Games with Beth Ch. 04


Many thanks to DawnJ and Sexnovella for their invaluable help in editing this story. Sorry for the delay in getting it posted.

I returned to the bed, and handed Beth her glass of wine, she leaned across and kissed me deeply. Her lips felt so incredibly soft that I reached behind her, pulling her closely to me. Without any warning, she bit my lip. The bite was enough that I instantly tasted blood on my tongue. She backed away, and there was an unmistakable sparkle in her eye.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she said with a slight grin on her lips. While I had been planning to ease into our darker games, she had given me the opportunity to dive full bore into them.

I reached for her, and grabbed her hair, pulling her to me. She came closer but her grin left when I pulled her across my lap. I held her hair tightly as I leaned her over with her pretty ass in the air. With the first pop to her ass from my hand, she tried to jerk away, but I held her firm. She did not make a sound, but struggled with me. As the struggle intensified, I smacked her ass again. This time was a bit harder and in the same area as the first. When I removed my hand, I noticed that the there were already welts from my fingers.

“Now baby, we know who the boss is, right?” I whispered in her ear as she struggled against me.

The more she struggled, the tighter my hold on her hair became. Each time she tried to pull away, I would slap her ass again. When she finally stopped fighting me, she said,

“There is no doubt, sir, that you are in control.”

While she was stretched out, I softly rubbed the reddened area of her ass. The welts were quite noticeable, and I told her to stand up. I went to the bath area and got the skin cream that the hotel had supplied for guests. Before I came back to her,though, I stopped by the bag from the toy store and dumped the contents on the sofa. I grabbed the wrist restraints and the blindfold. Beth, seeing me approach her, she said that she didn’t know if she was ready for the blindfold. Before she had finished her sentence, I had already placed another welt on her ass.

She winced but did not say anything else, as I placed the blindfold on her. She moaned louder as I applied the skin cream, with her still standing. While rubbing it into her skin, I could smell the aroma of her sex; she obviously was enjoying the game. When I finished treating the marks, I got up and attached first the farthest restraint to the bed frame and then came back to the side closest to us and attached the other. I took Beth’s hand and led her to the bed. As she felt the bed come in contact with her legs, she stopped and turned a bit, starting to ask me a question. From behind, I reached up, leaning her head into me, and told her that I would let her know when it was okay to talk. She was only free to make sounds, not to speak words.

Attaching the restraint to her left wrist, I leaned her down on the bed. When she lay down, I pushed her arm to the farther side and tightened that restraint. With her successfully tied on her stomach, I looked at her incredible ass. The marks from her earlier lessons were an incredible contrast to her milky white skin. Running my hand down her back, she shifted a little, and made a deep loud moan. My fingers went over the crack of her ass, and she parted her legs, pushing her ass up farther in the air. I got up and walked to the sofa. Retrieving the flogger, I came back and leaned down close to her.

“Baby, your pussy will be touched when I am ready to touch it. You are not to even think about coming until I tell you,” I softly said.

When she started to reply, I swung the flogger firmly across her ass.

“Remember, there is no talking until I say it is okay.”

She nodded in compliance, but I flogged her ass again, harder this time, to make the point.

When I got to the foot of the bed, I could see the glistening drops of excitement covering the lips of her pussy. I got on my knees and started rubbing her legs through her stockings, from her calves to the top of the stockings. With each stroke, I got closer and closer to her ass and her moist pussy. When I finally did reach her ass, I pulled her cheeks apart and stuck my tongue against her puckering asshole.

“Yessss!” she moaned loudly. ” Please fuck my ass!”

I grabbed the flogger and placed two firm slaps across her ass with it. I heard her whimper, as I started to roll her left stocking down her leg. When I had it all the way off her leg, I went to the headboard, and sat down. She initially struggled as I tied the stocking across her mouth to gag her, but stopped fighting when she realized that I was not gagging her to hurt her, but to keep her from experiencing any further punishment because of her inability to control her mouth in her waves of passion. I made sure the gag was tight but not unbearable, and kissed her on the side of her face. Deciding to make the entire experience a little more enjoyable for her, I went istanbul travesti to my bag and retrieved the headphones I had brought for the flight. Adjusting the volume to keep out virtually any noise, I chose a stream that was playing classic rock, that we both had said was our favorite genre of music. When I placed the headphones on Beth, it seemed to relax her quite a bit, and I sat there stroking her hair for a bit longer.

Going back to the bag, I got the butt plug and lubricant and took my position again at the foot of the bed. Touching Beth’s ass with my hand, I felt her tense up, but she loosened her muscles a little the more I kneaded her cheeks. As I continued massaging them, I slowly adjusted the vibration of the egg, that was still inside her. When the egg started vibrating, I continued my soft but firm rubbing of her ass. Gradually the initial tightening of her whole body subsided a bit, I knew the egg was at the point that we could work with it. She slowly gyrated her hips to the motion of the egg, while I dribbled the lubricant down her crack. Her moan was loud and deep while I was rubbing the oil across her asshole, slowly pushing a finger into her. Working it back and forth, I could feel the hum of the egg as it did its magic inside her other orifice of love. I added another finger to my exploration of her ass, and her moans were steady. After a few strokes with both fingers, she started to shake and began bucking her ass against my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and turned the egg off. Beth’s moan changed from passion to frustration, but she knew she was crossing a line that was already established. She lay there completely motionless. Her frustration with being right at the edge of coming and then losing all stimulation was beginning to seep into her mind.

When I picked up my phone, I was not sure the temptation of calling Sally was a good idea. I assumed, from her shop that we had visited, and from the touching that she and Beth had done in my presence, that they were a fairly good indicator that she would make a good playmate. However, I was worried that her being there might push the envelope farther than was needed or acceptable. After deciding the only way to find the edge of the envelope was to push it out a little, I dialed her number. Sally answered right away, and could tell from her caller ID that I was on the line.

“I was so hoping you wanted another playmate tonight,” she said.

I explained to her where we were in our game, and she said she had always thought that Beth enjoyed the extremes in anything sexual situation. I invited her to the hotel, and she said she had just showered and could be there in twenty minutes. When I heard the knock at the door, I was awestruck as Sally walked in and gave me an incredibly hot and deep kiss. She had a duffel bag with her, which got my curiosity going. Was she planning on spending the night? I didn’t think I had made any mention of that.

She looked at Beth tied to the bed, and said,

“I love the idea of the headphones. You are diminishing all the sensory perception she has, except for her sex sensors.”

When she removed her coat, I was surprised that she was naked except for a garter and hose. Her spiked heels had made her almost as tall as Beth, and for an older woman, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her hips were wide with age, but she her tits stood up firmly, begging to get attention. As I walked to the bed, I picked up the remote for the egg. Only when I turned it back on did I realize that Beth had evidently started to doze. She jerked awake but pushed her body back onto the bed to hide any indication of the pleasure that she was feeling. As I squirted another dribble onto her ass, I pushed against her tight ring. When my thumb had gone in to the first joint, I reached for the butt plug. Sally helped me apply the lubricant to the plug before slowly pushing it into her asshole. When it was all the way in, I inserted my fingers into her pussy to remove the egg. Easing the egg out, I turned the remote up to start the plug vibrating. Sally asked if she could taste Beth. As I paused, she said,

“She will never know it is me, until we are ready to tell her.”

With Sally’s help, I was able to use one of the longer restraints that was left in the collection we had purchased earlier, pushing it through a loop that was attached to the wall. Evidently, it had been a plant hanger, or maybe someone had previously used the room for some of their own kinky games.

With the cable through the eye, I went to the bed to release one of Beth’s hands. I loosened the cuff, and while doing so, Beth jerked her arm out of my grip.

Standing by the bed, Sally had expected this, I guess. She had the flogger in her hand, and swatted Beth incredibly hard. I heard a whimper from her, but she immediately laid her arm back against my leg. I smiled at Sally, and she motioned to the other side of the bed.

While I walked around the bed, Beth şişli travesti raised up on her elbows and Sally thrashed her again. Again she whimpered, but laid back down flat. With both cuffs undone, I softly caressed Beth’s hair and rubbed her ass where the marks were left from Sally’s flogging.

With each squeeze of her ass cheek, she purred like a hungry kitten. After I was confident that the stinging from the flog had subsided enough, I lifted Beth up to her knees. She never made an attempt to touch the blindfold, headphones, or gag.

When I guided her to the wall, and lifted her hands above her head, she intentionally poked her ass out in a COME FUCK ME, position. After I had secured her hands above her head, I pulled the butt plug out of her ass. She was either glad to have the plug out or was anticipating having it replaced with my cock. Her ass cheeks tightened and flexed every couple of seconds.

While she faced the wall, I kissed her shoulders and reaching around tweaked one of her nipples. It immediately protruded farther than I thought possible, but brought a moan as I pinched it.

She was squirming, grinding her ass into me as I played with her nipples and rubbed her skin gently. I felt something pulling me backwards and looked over my shoulder. Sally was on her knees behind me pulling on my belt. I moved back from Beth and turned around.

Sally undid my belt and pushed my pants down to the ground. Stepping out of them, my cock bobbed right in Sally’s face. She grabbed me with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. She ran her tongue around the head of my cock a couple of times before sucking me deep into her mouth. As her tongue swirled around my cock, I realized that the events of the past couple of hours was going to prevent this from lasting very long.

Sally evidently understood too. She stopped and told me to finish with Beth. I turned back to Beth and felt Sally spread the cheeks of my ass. I pushed my ass back toward her and I felt her tongue on my asshole. As she probed with her tongue, she reached around me and started jacking me off. She continued pushing her tongue in as far as she could while slowly steadily jacking me off. I was having a tough time concentrating on anything, but continued to run my hands over Beth’s skin.

She was enjoying the touch, and had no idea of the pleasure I was feeling behind her. Sally increased the speed that her tongue was darting into my ass, she sped up her jacking me off. When she felt my cock throbbing in her hand, she pointed me up where the first blast of cum landed on Beth’s back. Beth felt it too, as she moaned very loudly. I must have shot three or four times and Sally directed them all toward Beth’s back.

While the last weak dribble came out of my cock, Sally turned me around. Taking me into her mouth, she sucked my deeply then held my cock up and licked the remnants that had splashed onto my balls and thighs.

She stood up and asked if I would retrieve a second bag from her car. She walked over to her purse, and handed me her keys.

“It is a maroon Escalade on the second level. If you hit the security fob, you can make sure it is the right vehicle.”

I retrieved my pants, and glanced over at Beth. Her hips were slowly gyrating, evidently to the music in the headphones or the cum bath I just gave her. Sally said,

“I’ll clean up things. Run along, fun is waiting on us.”

When I got to her Escalade, I opened the back and there was a bag that looked like it had some sort of athletic equipment inside. When I picked it up, I thought I was going to drop my nuts on the ground. It must have weighed 100 pounds. As I lugged it back toward the elevator, I wished that I had kept myself in better shape from my days as an athlete. Just as I approached the elevator, the doors opened. I got on and stood the bag up in front of me.

Wouldn’t you know, the elevator was on its way up to the next floor. When the door opened, a couple stepped on the elevator. The woman was extraordinarily beautiful, and smiled at me. The elevator started its descent and I noticed the woman staring at the bag positioned in front of me.

When the elevator reached the lobby, they started to step off the elevator, and she turned to me.

“I wish I was going to your party,” she said as she winked at me.

What the fuck I thought to myself… Did Beth leave a mark on me? As I got on the elevator that would take me up to the room, I saw a reflection of something written on the bag. BONDAGE AND FETISH, INC. was embroidered on the bag. Shit! had I known this goddess was into…oh hell, I think I have more than I can handle waiting on me!

The entry card would not work when I got to our room. I softly knocked and Sally opened the door. Entering, she leaned up and kissed me on the lips. The unmistakable smell and taste of cum was on her breath. I looked over at Beth, and her back had been cleaned. bakırköy travesti

Sally said, “I wasn’t about to let your load go to waste, and since I couldn’t share it with Beth yet, I decided to just indulge myself.”

She told me to set the bag down where I was and to move the furniture to give us some room. While I slid the sofa, table and chairs out of the way, Sally started pulling pieces of pipe out of the bag.

I watched as she started sliding the pieces together. With each assembled piece, there was an audible click. I was trying to figure out what the hell this contraption was, and Sally told me to grab her other bag from the sofa. When I sat it down beside her, she opened it up and pulled out this THING. I still had no idea what it was, but was interested in seeing. She laid it on the floor and straightened it out. It was a fucking swing. The bag I had gotten from her vehicle was the stand that would hold the swing!

I told her to just show me what I needed to do. Her reply was to just sit down and concentrate on getting hard again. I knew that request was going to be one I could live up to. Watching her assemble the stand, I would occasionally catch a glimpse of her pussy when she turned a certain way. I could tell with each peek that she was getting more and more turned on as each second passed.

Completing the assembly, she asked that I come closer to her. She told me that she needed to adjust the height of the contraption to make sure it was comfortable. After she was done, she looked at me and said,

“I have to come right now. I am so turned on that I am going to pass out!”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. She lay back as I knelt on the floor in front of her. She placed one of her legs on my shoulder and said,

“Please make me come!”

Her pussy was beautiful, and wetter than it appeared when I saw it earlier. I figured that if she could give me a rim job/reach around… eating her pussy was the least I could do. As I flicked her clit, she reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. She tasted splendid and I slowly licked up and down her open lips. Inserting a finger inside her, I started furiously fucking her back and forth. Relaxing her pussy around my finger, I inserted another. Then another, then another. I noticed her juices were running down into her crack and pushed her knees up toward her chest. Rolling back her asshole loomed right in front of me, covered in her juices. I looked up and she had her hands in the bend of her knees and was holding them up for me. I took my free hand, and pushed a finger into her ass. Still flicking her clit, and fucking her with my four fingers inside, reaching for her g-spot. While my finger slid back and forth in her ass, I found her g-spot. She let out the loudest moan I have ever heard and her juices sprayed out onto my chest. Thankfully I was able to savor some of her juices before she pushed me away. Pushing me away she said,

“You know I am going to fuck you tonight.”

Not to seem weird or limited to a woman that had stuck her tongue in my ass, but I knew that there were limits to my capacity and I was definitely going to spend time inside my sweet Beth againtonight.

While Sally went into the bathroom, I got my phone and started a text to our valet…

“If you don’t mind sloppy seconds and an older woman that will make you blow your load when you see her, you are welcome to join us in 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES EXACTLY. That is 8:49! Be prepared for an incredible night.”

I finished the text message and hit Send, just as Sally came out of the bathroom. She was none the wiser. She walked over and sat on my lap. As the heat from her pussy pressed against my cock, she asked,

“Should we let some excitement begin?”

We stood up and walked over to Beth. Taking her wrists out of the restraints, she jerked away from me again. I reached for the flog, and slapped her ass three times with it and once across her thighs with a gentler motion but enough to let her know where she was. Leading her to the swing, I pushed her down to the swing so she could sit. When she was seated, I started attaching the wrist restraints and then moved to the ankles. With her spread out like she was, her head was tilted back putting her in almost a horizontal position.

I looked at my watch and it was 8:45.

I told Sally I was going to get some ice and would be right back. Opening the door, I told her,

“My key doesn’t work, so I am leaving the door ajar. Please don’t be loud. We don’t want the neighbors calling the front desk.”

Walking toward the vending machines, I saw the valet coming toward me. When he got closer, he said,

“Damn, looks like the fun has started without me!”

I looked down, and only then did I remember Sally’s juices had shot all over my shirt.

Looking at this kid, I thought, “Holy shit… to be young again!” He was wearing shorts, flip flops, and a hoodie. Flip flops, and shorts when there is a foot of snow on the ground and the temps are in the teens! I told him to give me a second while I went in to give Sally the lowdown on what was happening.

When I told her, she smiled and said, “I was wondering how you were going to fill all six of our holestonight.”

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