do that.Edie knew exactly how to raise her temperature. She’d begun to talk about black pussy. Even the way she said the words were sexy. It was a throaty sound. She’d told her how all white girls’ secretly craved black pussy. That she’d never tasted pussy until she’d tasted a black woman.She’d been right.Jenny had Seferihisar Escort been so desperate in the end that she’d practically pushed Edie down on the bed and ****d her. The older woman had just laughed and gripped her ankles, holding them wide apart.“Come and get it, honey…” she’d told her.Jenny had feasted. Edie’s hands were in her hair now. It was damp and sweaty. She wrapped a few more strands around her fingers and thrust her hips Selçuk Escort upwards. It had taken a while for Jenny to bring her to her orgasm but every second had been sublime.“Do you know what turns me on more than anything?” she said once she’d come down from her peak.Jenny’s eyes flicked upwards to meet the older woman’s gaze.“Having a sweet little white girl go down on me…” She paused and curled her fingers in Jenny’s scalp. “Especially when she’s someone else’s woman…”The words hit Jenny like a slap in the face. The harsh reality of the situation hit her. She was Annabelle’s woman, not Edie’s. She gave a growl of despair. The fact was that she was with Annabelle but the reality was something else. For tonight at least, she was undoubtedly Edie’s woman. The thought flooded her pussy with arousal.*

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