Fox Ch. 01


She had sent him a present a few days before. The padded envelope had surprised him when it had arrived totally unexpected. As soon as he held this object in his hands, sent to him by her, he hoped it would be addressed to him in her graceful handwriting but instead the label had been printed. Disappointed, he felt tormented by her already. Before him even seeing the contents she was playing with his adoration of her, already. His stomach fluttered in excitement merely at this simple contact from her even though he did not know what lay inside. He smelled the package; fantasising that he could smell her sensual perfume, but he could not. As he opened the small brown wrapper he found a small note, which read:

“You WILL arrive at the address on the reverse of this note, at no later than 8pm, on Friday evening! You MUST be fully prepared!”

Nervous, excited and anxious he flipped over the note to read the address on the other side of the fine sheet of paper. He instantly recognised the address but it surprised him, nonetheless. Why had she chosen this location, in particular? Puzzled, intrigued and enthralled he made a mental note of the location, in case he lost this physical reminder, and prepared his mind to begin busying himself for her. He must prepare fully. She would have high expectations of him, as always. Then, suddenly, he felt some extra weight in the package and shook the contents into his hand. A length of silver chain fell into his palm and as he looked closer he saw a small pendant attached. The small silver item looked old and hand made; a fox, stretched out – as if running. This simple item made his heart lurch involuntarily as his face glowed in the broadest of smiles. He knew that he must wear this item, for her, from now onwards, forever.


It seemed like eons before this day that she had named him “Fox” and told him that it would be his new name in her presence and company from that point onwards. He had readily accepted this new name and felt deep warmth when she used it to address him. It was her indication to him that she had accepted him and it had since filled him with a secure sense of belonging.


He carefully placed the chain, pendant and typed note back into the envelope and hurried his way to his room. There he bustled through clothes and shoes deliberating over which items would please her most. He must wear black, for he believed she would appreciate his efforts. Several items were chosen then rejected; clothes strewn across his bed in apparent chaos. His mind swam now, visions of her, thoughts and concerns, anxiety and hope all melding into one emotion of need. He needed to see her. -0-

Friday morning arrived and he hurried to work as usual. The day passed miraculously quickly yet his mind seemed constantly plagued by visions and thoughts of her. She taunted him, even in her absence, and he felt almost drugged now, knowing that tonight he would be in her presence again.

Upon arriving home in the late afternoon he knew he had many rituals to perform to ensure bomonti escort that he was fully prepared for her. He set about running a deep bath and, again, trimmed and filed his finger and toe nails to perfection. As the steam filled the bathroom he groomed himself to ensure his genitals were exquisitely presentable for her inevitable inspection. While he lay in the oil scented water he steamed his face with a scorching hot flannel to draw any impurities from his skin and buffed his body with a sponge to ensure he was spotlessly clean. Having scoured every inch of his body and having washed his hair he hauled himself out of the bath and set about carefully shaving. He must be as smooth, for her, as possible. Next he stood and cleaned his teeth, twice, grimacing into the mirror to ensure he was as perfect, for her, as he could be.

He set about ironing his shirt and pressing his trousers; checking to make sure his shoes were polished and shiny. Having laid the pristine clothes out on his bed he next set about styling his hair in a manner that he hoped would win him praise from her. His stomach lurched and fluttered as he prepared and wondered what she was doing right at this moment in time. He ached to see her and felt the familiar nerves welling deep down within him.


He made his way to the address travelling safely along familiar roads and then out onto newer territory. He followed the directions which shone out at him from the street signs as he chewed some gum and tried to distract himself by humming along to music from the radio. His stomach still churned but he ignored it now — relishing the sense of need which ached deep within his chest and loins. Checking the clock on the dashboard he noted the time. Half an hour until her preset deadline and his timing was immaculate, he was almost there.

He arrived at the small rural hotel and parked his car in one of the spaces outside. He searched for her car but could not see it. Hollow suddenly; he worried if perhaps she would not turn up. The evening air was cool and crisp and he knew he should not be waiting here for her. Following her directions from previous meetings, he made his way into the hotel lobby and informed the receptionist that he had arrived. The young girl smiled at him sweetly and handed him a key to “The Queen Suite” then offering him to take refreshment in the bar while he waited.

The hotel seemed abandoned of customers and he presumed the lateness of the season had reduced the number of tourists who might pass by and take a room for the night. He moved through to the cosy bar and ordered, flashing the key number to the bar-tender as payment for his drink. All seats were available to him as the bar area was empty. He spied a large chair in the corner by the fireplace which crackled away filling the room with warmth and a hearty glow. He removed his jacket, sat down and gazed into the flickering flames waiting for her to arrive.

After a short while, his mind drifting around memories and thoughts cihangir escort of her, he raised his gaze from the fire and checked the time shown by the large porcelain clock on the mantle. It was now half an hour past her deadline. Nerves flooded through every fibre of his body. She had let him down. She would not be coming. This must all be a ruse to set him up for an evening of torment. The bar-tender gestured over towards him and offered to refill his glass. He declined, sadness filling him, rather than the warm tingle of alcohol. He stroked the silver pendant which now hung around his neck and hoped with all his might that she would not abandon him now.

All of a sudden, as he wracked his mind as to what to do next, the telephone at the bar rang loudly out into the silence. He heard the bar-tender speak in a low voice and then replace the receiver.

“Monsieur Fox?” The young Frenchman addressed him softly.

“Your guest has now arrived”.

Instantly relieved, he rose from his chair and swallowed down the remains of his drink. He felt suddenly more nervous than ever and stood still for a moment as if taking stock of his situation. Then, with one deep breath, he made his way back out to the lobby and towards the large sweeping staircase which would take him to her.

As he climbed the stairs he wondered how she had managed to enter the building without his knowledge. Perhaps she had been here all along, and had, perhaps, been watching him as he arrived. He could not be certain and would not question her until later. For now, he just ached to see her.

He made his way along the long corridor to the familiar heavy double doors of the suite. The furnishings of the hotel were dark and of a period he could not pinpoint, delightful drapes framing the leaded windows and sumptuous carpets under foot. He adored this place and felt so glad she had chosen it for their rendezvous tonight.

He stopped at the large doors and took another deep breath, trying to compose himself and regain his inner strength. Then, rather formally, he knocked purposefully on the door. A few seconds passed. Silence. He waited another second or two, now nervously looking down at the toes of his shoes as he fidgeted. Then, a lump lurched into the back of his throat as he heard a movement at the other side of the door. It was her. He sensed her presence so powerfully now.

The right-hand section of the door swung open but she was not in view. The room inside was dark and dimly lit by candle light as he stepped across the threshold into her domain. The large, familiar and elaborate suite opened in front of him. The gorgeous fire-place with logs which were yet to be started; the huge four poster bed covered in dark luxurious coverings; the leather Chesterfield sofa and chair he had seen and sat on several times before. He felt the door swing closed behind him and instinctively he froze in his tracks. She was behind him now; he could feel her immense charisma and felt every fibre of his body fill kurtuluş escort with a sense of complete comfort.

Then, swiftly, she had placed her hand on his shoulder and turned him quickly. She moved him backwards and pushed him so he was pressed against the door. As he turned he was greeted by the full glory of her. She stood in front of him, majestically supreme, swathed in a soft, deep red cloak; the hood framing her stunning and strong face brilliantly. Her green eyes shone out from the darkness and held his gaze as her soft hand grasped him gently yet firmly by the throat against the heavy wooden door.

She purred in front of him as she eyed him; her exquisite red tinted lips curling in her deliciously wicked smile as she reached in to his mind through his own eyes. He was totally powerless now; she had a firm hold of him physically, mentally and emotionally, and she knew it.

“Mmmmm… Good boy!” She whispered – her lips hardly moving.

Her gentle hand released its grip of his neck and gently began to caress the side of his face. He ached for her to kiss him now; it had been so long since he had been blessed with the contact of her beautiful mouth. But, instead, she grazed her finger tips along his jaw line and then turned on her heels and moved away from him.

“Sit down, Fox.” She gestured over to the large leather chair by the fireside.

He moved quickly over to the chair and sat on the edge of the seat his eyes now directed to the floor, assuming his submissive position. He greatly sensed that she felt extremely dominant over him on this night and he would be careful not to cross her.

She moved across the room in front of him and stood, a few feet away, to one side of the fireplace. Her cloak whooshed, brushing against her long legs and the floor, as she moved. She clicked her fingers, a command he now recognised as her demand that he should look at her now.

He raised his eyes slowly, basking in the divine vision that started to present itself to him. The long dark red cloak was made of smooth soft velvet. He allowed his eyes to rise higher, and as he did so she moved her left foot moving the front of the cloak to one side. He realised that she was wearing a pair of very long shiny boots the toe of one leg now peeking out to torment him. His breath caught in his throat as he soaked up her vision. She looked more beautiful to him now than ever before.

As his eyes continued to ascend slowly to take in more of her image she moved again. This time hooking one hand aside onto her glorious hip and hooking the side of the cloak behind her bent elbow. In awe now, he could see that she was wearing a totally delicious satin corset and short black skirt which seemed to compliment the boots and her shape perfectly. He watched for a split second as her breasts rose with each of her breaths as a sigh escaped from his own lips and he felt his cock surging in response to her.

“Tonight is special, my darling Fox!” She informed him.

His mind swam now, totally besotted by her, as always; but he tried to focus on why tonight was so special. He could not ask her why or even begin to fathom how her mind would be working on this evening and instead he leaned back into the chair as she strode towards him, as she smiled wickedly, intent clearly shining out at him from within her glinting green eyes.

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