French Maid

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French Maid

My fifteen-year-old daughter Dominique was even sexier that her mother had been. Since her mother’s death two years ago Dominique has been a handful to say the least.

My hands were tied and I was at my wits end. I couldn’t beat Dominique as much as she deserved and I couldn’t put her into foster care either.

As a last resort my sister promised to straighten her out and return her to me in a few months. I had my doubts but I had no other choice but to take her up on her offer. So I dropped Dominique off one day and left.

I got monthly reports from my sister saying that Dominique was improving slowly, she had passed step two, or that she was learning respect.

Finally after six months I was invited for the weekend. I was to arrive on Friday after I got out of work and that if all went well I could probably take Dominique home on Sunday evening.

When I arrived Dominique greeted me at the door with a smile, a curtsy, and then bent over showing me her bare ass before carrying my bag up to my bedroom. I was in shock as I looked at my daughter walking toward the stairs. Dominique was wearing the most obscene maid’s uniform that I had ever seen and without any underwear.

My sister took me into her study. She had to led me because I couldn’t take my eyes off Dominique as she ascended the long staircase to the upper floors.

My sister led me to an over stuffed armchair and pushed me into it.

Gracie said, “Put your eyes back in their sockets dear brother!” Then she pushed a button.

Moments later Dominique arrived at the door and curtsied to us. Gracie told her to get two glasses of white wine and to hurry. Dominique turned and bowed at the waist showing us her fine bare ass. Dominique returned shortly, curtsied again, and handed us our drinks. Once again she turned, bowed, and showed us her ass.

Gracie then started to tell me about Dominique’s Escort uniform. It was the sexiest French Maid’s outfit that I had ever seen. She was not allowed to wear anything underneath it. The top half of her breasts were exposed to the areola around each nipple, the back plunged to show the top of her ass crack, and the skirt was so short that her pussy showed. She had to wear the extremely brief costume everywhere she went. Every day she was sent into town to shop for something. Gracie would accompany her whenever she could. Gracie was impressed with the way Dominique handled herself out in public. From the rear if Dominique bent even slightly she proved to everyone that she was a real girl. She also proved that collar and cuffs do match. She was a natural brunette and her pussy was unshaven. Whenever Dominique needed to bend down she was required to do so without the slightest regard for who was behind her and she had to bend from the waist with straight legs. During her periods Dominique was allowed to put a tampon in her pussy as long as the blue string hung out.

This French Maid’s costume had a lot to do with Dominique’s training. It was meant to humiliate her and make her submissive. Dominique was subjected to fully nude spankings twice daily lying across a different man’s lap each time. Each evening at bedtime she was strapped to her bed, got her tits paddled by Gracie with a heavy hairbrush, and had a big dildo shoved up her cunt. Every morning Dominique was made to service Gracie’s two Golden Labrador Retrievers. Every afternoon Gracie auctioned off Dominique as a whore for an hour. The lucky winner could do anything that he wanted too to her for that hour except to draw blood. It almost always involved spanking and fucking all three of her holes.

Once Dominique had been completely broken in spirit things improved drastically. She started studying with a tutor and did very Escort Bayan well. She was also learning French and was almost fluent.

Dominique served us another glass of white wine. Gracie told her to give me a blowjob and she was told not to make a mess or that she would be punished. Dominique knelt down, pulled my cock out, and sucked it like a pro. Not one drop escaped her lips. However Gracie scolded her anyway, had her bend over and grab her ankles not a foot from my face, and then using a yard stick gave her twenty strokes across the bottom of her ass checks hitting the back of her cunt every time. I watched my daughter’s pussy juice up and secrete vaginal fluid onto the yardstick. When Gracie was done she had Dominique lick the yardstick clean and return it to its normal resting-place before bowing and leaving the room.

At dinner Dominique served us and ate a small plate of food on the floor next to Gracie. She was not allowed to use her hands and had to eat like a dog.

Later I watched as some stranger put my nude daughter over his lap and applied a hundred spanking with his bare hand. I could see that this procedure no longer embarrassed my daughter one bit, in fact she enjoyed it very much.

At bedtime I watched as Dominique got on her bed. Gracie bound her limbs and then struck her nipples with the hairbrush. I was told to fuck her before a big dildo was shoved in for the night and the lights were turned off.

That night I slept with my sister for the first time in years. Gracie and I hadn’t done that since we were teenagers. Back then we fucked, sucked, and slept together every single night throughout high school. It was just as good as I remember it to be. She aged very well. I slept very peacefully that night. In the morning my sister and I showered together and I examined every inch of my sister’s body.

Saturday morning started out with Dominique servicing Bayan Escort Gracie’s two Golden Labrador Retrievers. Then another stranger was spanking my daughter’s bare ass as she lay over his lap. That afternoon Dominique was auctioned off as a whore for an hour. Later that evening another strange man put my nude daughter over his lap and spanked her a hundred times. At bedtime she was once again strapped to her bed, had her tits paddled my Gracie with a heavy hairbrush, and had a big dildo shoved up her cunt after I fucked her. In between Dominique was made to study, exercise, and to help serve the meals and get us drinks. She was also sent into town for a pack of chewing gum.

That night while making love to my sister again Gracie asked me how I had enjoyed Dominique’s daily routine. I told that it had excited me a lot. Gracie asked me to leave Dominique in her care for another six months and asked me to visit every weekend. She explained that Dominique was almost perfect but not quite, that she was doing very well in her schoolwork and her French lessons, but that she now needed to learn to play a musical instrument. She suggested a violin and the piano.

I suggested that strangers not spank Dominique anymore but that she be auctioned off twice a day to the two highest bidders to use her body together. Gracie liked that suggestion. I told Gracie that I would like Dominique to learn some gymnastics, especially the Russian split. That would look so good naked. I told her that I would like Dominique’s nipples pierced. I also said that I liked long inner pussy lips that hung out past the fatter outer lips if that could be arranged. Gracie said that all of that could take up to a year. I simply said, “Okay!”

Sunday Dominique was not spanked but she was auctioned off twice before I had to return home for work. Dominique also serviced me with all three of her holes. I was told to stay motionless and let her do all the work. I especially liked it when she fucked her own ass with my cock.

I can hardly wait to Friday now.

The End
French Maid

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