Gaynor from Ghana Pleasures Herself


Gaynor is a beautiful young Ghanaian woman with a lovely smile who first contacted me via Facebook. We got on so well texting each other that I decided to visit her in Ghana and to travel around the country together.

Given her lovely smile with apparently perfect teeth, my first surprise was to hear that she had never been to a dentist in her life.

During that week it was clear that she had a healthy appetite for sex. However she had only had one previous boyfriend two or three years before she met me.

That interval of two or three years had been without sex. I know how crazy that would have driven most men, so I asked her if she masturbated. She told me that she had never done so; she had had no sex whatsoever in those two or three years. In her culture, she said, masturbation was regarded as normal in men (as was sex outside of marriage) but it was regarded as unacceptable for women.

I told her that, in my culture, masturbation was regarded as normal for women, if not compulsory.

Her sexless state was exacerbated by Alicia her flatmate whose boyfriend visited liseli porno regularly and engaged in noisy sex with Alicia, which Gaynor could not help but overhear, the walls of the apartment being very thin.

As we were going to be separated for several months, I suggested that Gaynor give masturbation a try at least. We talked about the need for lubrication. I suggested several options, including saliva.

She would give me visibility of her progress with this project by taking video clips of herself practising. She would have to confine herself to times of the day when Alicia was out, so that Alicia could neither know nor disapprove of what she was doing. Gaynor and Alicia routinely bathed naked together so they were close in some ways. Gaynor told me that Alicia’s breasts were larger than hers. I fantasised about sexual activity between two attractive young women in the bath but, in truth, there was none.

The first time Gaynor masturbated, she was bent over forwards with her shapely bottom facing the camera phone and her legs open enough mobil porno to display her neat genitals She started by inserting two fingers into her vagina, thrusting them in and out, then rubbing her clitoris and her vulva with her wet fingers

The second time she was facing the camera with her knees up and her thighs open. She employed the same two-fingered technique in and around her genitals.

She seemed to have no difficulty in giving herself orgasms, sometimes squirting delicious fluid at the right moment.

Then something extraordinary happened: she walked into one of the rooms in the apartment through a door which could be locked but wasn’t. There in the room stood Alicia stark naked with a dildo inserted into her vagina. Alicia explained that she was far from satisfied by her boyfriend and needed dildos to get more satisfaction. Alicia invited Gaynor to borrow her dildos (although Gaynor knew where they were hidden and intended to borrow them with or without permission). Then started the most extraordinary series of self-discovery with öğrenci porno Gaynor using a variety of dildos to give herself supreme orgasms. From someone who had shunned the idea, Gaynor now seemed addicted to masturbation

Then one day Gaynor, for some reason, asked Alicia to video her masturbating in various positions. The video was more professional than Gaynor’s own videos because Alicia was able to move around the room and vary the camera angles. The clip finished with Gaynor’s orgasm and a gentle wave of her right hand at the camera.

Alicia had clearly enjoyed making the video as much as I enjoyed watching it. As I found out, Alicia pleasured herself immediately afterwards. That suggested to me that Gaynor and Alicia might get closer to each other than they had while bathing naked together. Gaynor was willing and asked me to contact Alicia (who was away visiting her mother) to seek her views. Alicia confirmed my suspicion that she was eager to participate in sexual acts with Gaynor and they would even video themselves to show me what they got up to. I then received some of the most erotic clips I have ever seen with Gaynor sucking Alicia’s big black nipples and Alicia licking and fingering Gaynor expertly and making her come and squirt. Their kissing each other passionately on the lips with their arms around each other’s beautiful naked bodies was particularly lovely.

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