Friends for Life Part 2


Friends for Life Part 2To be continued . . .Who spoke first?  I pushed the door fully open now . . . It was Rick – smiling that devious smile from his bed, however, it was a very different look for him . . . and I liked it!   His brunette wig was classic, it was like a be-hive hairdo from the early ’60’s.  He had slightly smeared red lipstick, his eyes had a beautiful shade of shadow and was wearing see-through black bra that wrapped tightly around his chest. I could see his tits straining to get out.  I stood there – not saying a word and taking him all in . . . he wore black leggings and a thong that was stretched tightly to one side of his ass cheek.  Then I turned my attention to my dick – it was so hard it hurt!  Pre-cum was starting ooze and soak through my pants when Colby moved to chair and sat down toward me.  He was a muscular Daddy fantasy looking me over – up and down and shaking his head in appreciation.  He nodded to Rick – you were right, all that big talk about fucking girls was a bunch of bull shit!I turned to Rick looking for answers – and he gave it to me real quick.  kaçak iddaa “Hey bud, your not real good at hiding your tracks on your laptop”!   I started to get mad, my privacy had been violated – I told Rick to fuck off!Colby responded for him . . . “why do you think he is dressed that way, Dick Head”!   He then opened his legs wide so I could get a better view of him and his cock.  It was the largest dick I had seen in person, framed perfectly by a  small patch of shaved black hair.  It was a body I dreamed about fucking and being fucked by – however, with that said, so was Rick and his sexy femboi attire.Rick spoke up . . . I should probably introduce you to my Uncle Colby.  He’s taught me who I really am in every way possible.  We discussed you and your body and interests that I became aware of and decided that we spend today “discussing” them.  Colby stood up and told me to get in here –  and let me take off those pants of yours.  Rick is looking forward to serving that cock of yours.  For one that always had a lot to say and describe when fucking .  . . I didn’t/couldn’t find kaçak bahis a thing to say.  I walked in the room slowly and Colby stepped forward and rub my bulge.  “Your a little wet down there boy, let me take those pants off before they get too dirty to wear them home”!  While I helped him unbutton my jeans, he unzipped them and took a moment to wipe my cum and lick his finger. “Mmmmmmm, delicious”!”Now, I’m going to have a seat over her lads and watch you two . . . discuss your needs”!  I turned to Rick, I could see that he had taken some time to lube his CD pussy, but now he sat up on his bed, moved to the edge and was waving me to come over to him with a hungry look in his eyes!  Colby simply said, “look at that cock Rick, oh he wants you bad”!  He was right – I wanted, no, I needed this right now.  No more dreams or fantasies – my throbbing hard-on said one thing, I love the thought of what was to happen next!Five steps later, I was standing in front of Rick.  My pants and under wear lay on the floor and I was in process of practically ripping off my shirt when I felt hot breath illegal bahis and a wet tongue licking my balls!  I moaned quietly, dropped my shirt on the floor and looked down into my best friends eyes.  They were closed, but he had the look of starvation . . . he wanted to be fed and my dick was his prey.  He started to use his hands and mouth in tandem.  His strong grip started a rhythmic stroke of my cock, while his lips began to surround the tip, sucking and biting.  Rick then started to take my entire dick in his mouth . . . faster and faster.  He’d go from stroking it with one hand and then two, while moving his mouth attention to my balls.  I was going crazy – I don’t know where he learned to suck cock – but was better than any girlfriend I intimately knew!  Rick suddenly stopped his sucking and laid back on his bed.  He gazed up at me and watched me as I looked down at his swimmer body . . . his clitty was thin and long, but what he really wanted me to see was his ass.  His finger was playing with his hole, when he asked me to go down on his cock, but before I did – he spread his legs wide so I would know where he wanted me to take my dick next!My mouth was watering. I never sucked cock before – other than in my fantasies (where I thought I was pretty good cock sucker!).To Be Continued

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