Fucked my Daughters Boyfriend


Fucked my Daughters BoyfriendI had taken a Friday off from work just wanted some time alone at home. I’m a 46 year old woman with 3 teenage k**s so time alone at home is at a premium. I’ve been married 22 years, I’m 5.5 220 lbs, blond hair, Curvy/Thick with very large tits. I had not had sex in over a year except with myself and my toy, which is where my story starts. I spend the morning just doing stuff around the house and garden enjoying the quiet, by the afternoon around 1 I was ready for a nap but decided to pull out my toy to relax me I went to the basement took off my tank top and jeans and proceeded to get myself off with my Big Purple Dildo, I was laying on the couch naked, legs spread I imagined the dildo was a young man’s cock My pussy was wet as I started pushing it into me, I started pumping it into my cunt while I played with my clit, I could feel my orgasm starting to build I pumped harder, started saying out loud come on Big Boy Fuck my Cunt with that Big Hard Cock, Come on HARDER HARDER I continued driving my Dildo harder into my Pussy then I started cumming, I cried out loud THAT’S IT BABY I”M CUMMING!DON”T STOP FUCK MY Escort bayan CUNT YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Once I came down I lay there legs spread pussy leaking all over the couch, Then all of a sudden I heard something, I turned and to my horror I see my daughter’s 17 year old boyfriend standing there looking at me. I jumped up standing there naked in front of him, I scowled what the Hell are you doing here Jake? He started apologizing saying he was sorry he was just picking up a pair of shoes he left behind when he heard noise and came down to see. Don’t know what came over me but I was still standing there Naked he was looking when I asked do you like what you see? He looked up, said Yes I do, well why don’t you come over here, he walked around and joined me standing in front of me I loosened his shorts and let them fall to the floor, I removed his underwear to find a very nice sized cock it was about 7 inches not too thick, I started playing with it saying, so this is what Erin has been getting VERY NICE! Jake was a football player about 5.10 180 lbs. Young and very well built. I dropped to my knees, took his dick Bayan escort into my mouth, started sucking it, I slurped, Licked Jerked it then I lifted it to start Licking and Sucking his Balls, I ran my tongue on the under side of his dick from the tip to his balls, that’s when he groaned and started cumming, I put it back into my mouth and swallowed his load I grabbed his Ass to force his cock deeper into my mouth, kept sucking till he was spent. I got off my knees told him to take off his shirt I wanted him to FUCK me, He was up for it I lay on the couch he was already Hard, ready to go again, I spread my legs my cunt was so WET I told Jake to come her and FUCK ME HARD. He moved between my legs I took his cock to guide it into my sopping Wet Cunt, I felt the tip slide in then looked up, told him GO FUCK that CUNT, didn’t have to tell him twice, he started pumping the full length of it into my I felt so NASTY, thinking here I am FUCKING a guy old enough to be my son but I didn’t care I needed sex and I wanted to Feel his HOT CUM inside My HOT CUNT. Jake kept pumping me I asked him if he like the way I Escort feel he just looked down at me and said YA, I jumped to push him away, he looked at me confused I jumped off the couch turned, bent over, told him Fuck me from Behind, with that Jake rammed his cock back into my hole I started yelling come on BOY HARDER FUCK ME HARDER, he then started pounding my cunt Harder than he had before, he took hold of my Hips then really started getting into it I could feel my Belly, Tits and Ass all shaking with every thrust into me, Jake continued Pumping me I felt my orgasm building I was pushing back into him to meet his thrusts, when I started Cumming, I cried out JESUS CHRIST I”M CUMMING! FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD! Jake PUMPED harder into my cunt, when all of a sudden I could feel his cock getting harder inside me I turned to him to say COME ON JAKE pump your HOT CUM inside my WET CUNT and he did, he growled, grabbed my hips slammed his cock hard into me then I could feel his cum flowing inside me, It felt sooooo good I love the feel of Hot Man Seed inside my womb, after a bit Jake pulled out I could feel the juices flowing down the inside of my legs, I turned sat down on the couch, Jake was standing there his cock covered in my juice and his Cum i told him to come over, I licked, sucked it till he was all clean. I told him he better get going people were going to be home soon and with that he got dressed and left.

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